Seducing , Wanting The Boss

Michelle Rollins was a secretary at a very respected law firm. As a matter of fact she was the personal secretary for Lila Carter, the head of, and best lawyer at the firm. Michelle was a closet lesbian. Some of here closest friends didn’t even know it. Chelle, as she was commonly called, had just ended a relationship with a girl she had been in since college.

Chelle was a very good looking twenty-three year old girl. She was about five and a half feet tall, ample high C cup breasts and great tanned sexy legs. But Chelle held a deep dark secret: she had a huge crush for her boss Lila!

Lila Carter was thirty years old, but looked about twenty-five. In her short tenure as a lawyer at her father’s law firm, she had a ninety percent success rate. When her father passed away early last year, he willed the entire law firm to his little girl. Lila was committed to her work, so when it came to having a relationship, Lila was left with a void.

One Friday afternoon, Lila came running into the office overjoyed. She had one a high profile case in which a man was, in the end, wrongly accused of murder.

“Well you seem awfully happy Lila.”

“Chelle, I won the Anderson case!”

“Really, they found him not guilty?”

“Yeah, I’m so happy!”

Chelle was excited for her friend and boss, Lila. She had always wanted more with her, but if she was foolish, and made a pass at her, she would lose not only her job but her friend as well.

“God, I feel like celebrating!”

“Well, why don’t we go clubbing tonight?”

Chelle couldn’t believe what she had just said, but the real surprise came in bursa otele gelen eskort Lila’s response.

“Sure, why not. I need to unwind anyways.”

“Ok then.”

“Where should we go?”

“Well, there is this place about a block from where I live, we can go there.”

“Ok, that sounds good. What time should I meet you there?”

“How about eight?”


Chelle, with Lila’s permission, left work early to get ready for the night of her life. About a million things were running through her mind. Fear, love, lust, and more. She had to take two showers because during the first, she had to get herself off. She decided to wear this red one piece dress, that went as far as about three inches above the knee and

showed off her cleavage. She let her long blonde hair down. And for some reason she decided to be bold and not wear any bra or panties.

Chelle got to the club at a quarter till seven. About 8:05, Lila walked in dressed to kill. She had on a tight black top, a short leather skirt, and knee high boots and her red hair was, like Chelle’s, down.

“Lila you look beautiful.”

“Thanks so do you Chelle.”

Lila had Chelle so turned on by her outfit that she was a little wet. She hoped she could make through the night.

The girls danced with a couple of guys, but they mostly drank wine and margaritas. About eleven o’ clock, they were completely sauced.

“Damn Chelle, its eleven o’ clock we should probably go.”

“Yeah, but neither one of us can walk, let along drive. Lets walk up to my apartment, you bursa eve gelen escort bayan can spend the night.”

” Ok!”

The girls stumbled to Chelle’s apartment, giggling up a storm. When they got inside they decided to drink some more wine, but eventually, the bottle got empty.

“Damn, the bottle is empty.”

They both busted out laughing.

“Hey Chelle, lets play truth or dare.”

“Ok you, you go first.”

“Ok. Truth or Dare?”


“Ok let me think……. put on a strip show for me.”


“You heard me, strip.”

Chelle was a bit shocked, was this a dare or a trick was she talking clear or was it the alcohol?

“I don’t know.”

“What are you a chicken?”

“Hell no!”

With that said, the “show” began. Chelle removed her dress, and began dancing around. Lila was a bit surprised.

“Oh my God, your not wearing underwear!”

Chelle threw her dress at Lila and started a sexy dance around her.

“Chelle, are you seducing me?”

Chelle whispered in Lila’s ear.

“Mmmmm does this answer your question?”

Chelle licked Lila’s ear and kissed her lips. Lila eagerly accepted her tongue.

“Lila, I’ve always wanted you like this, but I will only go as far as you want.”

“Take me Chelle.”

Chelle helped Lila out of her clothes fast. They began kissing passionately.

“Be gentle Chelle.”

“Ok baby.”

Chelle kissed her way down Lila’s neck to her lucious breasts. She gave them extra special attention, sucking the nipples so hard bayan eskort bursa Lila was moaning.

“Oh more baby, more! more! more!”

Chelle got to Lila’s belly button and French kissed it as Lila’s moans got louder and louder.


Chelle got to Lila’ hairy pussy, and dove in. She licked every crevice, every inch of her pussy, as Lila was moaning louder than ever. She wrapped her tongue around her clit, tugging it, making Lila cum a waterfall, and have an explosive orgasm.

“Oh god, Lila, you have a tasty pussy. Your cum tastes like honey!”

All Lila could do was moan in response. After Lila came, Chelle kissed her.

“Come on lover taste your pussy in my mouth.”

“Mmmmmmmmm, yummy! Chelle, can I eat your pussy? I want to return the favor.”

“Ok baby.”

Chelle sat her pussy down on Lila’s face; Lila went to town on Chelle.

“Oh baby yes! Yes! Oh you eat pussy like a pro! Ohhhhhhhhhhh!”

Soon Chelle came all over Lila. Lila licked what she could, but was ultimately exhausted. But Chelle had something special in store for her new lover.

“Stay there I’ll be right back.”

Soon Chelle returned with the biggest banana Lila ever saw. It was at least ten inches long!


“Mmmmm you wanna banana fuck baby?”


You get on one end, I’ll get on the other.”

So the girls “banana fucked.” It was a great experience for both of them. Soon they came on the banana peel. Then they sixty-nined eating banana out of the other’s pussy.

“Oh Chelle you were wonderful!”

“So were you. So what’s it like to be a lesbian.”

“Good. Real good.”

And then boss and friend became lovers. They both embarked on a new exciting adventure.

* * * * *

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