Part XX: The Midnight Hour


Part XX: The Midnight Hour

I heard a strange beep, waking me up. I sat up in bed, it was pitch black. I reached to my left for the lamp, turning the knob, but it didn’t turn on. Damn, power is out. It took me a few seconds to realize that if the campus has no power, no school. I laid my head back down, staring at the ceiling that I couldn’t see. After a few moments I knew I wasn’t going to sleep again easily, and I couldn’t tell what time it was. I rolled over onto my right side, Holly was sleeping face down, with her head turned to her right, facing me. I gently caressed her right arm as she slept. She moved a little bit. “Holly” I barely whispered. “Hmmm” Holly sighed. “The power is out” I whispered. “What time is it?” she whispered back. “No clock” I said a little louder. “Hmmm” she sighed again, reaching her right arm from her side to my back, pulling me to her. She moved so that she was laying on her left side, facing me. I leaned forward into the darkness, kissing her forehead. I laid back on my back, with Holly on her side, with her head resting on my shoulder, and her right arm laying across my chest. We both attempted to fall back to sleep, but I was failing, I didn’t know about her. After several minutes of silence and darkness, I whispered “Are you still awake?”. “Hmmm yeah” Holly said disappointedly. Neither of us could return to slumber. We both had early classes tomorrow, which meant that we got to bed earlier than usual last night. “Maybe we won’t have classes tomorrow…today” I said, unsure of what day it actually was. “If we do we could just skip them” Holly said. “Yeah I don’t need to be there, and we could say we slept late cause of the power” I said. We had given up on the whispering at this point, conceding defeat.

Without saying so, we had just agreed to have sex. I slept in the nude, as was usual, and Holly slept in bra and panties. I was still on my back, as Holly rolled her body on top of mine. Our mouths met in the darkness, kissing. Holly had her legs on either side of me, with our chests together. I rubbed her back with my hands, she had her hands in my hair, as we kissed deeply for minutes. “I love you” We both said at the same time, when our kiss ended. Holly sat upright, she grabbed my semi hard cock with her right hand, and with her left hand she pulled her panties to the side, allowing my cock entrance. She put her weight back down, impaling her pussy on my cock, she let out a shiver as it went in. She leaned back down, with her hands on either side of my head, bracing herself. I let her do all the work, as I held her not so bare back in my hands. She slowly at first, then getting faster, rotated her hips grinding her pussy onto my cock. My hands wandered down to her ass, holding her cheeks, and assisting her in the movements of her hips. “Uhhmm Uhhmm” she repeated her moans with the strokes. Her pussy was getting very wet. Holly sat upright, raising her whole body up and down, slowly but not too slowly stroking her pussy on me. My hands now found their way to her tits, still in her bra, I massaged and rubbed them through the fabric, her round firm breasts, that rocked with her movements. Her nipples were very hard, as I felt them through her bra. “Ohhh Hmmm” she sighed and breathed deeply. Breathing very heavily, Holly moved back, sitting on my thighs, pulling off of me. Without any words, she moved around, putting her pussy on my face, and her mouth on my cock. I was still on the bottom, her knees now on either side of my head. In the process of moving she removed her panties, but not her bra. I put my hands on her ass, pulling her down and my head up. I could feel the fabric of her bra against my stomach, and her nipples poking me. I lapped up and down on her slit, then vigorously flicked and prodded my tongue around her hot wet pussy. Holly had my cock in her mouth, moving up and down quickly with her neck, her tits hit my stomach on every stroke, and her ass was moving back and forth with her body. I took her clit in my mouth, sucking on it and flicking it around with my tongue, as I started massaging her ass with my hands. Holly was deepthroating my cock, saliva dripping onto my balls and between my thighs. I took one hand off her ass, and brought it to her wet slit, using two fingers to fuck her, as I continued to use my tongue and mouth on her clit. Her hot juices were dripping down my face, and she smelled like heaven. I started to tongue fuck her along with my two fingers, as she continued her fast deepthroat of my cock. “I am close” I said, warning her. At that she sat straight up, with my face in her crotch. I went back to work with my tongue sucking her clit, and quickening the thrusts of my fingers. Holly’s breathing rapidly increased. She arched her back, and her juices poured out of her as she came, “Yes Yes ooohhhhh mmmm” she said and breathed. Holly recovered from her orgasm nearly falling over, as she laid back down next to me. She laid there breathing heavy for a few moments. “Let’s go wake up Steph” holly said. “Good Idea” I said, nearly leaping to my feet, Holly behind me.

Holly held my right hand, as she walked behind me, creeping to the door in the darkness. There was some light in the living room, from the streetlights outside, just enough to see the silhouette of the furniture. We had a flashlight somewhere…It’s always good to be prepared, but not being able to find it in the dark would be a slight issue on that. We stopped in the living room, Holly took off her bra finally, tossing it back towards our bedroom. Then we walked, this time she led the way, to Steph’s room. We couldn’t see anything, so Holly went into the kitchen and was somehow able to find some candles and a lighter. Walking into Steph’s room Holly found the dresser on the opposite side of Steph’s room from her bed, and set two candles on it, then lit them. The room lit up in amber, it was very dark, but compared to earlier it seemed easy to see what was going on. We looked now to the bed, which was decidedly more crowded than we anticipated. Sandy and Stephanie were both in bed, the covers laying halfway off the bed, Sandy’s brown hair, and Stephanie’s blonde hair mixing together. Their bodies wrapped around each other in an embrace of their slumber. It was clear that neither of them had bra’s on, we couldn’t see below their waists however. They had probably taken their bra’s off during the night, because they were both laying next to the bed, Stephanie’s small and Sandy’s enormous both their. “So what’s the plan?” I whispered to Holly. She grabbed my hand and took me right next to the bed. Then Holly dropped to her knees and resumed blowing me. She went right back where she left off, deepthroating my juiced up cock. The sounds of sucking filled the room. It was not long before I was ready to blast. “Okay” I said. Holly stood up, keeping my cock in one hand. She stood next to me, and turned us both towards the two girls sleeping. Holly started to stroke my wet cock with her hand, while aiming me at their faces. I shot my load onto the intertwined bodies and faces in front of me. Splattering the sleeping faces with shot after shot of thick jizz. As soon as I finished, I heard a voice “What the…” It was Stephanie. “Surprise” Holly said, giggling. “What are guys doing?” Sandy asked. “The power is out” I said. “Okay… what does that have to do with you jerking off on my face?” Sandy asked. “Ummmm” I said, “Holly?”. “We were going to wake you guys up, and what better way?” She said, still with a twinge of laughter in her voice. Sandy and Stephanie shared a kiss, cum included, as they repositioned their bodies to try to return to sleep. “Uhhh….go back to bed” Stephanie said, these two had stayed up later than us.

Holly and I walked back to our room, having a good laugh. “What gave you that idea?” I asked Holly. “I don’t know, I just wanted to do it…” Holly said. “I don’t think I’ll be able to go back to sleep.” I said. “Then let’s just stay up” Holly said. “I’ll go find a flashlight” I said. Holly walked back into the dark bedroom, with candles and lighter in hand, I watched her walk away in the low light, as her nice round ass moved back and forth as she walked, her long straight brown hair gently rocking with her stride. I went into the kitchen trying to find the flashlight. After opening and feeling my way through a few cabinets I found the flashlight, switching it on, and was able to see. I walked into the bedroom. Holly had lit candles on the dresser and table, giving the room a glow. Holly was sitting on the edge of the bed. I walked to the dresser. Using the flashlight I found the little pink toy in the top drawer. I walked back to the bed, and Holly saw the toy in the glow. “Ohh you have something in mind?” Holly asked.

I got on my knees in front of her, as she was on the edge of the bed. I switched on the little pink vibrator, and it hummed its tune. I laid the length of the vibrator on Holly’s lips, her legs shook slightly at the sensation. I slowly moved it up and down over the length of her slit. “Mmmmm” Holly moaned. Her wet pussy was glistening in the dim light. I pushed the toy in and out of her pussy very shallow and slowly. I kept this up and used my fingers to massage her clit at the same time. Holly reacted almost immediately, increasing her breathing. I started to fuck her with the toy, deep and fast with the vibrator. I would alternate a few fast strokes and slow strokes, whilst I continued to massage her clit. I pushed the vibrator in all the way, just holding it inside her. Then I moved down to lick and suck on her clit, with the vibrator still inside her, stationary. Holly’s legs clamped down on the sides of my head, as I continued to play with her clit. I could feel her whole body shaking. Through her thighs I could barely hear her screams. Her pussy was dripping and convulsing, the vibrator still on, my tongue still on her clit. She was moving around like she was possessed, throwing her arms around, and trying to control her legs. Her thighs Sex hikayeleri relaxed their grip on my head. I pulled the vibrator out of her, and sat back on the floor. “One down, how many to go?” I asked her, seductively. Through panting she managed “That’s two”. “Oh right” I said, having forgotten the one from only a few minutes ago, obviously her body had not forgotten.

I walked back to the dresser and found the strap on dildo and the anal lube. Walking back to the bed with it in my hand. “You know this thing is probably famous now” I said. “What do you want me to fuck your ass?” Holly asked me. “No, quite the contrary actually” I said. In the amber glow I saw her puzzled look. I put one hand on her shoulder, and gave her a gentle push, she went along with my physical request. She was laying on her back, her pussy right on the edge of the bed. She raised her legs straight up in the air. I stepped up and she lowered her legs onto my shoulders. Legs resting on my shoulders in the air, and her pussy and ass in front of me, “What are you going to do?” She asked me still figuring it out. The strapon was like a pair of panties with a cock sticking out, I put my legs through the holes, and pulled it up past my knees. I brought the strapon as far up as I could, until I had another cock just a few inches below the real thing. The dildo was six inches long, and very thick at the base, but it narrowed off quickly, with little bumps and veins on it, and a slightly larger head than shaft. I grabbed the anal lube off of the bed where I had set it. Squirting lube onto the fake cock, and rubbing it in with my hand. Holly was laying on her back and couldn’t see any of this. She knew I was moving around and doing something, something that included anal lube. “What are you doing?” She asked me, still trying to figure it out “It’s not some science experiment is it?” she said sarcastically. “Kind of” I said, I hadn’t done this before, I would call this the experimental stage.

I put my cock at the wet opening of her pussy with one hand, and with the other I placed the dildo at her ass. “Oooohhhh” Holly said, realizing what was about to happen. “Where do you come up with this stuff?” Holly asked me. “I could ask you the same thing about what happened a few minutes ago.” I replied. Holly’s hands were on her tits, massaging her nipples. I slowly pushed into her, my cock was just inside her pussy, when the thrusting became enough to drive the dildo into her ass. I hugged my arms around her legs, pulling them towards me as I slowly thrusted two cocks in and out of her. I kept the gentle pace, being careful because of the dildo in her ass. Then I realized that the dildo was actually smaller than my cock when it came to thickness until about four inches down the line. It clicked in my head that this wouldn’t be as hard on her ass as my cock, so I could fuck her harder. Amazing how the male brain works isn’t it. I thrusted faster and faster. Her pussy was dripping wet. “Ohhhhhh, this is amazing” Holly said through her panting. I could feel her legs tensing up in my arms. My thrusts continued until my hips were slapping into her, the dildo was going in to about the three inch mark. The thrusting of my hips didn’t thrust my thighs nearly as much, so my cock was going almost all the way in and out in a stroke, while the dildo was going from almost popping out to three inches inside her ass. “Oh oh oh oh, fuck my ass” her quick high pitched moans matched my thrusts. I felt her pussy squeezing my cock. “YESSS YESS YESS” she repeated her screams of pleasure. I held her legs as tight as I could, and fucked her as hard as I could as she came. Her pussy was trying to choke my cock, but it was failing. Her heavy breathing and screaming were clearly exhausting her. Her screams continued longer and longer. I could feel her legs involuntarily fighting to free themselves, as her arms were flailing about uncontrollably. I just kept fucking her. Her pussy again convulsed on my cock. “Oh oh oh oh” she screamed at a high pitch, sounding almost like a chipmunk. I thrusted too far out and the dildo came out, making a popping noise. I stopped, stepping back from her. I pushed the dildo down and the strapon fell to the floor. Holly’s feet, seemingly out of her control, fell to the floor. I grabbed the pink toy, and walked back to her. Holly just laid on her back breathing heavily, staring up at the ceiling, her chest heaving up and down violently. Her whole body glistened from sweat and other juices.

“How many is that now?” I asked her. “I lost track” Holly said, still staring at the ceiling. “Well let’s make it go even higher” I said. I went to the other side of the bed, and laid down next to Holly. She was still laying halfway off the side. “Come on, get up here” I said. Holly struggled as she sat up and turned, knowing what I had in mind, she moved into a sixty nine. She was on top, what she didn’t know was that I had the pink vibrator. Holly sat on my face, and dropped her head down on my cock, blowing me, I turned on the vibrator, and pushed it slowly into her ass. She was still lubed from the other cock, and the vibrator was smaller. I held the vibrator in one hand stroking it in and out of her ass, as I lapped up and down quickly on her lips. Holly had gone straight to deepthroating my cock, in a sloppy noisy blowjob. “Mmmmm” I moaned into her pussy. It did not take long at all before I could feel the tension in her body. The combination of vibrator in her ass and the tongue on her hot wet already excited slit was getting the job done rapidly. As I could sense her close to coming again, whilst I continued the vibrator fucking her ass, I started to finger fuck her with three fingers, and lapped and flicked my tongue on her clit. The new combination brought her over the edge almost instantly. Her pussy squeezed my fingers tightly, and she chirped orgasmic noises on my cock. I continued to eat her pussy, pulling back to just two gently thrusting fingers, and pulling the vibrator out of her ass. Holly continued to deepthroat my cock. She sped up her pace past what I thought was possible. Her head was bobbing up and down very quickly, and I came, but didn’t bother to tell her. My mouth was too busy eating her pussy to be bothered. Holly took my jizz down her throat without slowing down. She continued to suck my cock for a few moments, until I was soft again, and I slowed down eating her pussy, until finally we both stopped. Holly turned around and laid down next to me. We were both breathing quite heavily. We both stared at the dark ceiling, exhausted. “Holy fuck” Holly breathed. “No, I’m not god” I said sarcastically. “Im not so sure” Holly said through a deep breath, still fighting for air. I looked over at her, in the amber glow of the room. I stared at her for a while, as she was still recovering. “Want to go again?” I said softly. Holly looked over at me like I was crazy. “Hey I am omnipotent right” I said, poking fun at her previous comment. We slipped back to sleep.

I woke up, the apartment was lit up in the sunlight. Holly was still asleep next to me. Her back facing me, her soft skin was beautiful, her round soft ass, her chest rising and falling slowly with her breathing. The covers were more than halfway off the bed, exposing her almost completely. I leaned down to her crotch as she laid on her left side towards me. Watching her face, I slowly lowered my face to her pussy. I gave her slit a slow gentle lick. She didn’t wake up, so I did it a few more times, a little faster. “mmmmm” Holly moaned in her sleep. A big smile crept onto her face, and she moved her head back as if relaxing. I didn’t want to wake her, so I stood up, careful not to disturb the bed, walking into the living room.

I didn’t think anything of the fact that I was naked, it really didn’t even occur to me. Sandy and Stephanie were sitting next to each other on the couch, clothed. “So no school?” I asked them. “Nope” Steph said “a little jizz splattering but no school”. “That was all Holly” I said, sitting on the other couch. “Do we know why the power went out?” I asked. “I talked to Gretchen she said no power on campus and no one knows why” Steph said. “Who’s Gretchen?” I asked. “She lived next door to us last year” Steph said. “How come I never met her?” I asked. “She has seen you at work, in the hallway if you remember that” Stephanie said. “Oh..Another one of those jizz splattering incidents” I realized. “Did you guys just sleep like that?” I asked. “Tried to sleep, but miss ‘scream a lot’ over there kept us up” Sandy said, gesturing toward my bedroom. “She was kind of loud” I said. “Kind of?” Steph said, “I thought you two had just invented a new chapter for that Kama Sutra”. I chuckled at that “Well…maybe” I said. “We couldn’t sleep so we showered and fucked” Steph said. “Hmmm, we didn’t hear you” I said. “Well we certainly heard you” Steph said. “So do I get to meet this Gretchen” I asked Steph. “She said she would come over after she took a shower” Steph said. Holly walked into the living room, she was naked too. “No power still?” Holly asked. “Yep” Steph said. “So what’s on the agenda for today?” Holly asked. “No school but I think you two need to let us in on whatever you discovered last night.” Steph said. “What do you mean?” Holly asked, sitting on the couch with me. “Well your screaming is what I mean” Steph said. Holly smiled wide. “What?” Steph asked. “Oh nothing” Holly said. “What?” Steph persisted. Holly gave no reply. “How many times?” Steph asked. “How many times what?” Holly asked. “Oh don’t play dumb” Sandy said. “What are you smiling at?” Steph asked, referring to me. “Nothing” I said. “Seems to be boosting your ego” Steph said. I looked down at my limp cock, “Nope it doesn’t seem to be boosted at all”. “Something like six” Holly said. “Your lying” Steph said. My smile got bigger, I put my hand on Holly’s thigh and rubbed my hand up and down, while maintaining an even stare at Stephanie. Both girls jaws dropped. “Six?” Sikiş hikayeleri Sandy said. “Six?!??!” Stephanie said even louder. “I got that beat” Steph said, standing. Steph, holding Sandy’s hand, walked into their room, leaving the door open. “I think they’re trying to show us up” I said. “Let ‘em try” Holly said bluntly.

Sure enough, in just a few minutes we heard screams from the next room. “You want to try that move again?” Holly asked me. “What the Two Headed Dragon Slayer?” I said. Holly laughed “You named it already?”. “Well Steph said she thought we invented a new chapter for the Kama Sutra, so I‘ve been running through a few titles.” I said. More screams from the next room. My cock started to come to attention from the subject matter and the sounds of the next room, not to mention the naked body next to me. “You too?” Holly said. I looked down and saw her pussy glistening. I looked back up and her eyes stared into mine. Holly moved over, facing me, with her legs on either side of me, she pushed her pussy down on my cock. Her round beautiful ass resting on my thighs. My cock wasn’t fully at attention. Holly sat still for a minute. I played with her lovely round soft tits, eliciting a giggle when I pinched her nipples. Once my cock was hard inside of her hot wet slit, Holly started to rock back and forth on me. Her hips grinding down. Holly started to lift and lower herself, slapping ass and thighs together at the bottom of her stroke. Her tits giggled with her motion. Screams of ‘Yes’ came from the next room. “Want to show them up?” Holly asked me. “I’m game” I said. Holly went into hyperfuck, that’s the best I can describe it, her body rising and falling very rapidly, bodies slapping together almost painfully. Her tits were trying to escape from her body, swinging wildly. It wasn’t long before Holly’s screams made the screams from the other room disappear from my hearing. “Oh Yes AHHH Yes FUCK” Holly exploded in more way than one. Her body seemed to lose all strength. Holly slowed down to a slow stroke once her orgasm hit her, her knees weakened and her body wouldn’t obey any commands. She collapsed on top of me. Her pussy just throbbing on my still hard cock. Holly didn’t try to move, resting on me, and around me. We stayed like this for several minutes. No moving, but my cock stayed at attention.

Naked Sandy and Stephanie walked into the living room. We still hadn’t moved. This meant that Holly was facing away from the other two. “No wonder you guys never put clothes on, they wouldn’t stay on very long” Sandy said. “Hey you two are naked too” I said. “So how was your luck in ‘showing us up’” Holly said, facing the other way. “Hit a wall at three” Stephanie said, as the two girls sat back down on the couch. Just then there was a knock at the door. “Glad at least one of us is wearing clothes” I said, sarcastically. Steph walked to the door, looked through the peephole, and then opened the door. In walks Gretchen, quite surprised. “Do you guys just sit around naked all day?” Gretchen asked the lot of us. “No, we do more than just sit around” I said. “I can see that” Gretchen said, seeing that Holly was still on top of me. Gretchen had shoulder length curly red hair, and she had good sized tits, c cup or bigger. She was tall, around five ten I would guess, and not overly skinny, she had nice curves. “I don’t believe we’ve properly met” I said. Stephanie did the honors “Gretchen, John, John Gretchen”. “You call this proper?” Gretchen asked me, as I was still inside Holly. “Well it’s probably more proper than the first time you saw me” I said. “A little jizz splattering never hurt anyone” Holly said. “Yeah” Steph said sarcastically. Gretchen, in her short jean shorts and tight white t-shirt, sat down in the recliner across from me. “I’d ask what you guys were up to, but I think it’s fairly obvious.” Gretchen said. “Actually, these two were trying to show up the two of us” I said. “Show you up?” Gretchen asked. “Orgasmically” Holly said. Gretchen gave Sandy and Stephanie a strange look. “They kept us up all last night, screaming and shit” Stephanie said. “So you two have sex in front of them this morning as a way of getting back at them” Gretchen said. “Not exactly, but your catching on” Steph said. “You all are a little too comfortable with sex” Gretchen said. “Why do you say that?” I said, sounding seriously, but the meaning was anything but. “Hmmm, I wonder” Gretchen said. “Okay, who here gives the best blowjob?” Gretchen asked. “Oh that’s easy, Holly” I said. Holly nodded agreement. “No way, your just saying that because she’s your girlfriend” Gretchen said. “Want to bet?” Holly said. “Okay, what’s the bet?” Gretchen said. “The loser has to be the winner’s sex slave for one day” Holly said, she was getting into a bargaining mood, and so she got up off my cock, and sat down on the couch to talk face to face with Gretchen. “Okay, but we need an objective party, not your boyfriend. “How about all four of you get in on this” I said. “The loser is the winner’s slave for a day.” I said. “Okay but we need another guy” Gretchen said. “I got that covered” Steph said.


“mmmmm” I sleepily moaned as I woke up, with a mouth on my cock. It was dark in the bedroom, power must still be out I thought. I could feel a warm wet mouth on my cock, her head was beneath the covers. “mmmm baby” I moaned. I reached my arms out to each side, and my right arm ran into a body. I was kind of startled. In the darkness I felt the breasts belonging to the girl beside me, and decided that they definitely belonged to Holly. Holly was giggling, I wondered at which thing that was happening. I was getting a fucking wet blowjob and I didn’t know who it was. Then the events of the previous day came streaming back to me.


“It’s just like musical chairs” I said “with slightly more sex,… among other things”. Stephanie had called two of her guy ‘friends’, Gary and Zach. They were both about five ten, Gary was a bit taller. Gary had blonde short hair, Zach had brown hair, almost all the way shaved off. “Sounds good to me” Gary said. “I’m up for it” Zach said. “Okay, you girls got it?” I asked them: Holly, Stephanie, Sandy, and Gretchen. The only people that weren’t naked were Gary and Zach. Gretchen had pale white skin, and very pink nipples, not the usual darker red, and her pussy was completely unshaven, bushy. “I think we understand” Stephanie said. “Let’s do it” I said. Gary and Zach started undressing, until all three guys were standing in a row with the girls sitting in the couch across from us. The other guys had pretty average dicks, as do I, both were around six inches long. I set the timer, “Okay go” I said. Gary was on the far left, then Zach in the middle and I was on the right. Holly went first, so she was on Gary, Sandy had Zach, and Gretchen had me. The girls all walked over and at my signal started the cocksucking. Gretchen started by stroking my cock and licking the length of my shaft, then she sucked on my head, flicking her tongue all around. Gretchen’s large tits were swaying about as she bobbed her head on my cock. The timer went off after one minute. “Okay stop” I said. All three girls stopped, and moved the left, their right. Holly was on the end so she went back to the couch, and Steph subbed in front of me. Gretchen was now on Zach, and Sandy on Gary. After the timer went another minute, “Okay start” I said. Stephanie, quite a good cocksucker, went to work on my wet cock. Stephanie couldn’t quite deepthroat, but close. She used her hand in conjunction with her mouth to make me not care that she didn’t put me all the way down. I could hear the sounds of wet blowjobs all around. The timer went off. The girls rotated again, this time Sandy was out, and Holly came in in front of me. After another minute, “Start” I said. Holly jammed my cock straight down her throat, deepthroating me instantly. Holly used sucking her throat and her tongue in conjunction perfectly. Her throaty sucking noises were quite the turn on. In the corner of my eye I saw Zach jerking his body. “Oh looks like someone has a point” I said, Stephanie just took the first load in her mouth. Stephanie stood up and did the ‘raise the roof’ motion with her hands. Zach sat down on the couch, as did Steph at the other couch. We waited a minute then the next round started. Holly was on Gary on the end, and Sandy was in front of me, with her massive tits. Gretchen watched. Sandy’s tits hung and swung off her chest, slapping against her chest. She wasn’t that good at head, but good nonetheless. Then I heard a cheer from Stephanie on the couch. I looked over and saw that Gary had just blown his load in Holly’s throat. So Gary sat down, and I was the last guy left. Gretchen now had her second turn at me. She was determined to get my load in her mouth. Gretchen got on her knees, and popped my cock into her mouth, now with the saliva of all four girls on it. Gretchen bobbed her head, swirled her tongue, and blew me as hard as she could for one minute, but I didn’t come. So we waited one minute, then Sandy got on her knees in front of me. Her massive tits the focus of my attention. Sandy sucked and sucked on me for one minute, but I didn’t come. “Well, they have both sucked me twice, maybe Steph or Holly can get another shot at me?” I said. “I’ll go” Holly said. There were no objections. So after the obligatory minute wait, Holly got on her knees, and shoved my cock down her throat. Her mouth was making love to my cock, licking sucking prodding flicking, she did it all. The wetness and warmth of her touch combining with her sucking got me going. I blew my load right into her throat. My awkward movements at the moment of orgasm told the tale to all. Holly finished swallowing my load, and stood up, a champion. “So we have two losers?” Stephanie asked. “Yeah it looks like both Sandy and Gretchen belong to Holly for a day.” I said.

“So what do we have to do?” Gretchen asked. “Your Holly’s sex slaves for a day” I said. “Starting Erotik hikaye now?” Sandy asked. “Ummm…I guess so.” I said. “So Holly…What do you have in mind?” I said, turning to her.


Holly and I were sitting side by side on the couch, naked. Sandy was on all fours, with her face buried in Holly’s crotch. Gretchen was on all fours with her head bobbing up and down on my cock. Gary was fucking Sandy from behind, and Zach was fucking Gretchen from behind, as they both gave head. I looked over at Holly, this was her idea, making them give us head and take it from behind at the same time. Stephanie was the only one not involved, she was sitting on the reclining chair enjoying the show with her hand in her crotch. Gary and Zach were really fucking them hard to, making their whole bodies shudder with the impact that resulted from their pounding. Holly had her eyes closed, back arched, breathing heavily. I was getting there, Gretchen had my cock deep in her mouth, bobbing up and down. Holly started to orgasm. Her right hand was holding my left hand, and she squeezed very hard once her orgasm hit her. She was releasing high pitched squeals that sounded almost like cries of pain “Oh ah oh”, as Sandy, with her massive swinging tits, ate her out. Holly came back down from her orgasm, making sure Sandy didn’t stop. “Okay guys, now fuck their asses” Holly said, devilishly. Both girls tried to object, but at Holly’s insistence, they couldn’t bring their mouths off of the pussy and cock they were working on. Holly told me to keep my hand on the back of Gretchen’s head to keep her from objecting, as she did the same to Sandy. The guys pulled back, and then at the same time switched holes. The guys resumed fucking, this time in the girls’ nice asses. The girls faces pleaded to Holly to stop the ass fucking, I think Holly enjoyed having slaves. The girls received anal poundings from the guys. “I’m cumming” Zach said, as instructed earlier Gretchen immediately stopped blowing me, turned around, and thrusted her face towards his cock, and stroked it with one hand. Zach blew his load of spunk on her face. Gretchen, without any words, turned back around, and resumed giving me head. I think the sight drove Gary over the edge and he warned Sandy, which caused her to turn around and take his load on her face. “Now both of you blow John” Holly said. Both girls got on their knees in front of me. Sandy to my left, Gretchen to my right. Both girls had their faces smeared with jizz. Sandy took my cock in her hand, and stroked my wet rod, and Gretchen licked the head. Sandy took my cock into her mouth, bobbing her head up and down quickly, her tits slapping against my thigh. Then Gretchen took her turn, taking my cock and sucking and licking me, before relinquishing my cock back to Sandy. Back and forth they swapped my cock. Gretchen was sucking my cock deeply, when I felt that feeling coming. I warned them. I stood up, both girls sat back on their knees, closing their eyes, faces already covered in sperm. I jerked my cock for a few seconds before I came, aiming my cock back and forth between their faces, hitting both of them with my jizz. “What’s with you two and jizz splattering?” Stephanie asked from across the room. “Really” Sandy said, wiping the cum from her face. “What are you doing, you have to lick it off each other” Holly said, forcing Sandy and Gretchen to lick the cum off of each other, then make out. “Your so mean” I said to Holly. “Hey, if it was me and Stephanie we would have done the same thing without needing orders” Holly said. I nodded agreement. I could remember many a time when such things had happened, usually involving Holly and Stephanie, but others as well.


Mouth still on my cock in the darkened room. I felt the body next to me, judging my the breasts, round firm, they belonged to Holly. I moved my hands down to the head bobbing up and down on my cock, the hair was definetly curly, which meant Gretchen. I was still barely awake. I realized that if Gretchen was blowing me in the middle of the night, she was following orders. That also meant that Sandy had to be nearby. I searched the bed around me for another body, but found only Holly. Holly was giggling at me. I think I probably looked quite confused. “I thought you might decide to wake up” Holly said, through her giggling laughter. “I thought this was your doing, but I didn’t think it was your bidding.” I said. “I have the power, why not use it” Holly said, as she sat up and rolled her body on top of mine. Gretchen was still blowing me, Holly laid on me, her ass just above Gretchen’s head, her bare tits on my chest. I brought my arms up around Holly’s bare back, holding her tight. Holly lowered her face to mine, our mouths meeting in the darkness. We kissed for minutes, as I still received head. “Where is your other slave?” I asked her. “I think she went to her bed, she got worn her out earlier” Holly said. “I don’t remember that..?” I said. “You were sleeping…I’ll tell you later” Holly said. We both heard a gasp for air, as Gretchen removed her head from my cock. “Had enough?” Holly said. Gretchen continued to stroke me with her hand. “That’s enough, go sleep in the guest bedroom.” Holly said. “Thank you your highness” Gretchen said in feigned contempt. Holly collapsed back onto me, her head on my chest. I looked over at the clock. It was flashing 12:00, for a second I thought it was midnight, then I realized that the power had just come back on, and the clock wasn’t set. It could have been midnight. Holly laid on my chest, with one hand guiding my rigid wet cock into her pussy. She gently thrusted her hips up and down on my cock. After several minutes of slow sex, Holly slowed to a halt. She stayed not moving. “Holly” I asked to no reply. She had fallen asleep, not saying much for me, but I would later learn why. I drifted back to sleep, joining Holly in our sleepy melting into one.

I awakened, in the sunlit room, Holly was still on top of me, in her slumber. I gently rolled to one side, helping Holly slide off of me, and on to the bed. She let out a low moan. I walked into the bathroom. Sliding the glass shower door, I turned on the hot water of the shower. I stood there, holding my hand in the stream of shooting water, waiting for the temperature to be right. I was still a bit hazy, the water going from cold to hot helping me awake. Once it was hot, I stepped into the shower, sliding the door shut behind me. I stood with my head up, letting the warm water flow over me, as I tried to become fully awake, my eyes still trying to close. I stood with my eyes clothes, hands at my sides. I felt a hand on my chest, opening my eyes and jerking my head down. “Hi stranger” Holly said, naked, her round tits getting somewhat wet from the splashing water off of my chest. Her left hand on my chest, and her right hand on my ass. She moved in, hugging her body against the side of mine, resting her head on my shoulder. The water now flowed over both our bodies. I turned my head, kissing her forehead, as her chin was on my shoulder. “What happened last night?” I asked. “After you were asleep?” Holly asked. “I guess, you said something about I’ll tell you later” I said. “Oh” she said.

“Give me head, both of you” I ordered. Stephanie went into our room, you were sleeping, and she returned with vibrator and strap on. I was on my back, on the floor. Sandy and Gretchen were both laying down, with their faces in my crotch. I didn’t bother to figure out who was doing what. I stared at the ceiling as they took turns sucking on my clit, and licking my pussy. I felt Sandy’s large tits on my thigh. “Here use these” I heard Steph say. I felt the pink vibrator inside of my pussy only seconds later. The cold plastic contrasted the hot mouths, and gave me chills. I could still feel a tongue on my clit, as the pink toy was being thrusted deep inside me. I opened my eyes and struggled to lean my head up to look down. Stephanie had put on the strap on, and was behind Sandy, and she was pounding her hard. I was moaning deeply as the toy and mouths were playing with me. I heard Sandy’s grunts from Stephanie fucking her mercilessly. I reached my hands up and played with my tits, pinching and massaging both nipples. I felt the pink vibrator pull out of my pussy, and then pushed into my ass. It must have been payback for the assfucking they received earlier. “Ya you like that” Stephanie said, deeply, imitating a man’s voice. My pussy was dripping wet, and I felt an orgasm coming on. Two tongues in my pussy, moving all about, and the vibrator in my ass were doing their magic on me. “Fuck YES” I screamed, arching my back and throwing my arms behind me. I didn’t hear anything for a minute, as my orgasm subsided. My legs throbbing and weak. “I didn’t say you could stop” I said. Sandy and Gretchen lowered their faces back into my slit. I could hear Sandy moaning and sighing from the pounding she was taking. The girls took turns sucking on my clit, as the vibrator was thrusted in and out of my ass. The girls brought me to another orgasm, as Sandy had one of her own.

“How didn’t that wake me up?” I asked. “You must have been tired” Holly said. “Wish I would have seen that” I said. My cock was clearly at attention. “Maybe we’ll recreate it for you later” Holly said. Holly dropped to her knees, stroking my cock in her hand as she closed her eyes and kissed the head, whilst stroking the shaft. “Mmmm” I moaned. Holly started to slowly give me head, as I closed my eyes, she quickened her pace. Her hot wet mouth on my cock, hand on my balls. She blew me, as I imagined her getting head from two girls while another girl fucked one of the, The image had eight tits in it, which was a definite plus. The smell of the flowing juices, the sounds of the girls coming, the way they moved, their tits asses legs hair, all so sexy. Before I knew it I was coming down Holly’s throat, she didn’t miss a drop, swallowing it all, then she sucked me for a little while longer, until I was limp again. “We should really do things like this more often” I said. “What in the shower?” Holly asked. “No I mean all this” I said. “Oh” Holly said “I agree”.

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