Special day for Him

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Special day for HimSorry I have not written a story for a while, I ONLY write true stories about what happens with me. Even though I have serviced Marcus and James several times ( at least once a week ) nothing really special or worth writing about has occurred until Monday of this week.Please read my earlier stories to get a grasp of who Marcus and James are. to make it short, they are a couple of Black men in their 50s that I service when they call.Here is a day that I will remember for a long time.Last Thursday I had just finished servicing Marcus and was getting ready to leave when Marcus said “Is it true white guys wear panties ?”This caught me off guard a bit and I answered him “Yeah, I suppose” “You have any” he asked. “Ummm well, I do, not sure where they are, but I do” I replied. “Find them” he said, “I have an idea that you may like or not, Just find them” I nodded ok and left and went back to work.On Monday, I got his usual text “Now is good” followed by “Wear them panties I asked you about”. Now I had found them in my hiding place in the basement, so I went home and looked through the 5 pair I have and picked out a pair and put them in my pocket and went over to see Marcus. When I arrived, I saw James’s car parked out front and .a car I was not familiar with parked just in front of James.I parked and went in to the shop and there was Marcus, James, and another guy Chris. Chris was a white guy like me a little smaller, I knew about him, he lives in the apartment complex that James manages and sucks James off from time to time.After exchanging pleasantries, Marcus looked at me and said “You find em” I blushed a little and nodded yes. James looked at Chris and said ” you got what I told you to get”? Chris looked at me, then James and said “Yeah, I got them” James looked at Marcus and said, “See, I told you white boys will wear panties” I kind of took offense to this, but said nothing.”OK, you 2 get in you panties and get back out here, We are Eryaman Escort going to have some fun today” Chris and I went in to the side room where Marcus kept his tools and began changing. I could tell Chris was nervous and I told him not to worry, just go along and that after they bust a nut, everything will be fine. We put on our panties and went back out. Marcus had a huge smile on his face and James was laughing and started rubbing his cock through his pants. Chris and I was ordered on the couch while Marcus sat down in the easy chair and James pulled up a chair and pointed to Chris and said come here boy. Chris got up and went over to James and I watched James start rubbing Chris’s ass. James then looked at me and ordered me over as well. I looked at Marcus and he nodded…..”get over there”I walked over and James said “Damn Jay, you and Chris look cute together” Then James pushed us together and said “give each other a little kiss” I said “NO, thats not what I do” Marcus looked at me and said ” You do today” and gave me a stern look. “Put your arms around each other and lets see a little kissing……And use some damn tongue” So, we didI knew they were just playing around so I just went with it. I put my hands on Chris’s head and pulled him close. I Kissed him slow and then put my tongue in his mouth. I could feel Chris shake a little, He moaned a little and kissed me back. After a minute or 2 I heard Marcus say “Look at their dicks getting hard” “I told you they would” James exclaimed. By this time My dick was getting hard as a rock, The head was poking out of the top of my black panties and I started to lose my thoughts in the moment. I looked down to see Chris getting hard as well. For some reason we were getting turned on. We continued kissing for another minute or so when I felt Chris press his dick to mine. “Yeah, Ya’ll rub those dicks together” I heard Marcus say. “Get back on the Sincan Escort couch, I want to watch this for a while” James said laughingly. Marcus agreed and I heard him say to James “I bet they will do what ever we tell them to do” Chris and I was laying on the couch still kissing and rubbing our dicks together when I noticed that our panties had dropped in the front and our dicks were bare and rubbing one another. Chris reached down, held and caressed my dick. I did the same. “look at them playing with each others little dicks” “Aren’t they cute”. James and Marcus were watching and commenting on us as we stroked each other.James said ” CHRIS, get over here” immediately Marcus shouted “Jay. time for you to get some” “You 2 don’t get to cum today” James said. I was about to cum hard and did all I could to hold it back. I looked over and Chris was already down on Jame’s Black 8″ Cock. James had his hands on each side of Chris’s head and was thrusting his cock in his mouth. I could hear Chris slurping on his cock like I have never heard before. Marcus looked at me and said”What are you looking at?” “Get your ass over here”. I went over to Marcus who was standing there with an already hard throbbing cock. I knelt down and put his cock in my mouth and swirled my tongue around the head. I put my hands on his hips and pulled him closer……..Forcing his cock in my mouth and down my throat. I cupped his balls in my hand and caressed them softly as I worked his cock in and out of my mouth. After a few minutes, I heard James say. “Marcus, you gotta try this boy” Marcus answered ” Send him over” Marcus pulled his cock out of my mouth and pushed me over to James. . Chris Crawled over to Marcus and while I made my way to James. I barely got my mouth open before I felt James put his hand on the back of my head and force it down on his cock. I had been able to deep throat all of James 8 inches before and I Etlik Escort know he was trying to get me to do it again. I stood him up and opened my throat. I took all I could the first few thrusts, then with a mighty push, I took it all. James held it there then pulled out to allow me to breath. I caught my breath and he stuffed it all the way in once more. “See, I told you he could take it all” James told Marcus. “Yeah, I see he did, Let me see if this boy can do the same” Now, James’s cock is longer but Marcus’s cock is thicker and MUCH harder to throat. I heard Marcus talking to Chris “You can do it” “Open up more” “Almost” I just continued sucking James and knew he was getting close to busting a nut when I heard Marcus say “Thats it” I knew you could do it” I quickly looked over to see Chris’s Face all red and he had ALL of that cock down his throat. “I’m gonna CUM” Marcus moaned out, and I knew that Chris was about to get a mouthful. Marcus did not let Chris off his cock and I could hear Chris cough and almost gag as he took all of Marcus’s cum down his throat. I could taste Jame’s Pre cum spurt out a little then with a Big thrust, James started to cum in my mouth. I could feel it hit the back of my throat and I tried to get all I could, but some came out of my mouth and down my chin. With a few more bucks, James finished cumming. He took his finger and ran it across my chin to get what had not been swallowed. He put it in my mouth and I cleaned off his finger and swallowed the rest. I cleaned off James’s cock with my tongue. There should be none of it wasted he exclaimed.When James was done with me, I looked over and Chris was cleaning up as well. He had not swallowed all of Marcus’s cum and had a bit to clean up. I went to the side room and put on my clothes, I left the panties on. I had forgotten how good they felt. Chris came in to put on his clothes as well. We barely spoke, a little embarrassed I guess. As I was leaving the room, Chris said :Nice meeting you” I nodded “Good to meet you as well” As we walked out, James and Marcus both told us what a fun afternoon it was, and hoped we had just as much fun as they did. I simply said “It’s always my pleasure” Chris just remained silent and walked out the door.Thanks to all for allowing me to share some of my experiencesJay

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