The Red Dress

Big Tits

The package was by the front door as I pulled the truck into the driveway after work. I forgot all about ordering it until I realized that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.It was hard to buy anything for my wife Linda, because she never seemed to give me any clues as to what she wanted. I picked up the lightweight package and took it into the house, but didn’t open it. I just wanted to make sure it was the right color.It was a very bright red, and very shiny metallic texture. You could see your face in it, I thought. I could not wait until Valentine’s Day to see if Linda liked it. Valentine’s Day came and we both had to work that day. I picked up a heart-shaped box of chocolates to go with her gift as I left work, and went to pick up Linda at the train station. The train was on time and people emerged from the train. One of them was my wife, Linda, as they scattered to their destinations. Linda walked to the car after briefly talking to a couple of young men. She had on full length black leather coat and black high heel leather boots to keep her warm and stylish. Linda was in her mid 50’s, but looked younger. She was only 5’2″, but had great legs, and even though she had put on some weight over the years, she was still very well proportioned. Recently she had blonde streaks added to her beautiful long brown hair, which I thought looked very sexy. Our married sex life over the years was one of feast and famine between having three sons, who were now living on their own, and our own hectic lives. Right now, we were on serious downstroke, and I hadn’t had sex with Linda in three months. I was on a mission to rekindle our sex life, which when it was on a high note, was great. Linda opened Escort Çekmeköy the truck door and said, “Boy its cold, Bart”, and kissed me on the lips. “I’ll warm you up, my dear,” I said. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Linda.” I then leaned in to hungrily kiss her on the lips.She crossed her legs as she settled in the seat and I noticed her beautiful nylon clad leg teasing me. Linda rubbed my leg and stroked my crotch to make sure my dick was hard before she gave a long and probing kiss and said, “Happy Valentine’s Day, Bart.” We drove home and after entering the house I gave Linda her candy and present. She looked suprised when the saw the small box.  “Something other than candy this year, Bart?” Linda asked as she unwrapped the box and took out the red metallic dress and sized it up to her body. “I wont fit in this,” she said. “Everything will show! “Thats the idea,” I replied. Linda’s eyes brightened, “Let me try this on”.  She went into the bedroom for what seemed like a long time. I was getting antsy waiting so I sampled some of the chocolates. When she finally came out, Linda looked stunning. The red dress was very tight and stretchy, and highlighted all of her assets magnificently. Her 38C breasts were showcased very well, and her best asset, her long shapely legs, well you could see all of them. The dress pretty much stopped right below her lucious derrierre. I immediately wanted to grab her and fuck her on the spot. Linda walked to the full length 3 way mirror and slowly turned around. I could tell she liked it. “I cant wear this dress anywhere, Bart. Its too short. This definitely a fuck me dress!”  I respoded, “‘No way.” But in my mind Gebze escort I secretly agreed. If Linda wore this dress out on a ‘”date”, she would draw a lot of attention. I chalked it up to another gift that would never be used.  But worse than that Linda wasn’t in the mood for any sex tonight. She finally agreed to a couple of “glamour shots”of her standing by the fireplace and laying on the bed that were pretty tame. I went to bed with a raging hard on. The weekend finally came and Linda suggested we go to the movies to watch a film that both of us had been wanting to see. I got dressed and waited for Linda to get ready.She finally came down the stairs, and she looked fabulous in her full length Red leather coat and very high red stillettos. She had dark makeup on, and very dark lipstick. I said, “Wow, you definitely look fuckable, Linda dear” “Is that all you think about, Bart?” Linda asked with a smile. “Lets go, we’re going to miss the start of the movie! Come on let’s go.” We went to the movie complex and saw a real good action packed movie. Linda never took her coat off even though it was kind of warm in the theatre. I thought that maybe she had a chill, after all it was still February.The movie ended and we got up to leave the the theatre. We waited until everyone had left and went to the crowded lobby.  “I’ll be right back Bart”. Linda said as she went into the ladie’s washroom. After a few long minutes Linda came strutting out holding her coat, and low and behold, she was wearing her Valentine’s Day red metallic dress, and what a spectacle it was as she handed me her leather coat, and slowly and leisurely started to strut out of the megaplex. The Şerifali escort bayan lobby quieted down noticeably as Linda strolled out of the building with a smile on her face. Instead of walking to the truck, she decided to take a slow shuffle through the adjoining mall with me ambling a few feet behind. Needless to say Linda caused a lot of commotion and actually had some men following her. I developed a raging hard on throught this whole episode, and when she finished her long sexy walk through the mall, Linda gave me this long drawn out kiss. She probably felt my rock hard dick through her paper thin dress and purred, “Follow me Bart.”I followed Linda to the truck. It was starting to get dark outside. Linda turned around and undid my belt, unbuttoned my pants and let them drop right outside the truck door. She dropped to her knees and grabbed my rock hard dick and started sucking it. Her brunette blond streaked head was bobbing up and down enjoying the feeling of her mouth, as I haven’t had in a while.We noticed some people coming down the parking aisle and Linda reluctantly stopped as I pulled up my pants and nonchalantly opened the passenger door for Linda. She sat down and flashed me her sopping wet red thong as she freshened up her dark lipstick. She turned and looked at me and said, “Did you see the looks on those guys faces as I walked through the mall? What a turn on!””Linda, my eyes were planted on your legs and beautiful bouncing ass as I followed behind you like everyone else in the mall,” I replied. “Oh I’m sorry Bart. Let me show you the front half,” she said as she turned to show me her taut nipples sticking through the thin material of her red metallic dress.  I was ready to take her home to give her the fucking we both needed when Linda said, “Let’s go to Nick’s for dinner.”Nick’s was a nearby restaurant and bar that mostly catered to a younger crowd. We had not been there since we were younger, or at least I that’s how I remembered it.

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