The Woman On The Bus Ch. 08


Saturday night continues…I wasn’t prepared to hear what Melissa just said.  I didn’t think I had described Gina in such a way that she would want to meet her.  I mean, I guessed there was no harm in the matter, but what was the purpose behind Melissa wanting to meet her?“Why do you want to meet her?” I asked, desperate to know what was on her mind.“Well, she was the first woman you had sex with despite me being the first you considered it with, so I thought I would ask to meet her since you were the first I was ever with?” she said, uncertain of her words.“So, you’d like you meet her because she had her face in my pussy before yours?”  I asked, inquisitively.“No, it’s not that necessarily, it’s just that you said she found me attractive by the way you described me, but I also seem to find her attractive by the way you describe her.”“Fair enough,” I said, conceding to her argument, “I’ll just have to find a way to get us all together.”“I would enjoy that.  I say that with some reservation, though.”“What do you mean?” I asked.“Well, I’m sure you’ve wondered how I learned all the ‘tricks of the trade’ as some would say.”I did wonder how she was able to master me being a virgin, but I guess in the grand scheme of things, I was also the virgin there.“I guess I never thought about it, or I assumed more than I should have.  But regardless of that fact, you still seemed more experienced than you let on,” I said, waiting for an adequate reply.“Christina, I’m twenty-five years old.  Most girls have had sex with a boy by the time they were sixteen.  So, you would think me naïve being this old without having a cock inside me.  You’d be wrong,” she said sternly to me.  I was a little dismayed by her continued aggression towards me.“I was born in the age of the internet,” she continued.  “I’ve had free access to porn my entire life.  I’ve watched everything from incest to orgy to lesbian videos.  While I’ve not had a penis inside me, I do tend to know what I prefer, and I prefer you more than I do some random cock,” she said, her voice veering on the edge of a scream by the end.I touched my hand to her face. “My love, I wasn’t trying to offend you.  You have as much experience with men as I have with women. We have things we could teach each other.  I would rather us teach each other, though, instead of focusing on who has experience with what,” I said, hoping she would agree. “So, are you saying you’re mine?” she asked.I thought about that for a moment.  I didn’t know Sex hikayeleri if she remembered or even realized that primarily, I was married to Ben.  I’d already mentioned him at least once, so if she’s looking for a solid lesbian, I wasn’t the one.  Second, she’s seemed to have forgotten about Gina who is my very best friend and next best lover.  Third, she said she wanted to meet Gina which I assume she wanted to be involved with her much as I was, which means she wanted to fuck both of us.“I’m yours as often as I can be,” I said, without further hesitation.She understood what that meant and didn’t press on. Instead, she asked if Gina would be interested in meeting her.  I laughed out loud at that concept because I knew Gina would be absolutely thrilled at meeting the young woman who make me hungry for her pussy.“Will Gina like me?” she asked.“Gina will love you simply for the fact that your bold actions alone gave me the presence of mind to seek her out sexually.  But I think she also wants to meet you because you’re a beautiful woman inside and out.“So, you will allow me to meet her, then?” she asked.“As long as you approach her the way you did me, it will be a magical experience for all of us.”“Christy, I don’t know much about her so I would absolutely approach her with caution, but knowing she was your first and I assume you were hers; I don’t think I have much to worry about, right?” she accurately questioned.“You’re right.  I’ll mention all of this to her, and I have no doubt she’ll be on board.  Between you and I, she was a little jealous that I’m over here tonight,” I admitted.“Well, since she’s already jealous, what say we make her properly jealous?” she said with a smirk.“What do you mean?” I asked, pretending I had no concept of the situation as it was.She got up on her knees and pulled me close to her so she could whisper in my ear.  “Rub my pussy, bitch.”I was taken aback a little by the sudden change in her tone, but she pulled back and looked me in the eye.  Her eyes had a sense of confidence about them, but also trepidation as she appeared to need validation for her actions.  It occurred to me for just a moment that I may have been an experiment for her.  She was coming into her sexuality, and she needed someone to play with who wouldn’t destroy what turned out to be fragile confidence.“Bitch, eh?” I said, lurching forward and grabbing her hair. “It seems someone has found themselves on the wrong side of that track, Sikiş hikayeleri little girl,” I said with a sly smirk on my face.“Oh, God, yes.  Pull it harder,” she said through gritted teeth.“Who’s the bitch now?” I said as I plunged two fingers into her pussy.“Me!  I’m your bitch, if you’ll allow it!”I felt as if she was acting out some video she saw on the internet, or some dream she had.  I slid three fingers in her pussy and left my pinky finger to explore her asshole.  I was going to be the dominant one there.  Again, it seemed she was simply testing the waters.“Please fuck my ass,” she whimpered.“How do you want me to fuck you?  Would you like this,” I said, inserting my pinky in her ass, “or would you prefer this,” I added, removing two fingers from her pussy and replacing my pinky with them.  She groaned louder at the latter. “I see you enjoy that.  Would you like me to continue that, or would you like me to fuck you with that fake cock over there?” I said, motioning my head to the side table where the strap-on was.“That one,” she said shifting her eyes to the side table, since my hold on her hair prevented her from moving her head and her hands were braced on my shoulders.“I see.  If I let go, you’ll be a good little girl, won’t you?” I asked, removing my fingers from her and looking her in the eye like a mom scolding her daughter.“Yes, ma’am,” she whimpered again.I released my hold on her hair and got off the bed when I suddenly had an idea.“If you’re an extra good girl, I’ll do something special for you.  Can you do that?” I asked, maintaining my mother-like dominance over her.She nodded.  I got back into the bed and laid her down.  I didn’t want to carry out the idea while in that role-play scenario we found our way into.  I lay next to her and told her my idea.“I’d like to see if Gina wants to watch me fuck you.”“You think she’ll want to just jump right in like that?” she asked.  It was a valid question that I did not have the answer to.“I’ll have to feel her out to see if she would be willing to start that way.  I’m certain she would want to meet you, but I don’t know if this is the way she had in mind for her first time with you,” I said, unsure of exactly how to precede.I picked up my phone and carefully crafted each text I sent to her.Me:  Gina!  Are you awake?Gina: I sure am!  Are you back home from Melissa’s?  It’s pretty late!Me: Well…Me: I’m actually still here.Gina: ?!Me:  I know, just listen for a second.  Erotik hikaye Are you interested in meeting Melissa?Gina:  You know I would enjoy that ;)Me: I figured.  Did you have any thoughts on how you would prefer that to happen?Gina: Not, really.  I never gave it much thought since I figured if you ever wanted me to, you would tell me face to face.Me:  I would have guessed so as well.  So, here’s the deal…Me: We’ve been fairly active tonight and we thought you might like to watch for a while?There was a long pause between that text and her reply.  I initially thought I offended her or something, but it turns out, she was just getting ready.Gina: Seriously?!  I’d love to!  Did you want to use Skype?I didn’t think that through all the way since I wasn’t completely sure it would even get that far.  When the idea came to me, I simply imagined fucking Melissa while she watched.  That’s what turned me on, not the technical details in making that a reality.Me: We’ll get that set up and call you when we’re ready.  Sound okay?Gina: I’ll be ready!! ;)I turned to Melissa who was now rubbing her pussy behind my back.  I slapped her hand and informed her that she could wait to do that.  She stopped while letting out a quick laugh and said she would go get her tablet since that would be better than my phone.  I watched her walk away, her hips swaying gently to each side as she took a step.  She was beautiful.  While she did that, I resumed the task I was supposed to be doing earlier which was putting the strap-on in place. She came back into the room and laughed as I was looking down at the fake cock, holding it like a man does.“Hey baby, wanna come get some of this dick?” I mocked in a male-like tone, bursting into laughter. I walked over to her, seeing how she had not laughed at my joke, and asked in my usual seductive tone, “Well, do you?”She looked at me and nodded.“Get on your knees,” I demanded while pointing at the floor. She set the tablet down as she did what she was told.  I was kind of liking the dominant stance I had over her.  Her range of sexual prowess was also impressing me, especially for someone with limited true-life experience.I didn’t need to tell her what to do.  With her hands behind her back, almost as if she were naturally submissive, she opened her mouth and welcomed the rubber cock into it.  I watched her slowly accept more and more of it into her mouth then pull her head back a little.  She kept it in at length for a moment then released it, allowing it to all but slip out of her mouth before she repeated the process.  I reached down and grabbed a bunch of her hair.  As I did, she reached out and put both hands on my butt and squeezed as she pulled me closer, shoving the cock into her mouth.

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