Opposites Attract – Part 11

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After his brush with S & M, Joe returned to the locker room for a few more shots of whiskey that Craig had left for him. He saw that most of the guys were leaving, having gotten off and ready to rest before the partying began later that night. He decided to go around one more time before heading back to the hotel. The place had really emptied with a few scattered guys still making out and fucking. They weren’t bears so Joe assumed they were local guys.Returning to the glory hole booths, Joe saw a guy who looked like Jay standing at the end. Curious, he went to find out if he was with the bears or a local from San Francisco. When he got closer, he saw it was not Jay. Joe gave him the traditional cruising nod to him as he passed by, and the stranger returned with a nod of his own. He was a very hot man to Joe’s liking, standing about 6’2″ and weighing about 300 pounds with a nice solid, but not muscular, body. Instantly turned on, he walked past him but continued on, hoping he would follow him, which he did not.Undaunted, Joe walked back around to where he was and stood nearby, checking out the impressive protrusion from his towel. He pulled out his dick and started jacking, though not making eye contact, so Joe did the same. After he went into a nearby booth, Joe got into the one next door and watched him jack some more. His dick was about 8 inches and very thick. Knowing Joe was in the booth, he stuck his dick though for him to suck, which he did for a few minutes before he pulling out and whispering through the hole.”Open your door, I’m coming over.” He stood up and came into the booth where Joe was naked, already having taken his jock off in anticipation of being with this magnificent man. Immediately Joe squatted and began to blow him. He was very verbal and obviously enjoyed the head he was receiving. He pulled Joe’s head off his dick and helped him stand up in the small booth, proceeding to work on his nipples while playing with his dick. He got down on and started to suck and lick Joe’s balls, slowly and gently. He would take each one in his mouth and gently work on it, then give the entire sack a good tongue bath. By now Joe had cum enough times to not near an orgasm despite this man’s excellent skills.”Turn around, let me see that ass,” he said, still kneeling. Joe turned around and he right away plunged his tongue in, skillfully eating Joe’s ass, then stood up and pressed his dick up against his wet hole. “Damn I want to fuck you.”Joe imagined that if his fucking skills were half as good as his oral that he was in for a very good time. But again he had to show restraint.”Better not, have to be getting back,” Joe responded. He continued to rub on his ass, his breathing heavy and horny.”C’mon man’ you can’t get a brother worked up like this and not give up some ass.” He took his arms and placed them over Haramidere escort Joe’s head on the wall.”I got a man, I have to get back to,” Joe said. While trying to get out of the situation, he was about ready to give into the man behind him purely out of lust.”Shit, he don’t have to know,” he said as he continued the pressure on Joe’s arms, started to work his dick into his ass. Joe was getting very much aroused by his insistence and his sexual prowess. He stuck his ass out and invited him in.”That’s it. I knew you wanted this big black dick,” he said while licking Joe’s neck and ears fervently. Unable to get his dick in he tried spit but to no avail. The size of his dick and Joe’s tightness made it too uncomfortable for both of them.”Damn, you’re tight,” he said as fingered the tight asshole. Joe felt him getting softer and was disappointed that he wasn’t going to get fucked, but at the same time relieved that he again avoided having to tell Craig. But this man wasn’t about to give up.”Let’s go back to my place,” he said.”I don’t have a lot of time, I really got to be going,” said Joe who turned around, and faced him, their dicks touching each other.He gently kissed Joe, then began licking his lips and eventually probed tongues with each other. Joe’s lust for this man was overwhelming, and his excitement heightened as the stranger reached around and played with his hole.”I got to get in there baby,” he said as he stopped the full kiss.Joe also wanted to get fucked and stopped all mental resistance. “Let’s do it,” he managed to say between kisses.”Cool! Let’s go. I live right around the corner.” He left out of the booth and Joe followed him to the locker room where he dressed and they conversed. He found out that his name was Billy, and he was a computer technician. Their ability to get along without their clothes on was comforting. They walked the one block away from the club in a modest, but well kept, apartment. Joe was very much underdressed, but wasn’t alone.”What can I get you to drink, my man?” he said.”Got any bourbon?””Do I have any bourbon?”He opened a cabinet with an impressive display of liquors, including four or five different bourbons. “I’m a Kentucky man, so yeah I have a few bourbons,” he laughed. “Choose your poison.””Makers is fine.””Not a bad choice. Got better, but not bad. Smooth with the right amount of oak finish and one of the best damn barrels around for the price.”This man really knew his liquor. They sat on the couch, drank together and talked some more.”So, where’s your man?””Back at the hotel. We had a little spat and he left.””You all open in your relationship?””Somewaht, still woking that out. I saw him with another guy, and I thought he was fucking him. We had agreed no fucking.”Billy looked at Joe for a bit with his eyebrows raised. “I İkitelli escort bayan hope you know that I’m about to fuck your brains out right?” He reached over and played with his hair. “So, are you going to tell him?””Yeah,” Joe said with some doubt and hesitation.”Well that’s up to you. You do know he’s up some white ass right now don’t you?””Not sure, he’s always been very honest and he did say he wasn’t going to fuck anyone.””Interesting,” Billy said as he finished his bourbon on the rocks. “Let me get you another.”He took Joe’s glass, refilled it, turned on some music and sat next to him on the couch, this time closer. “For the time being this is about you and I getting to know each other, exploring each other’s minds and bodies,” he looked Joe straight into his eyes with a piercing stare from his almond shaped eyes. “You know I can tell by looking at you how badly you want me inside of you.”Joe didn’t know what to say, except to laugh uncomfortably. This was a very sensual moment, and he was impressed by this man’s ability to know what he was thinking, along with his physical beauty.He continued to stare into Joe’s eyes. “You don’t have to say anything,” he said as he began kissing Joe. His lips were amazing, soft and caressing. “I’m going to enjoy you.” He reached over into the drawer next to the couch and got out a bong and some weed. They traded hits for a few minutes before Joe was so high he had forgotten where he was. He just knew he was being seduced by the sexiest man he had met outside the relationship, and was ready to experience a new level of sexuality.Billy took him by the hand to his bedroom, wonderfully decorated with an enormous four post dark wood bed surrounded by a rich red color.”Sit on the bed,” Billy instructed Joe, his deep voice sultry and demanding. He sat on the bed and Billy stood before him. Joe started to say how badly he wanted him but was too high to even form words. He watched as Billy slowly removed his clothes, slowly unbuttoning his shirt to reveal a massive dark chest with breasts that were firm and stuck straight out for a big man. He put his hands on his hips. “Finish,” he said.Joe reached over and unbuckled his belt, followed by his pants button, then the zipper which allowed his pants to fall to the floor. His blue boxers did nothing to hide his soft, floppy dick that escaped the slit. Joe pulled down his underwear and helped him out of them. He was completely naked before him. He stepped closer, allowing Joe to run his hands over his entire nakedness. He was mostly smooth with some hair on his chest and belly. Despite his weight he was perfectly proportioned, big all over. Joe ran his hands down his belly and over his tight, curly pubic hair, past his soft, fat uncut dick with long foreskin, over his low hanging balls and Escort Çapa around his big thighs.When Joe reached down to feel his calves, he almost fell over due the height of the bed and his state of mind. Joe was in a zone that he had never been before, completely absorbed into the erotic atmosphere that Billy created.“Go ahead and get on the floor boy. I know you want to worship me,” said Billy sternly. Joe got on the floor and continued his journey down his large round calves and to his wide, long feet, bending down to kiss them. He imagined himself honoring an African king who stood before him, giving him the privilege of showing his admiration and respect of his presence. In his foggy state of mind he recalled straight porn that had a similar situation. Joe let his tongue slide back up his tree trunk like legs to his balls that he licked and sucked on. They were so large that they completely covered his face when he licked the area between his dick and asshole.He could hear Billy moaning at that and could feel his dick getting hard as Joe continued to tongue the area behind his balls. He then concentrated on his growing penis, kissing and licking it until it was at full mast, then covering it with his lips until half of it was engulfed in his mouth. The foreskin was tightly wrapped around the head but Joe managed to roll it back and expose the purplish head.“Your dick is so hot,” said Joe, circling the head with his tongue and gently sucking on it.“Suck it bitch,” said Billy, placing his hands on the back of Joe’s head, guiding him down.Being high, Joe was surprisingly able to take it all in to massage it with his throat without gagging. The feel of a rock hard dick in his mouth was somehow more sensual than other times. It felt and tasted good. There was just enough light in the room for Joe to make out the image in the mirror of a large black penis in his mouth. As he massaged the area of his dick just under his piss hole with his tongue, the moans got louder and he pulled out of Joe’s mouth, positioning him on the side of the bed where he raised his legs.“You ready to get fucked?” asked Billy as he felt Joe’s ass.“Yes,” said Joe. Billy immediately and roughly pulled him closer to the edge of the bed where his ass was in perfect position for him. Joe felt the cool moisture of lube being poured on his ass and seconds later the head of his dick pushing its way in, not stopping to pause at the inner ring of his ass. Joe was strangely aware and sensitive of every fraction of an inch as his penis slid into his hole, yet the pain was tolerable.“Fuck your ass feels amazing,” he said as he grabbed Joe’s legs and held them back further to get more of his fat, rock hard dick inside. Once all the way in Joe reached around and grabbed his big round ass which was firm and smooth, and encouraged him to push in further, which he did and began to work it into Joe. The sensations were driving both men crazy with pleasure. Billy slowly pulled his dick half way out when Joe reached around to feel its massive girth, trying to stick his finger into his own hole, but unable to do so due to the fact that it was filled so tightly.

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