Raised as girl born as a male


My parents had problems and they dropped me off to live with my aunt when I was eleven years old. One day I was an only child the next I had three sisters.

My new mom was a hard worker holding two jobs to keep us together. I now had sisters that were older and one younger than me. At home I began to wear my sisters clothes as I grew older. We all wore hand me down clothing. A few months after I came to my aunts home to live my aunt gave me panties to wear and later half slips. I wore the slips as if they were t-shirts and it seemed fine.

Later on at home after school I wore dresses and skirts and thought nothing about it. My sisters teased me but no more than each other. We all cleaned the house and did most of the cooking while mom worked.

As puberty came on it was obvious I was different than my sisters and I paid dearly for that. My older sister every once in a while kicked me in my balls for fun and then again I would kick her between her legs as well real hard. She cried as I did and when mom came home I got beaten. I would be in bed and our mom would come home and she’d beat me with a belt. My bottom would get welts on it and I decided life was too short so I chilled out.

My mom began to bring home vitamins for us to eat because she wanted us to stay healthy she told us. I learned later on the pills I ate were different. I was eating pills to make my body change more to be a girl. She figured she could change me and it would make her life better.

At 14 I began to grow boobs. Hair growing on my body changed and I was excited that I was becoming more like my sisters. I started to get emotional over silly things and cried more than I ever did.

It was happening I was changing into a girl partially.

Once day at high school I was in the showers after gym class and a couple of the guys saw me naked. They laughed and teased me about how small I was and they saw me putting on panties.

It was that time in my life that lots of things changed.

One day walking home after school as I cut across the football field two guys were waiting for me in the woods. A half a mile down a trail that led me to my neighborhood I came up on the two guys. Joe and Lou were a year older and they were sitting in the woods waiting on me.

I came around a bend in the trail and they called my name then when I stopped they came to me. Lou came over to me started tease me. Joe was behind me and as I stepped back away from Lou and Joe pushed me back towards Lou. The next time Lou pushed me I fell down and as he came at me I crawled back. My reaction wasn’t what I guess it should have been and I didn’t know what to do.

My books and paper scattered all over the ground and then as I rolled over Lou had a branch in his hand and I tried to stand up and as I did he swung the stick at me. I turned and I felt the stinging of the stick landing across my bottom. I screamed for him to stop and then he swung it again and again.

I begged Lou to stop as he beat me and as I cried and tried to cover my bottom with my hands he stopped.

The next five minutes I laid on my side curled up covering my bottom with my hands. Lou knelt down on the ground next to me and he told me that he stopped and it was time for me to thank him. I quickly told him that I was happy he stopped and then I thanked him and he laughed.

Yea know you are a stupid bitch he told me.

Lou leaned back and said sure baby suck this and I will know your thankful.

He was in front of me and I watched him as he pulled his pants down and his erect cock popped out of his pants.

I told him to fuck off and he slid closer to me and jacked off letting his load spew onto my face.

The two guys left

A few days later they once again were waiting on me and this time they brought another guy. Nick was a tall thin guy and he had looked at me wierd at school that day. They were in the same place in the woods and once I heard them in the woods I started to run home. Lou caught me after a couple hundred feet and he wrestled me to the ground. I begged him to stop and then Lou and Joe arrived.

They handed me a paper bag and inside was a skirt, hose and a bra.

Lou told me to change into the clothes or they would beat me like the other day. I took off my shirt and slid the bra around my stomach and snapped the hooks. I pulled it around my stomach and up my chest below my small boobs. I turned away from them and pulled my pants off and they saw that I had panties on.

They laughed and they told me that they knew I was a bitch and that we were all going to have some fun. I laid back and pulled the skirt up my legs and onto my hips. I snapped the clasp and zipped it up the side.

Nick tossed me a silky blouse and told me to put it on and then I took the hose and slid my toes in it then tugged it up my legs high over my bottom.

Lou told me to stand up and for me to model my outfit for them. I could see that Joe was standing near a tree stump and Nick was near him. I got up and walked away from them and I considered running not a good option. I figured they catch me and beat me and that they may end up so into what was going on that it may just be better if I go with what they were planning and then maybe it would stop.

Joe told me to stop and come back to them and as I turned I saw that the three guys were standing together talking. I stood there for a minute then Nick and Joe walked down the trail towards home. Lou sat on the ground and he opened his pants and pulled them down. He played with his cock then as he got it hard he was stroking it.

Come here baby lay down between my legs and suck me. I walked over to him and knelt down near his feet and grabbed his pants legs and pulled his pants off his feet. I then grabbed his underwear and pulled them off him as well.

I moved back and put my hands on his thighs as I lowered myself to the ground. I slid up and as I moved my body closer to him I kissed his thighs. I gently cupped his balls and the shaft of his cock. I slid up close enough to him and I licked his balls. He put his hands under my arms and pulled me closer to himself and he pushed his cock down towards my face.

I licked the shaft of his cock and then I put both my hands on the base of his dick and I began to lick the head of his cock. It seemed like only a few seconds and I was licking the clear liquid leaking off of the tip of his cock. I stroked his cock as I sucked Sex hikayeleri his throbbing enlarged cock head.

As I stroked his cock and sucked on his cock head I listened to him moan then he reached down and grabbed the base of his cock and he put his other hand behind my head and he pointed his cock into my mouth and held my head still. His cock was in my mouth a few inches and I was trying to pull my head away from him and then it happened.

A sudden burst of semen shot into my mouth. The liquid sprayed a hot nasty tasting load down my throat and then more shot into my mouth. At that second that the load shot in my mouth he pulled my face down almost flat against his groin. I gagged as his sperm shot into my throat and his cock seemed to go into a spasm as more of his semen shot in my mouth.

Lou told me to swallow fast and not let any go to waste and I tried to do what he said.

It tasted horrible as the liquid landed on my tongue.

shot a load of sperm onto my legs.

Joe was next and I jacked him off as well.

Nick wanted more. I worked his cock for a few minutes then he told me to kiss it. I sat back and told him no way. He told me it was OK and that they did it to each other all the time. I held it and opened my mouth and licked the tip. It wasn’s so bad I thought.

I ended up sucking his cock until he shot a nasty load of sperm into my throat. Just as he was about to come he grab my head and pulled me against himself and his cock slid deep in my throat. His cock then spewed his hot nasty foul sperm down my throat. As I gagged they laughed.

That was the first time I sucked a cock and it was the changing time in my life.

I then became their sex slave after school from then on.

At home my life changed after I was with the guys after school. I seemed to begin to get excited as my sisters did watching boys. In the afternoons we would clean the house doing laundry and general house hold chores in the afternoons and then after diiner we’d study and do our homework. I watched my sisters as they walked and held their hands and even how their hips rocked as they walked. It took me time to practice but I became like them.

My body changed and my breats grew. My nipples became enlarged and different as I thought they were a few years back. Larger around bigger sort of rather than like a small. I thought I remembered my nipples were the size of a dime and then they were the size of a nickel then a quarter. My privates grew and I got excited like other guys but I felt different. I was thinking different and I was becoming a female mentally. My boobs were growing and my nipples were larger yet I was still a male. My sex organs were like a guys and not like my sisters.

They kept teasing me as I tried on their clothes and they would watch me as I looked at myself in the mirror. I loved the dresses, skirts, slips and hose. My sisters put makeup on my face and they taught me how and what to use. As time went on I became a women. We watch TV together in our nightgowns and eat popcorn and candy if mom would let us. Hugging and crying together it was a wonderful childhood. Mom punished us all the same and we were very close.

During high school after I had been with those three guys a couple times I got so that I was looking forward to it. They brought me candy and clothing and it was a few weeks after our first get together that I accepted what we did. They were real mean to me the first time but they explained to me that it was how I was that made it all happen

They had seen that I looked at them here and there and that I walked different. I walked like a girl and acted different. Nick told me that he watched me one day pick up my bag of clothes and he knew right then and there I was feminine. He told his buddies Lou and Joe and they watched me all the time.

I always used a stall to pee and I never thought about it but I was sat down. I didn’t wipe myself but I did sit down. It is how we all did it at home and I never gave it much thought. To me it was the way I did it and I wondered why we had an option.

One day after school I was to meet the guys and at the last class Nick told me that they wanted me to come to Joe’s house Saturday and not this afternoon. They told me to ask my mom if I could go to the lake with my friends and then go to Joe’s instead. They told me that his parents were going out of town for the weekend and that we all could be together and swim in the pool at his house.

I told him I would try and get out of the house for the afternoon and maybe till late Saturday night. I was seventeen and my mom agreed. The only way I got her to agree was that Nick’s older brother talked to my mom and she told him as long as he was going to be there then it would be alright.

Nick’s older brother came by our house at noon and he came to the door and talked to my mom. I had a swim suit packed and shorts with some lotion. He chatted with my mom as I came down to the door. She told me to have fun and he and I got in his car. Thirty minutes later he dropped me off at Joe’s house and drove off. I walked to Joe’s front door and knocked and Joe opened the door. Once inside he locked the door and I followed him into the family room.

Nick and Lou were sitting on the couch drinking beer. Music was on and it was nice. I sat on a chair near them and Joe handed me a beer. It didn’t taste very good but they were drinking so I did as well. Nick asked me to change and let them see my outfit.

I told them that I didn’t have much other than my underwear on and they said that was fine. Nick asked me to follow him and he and I went down the hallway. Seconds later we were in a back room and he opened a drawer and tossed a skirt and wig on the bed. Try it on baby he said to me and I said OK.

It seemed right as I stood up and let my shorts slid down my legs. I stepped out of them and checked the top of my panties and made sure they were in place. He handed me a small bra and I wrapped it around my stomach then snapped the hooks and slid it around my stomach and up my chest. My small boobs were now supported in my pretty bra. My nipples were pointy as he told me to go ahead and change then come back in the den.

I took my time and put on the panty hose, slip, skirt and a blouse. I slipped on flats and sat in front of the mirror on a small little stool. The hair color on the wig was brunette and I now had Sikiş hikayeleri fairly long hair. I felt so good as I stood up and looked at myself in the mirror. My bottom was round and my cheeks pushed the material on my skirt perfectly.

My long skinny legs ran up under the edge of my skirt and I looked sexy. I put on some makeup and fixed my eyes. A little perfume and I stood up and looked at myself one more time and I thought I looked great.

I opened the bedoom door and walked down the hallway towards the den. I let my hand hang down along my sides and as I walked around the corner a quick check of my outfit as I slid my hands around my bottom and arms length across my front. A quick check of my blouse and touched my hair and I was ready.

I wanted the guys to really like how I looked. I was excited and wanted them to want me to sit next to them.

Nick and Joe were sitting next to one another on the couch and Lou was bent over looking at the stereo when I walked out in front of them. They looked at me and all of them smiled with big grins. They leaned back and told me that I looked great.

Exactly what I wanted to hear.

It was music to my ears. I sat down between Nick and Joe. Lou brought me a cold beer and we watched some TV. The first beer I drank went right through me and half way done with this one and I had to go to the bathroom again. I stood up and went passed Lou and down the hallway to the bathroom. Sitting down fast I had to go bad. Finished I stood up fixed my skirt and went back to the guys.

Lou and Nick were smoking a joint when I returned and they handed it to me. I took a couple puffs and handed it back to Joe. He took one puff and handed back to me. I was so stoned that I din’t want anymore and handed it back to Nick. He told me to enjoy it and finish it.

I took a few more puffs and my head began to spin and I put it in the ashtray. My head spun as I leaned back I thought I was going to pass out. As I leaned back on the couch Nick stood up and then he turned to me and reach to me. He stuck his hand out to me and I grabbed his hand. He pulled me gently until I was standing up facing him.

Nick stepped close to me and he and hugged. I rested my head on his shoulder and then he kissed my neck. It felt so good as he kissed my neck and his hot breath on me. He slid his hands down my sides and he cupped my round bottom in his hands. He rolled his hands across my cheeks and I leaned back a little and we began to French kiss.

He and I kissed patiently……. a long exciting deep kiss. All the time we kissed his hands fondled my bottom. I was so aroused that I wanted to hug him more and more. His hands felt great on my body. I hadn’t been touched like this by anyone ever before and I wanted him. I slid my hands down his body to his butt and felt him for a moment. As I felt his butt he pushed his hips against me I got so excited.

He asked me softly if I was ready and I told him yes. I was ready for anything he wanted. I melted in his arms. Nick took my hand and he led me down the hallway to a bedroom. He turned me around and I sat on the edge of the bed. He suggested I lay down and I knocked my flats off and pulled myself to the center of the bed. Nick leaned against a desk and took his shoes off. He then pulled his shirt off and I watched him open his jeans. He grabbed the top of his jeans and pulled them down to his ankles.

The next minute he stepped out of his jeans and his underwear and he was standing in front of me naked. His chest was muscular and his cock was sticking straight out. He walked up to the edge of the bed looking at me and he leaned to the night stand and opened the drawer and pulled out a large tube.

Nick laid down on the bed next to me and he and I began to kiss again. I stroked his cock as he and I kissed. He opened my blouse and pulled my bra down some. I wanted him to suck my nipples so I sat up and he pulled my blouse off me. He unhooked my bra and took it off me. I laid back down and he began to kiss and suck on my small boobs. His mouth felt wonderful on my boobs and then he pinched my nipples between his lips.

I loved it and I slid one of my hands under his balls and flicked my finger tip over the head of his cock. It took him a few minutes to pull my skirt off me and he tugged my panties and hose below my bottom. He kissed my bottom then he pulled me and I rolled over onto my side. I curled up and licked his balls for a minute then began to kiss his erect cock. Nick played with my bottom as I began to suck the head of his cock.

He fiddled with the tube and then I felt his hand slid on my bottom and between my cheeks. Nick’s hand slid between my cheeks easily and I felt the coolness of a slippery liquid on my bottom.He rolled me over onto my stomach and he poured the liquid on my bottom and between my cheeks. I knew what was about to happen and I got a little scared.

Nick slid his finger in my bottom a little and it hurt some. I began to suck his cock better thinking I may be able to avoid what was about to happen if I could get him to reach an orgasm. The next few minutes we were both on much different plans. I wanted him to come in my mouth and he wanted to come in my bottom.

At this moment we both knew what we both wanted to happen. Nick grabbed the bottle and he pushed me away from him. He told me to roll onto my side and face away from him. I didn’t do anything right away but then I saw him pour the liquid on his hand and he began to stroke his cock with his wet hand. He had won and I watched him stroke his cock and it became all shiny as he coated his cock with the liquid.

I rolled over away from him and he grabbed my hips and pulled me back. I wondered how the three guys determined who would be with me first as I felt him pushing his wet slippery cock between my cheeks. Nick moved closer to me and he once again began to kiss my neck. He reached over me and fondled my boobs as he tried to align the head of his cock to my wet slippery tight hole. I reacted by sticking my bottom out towards him and lifted my leg up and moved my hand between my legs.

I held his slippery cock then I pulled it up between my cheeks until I had it directly against my hole. This what he wanted more than I could have ever imagined I think. Nick was going to enter my bottom and then if all worked out as he had hoped do me for as long as he could and then reach an orgasm and climax in my bottom. He wanted Erotik hikaye to squirt his ten billion sperm cells as deep in my bottom as he could.

Nick pushed firmly against me with the head of his cock between me and him. I kept my bottom squeezed tight as he pushed harder. He pushed his head back and held onto my hips and made a seriuos effort to mash us together. I relaxed my bottom as the head of his cock began to hurt my bottom. He felt what I had done and he once again pushed against me and pulled me back real hard. The tip of his cock entered my bottom and I cried out in pain as it slipped into me.

I quickly moved my hand between us to protect my bottom from his cock and at that second he knocked my hand away and his cock slid deep into me. It hurt so bad as his cock opened me wide. He stopped and help still for a minute then as I barely got used to the feeling he rolled me over and he crawled onto my back.

I swung my legs closed and he stuffed his cock deep in my bottom. I begged him to not move for a minute and his cock slid deeper into me. He laid still still pushing a little. We didn’t move for ten minutes then He fucked me deep, firm and hard. He no longer cared about the kissing and the fondling all he cared about was jamming his cock in me as deep as he could each and every second he was in me.

Regardless of my screaming and pleading I got fucked hard and deep. Each time I screamed he swatted my bottom and then fucked me harder. I gave up and relaxed and submitted my bottom to his cock. I had thought the oral sex I had with him would lessen the time he could stay erect without reaching an orgasm but it didn’t matter.

Nick did me in his mind as good as he could. He did my bottom like he thought I wanted. He jsut kept pumping his thick slippery cock in and out of me and he used my bottom instead of his hand to masturbate. It took him a long time to reach an orgasm but he finally did. He kept telling me that I had a great sweet butt as he added more lubricant to the shaft of his cock.

He jerked a few times then psuhed so hard I thought I was going to split in half. Nick held still buried in me then I felt the surge of semen shooting out of his cock into my bottom. I had lost my virginity by Nick and as his cock spewed in me he continued to pump his cock in and out of me using his sperm as a lubricant.

He was done and he figured his balls had emptied what he had in me. Nick rolled off me and told me that I had a sweet ass pussy and that I was great in bed.

He kissed me and rolled off the bed. I cried as he left the room. My bottom hurt so bad as his semen melted inside me.

I cried and as I sat up to go to the bathroom his semen began to leak out of me as I sat on the bed.

I cried some more.

Joe came in the bedroom and he brought me a beer. I saw that I was had cried and he sat on the edge of the bed. I took the beer from him and told him about what Nick and I had done. He told me that I would be alright and he told me to go pee if I needed to. I got up and stuffed a pillow case between my cheeks and waddled to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and my bottom let lots of slippery mess out. I wiped myself and cleaned up and pulled my panties and hose up and went back to the bedroom.

I returned to the bedroom and was going to tell Joe how Nick and I had done it and when I opened the door i saw that Joe was naked and he was stroking his cock with the lubricant. I stood next to the bed and drank the beer he had brought me and once it was gone he held my hips and turned me away from him. I fel this hands between my cheeks and he added lubricant to my crack and I bent over and he squeezed some of the liquid inside my bottom.

He leaned back and he was holding his erect cock straight up so I bent down and he held onto my hips and guided me down. I held his cock to my hole and sat down slowly on it. It took me a minute or two and I was sitting flat on his lap and his cock was deep inside my bottom.
I put my feet on the ground between his legs and he told me that I was just a piece of ass to them and for me not to read too much into the day.

I understood and told him that I wanted more and he laughed.

He said so baby lets fuck.

I said ok and he leaned back and took me with him. He raised my legs in the air and lifted up and fucked me. He complained that his legs were hurting so he put my feet back on the floor and I lifted up and down and fucked him till my legs were sore. I stood up and we changed places.

I sat down and leaned back and Joe knelt down and he lifted my legs back and he slid his fat thick hard cock in my bottom. Joe told me to relax and enjoy it. Joe fucked me slow and deep for the longest time. He had lubricanted my bottom almost too much and because of that my hole was so loose and slippery that there wasn’t enough friction to make him come. He wore me out over the next thirty minutes.

I tried to jack off as he fucked me but I wasn’t able to.

Joe fucked me and finally reached an orgasm and came in my bottom. He didn’t move as he told me his was squeezing trying to get all his semen in me.

Joe kissed me and left the room.

Lou was with me in a few minutes. He wanted me on my stomach and once I rolled over he pulled my panties and hose down around my ankles and he tied my clothes around me. My legs were squeezed together and he poured the lubricant all over my bottom. he mounted me and stuffed his cock in me and fucked me deep and hard every single thrust.

Lou lasted about thirty minutes and he spewed his load in me as well.

Lou was leaving the room and I got ready roll over and he jumped on me and started spanking me. He beat my bottom for five minutes and then he grabbed my bra and tied it around my wrists and then tied my hands to the head board.

I told him I had to pee and he said pee if you want to bitch.

I held it and he left the room..

Ten minutes later Nick was back and he fucked me again. This time he lasted a long time and came in me.

My bottom was so wet and slippery from the guys it wasn’t funny. I relaxed after Nick left the room. He had untied my wrists but left my legs together. I rolled over onto my back and sat up to loosen my ankles and as I sat up my loose bottom opened up. I tried to hold it but I wasn’t able too. I gave up removing my hose from around my ankles and I just laid back and as I tried to hold my bottom closed I have up and then relaxed so much that I passed out.

Each of the guys fucked me two more times and I wasn’t able to go pee so I peed in the bed. My bottom was full of come and each guy just added more in me.

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