That’s What Friends Are for Pt. 04


Nicole lay in bed and looked across at Brian sleeping beside her. She knew that she hadn’t been very fair to him over the last two years. Her health issues had gotten in the way of their life especially their sex life. She still got turned on by Brian but had just not been able to find the energy to have sex. Luckily she had decided to bite the bullet and seek medical help. Her doctor had been great and soon discovered that Nicole was suffering from depression after the loss of her parents. He had put her on medication which had greatly helped her. She had started to get the old feelings back and she could feel her sexual urges returning. The problem was had she left it too late?

Nicole had noticed that Brian had changed over the last few months. He had long stopped trying to have sex with her as she had always rejected him but now he seemed less stressed about it. Nicole had noticed that he had become more close to her friend Carol. She wouldn’t have blamed him if he had slept with her. Carol was very sexy and in fact Nicole harboured sexual fantasies of her own about her.

Nicole had also noticed that Lara, Carol’s daughter, had seemed very flushed when they had gone to visit her to help with the computer. She knew that Brian had long had sexual fantasies about Lara and Carol’s other daughter Jess.

As she lay there Nicole decided that it was time for action. She reached across to Brian and started to fondle his flaccid cock through his PJs. It had been a while since she had felt it grow in her hand and she suddenly realised that she had missed the feeling. She reached inside his pyjama trousers and took hold of his stiffing cock. Her hands moved up and down wanking him slowly. Brian let out a soft moan as she masturbated him.

Brian couldn’t believe what was happening. Maybe he was dreaming but was Nicole actually wanking him off for the first time in two years. He daren’t move or try anything himself as he had been rejected so many times before. He felt his cock grow in Nicole’s hand and he just let her wank him. He couldn’t help but moan as she did. He knew he was going şişli escort to come but was frightened to do so.

Nicole was loving the fact that Brian was hard. His cock felt so good and she wanted him to cum. She speeded her actions as she felt Brian’s balls starting to tighten ready to unload. Brian couldn’t hold on any longer. His spunk shot up his stomach covering Nicole’s hand.

“Wow what bought that on? Not that I am complaining but it has been two years since you did that”

Nicole smiled and explained to Brian that she had been to see a doctor and things were going to be okay again.

At work that morning Brian couldn’t get Nicole off his mind. He felt guilty having fucked Carol, Lara and Jess and was conflicted about whether he should come clean about it. Would it send Nicole back into depression or worse still would it spell the end off their 30 year marriage?

Nicole sat drinking her tea and wondered what to do next. She had to admit to herself that she had let Brian down and had neglected him. She had always known that Brian had a much bigger sex drive than her and that he needed relief often. She was well aware that he watched porn and read dirty stories and wanked. Who could blame him if he had fucked others. He certainly hadn’t been getting anything from her. In fact she had often rejected him or told him they were too old or they were past it.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on her back door. They never kept the door locked and in walked Carol.

“It’s only me. Are you okay sweetheart?”

Carol hugged Nicole. As she did Carol felt a tension between them that she hadn’t felt before.

“Is something wrong Nicole?”

Nicole sat down and sighed. Words came tumbling out of her mouth as she told Carol about the depression and the doctor. She opened up about how she had neglected Brian’s sexual needs for two years.

Carol sat in stunned silence not knowing where this was leading. Should she come clean and tell Nicole that not only had she had sex with Brian but so had her daughters? Should she taksim escort bluff it out?

“I have a question Carol and I want you to be honest. Have you and Brian had sex?”

Carol looked at Nicole. They had always been honest and Carol knew that if she lied to Nicole things would be worse.

“I am sorry Nicole but yes we have had sex. Brian loves you and I wanted to help him. He felt rejected by you and to be honest I have always fancied him”

“Okay. What about Lara? Has he fucked her too?”

Carol nodded.

“Anyone else?”

Carol realised that she had gone this far so admitted that Brian had also fucked her other daughter Jess. She waited for the explosion and the repercussions to start. Instead she was stunned when Nicole burst out laughing.

“The randy old bugger. I hope he fucking loved screwing you all. No wonder he hasn’t tried anything on with me for a while. He was getting plenty!!”

Carol laughed and hugged Nicole. In some ways she was glad it was all out in the open as she hated keeping secrets from Nicole.

Nicole felt much better knowing that Brian had been satisfied and she was happy that it had been Carol and her girls who had helped. Nicole’s thoughts were racing as Carol explained what had happened with Brian. She looked at Carol in a new light and felt a twinge of excitement in her pussy. She couldn’t believe how turned on she was as Carol spoke. Nicole’s fantasies flashed through her mind and she wondered whether she should voice them.

Nicole suddenly realised that Carol had asked her a question. She shook her head to clear her thoughts.

“Sorry I was miles away. What did you ask?”

“I said are you turned on by the thought of me fucking Brian?”

Nicole nodded. She felt like it was the point of no return.

“Hell yes but I am more turned on by you and Ian”

Carol was stunned. Nicole had never spoken like that. She certainly had never told her that she fancied Ian her husband.

Nicole looked crestfallen. Carol was obviously stunned and Nicole was worried she had gone beşiktaş escort too far. Carol must have realised that Nicole was scared that she had upset her so she took her in her arms and kissed her.

Nicole felt herself responding to the kiss. She had long wondered what it would be like to kiss Carol, not as a friend but as a lover. Nicole felt herself get wet between the legs as Carol slowly stroked her bottom and pulled her tighter into her body.

Nicole was feeling a little weak at the knees as Carol slowly took her hand and guided her upstairs into the bedroom. Once inside Carol slowly unbuttoned Nicole’s top and undid her skirt. Once she was in her underwear Nicole undressed Carol and the two fell onto the bed. Their hands went all over each other’s body until Carol slipped her hand inside Nicole’s panties. Nicole moaned as Carol slipped a finger deep inside and started to massage her clit. Nicole slipped her hand inside Carols panties and respond in kind.

Carol couldn’t stand it any longer and slipped Nicole’s panties off and undid her bra. She gasped at the sight of her trimmed pussy and her gorgeous breasts. The nipples were like bullets. Pushing Nicole back on the bed she quickly removed her own underwear and spread Nicole’s legs apart. Her mouth quickly found her pussy and she started licking.

Nicole was in ecstasy. She had long dreamt of Carol licking her out and now it was really happening. She pushed her pussy upwards so that Carol’s tongue went deeper into here slit.

“Fuck me with your tongue please”

Carol had never heard Nicole beg like that before and it really turned her on. She manoeuvred herself so that her pussy was over Nicole’s face. She lowered herself and felt Nicole slide her tongue in too. It felt so good and Carol was surprised how well Nicole was doing.

It didn’t take long for either of them to start to reach their orgasm. It was so intense and so unexpected. Nicole came first with Carol not far behind.

After drawing their breath they both got up and dressed and went back downstairs.

“Well that was a nice surprise” said Carol. “I never expected that to happen”

“Neither did I” said Nicole. “Glad it did though. All I need to do now is have a fuck with Ian and then we have all fucked”

Carol smiled. She was already planning in her mind how she could get Ian to fuck Nicole.

“Leave it with me”

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