Taking Jenn’s Mom


After dropping Jenn off at the train station, I was expecting 5 days of undisturbed peace and quiet. I figured I’d get some resumes out, hit the gym and do some hiking while Jenn was gone. I’d only been back at my apartment for about an hour after dropping her off that my phone rang. It was Jenn.

I let it go to voicemail and then listened to the message.

“Hey honey. Sorry I missed you. I need you to do me a favor. Apparently my mom’s driving up to see me and obviously I’m here. I need you to let her into my apartment and give her your key. I told her you were a friend so don’t worry about her judging you or anything. I gave her your number so she’ll be calling you when when she gets into town. Love you!”

Ugh, just what I needed. I dumped the rest of the beer down the sink and got dressed. As I was throwing on a shirt, the inevitable second call came. Unknown number – this must be Jenn’s mom.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Hi. Is this Nathan? This is Sandra, Jenn’s mom. I’m told you might have a key for me.” her voice was friendly and cheerful.

“Oh, hi Sandra. I do have a key. Jenn wanted me to water her plants but I guess you’ll be taking care of that now” I lied, not sure Jenn even had plants but I felt the need to keep my true relationship with Jenn secret. Especially with all the trouble it had already brought me.

“Well, it’s seven now and I should be there in about 20 minutes. Do you want to meet me there or should I come find you?”

“I’ll meet you there,”

“Okay thanks. I’ve got a yellow Mustang,” she said and then hung up.

I headed over to Jenn’s. It was a fifteen minute drive. I waited in the parking looking for her car when a late model Mustang pulled in. I don’t know what I was expecting but I was certainly surprised by the legs that emerged from the open door. Long and slender, perfectly shaped stems leading up into her tight white shorts. She wore black pumps which completed the look perfectly and when she finally emerged from the car completely she showed herself to be a fit older woman, probably close to my own age of thirty-eight.

Her shirt was a black sleeveless button-down number. The plunging neckline revealed two pert breasts about the size of grapefruits. Nowhere near the size of Jenn’s gazongas but clearly a head-turning balcony.

She had a pretty face framed by shoulder length black hair. Silver earrings dangled playfully and bounced against her neck as she stood to pop the trunk. As she reached in my eyes were fixated on the perfect curves of her rear. In an earlier day – or perhaps even now – she could have been a model. Whatever the cause of her split with Jenn’s dad, it wasn’t because she’d let herself get out of shape.

I had never met Sandra previously at the group home. She didn’t visit often and my schedule was often overnights so she wouldn’t recognize me either. Hopefully the agency didn’t give her a “courtesy call” telling her about her daughters taste in much older men.

I got out of my car to help her with her bag. She let me take it with a wink.

“Oooh! Such a gentleman,” she smiled.

I led her up the three flights and put the key in the door. It stuck at first. I had never used this key and I never tested it when Jenn gave it to me. I rattled it around to no avail.

I looked at Sandra. “I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news. This key is bad. I’ll have to call a locksmith.”

“Oh no. Do you think they’ll come out this late?”

“Well, we’ve just got to see.” I used the map program on my phone and hit the link for the locksmith. An old man answered and said he’d be by in about ten minutes.

Sandra was relieved at that and sighed.

We sat on the stairs and waited for the locksmith.

“So how do you know Jenn?” she asked.

“We met at the gym,” I lied. I didn’t really want to bring up the exact nature of our relationship.

“Oh she didn’t tell me she joined. I’ve been after her to do something physical. It’s hard to lose weight once you gain it. Trust me, I know.”

“Really?” My eyes rolled back in surprise.

“Oh yeah. I wasn’t born like this. I had ballooned out to two-hundred and twenty pounds at my heaviest, three years ago. Once I couldn’t fit onto a ride at a fair and it was just so humiliating I resolved to do something about it. I thought about surgery but decided to eat clean and exercise.”

“It seems to have paid off.”

“Well, my husband couldn’t take it. He liked me fat, but it was an abusive relationship. I think he liked to control me with food and abuse. Once that carrot and stick were gone, he had no power. He left me for a three-hundred pound twenty-year-old from his work.”

“And you’re not seeing anyone now?” I asked.

“No. The divorce just became final last week. I came here to celebrate with Jenn before I went on my “victory cruise.” Who knew she’d have gone to see her dad. Now I’ve got four days to kill and no one to kill them with.”

She laughed at the irony of the situation and the footsteps of the locksmith interrupted us.

He etiler escort ascended the stairs and took a look at the lock.

“It should be an easy fix but I need $75 up front for emergency call service,” he said with a thick european accent.” I took out two twenties while Sandra fumbled in her purse and handed him the remaining thirty five dollars.

“Thank you very much. This take about thirty minutes. Why not you two get drink across street and let me have room. I call on cell phone when I’m done.”

Sandra and I looked at each other and seemed to agree. Walking across the parking lot the chilly late summer air felt a little raw. Especially after the day’s rain. Sandra rubbed her arms briskly.

“Boy it got cold. Maybe I should run back in and grab something with long sleeves?” she said.

I took off my fleece and put it around her shoulders.

“You sure are a gentlemen,” she laughed, “And look at your arms! Such an honor to be escorted by such a beautiful specimen of manhood. Hey maybe you and I could hit the gym together this weekend? That is if you don’t mind?”

I was not immune to her flirting and a especially didn’t mind the idea of spending my weekend with this beautiful hot mama. I wasn’t sure Jenn needed to know anything about it, though.”

“That sounds great, actually. I’ve got a wide open schedule myself,” I said as we opened the door and headed to the bar.

We each ordered the house merlot and kept up our conversation. Sandra was naturally gregarious and easy to be around. Outgoing and flirtatious, confident and bold. Talking with her was free and refreshing. So different than Jenn in every way.

“I’ll admit that I don’t know Jenn very well,” another lie, “but you two seem so different. Is she more like her dad?” I asked.

“Oh, she might be. Or possibly her mother. I don’t know anything about them. You see, we adopted Jenn early in our marriage when it was clear that we couldn’t have children of her own. She was five when she came to us and her dad and I were in our twenties. I love Jenn totally but it always seems like we’ve been more like friends than a mother and daughter. Probably not the best way to raise a child but now that she’s eighteen it hardly matters. Guess how old I am.”

Shocked by all this information about Jenn, I had to play like it was just small talk. I sized Sandra up and down letting my gaze wander the length of her perfect fit body before letting our eyes meet.

“Thirty-two,” I replied honestly calculating what she just told me.

“Oh you sweet thing,” she batted her eyes and kissed me on the cheek playfully, “I’m forty-two. Probably much older than you. How old are you, thirty-five?”


The bartender nodded in our direction asking if we wanted two more. I nodded back in assent.

“Two glasses of wine is more than I usually drink in a month,” Sandra laughed, “Do you think we have time?”

Just then the old man entered the bar and stepped up to us.

“All set. I knew where to find you. Key work good now.” I thanked him and we shook hands. Sandra excused herself and stepped off the stool presumably to find the bathroom. She was a little unsteady on her feet in the heels but made it okay. Clearly she would need assistance navigating the stairs back to Jenn’s place.

The old man left and Sandra returned, refreshed and radiant.

“Did you miss me?” she laughed. She sat back on the stool and we talked through the last glass of our wine. She was a great talker and the wine made her a bit more flirtatious and touchy. Still she was my girlfriend’s mother and even if Jenn and I were having problems, taking advantage of her flirtatiousness wasn’t going to help things. I couldn’t help feeling a connection between us though. It was going to take all my will to resist her considerable charms.

“Oh my God!” Sandra cried, “Look at the time! It’s almost eleven. If we want to get a workout in, we’d better call it a night.”

I helped her down from her stool and she was even more unsteady on her feet than before. She put her arm around me for support and we headed out into the brisk night air.

We headed up the stairs, Sandra still unsteady on her feet. I got to the landing first and opened the down as Sandra slipped and missed a stair. With a fluid motion, I pulled her up and into my arms where she hugged me. I drew her into me a bit tighter pressing her breasts into me.

“Thank you for such a nice night. It was so nice just talking. I really like your company Nathan. I’m sorry I’m a little tipsy.” Her hand rubbed my back.

She leaned back and we gazed into each other eyes and let our lips slowly meet. Her tongue entered my mouth and I let my hands move from the small of her back to the gentle curve of her perfect ass. She backed into Jenn’s apartment and holding both of my hands dragged me in after. She kicked the door closed with her foot and led me to the couch where she kissed me some more.

“God, Nathan. halkalı escort You’re such a good kisser. Make out with me.”

Kissing Sandra was so different than kissing Jenn. Sandra was smaller for one thing, but also more forceful and more directive. She was a woman, not a girl and she wasn’t afraid to tell me what she wanted.

“Rub my tits, honey. Don’t you want to feel them in your hand?”

“I’ve wanted to all night, Sandy. Couldn’t you feel my eyes burning right into you?”

“I have to tell you something. I might be a little tipsy, but I want you. I want to make love to you. You won’t be taking advantage of me, I swear. But I haven’t been with a man in eight years so if you have second thoughts, we should stop now. I don’t want to be teased. Got it?”

I kissed her and started unbuttoning her shirt. Her nipples poked through the fabric of her bra indicating her arousal. My shaft, hard as iron was poking through the top of my shorts.

“I knew you’d see it my way.”

She got on her knees on the floor and deftly removed my pants. Her shirt remained draped over her like a vest as her she took my cock in her hand. Her shining red nails like a glistening row of cherries as she began to pump me.

“Jesus Christ, you’ve got a big dick!” she exclaimed as she started to lick it up and down, “How the hell am I supposed to take all of that?” I held back from mentioning that her daughter also struggled with the size of my cock but eventually got used to it.

“It’s like a paper towel tube!” She let her saliva cover the length of my shaft while the ruby tips of her fingers gently caressed it.

Her hands moved to cup my balls and then she went down on me, gobbling as much as she could take with her pouty lips. Her spit bubbled and foamed as she bounced her head on the end of my pole, eager to take more with every swallow. She was forcing herself to devour as much length as she could and making small gagging noises. Her black hair and earrings swinging back and forth to the rhythm of her motion.

I tried to grasp the situation but had difficulty understanding the quickness of what happened. My fat girlfriend’s smoking hot mother was on her knees before me giving me hands down the sexiest, sloppiest knob job on the very couch where I fucked her two days ago. Not only that, I hadn’t showered since this morning at the train station and my cock probably still tasted like Jenn’s cunt.

I put my hand behind Sandy’s head and pushed her pretty face further onto my cock. She shuddered at first and closed her eyes as she gagged bringing her lips all the way to the hilt of my cock. She looked up at me and I could see the hint of a victory smile in her eyes. She continued fucking me with her face almost violently. She was breaking a sweat and her hair clung to her forehead. As she massaged my balls, I could feel the tightness ready to erupt and I tried to hold back.

She redoubled her efforts. Moaning as she pumped my stick. Her breathing getting heavier as she tried to bring me off.

“You’ve got a big cock. I bet you’ve got a lot of cum for me to take. I want it all over my slutty little face,” she went back down on me with purpose, impaling my cock into her face as she held back a gag.

I could feel myself inside the back of her throat when she pulled back and let the viscous mix of saliva and pre-cum fall down her chin. She did this repeatedly until he neck and bra were covered. The sight of this raven-haired beauty was intoxicating.

She removed her mouth from my rod and licked at my balls while she continued her stroking. I felt her tongue circle my asshole as her free hand rubbed the pre-cum mixture into her bra-covered tits.

She moved back and took my cock back into her mouth. Between slurps she moaned, “That’s it babe, you wanna cum all over my face?”

“Sandy! I’m gonna cum!”

“Do it on my face, babe. All over my slutty face!”

She didn’t let up bit but when she felt the initial spurt, backed up and took my load onto her face. I was surprised I had so much in me, especially after the load I shot into Jenn this morning but she pumped my cock hard, letting loose hot ribbons of spunk on her lips, bra, eyes and hair. She then took my mammoth hard-on and rubbed it into the mess.

“Oh God baby! There’s so much cum. It’s probably been a while for you too, I see,” I didn’t answer but thought to myself maybe about twelve hours.

Not wanting to enter that conversation, I went to the kitchenette counter and grabbed a paper towel for her to clean up with and spied a honey-bear bottle on the counter.

I kissed her on the lips tasting my own cum as she took the napkin. I continued kissing her and let my hands move to between her legs. I could feel how wet she was through her tight white shorts. I moved my finger beneath the hem and then beneath her sopping panties.

“God, I’m so wet for you.”

I got on my knees before her and unbuttoned her shorts. I pulled them of leaving her innovia escort naked from the waist down. Her pussy was shaved and glistening, her skin tight across her hard belly. I grabbed the honey and drizzled a few drops in a path from her navel to her sweet little box. I drizzled a few more drops on the inside of her thighs.

Kissing her inner thighs was heaven. Her skin smooth perfection. I let my tongue dance around each drop before licking it and swallowing. I was hungry for her pussy but I wasn’t going to give in to my urges until the last drop had been licked up. First the left leg, then the right, then finally to the center.

She had unclasped her bra from the front and was playing with her tits. Her moans and breathing were growing with intensity as I licked up the last drop and let myself dive into her sweet honeypot. I lapped and swallowed drinking in as much as I could. Flicking her engorged clit with my forceful tongue. Letting my fingers become coated in her juices I pushed my index finger into her tight little ass.

“Tongue-fuck me lover! That feels so good! Right there! Right there! Oh-oh-oh! I’m cumming! Oh God! Yes! Make me cum!”

As her tight body writhed on the couch, she used both her legs and hands to bring me closer. The heels of her shoes dug into my back as she pushed my face harder into her cunt, grinding herself onto me. Stroking my newly hard cock, I lapped at her pussy determined to bring her off.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” she cried out as her body heaved in ecstasy. “I’m cumming so hard!”

Her hair was now soaked with sweat and there was still cum clinging to it. I moved in as her body sighed in relief. I sat down beside her on the couch and we kissed some more.

As much as I wanted to fuck Sandra, part of me was hoping she was spent and we could call it a night without actually having sex. It was still a line that hadn’t been crossed. However, I really enjoyed Sandra and could see myself being quite happy with her. If Jenn was going to break up with me, I suppose Sandra and I could start things with nothing more than a bit of chilliness between us.

Sandra apparently wasn’t ready to call it a night. She stood up and dragged me to the bedroom, closing the door. Instead of getting on the bed, Sandra bent over it and spread her legs exposing her still glistening twat. Not needing to be told what to do, I took my pole and started rubbing the tip up and down over her slit.

“Do that, baby. Just like you are. Work me up to a frenzy. When I’m about ready to explode, I’ll tell you. Then I want you to slam that whole big cock inside of me.”

Obliging, I continued the teasing. And just like earlier today with her daughter I let the glistening tip of my cockhead linger at the entrance of her ass. Letting the lubrication of our sweat and her dripping juices cover my meat, I let her feel the entire ten inches move between her cheeks.

She looked back. “Not my ass. Please no. You’re too big. Not today, but this weekend, I promise.” It sounded too familiar.

“Talk dirty too me. Tell me what a slut I am!”

“You’re a whore Sandy! Aren’t you? Picking up strange guys! A little slut who fucks guys in her daughter’s bed!” I slapped her ass as I continued rubbing her slit and clit with my tip.

She picked up from there.

“I’m such a dirty slut. I knew I wanted to fuck you when I saw you. I can’t help it! It’s been so long!”

“Give it to me baby. Fuck me like the whore that I am! Fuck me now! I’m ready!”

I was more than ready and slammed the length of my meat inside her tight hole. My fingers dug into her hips as I pounded violently into her.

“Oh God Nathan! I’m cumming! Cum with me. Cum inside your little slut! Own me with your seed! I want you to own me!”

“I want to cum all over your ass! I’m going to cum!” I protested.

“No! Take me inside! Spray your load inside your whore’s cunt! Give me your cum!” she cried out as she met each my thrusts with equal force from her own body.

Unable to control myself, I felt my own cum burst forth inside her. The release was intense as I unloaded pulse after pulse of my seed inside her greedy pulsing snatch. She was milking every last drop into herself.

When finally we were spent we fell asleep and made love again in the middle of the night and in the morning each time more gentle and more like a consummate act of love than a violent fucking. Each time releasing my semen into the hot confines of her wet pussy.


I awoke at seven and checked my messages. One from Jenn;

“Hi Hon. Guess you must be asleep. Hope things went okay with my mom. I’ll call you later.”

I called and left a message on Jenn’s voice mail.

“Hi it’s me. I’m going on a few hikes this weekend, so I’ll be out of range. Hopefully, I get to hear from you. Love you. Bye.” With that, I turned my phone off and spent the rest of the weekend, fucking Sandra til we couldn’t fuck any more.

We did hit the gym occasionally and we did go back to my place. It was on the Sunday prior to Jenn’s return that I overheard Sandra talking on her cell phone in the bedroom to Jenn. There were a lot of “yeses” and “I see’s” but I couldn’t make out the conversation. It wasn’t going to be good on my end, I was sure of that. I was getting my coat on and preparing to leave when Sandra came out of my bedroom. Her mascara running from tears.

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