NYC Bar – Never Saw His Face

Laura is a very successful attorney and corporate executive with a penchant for adventure when out on the town. For a woman over 40 she has a well maintained body similar to that of a much younger woman. 36c 26 38…unmistakably full ass, firm breasts with very big dark pink nipples. Her legs add to her overall sexy look, especially when wearing heels.

Last summer Laura visited NYC with a very close male friend of hers, Peter, that happens to be gay. Peter has been in a relationship since he was very young. They were trading fantasies and desires during the drive to the city. He expressed to her an interest to seek out some discreet casual sex during their visit. She expressed to him that she has never had sex with anyone since being married to her husband of 20 years and was hesitant to even consider it. After doing some research in the car they decided to go to a club that has been noted in reviews for casual sex encounters just to check it out.

Laura dresses somewhat conservatively at the office but when out on the town she loves to dress in skimpy revealing outfits and frequent all night rave dance clubs in NYC. The night they went out she was wearing a pair of Jimmy Choo high stilettos, a black leather mini skirt, with a bright orange g string under. To match, she also wore a bright orange halter top that was tied at the neck and her lower back. This halter top provided some support but you could clearly notice she was braless by seeing her mature large mom nipples poking through. Having her back mostly exposed also made her feel sexy in the night air as they walked from the parking garage to the club.

As they walked into the dark club it was difficult to see at first but as their eyes adjusted they noticed a friendly looking place with music blaring and a small but inviting dance floor. It didn’t look to them like a sex club at all, It was a extremely crowded around the bar. They noticed some people pairing off and making out on the dance floor but nothing more sexual than that. Laura and Peter worked their way through the tightly packed sea of people and found a spot to stand at the far end of the Porno bar in a dark corner where the L shaped bar met the wall.

After the long drive earlier in the day they finally had a chance to relax with a drink. As they were leaning on the bar sipping their drinks a hunk of a guy started to chat up Peter. After a few minutes of chat and flirting they headed off to the “back room”, which they knew nothing about until Peter’s new friend clued them in.

Seemingly in an instant Laura found herself alone still leaning against the bar in an unfamiliar crowded club. She felt a bit uneasy not knowing how long she would be left alone or whether she would see Peter again that night.

The affects of her second drink helped to quell her fears a bit. She was still trying not to make eye contact with other patrons at the bar. She kept her stance in her stiletto heels leaning forward pretending to watch the video monitor behind the bar. Although she was scantily dressed Laura was trying not to give anyone the impression she was there to hookup.

As time went on the crowd seemed to swell even larger. At this point Peter had been gone for over 30 minutes. The club was now packed wall to wall with sexy people dancing to the constant heavy bass laden beat. She was feeling a little tipsy after her second drink but that didn’t stop her from ordering a third! It was then as she started to sip she felt a casual bump against her scrumptiously full leather clad ass. At the time she thought nothing of it because the bar was so crowded. After a few seconds she felt a second bump and then a third. She knew now that these bumps were no accident but she never turned around. Feeling a little uninhibited after so many drinks she ever so slowly backed up a few inches and felt what she thought was a hard cock against her backside.

After the initial contact with her ass to this man’s crotch she felt him reciprocate by press himself against her more firmly. She was a little nervous but didn’t resist, instead she backed up and put more pressure against his cock that by now was straining in his pants. Laura Altyazılı Porno now found herself getting very horny but knew in her mind that there were limitations as to how far she could let this situation go. At this point she was enjoying this rubbing session, and seemingly, so was he. After a couple of minutes of grinding he gently grabbed her hips and pulled her ass firmly against his cock. She reciprocated yet again by grinding back, rubbing her ass against his huge bulge.

She was so horny it was making her crazy…he now slid his hands under her mini skirt and was feeling the outside of both thighs and hips. While he was doing this she could feel her already short skirt begin to ride up her ass. It was then when she felt him back away just for a couple of seconds while leaving one hand on her thigh. She felt him put his second hand back on her thigh but also felt his huge cock between her legs! She was flabbergasted but so horny she did not resist. By this time she was very horny and she knew her pussy was soaked. Laura began to be concerned that this stranger would try to slip his cock in her. She remained bent over but closed her legs slightly. By doing this she actually clenched his cock between her thighs and the top of his shaft was right against her g-string crotch. He then held her hips and started fucking her inner thighs as she clenched his cock tightly. The friction against her panty crotch was soaking her pussy through her panties. The music was so loud and the room so dark and crowded no one was paying them any attention.

She felt one of his thumbs move under her g-string and pull the material out of her ass crack. Her sopping wet pussy was now totally exposed to him. He continued his pumping that cock between her thighs. Her full protruding mature pussy lips were now exposed and he was rubbing his shaft against them. She knew her thick creamy juices were now lubricating his shaft. She came to her senses for a minute and started to pull away because she didn’t want this complete stranger to stick that now well lubricated meat into her dripping pussy. He seemed to Brazzers get the message because he took his cock out from between her legs and layed it along her totally exposed ass crack.

He now took his hands from her thighs and placed them on the sides of her ass to squeeze his cock with her ass cheeks. She knew at this point her mini skirt was above her waist and her luscious full ass was completely exposed! She was so wet and horny she didn’t care at all. He began pumping his cock between her cheeks in a rhythmic motion to the beat of the music. She was also rocking back and forth to the beat of the music with him. The pace got quicker and quicker. He was franticly fucking Laura’s ass crack and she was loving it! She was now comfortable enough that he wouldn’t try to penetrate her.

She reached down the front of her panties and began to finger her clit with her customary 3 fingers she always used in the privacy of her own bedroom. This time she was masturbating with hundreds of people present. She never recalled being this wet in her life. The music continued pounding the beat and was adding to her uncontrollable excitement. She continued to finger her clit frantically! Laura felt the waves of an orgasm begin to swell. Just as she began her intense orgasm she felt him give her one more long thrust as his body shuddered against hers. He then began to shoot multiple streams of hot sticky cum all over her bare back!!!

After delivering that huge load onto Laura’s back he placed her G-string back into her ass crack and lowered her skirt. She was still leaning against the bar but now exhausted from cumming and receiving a cum bath. He reached his face around and gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek and without uttering a word he disappeared into the crowd. She was still panting but never moved her position. Within a few minutes she felt the load of thick sperm on her back begin to thin out and trickle around to her belly, breasts and down her back. The stranger’s cum was literally dripping from Laura’s body. She stood up straight in her sexy heels and adjusted her leather mini skirt as well as readjusting her breasts in her halter top. She now began to make her way through the crowd beaming with joy and wearing his cum as a badge of honor as she exited the club.

She was outside when she finally realized, SHE NEVER SAW HIS FACE!….or any part of him for that matter!

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