Washing Away the Pain Ch. 02


Sherry lay in bed, listening to her brother snore. It wasn’t a loud noise, just a sound that was as gentle as him. They pretended she slept in a separate bedroom when their family came over but when they were alone, they slept together and made love every night.

At first it was sex, but that had quickly turned into lovemaking. In her entire life, she’d never felt any sexual desire for her brother, at least she didn’t think so. The physical part of the ‘them’ they were becoming had started from a completely different place than sex or lust. His love for her had helped wash away the pain that her husband had left her with. She no longer lived in fear of being knocked down.

They had discovered each other’s bodies. Outside of the house, they were strictly brother and sister, but when they were alone they acted more like newlyweds. Sherry loved her brother much more deeply than a sister should, or even could, and she knew Derrick felt the same way about her.

Their family didn’t approve of her living with him and divorcing her husband. Sherry and Derrick took great care to act the way everyone thought a brother and sister should act whenever anyone else was around, but she was fast getting to the point where she wanted to tell the rest of the family to fuck off.

The more their family disapproved, the more they drove Sherry and Derrick toward each other. The two formed an emotional bond that grew stronger with each passing day. In just a few months, it progressed way beyond the bond of a brother and sister.

She laid her head on his chest and listened to his heart. It was a wonderful feeling hearing it beat, listening to his breath, having her head rise and fall with the beat of his chest. She had been afraid at first to do much with him, the last thing they needed was for her to get pregnant. Then, when she found out she couldn’t get pregnant, because he’d had a vasectomy, she was like a kid with a new toy, playing with it all the time.

She felt his hand in her hair, and heard him whisper, “I love you Sher.”

Sherry smiled, she was 28 and he was 26 and it always warmed her heart when he used the nickname he had called her when they were kids, “I know.” Her hand slowly traveled to his front. He slept in pajama bottoms, she slept in an oversized tee-shirt, this sleeping arrangement made it easy for their sleeping time to become much more.

It didn’t take long for her to get the desired reaction from him. Slow strokes by gentle fingers soon had him hard. She felt him move his hand to her breast, and she moved away. She didn’t want to make love right now; she wanted something else. He was only younger by two years, which made the age thing almost nonexistent. She would have never thought of doing anything with her younger brother as they were growing up, or even a year ago for that matter.

Watching his hard cock as her fingers slid up and down its length, was hypnotic. The moonlight streaming through the bedroom window softly reflected off of him. She knew how much men enjoyed seeing what was being done, so she made a show of moving her head near his hard manhood. Her tongue snaked out and licked the head.

Sherry smiled as she heard his soft moan. She had never been able to just play and have fun with sex. Her husband had been ‘the man on top and get it over with’ type of person. Her eyes drifted to the mirror on the dresser. She had discovered that she also liked to watch herself as her brother did stuff to her. But the real shock for her, was finding out she liked to watch herself as she did things to him. Her brother had angled the mirror so that she could see herself from the bed.

Her eyes were drawn to her reflection, she saw herself open her mouth, and holding it at the base, his cock disappeared into her mouth. Her husband had never even let her try anything like this. She saw as well as felt his hard flesh move in and out of her mouth. Being as she’d had only two men, her husband and now her brother, she had been very inexperienced at everything her husband didn’t want her to do.

Sticking her tongue out, she licked his hard cock all over, as well as his balls. Sherry was fascinated by his cock and balls. She took great pleasure in teasing him, and getting him so hot that he practically raped her, and she gave him back as good as she got, the rougher the better.

His cock slid in and out of her mouth, as she increased the speed, and varied how hard she sucked. She never realized there were so many ways to do the exact same thing. She could be on top sucking him or the bottom letting him fuck her mouth, different positions gave a whole new aspect for both of them.

At least once a week, Sherry would make him cum in her mouth. Just a year ago she would have never even had a thought about having a man’s penis anywhere near her mouth, since she had been living with her brother, she had discovered she liked the taste of cum.

She chuckled, that was something else that had changed. It was penis and vagina in their Kıbrıs Escort normal everyday life, but if they were doing something, then those parts magically became cock and pussy.

She felt his hips rise up a little; she knew that meant he would soon get off. Her fingers wrapped around him and stroked him as she continued to suck. It was something Sherry found totally fascinating, watching him cum. She couldn’t get enough of seeing the white fluid shoot out with such force, but at the end, with the liquid flowing out slowly, that had its own appeal for her.

As she tasted the first few drops of pre-semen, she wished she could see her reflection better in the mirror, but the moon didn’t give enough light.

Derrick moaned, “Sher, I’m going to cum.” She pressed her tongue just under his cockhead.

The first jet of hot cum exploded from him, she sucked hard and pumped with her hand. Swallowing every drop, she sucked and pumped him for more. Even when he was done giving her anything and had started to get soft, Sherry continued to suck and lick.

Finally, she moved to lie next to him, and with his arm around her, brother and sister fell asleep.

They lived together, not bothering anyone, but the world wouldn’t leave them alone. Their family disapproved of them living together, even if they didn’t know it wasn’t as brother and sister. Then came an even more serious intrusion, and it came with a knock at the door. It was a summons to appear in court; Sherry’s husband was fighting the divorce.

Sherry had to get a lawyer, and when the day came to appear in court, Derrick was with them. Her lawyer did most of the talking, “You’re honor, we have overwhelming proof that her husband repeatedly beat my client, and she went to the hospital numerous times because of it. I don’t understand why there is any question of a divorce.”

Judge Thomas smiled, “And I think that the evidence is misleading and biased. I order your client to try for six months to make her marriage work, and for the two to attend counseling.”

Derrick mumbled under his breath, “Shit,” and stood to walk out.

The judge gave him an annoyed look, “Did you have something to say sir?”

Derrick gave a pissed off smile at the judge,”Oh, I have plenty to say, but not yet. You have total say over someone exercising his constitutional right to free speech, and if you don’t like it they’ll be held in contempt of court.” He looked at his sister, “I’ll wait for you at the car, so you can go and get your things.” Derrick turned and walked out.

Sherry found her brother waiting for her. He was on his cell phone, “Yeah, a total nut job…” “We’ll need proof there’s a track record…” “I owe you for this…”

She was curious, “What was that all about?”

He grinned, “Just calling in a few favors.”

She was so frustrated, “What am I going to do? I don’t want to go back with him; he’ll kill me this time.”

He held her hands, “Don’t worry, I’m taking care of this.”

They got to their home, and her husband was all ready there waiting for her, “Get your stuff and come on.”

Sherry went into the house, Derrick waited outside with her husband. He watched the smug look on the face of her husband, “You and I both know you are going to beat her again if she’s go’s with you.”

“Derrick, I want to beat the fuck out of you right now.”

“I’m standing here; the only thing stopping you is you’re a fucking coward.” Her husband didn’t move. “I didn’t think so, so just stand there with your tail between your legs and shut the fuck up.”

Sherry didn’t come out of the house with her things, but with a gun. “I’m not going with you.”

Her husband sneered at her, “You aren’t going to use that thing.”

The look on her face said different, “I’m not the same woman you used to beat up on for the fun of it. I don’t care what that psycho judge said, you lay one hand on me and I will shoot you.”

Her husband looked at Derrick with pure hate, “You did this.”

Derrick shrugged his shoulder, “I taught her how to shoot. I took her to the range twice a week. But she got a hell of a lot better than me on her own.”

That night, Sherry lay crying in her brothers arms. It was the first time she had cried since she left her husband. Then there was the blast of a shotgun, followed by a window shattering. Sherry screamed and Derrick jumped up, grabbed his gun and gave it to his sister, “Go to the other bedroom, lock the door, and call the police!”

Derrick moved down the hall trying to make as little noise as possible. The lights were now on, her husband was coming up the stairs and he had turned the lights on. Her husband was carrying a shotgun.

Seeing Derrick, he got an odd smile, “Let’s see who the coward is now.” Her husband reached the landing at the top of the stairs, and pointed the shotgun at Derrick.

Two quick shots rang out.

Sherry had shot her husband twice in the chest, but he was only wounded. He had Lefkoşa Escort fallen to the floor, but still held onto the shotgun. Years of having him beat her, and then cry for forgiveness; her taking him back only to have him beat her again, flashed through her mind. As she looked down at him; she was experiencing several different emotions, but the fear of him was gone. “It requires three shots. Two shots in the chest to stop you,” she pointed the gun at his eyes, “One shot to the head to keep you from coming back.”

Her husband raised the shotgun and pointed it at her.

Sherry fired the third shot.

The police arrived, and found the evidence where Sherry’s husband had broken in. They found him up stairs with the shotgun still in his hands. He had three gunshots in him. The police secured the crime scene and took the statements of Derrick and Sherry, called for the coroner, and the detectives.

At the end, Derrick told the police, “Tell that asshole Judge Thomas, that he’s responsible for this.”

The district attorney ruled the shooting as self defense and no charges were filed against Sherry or Derrick. Several days after the incident, Derrick, Sherry and several others burst into Judge Thomas’s court, while it was in session. Along with them, were several other people including the local news station television crew.

Judge Thomas was outraged, “What is the meaning of this?”

Derrick looked at him, “We’re here to take you down off of your high horse, you piece if shit.”

The judge stood up and yelled, “You’re in contempt of court!”

Derrick yelled back, “Anyone who’s ever been in your kangaroo court is in contempt of it! I told you I had something to say, and now I’m going to say it, so sit your ass down and listen.”

Judge Thomas ordered, “Bailiff arrest this man.”

“Bailiff, don’t you dare touch him.” A very businesslike young woman came and stood by Derrick’s side.

The judge eyed her, “And who might you be to give orders in my court?”

“I’m Pamela Huygens, deputy counsel for the State Administrative Office of Courts.” She had a stare down with the judge for a few minutes, “Go ahead,” and she motioned at Derrick.

“I have here files from your judicial past,” and he brought out a large stack of folders. “These represent women that came to you seeking help. They were victims of violent crime who were unable to fight for themselves, so they came to you to protect them.” Derrick stopped to give the judge a dirty look, “You told everyone of them to go to hell.”

He put most of them in one pile, “These women were sent back to abusive husbands and ended up in the emergency room battered, having internal injuries, and even broken bones.”

He put some in a smaller pile, “These managed to escape you, and got a divorce or just ran away.”

He put the remaining folders in another pile, “These poor women didn’t have a family to protect them…” Derrick stopped to look at a large man that had come in with him, “…or family members couldn’t get to them in time. These women got killed because of you, you son of a bitch.”

“No matter what those women said, you overlooked overwhelming evidence and sided with the husbands.” He and the judge looked into each other’s eyes, the look was not pleasant. “I have here the reason why,” he pulled out one last file, “You yourself have beaten and abused three wives.”

Judge Thomas asked, “Are you finished?” There was an unpleasant silence in the courtroom, “Being as I can’t have you arrested, I’m ordering you out of my court.”

Pamela Huygens just shook her head, “You don’t seem to understand, this is not your courtroom it doesn’t belong to you, and it’s just where you work. The courtroom belongs to the public.” She took a deep breath, “Mr. Thomas…”

He interrupted, “That’s Judge Thomas.”

“No it’s not. Mr. Thomas, you are relieved of your Judgeship. Pending a full investigation, you are under house arrest.”

“This is an outrage! You can’t do that.”

She just shook her head again, “Don’t tell me I can’t do, what I’ve all ready done. You have two weeks to clear out your chambers.”

There was a lot of commotion with everyone talking at the same time. The people that had come in with Derrick and Sherry were congratulating them on taking down the judge, when brother and sister found themselves face to face with the ex-Judge Thomas.

Mr. Thomas was barely containing his rage, “You think this is over, don’t you? I have friends that will make your life pure hell.”

“You really are screwed up; you think this is about you? This isn’t about you; it’s about those women in those files. Those women were mothers and sisters and aunts, and you not only let them down, you let down all of their families.”

The large man that come in with them, interrupted. With a thick Italian accent, he said, “My name is Dominic, and I didn’t realize that I had a cousin in that pile of folders, until Derrick asked me Magosa Escort for a favor in getting those files. She was a young woman that was gentle and sweet, and was killed because of you. If I could have gotten to her in time, I could have helped.” He paused in thought, then gave a sigh, “I have a feeling you will see me again.”

The judge was apprehensive, “What do you mean?”

Dominic pulled the judge in close so no one could hear what he said, except the three of them, “I will personally see to it that every inmate will have a key to your cell, no matter what prison, and I am going to offer to pay $50 every time you get the shit beat out of you,” then he turned and walked off. He stopped and took Derrick’s hand in his, “I owe you too, my friend, but I am sure you will like the way I pay you back much more than him.”

A few nights later, Sherry was trying to fix supper, but she was a nervous wreck. She was spilling everything, missing ingredients because she couldn’t concentrate on the recipe. Derrick went to her and hugged her.

Sherry broke down and cried. She was shaking all over, and even in her brother’s arms, was unable to calm down. The two just stood in the kitchen holding onto each other. “They will never leave us alone, not now.” She just clung to him as the tears streamed down her face.

He tried to comfort her, “Maybe when things die down…”

“Die down! My husband breaks into where I’m living and I kill him, because if I don’t, he will keep coming back until he kills me. I can’t even go to the store without people staring and pointing at me.” She pushed away from him, “I’ve gotten phone call after phone call from the family basically telling me ‘I told you so’.”

Derrick smiled, “Do you love me?”

“You’re the only one that understands, or is even trying to.”

“What makes you think I fucking understand? I asked, if you love me.”

Sherry stood there with her mouth hanging open. She saw him grin and gave him a dirty look, “Yes, I love you.”

“But as a sister.”

“You know better than that. Where is this going?”

“The answer to the problem is to get away from the word ‘Here’. People look at you and point, ‘Here’. The family calls and harasses us, ‘Here’. There is an opening at work in another state. Plenty of men and women live together without getting married. We can go away from ‘Here’, and live as a couple.”

Sherry thought about it, “It sounds nice, but…”

“Of course, we can’t do this on ‘you know better than that’.” He kissed her and held her hand, “There is no place we can go and take this where I want it to go.”

“I don’t understand…,” she stopped in mid sentence, as he got down on one knee.

Derrick brought out a ring, “I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. If only in your heart, Sherry will you marry me?”

“Yes,” she held her hand out, tingling all over as he slipped the ring on her finger. All of a sudden, it was different, things had changed, and their kiss after declaring their special love was almost like a first time, exciting and romantic.

Sherry held him, but her eyes strayed to her hand. The ring on her finger meant there was so much more to the ‘them’. There were feelings and emotions, leading to a totally different connection between the two. The kisses continued, as overwhelming emotions ended the brother and sister and replaced them with a couple in love.

Sherry never expected this to happen when she came to her brother for help that rainy night, but now that she had found it; her life was completely changed forever. The feeling of being in love was absolutely indescribable.

Derrick knew in his heart he wanted to be with her, his heart wanted to beat out of his chest just seeing her every day. It had started gradually, then one night, she started opening up about a lot of her fears and worries, after which he lovingly reassured her. He didn’t know how or why this change happened, but he knew she was the one, even if it was his sister and forbidden.

They took each other’s hand as they walked to the bedroom. They both felt the electricity between them. It was scary, yet fun and a thousand other things as well. It was their first time making love as an engaged couple. The world would come bothering them again, but not tonight; this was a time of pure happiness. Tonight, for Sherry and Derrick, there was no worrying or stress, nothing but bliss.

When they got to the bedroom, Sherry excused herself so that she could put on something special for him. She had been shopping and something made her go into Victoria’s Secret, and pick out a negligee. At the time, she had no idea why she had done that, she’d never had one before.

When she came out of the bathroom she let out a long “Aaahhh.” Derrick had the lights off, and had lit a bunch of candles. The soft, gentle flames of the candles created an atmosphere of romance, and intimacy.

Derrick saw the angel he had fallen in love with, wearing a negligee for him, her face showing the happiness she was feeling. He realized just how much he loved her, and that he would remember this night for the rest of his life.

Sherry watched his face as she walked to the bed and sat down. She took his hand in hers, their lips touched and they started kissing.

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