I was late and in a rush add that to the slick streets from the first rain of the season and if you mix in a little of not paying attention you then have the perfect recipe for an accident. As you can see, I had no one to blame for sitting here in a ditch waiting for a tow instead of being on the blind date where I was supposed to be. I called Devon, or was it Kevin but only got voice mail; I left a message stating my problem and an apology for standing him up. It’s funny but I remember thinking for the first time since this was set up that I hope he was a loser so I hadn’t blown my chance for meeting my ‘Prince Charming’.

Triple A said that due to the rain, they were extremely busy but they’d get to me as soon as possible. I sat in the car mad at myself for doing yet again something stupid and as I watched the rain slide down my windshield, I felt my tears slide down my cheeks. Who was I kidding Melvin or was it Ivan, was not going to be my prince, princes don’t go on blind dates they have girls falling all over themselves to date them. No, maybe I was better off missing this set up no matter what my friend Grace said about him, he was probably a loser anyway. I kept asking myself what I was doing wrong why couldn’t I met Mister Right; I just knew he was out there but I simply couldn’t find him. It wasn’t that he had to be Brad Pitt it was just I didn’t want Kramer, surely between those two types there had to be someone for me.

To pass time as I waited I once again made a list of the pro and cons of me, Julie Harris, at least this time I kept the list just in my head. OK, well I know I’m no Angelina Jolie but I no Maya Rudolph either. Brown hair with brown eyes, kind of mousey but not bad. Thirty-three, at least I’m not some twenty-year-old bimbo and yet I’m still young beşiktaş escort enough to be called a girl. Yeah I could lose a few pounds but I am not fat no matter what my anorexic sister says. If I was a person who budgeted their time and paid attention to what they were doing I guess I wouldn’t be in this ditch would I. This was doing me no good at all as I am incapable of making an honest opinion of myself and then I was saved of this epiphany by the flashing lights of the tow.

I rolled down my window as he approached and he knelt down to talk to me. Hatless in the rain meant his blonde hair was matted to his head and water running down his face. I stared into cerulean blue eyes that were bright and concerned.

“Are you all right miss, do you need me to call medical help?”

I was mesmerized and could only manage a shake of my head. He told me I could sit in his truck while he fished my car from the ditch. When I got out of my car, I tripped on something, which broke my heel sending me falling into his arms. He caught me, and picked me up as if I weighed nothing, then carried me to his big white truck. I put my arms around him and held on for dear life, not that I was afraid he would drop me, no I just didn’t want him to put me down. I sat waiting as he hooked my vehicle to his tow bar and I noticed how clean and organized it was. I then noticed the plastic horses head attached to the hood as an ornament, that’s funny he arrives to save me in a big white horse.

He opened the door and then standing half in the cab took off his raincoat and tucked it behind the seat. I got my first good look at him illuminated by his interior lights my first thought was behemoth, or maybe that was my second thought beşyol escort as my first was ‘oh my god’. This man had to be close to Three hundred pounds and yes he was fat but he also had a lot of muscle. I would have to ask him if he was football player and then I realized I haven’t said one word yet. I open my mouth to speak but he beat me to it,

“I’m sorry miss but your car is not drivable, do you have a preference as to where you want it towed?”

I merely shook my head no, as I screamed to myself ‘speak you dullard, speak’.

“Why do you have a horse’s head hood ornament on your truck?”

Way to go girl you’re really making an impression on this guy.

“It’s something my boss did, he thinks it’s funny but I think it’s humiliating. You see my last name is Charmant which he knew means charming from his high school French and my first name is Price after my mother’s father…”

“So that makes you Prince Charming coming to my rescue on your big white horse.”

“Guess how many times a day I hear that line.”

I told him I was sorry for beating a dead horse and giggled and he smiled showing me his straight white teeth.

“If I tow you to the yard you’ll have to pay a night’s storage fee but if I tow you to your home you can park it for free.”

“But then I’ll have to have it towed to a garage tomorrow, won’t that cost more?”

“Let me make you a deal, you’re my last tow, my shift is over so I’ll tow you to your house and then on my way to work tomorrow I’ll tow you to wherever, no charge. All you have to do is promise no more prince charming remarks”

“I even do you one better, do you speak Italian? My last name is Biancaneve, which is Italian for Snow White, and my first name beykent escort is Ella, and that roughly translates into little, so don’t talk to me about being teased about your name.”

He laughed at this as he agreed my name alone was worth the cost of his tow job.

I felt so at ease with Price as we exchanged light banter sprinkled with laughs that when we arrived at my place I automatically invited him up for coffee. He looked at me for a long time those blue eyes piercing into my soul. I think he was judging the sincerity of my offer, and then he smiled saying he’d love a cup of coffee. Riding up in the elevator, I realized I hadn’t eaten yet and I was starving so I upgraded my offer of coffee to a quick dinner. He said OK but only if he could help and how could I say no to an offer like that. Price put the pasta on to boil as I dug out some of my grandmother’s red sauce from my freezer and popped it in the microwave. While he graded cheese I made a quick salad from whatever greens I found in my frig and by the time he got the wine opened the pasta was done. To top it off he helped me clean the kitchen after our meal.

We took our wine to the front room and when we finished that I opened another bottle, it was not until we were half way through the third bottle that I realized we were in trouble. I knew I was buzzed but I didn’t care, I took the glass from his hand and leaned in close,

“Sir Prince Charming, you have saved the fair Young Snow White and it is now time for you to claim your reward.”

With that, I put my lips to his, he in turn wrapped his strong arms around me, and we kissed long and deeply. When we finally broke our embrace without a word I took his hand and led him to my bed where we made frenetic love as if it was our last night on earth. I awoke in the morning with a pounding headache yet enveloped in my Prince’s arms and I knew right then there was no place I rather be.

Will we live happily ever after as they do in fairy tales? I can’t answer that and all I’ll say is that now for the present I’m living as close to a fairy tale as possible. Really, what more could I wish for?

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