The Farmer – Part 3


It was a glorious, hot, late summer’s day.  We had been hiking on the fringes of Exmoor, spending lunch on a ledge high above the Bristol Channel, the bracken tumbling steeply away to the sea in front, Wales glimmering on the horizon to the north.  During the afternoon we worked our way inland, eventually taking a track on the edge of the moor next to meadows full of grazing sheep.  It was here that disaster struck when I slipped and twisted my ankle.  After hobbling on for a few hundred metres it became clear that I could not walk the hour or so back to our hotel.  We sat down in a patch of browned bracken, soft enough to make a comfortable seat for two and sipped our water bottles.“I can’t go on. It’s too painful.”“I’ll go back and drive the car to the lane end, then walk up here from the lane and help you down, but it will take me well over an hour. You rest here. It’s a lovely place and you have a comfy bed in the bracken.”I sat there watching Stan escort bayan disappear down the track.  When he was out of sight I lay back, used my rucksack as a pillow and covered my face with my broad-brimmed hat. I don’t remember falling asleep, but sometime later, a noise close by roused me.  I sat up and saw a tractor on the track with a trailer full of straw behind.  Sitting on the tractor was a man, a black man, smiling gently at me, a twinkle in his eyes.“‘Tis a lovely day to be sleeping, I don’t want to disturb you but I thought it good to check you are all right.”“Actually I’ve twisted my ankle and my husband has gone to drive our car to the lane end.”“It’s quite a way to the lane; would you like me to give you a lift in my trailer?”“Yes, please, that’s very kind of you.”I got up and started to hobble around picking up my stuff, then suddenly he was beside me “Don’t walk on it, I’ll carry you.”He picked me up, carrying me like a child, and then kocaeli escort bayan lifted me over the back of the trailer, gently lowering me into the straw bed.  I pulled myself up with the intention of giving him a peck on the cheek, but as I did he turned his face to me and my peck landed full on his lips.  I couldn’t help what happened next, my lips opened voluntarily and he slipped his tongue into my mouth.  The kiss went on and on, I was surrounded by his strength and odour and suddenly desperately wanted him to make love to me.  He climbed onto the trailer, we moved around a bit until we were surrounded by straw, invisible to the outside world.We petted and groped while our upper bodies were gradually stripped of clothing.  I stroked the taut material of his jeans, feeling the hardness inside, wanting to have it all inside me.  His hand pushed between my thighs, his fingers working my clit through the material kocaeli escort of my shorts.I felt my shorts being tugged, my waistband loosening and the zip being opened fully before a hand pushed inside my panties and a finger found its way between my labia before these two items were pulled roughly off my body.  I knew I was wet with desire and his rubbing on my clit was building me to orgasm.  Then he leant forward and his finger was replaced by his tongue separating my lips, wiggling, flicking on my most sensitive place.  Suddenly I came, my body throbbing and thrusting as the pleasure filled my brain.My hands caressed him, one slipped down to his crotch where his hard cock was pressing against his trousers.  I found the zip, pulled it down and groped inside before pulling it out.  I looked down, this erect beast was twice the size of Stan’s, and I wondered if it would fit inside me without tearing my vagina apart.  He moaned gently, and I shifted around until his cock was close to my lips.I opened my mouth wide and let his engorged erection slide inside.  My vision was full of black skin and tight curly pubes.  Gently I moved my head up and down, gradually taking more of him as he thrust into me.

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