New Job Brings New Responsibilities


Ted and Jaime (which she pronounced “Jamie”) seemed normal enough. Ted was a good fifteen years younger than me and Jaime looked to be in her late twenties. Jaime was in good shape – perhaps a bit plump – but not in a bad way. Ted was surprisingly tall and looked like he had worked out in the past but had gotten out of the habit – solid like a bear. Jaime wasn’t petite, but he towered over her. And me.

Before touring the house, they offered me a coffee in the kitchen and asked me some questions. Considering we’d be roommates; this was to be expected.

Do you smoke?

What are your working hours?

Will you want to have people over? When? What hours

Do you drink?

Do you take drugs?

I asked similar questions as we were each trying to get a feeling for each other.

They already knew my story – I had put it on my housing application. I was based out of Delaware with my wife and two teen boys. I had recently accepted a position at a large pharmaceutical company in Northern new Jersey and was looking to rent a room. Renting a whole apartment made no sense financially – especially since I’d only be there Monday through Friday. I’d leave Friday evening and drive home. After a weekend with my family, I’d drive back up Monday morning. It wasn’t the best plan but it was our best plan. I’d been out of work for 9 months and we were at the edge of bankruptcy. Of course, I didn’t tell any of the people who were sharing rooms this fact. I didn’t want to scare them. Most of the people who showed me their open rooms were happy not to have some college student who might be smoking and partying and not paying regularly. I could tell that most preferred the idea that I’d leave them in peace for the weekend.

Ted and Jaime were no different. I said, barring any exceptions, I’d spend weekends in Wilmington. They raised their eyebrows together and glanced at each other. They had earlier explained that they had only reluctantly decided to take in a boarder after Ted’s hours were cut back. He assembled something in some plant. The fact that they might be able to take in a full-time boarder who’d skip town weekends worked out better for them and their privacy.

I was getting a good vibe from them and it seemed like they were liking me. Jaime made some dry, witty comments that made me laugh. My sense of humor was similar and I also added some wit to the chit chat which cause both Ted and Jaime to chuckle. I was really beginning to notice that Jaime was quite charismatic in a sincere cute way. I could easily see what Ted saw in her beyond her physical aspects.

After some more questions and satisfactory answers, Jaime stood and held her open hand out toward the hallway.

“So then, should we give you a tour?”

I stood and smiled. “Great!”

Jaime led the way though the one floor ranch and Ted followed. I noticed Jaime’s ass wiggle through her sweats and tried not to stare. Especially since Ted the refrigerator was right behind me.

“Here’s the TV room. We get cable, internet, and phone though the fiber – it’s all included in the rent.”

She walked through the TV room and opened a door.

“This would be your room”.

As she said this, she walked into the small but comfortably furnished room and tossed her open arms about in a Vanna White fashion. I watched her obviously braless tits bounce beneath her sweatshirt before quickly shifting my eyes to the room.

It was perfect – for my needs, at least. It was well lit, had a desk with chair, a small chest with a mirror and a closet.

“Hmm…Nice.” I commented and smiled. Ted pointed at the desk and said “You can set up your computer there and surf porn all day…”

Jaime clicked her tongue and looked shocked for a moment and slapped the air toward him. “Te-ed. Stop it”. “Just because that’s what you do all day doesn’t mean that Spencer does that.”

Jaime then spoke to me in a side stage whisper that Ted could obviously hear. “Ted beats his big ol’ penis all day and thinks its normal…”

Ted grabbed his sweats, winked at me, and replied confidently. “Hey, baby – aint nothin normal about this…!

I noticed that Ted’s grip forced the fabric of his sweats to frame a thick tube. My eyes widened involuntarily. Ted clearly had an unusually big penis.

Jaime rolled her eyes playfully and said “I meant jackin off all day – not your… I mean, Spencer’s gonna be at work all day not surfin porn.”

Ted continued “…and I don’t Jack off ALL day…I just need to get it some relief…Otherwise, I won’t be able to leave you in peace when you get home.”

“Te-ed! You stop that right now!” Jaime glanced at me uncomfortably and put her hands up defensively “I don’t know why I’m – why HE’s even talking about this…I’m so sorry…”

She glowered lightly at Ted. “…And YOU stop it. Nobody needs to hear about your penis. You’re gonna make poor Spencer think you’re some kinda pervert.”

Jaime blushed as she placed her hand gently on my chest. “Spencer, I’m so sorry. kartal escort He doesn’t mean anything by it. You’ll see, he just likes to embarrass me.”

“Err…um – no problem” I said and laughed a bit uncomfortably, taken off guard by their relaxed banter and the obvious size of Ted’s dick. “We all need some relief now and then…He’s clearly a big boy and probably just needs it more.” I blurted out.

I replayed that last sentence back in my mind. What the fuck… “Ted just needs more relief”? And “He’s clearly big”! Why the fuck did I say THAT. Jesus!

Jaime’s use of “penis” really caught me by surprise, I guess. It’s not a word that typically comes up during someone’s first meeting – especially by a sexy, braless young lady WITH HER HUGE HUSBAND RIGHT THERE.

Plus, she called it his “BIG ol’ penis…” and he basically straight out confirmed this. He was a big guy – I guess he’d have a big penis.

I unconsciously glanced at Ted’s crotch again, noticing his large bulge. His penis was definitely bigger than normal, though. He was a pretty big guy…

I realized I was staring at his crotch. I was thinking about his penis. Damn it! The word “Penis” seemed so strange – so sexy. “Ted’s big ol’ Penis” made it seem like some floppy heavy thing. Soft, thick-skinned, and heavy.

Shit! Stop thinking about “Penis”! “Cock!”, “Cock!”, I thought. “Cock” was a better word.

An image of a large soft floppy cock formed in my mind.

STOP IT! Now I was thinking about cocks. JESUS!

I looked up at Ted, saw that he was noticing my stare, and looked away, mortified.

“Relief…We all need some, right?” I looked up and realized that Ted was looking right at me when he spoke. I looked away.

Fortunately, this whole mental breakdown had taken place in my head and in less than two or three seconds. Jaime hadn’t noticed and was scolding Ted in a serious but not angry stage whisper. “I mean it, you. No more comments about…about your penis bein’ normal or not bein’ normal or… jackin off or…or nothin.”

Shaking her head, Jaime squeezed between Ted and me. This bumped me out of my strange thoughts of Ted’s penis.

I looked back at Ted. Ted was staring at me.

He had caught me ogling his fucking crotch. Jesus, what the actual fuck was I doing? I’m a married straight man. I’m looking for an apartment and I’m gonna lose the opportunity because why? Because this hot woman’s husband had a thick penis?

Why was I having these thoughts anyway?

This girl – she was so sexy, I’d gotten turned on. That’s why.

I was just thinking about fucking Jaime with my hard cock.

Then all of this talk about big penises…well…

I realized just then that I hadn’t had thoughts like this since I was a teen and Marcus Richards made me suck his cock by the pond. Well, to be fair, he only made me do it the first time. Nobody forced me to do the next time. And the next. And basically, every day that summer. I now remembered how, after he saw I really enjoyed sucking his cock and how enthusiastically I swallowed his cum, he made me practically beg him to let me suck him off each day. Sometimes I kept sucking after he came and softened in my mouth. I kept sucking until he got hard and came in my mouth again. I really had enjoyed the feel of his warm cock in my mouth. I’d even learned to take him down to his balls. Then he moved away and…I met my wife and…I’d lived the normal married life since. Thinking about his now made me realize I’d kinda pushed those memories down deep.

This flash memory had made my cock hard. I could feel it pulsing as it grew. I licked my lips and looked back up to Ted. He had noticed. He smiled and snorted a laugh.

So fucking AWKWARD.

I looked away and started toward the door after his wife. I brushed past him without looking up and he made some comment.

I was already down the hall catching up with Jaime, when I realized what he’d said. “It might be a relief having you around…”

Jaime was showing the main bathroom. It was on the other side of the kitchen and near their bedroom. The bathroom was clean and I noticed a tiny red thong in a hamper. Before I could stop myself, I looked at Jaime and imagined her wearing that tiny thong. It’d frame that magnificent ass and…

Jaime had said something and moved on without waiting for me to reply. Fortunately, she hadn’t seemed to notice my hard on. I took the opportunity to reach down to adjust my offending six-inch boner (not a big ol’ floppy penis, of course) when I realized Ted was right there. His wife walks out and I jam my hands in my pants. Just great! How embarrassing. This was like a bad sitcom episode.

I quickly pulled by hand out of my beige dockers before being able to move my dick out of its uncomfortable position. I glanced at him guiltily. He was looking right at me. Shit! I swallowed and looked back up to him.

“Looks like YOU need a little relief yourself” Ted said kaynarca escort quietly as he laughed and turned to follow Jaime.

We finished the tour and chatted for another fifteen uneventful minutes. We went back to the kitchen and discussed rent and clarified what would be included and what wouldn’t. The awkwardness, like my boner, had mostly passed. Ted never said anything, and Jaime seemed oblivious to the whole strange scene.

They gave me a copy of their lease and I told them I had two more places I had to look at and that I’d get back to them.

In reality, I’d decided that I liked this place but had to get my head straight about what I was doing. I needed this job and I needed this place.

I wiped the awkward bit from my mind and told myself that I’d just gotten caught in a normal- albeit, awkward – scenario; a scenario unlikely to ever happen again. I’d decided that Ted’s comments were good natured and intended to embarrass me – but in a good way – like guys do to each other. I could handle that type of humor.

They seemed like good, honest people, and their location was very convenient to my new work. I needed to get my shit together and focus! I liked their young freedom and humor and felt we’d be a nice fit.

Later, I spoke to my wife and we agreed that the location was convenient, and the price was right. There was no discussion or concern about rooming with a man and a woman or with two women for that matter. We’d been married for twenty years. I wasn’t out of shape but I wasn’t in shape either. She wasn’t concerned about some young wife dropping her refrigerator of a husband for me. We both knew how the world worked and we both knew without saying it that there was no risk of me seducing this or any other woman.

I signed the lease and moved in a week later with minimal gear.

After a day or two, I realized that I had to adjust my showering routine since Jaime got up at about the same time I did. Three days into my lease, I saw Jaime scamper from the bathroom wrapped in a small towel which left the bottom of her butt cheeks showing. I’m sure she knew I was waiting for the shower but I guess she thought I was in still in my room. “Oh! Sorry.” She giggled.

I went into the bathroom, stepped into the hot shower, and jacked off. I fantasized about her towel dropping and her wonderful tits breaking free. I imagined her pinky-sized nipples poking out as she struggled unsuccessfully to cover herself. In my mind I saw her bend over and show me that wonderful round shapely ass. I walked up behind her and slid my hard cock into her shaved pussy. I shot a huge thick load almost immediately.

I felt guilty but it was a vision and fantasy I used often in the next months.

I got into my routine and only saw Jaime or Ted late evenings. I’d leave at six thirty and get home at eight in the evening. Since I had no family and kids to get home to, working late was not an issue. When Ted and Jaime were in the living room, watching Netflix or something, I always had to pass in front of them to get to my room. Sometimes I joined them, and we watched something together or talked a bit. Mostly I just said hi and went to my room.

Over the following months, I had seen Jaime in a bikini several times. Her long brown hair pulled up into a bun, her cleavage calling my name from behind the thin fabric of the bikini top, her glorious ass cheeks smiling at me from the stylishly cut bottoms. I imagined grabbling those perfect tits and flicking the hard nipples before sucking them deeply into my mouth. More mental material for my jackoff sessions at night.

Ted was present too. He wore a speedo. Six-foot, fucking six-inch, Ted – two hundred and eighty pound Ted – in a goddamned speedo. Oh, and Jaime was right, it would seem. Ted had a very large bulge in his speedos – an absurd bulge. It pushed the top of the speedo away from his belly. Ted had a “big ol’ penis” after all.

While Jaime had apparently not been exaggerating about Ted’s dick, Ted had also proved quite correct.

In the evening I’d gotten into the habit of closing my door and surfing porn. Most of the time I surfed normal porn. I found myself searching for porn like “Hot roommate”, “Hot brunette roommate”, “big tit roommate” and similar. I even found some stuff under “Cuck roommate” which gave me a selection a guys fucking supposed roommate’s wives. This was great stuff. I could fuck Jaime’s hot body with Ted sticking his big ol’ penis in her mouth. Well, that’s what happened in my mind as I watched the videos.

But more and more, I found that I was also looking for “Huge cock roommate” which led to decidedly gay videos involving guys sucking other guys’ cocks. This was embarrassing at first and I made sure the door was locked – although neither Ted nor Jaime had ever barged into my room before. I wanted to be disgusted with this search, but in reality, I found myself getting harder than ever and cumming with thoughts of huge dicks in my mouth. kozyatağı escort Yes! Huge cocks. Big penis.

TED’s big ol’ penis!

Whoa. I’d crossed a line.

I realized that I was now fantasizing about both of my roommates. What’s worse, I was fantasizing about Ted’s big speedo covered dick. I was surfing big cock videos and monster cock videos and mouth fucking videos – gay mouth-fucking videos! Jesus Christ! What the fuck.

But I couldn’t stop.

One day I came home early from a trip and took an Uber to the house instead of my office where I’d left my car. It was no big deal – I’d just uber it to work in the morning.

I grabbed a beer, unpacked, and showered. I sat at my computer, nude, finishing my beer, and was gonna jack off to some porn when I discovered an important email I had to address.

This email took about an hour. I reread my final version and, satisfied that it was worded just right, hit send.

I reached down absently and rubbed my soft shrunken cock. I googled “glorious tits”. I slowly pulled my dick, looking for the right video. I moved from “tits” to “hot drunk topless roommate”. These were ok and some of the vids got me hard. But they weren’t right. I went to “big tit drunk” and then to “two men fuck drunk woman”. From there I found a link to “man fucks drunk friends mouth” and gave me a great video of some big cocked stud fucking his drunk girlfriend’s mouth. This was good stuff. The chick was built like Jaime and the dude was pretty big. I was really getting into this and stroking myself when I heard voices.

Like a teen caught masturbating by his mom, I closed my browser abruptly, hunched my shoulders guiltily and looked to the sound.

Obviously, Jaime and Ted were in the living room. I rolled my eyes at myself and snorted a laugh. Clearly I knew they had no intention of coming into my room! I acted like I was caught doing something bad.

What an idiot.

Now that I was listening, Ted’s voice was actually pretty clear. He was pleading in a teasing way.

“Come on, baby. I’ve been good. I didn’t even have a chance to jack off today. You know you want to help me. Look at him…He misses you. Come give him a kiss…”

They didn’t know I was home… Curious, I got up and tiptoed to the door.

I heard Jaime. “Ohhh, look at that. He DOES miss me doesn’t he…Maybe I should give him a hand…Give me a sec, hon. I’ve gotta go pee”

Ted groaned and I heard Jaime’s light footsteps as she left the room.

Realizing that something very interesting was about to happen and that I had a very good view of the living room from my room, I decided to try to crack open the door.

I slowly turned the knob and slowly pulled the door in just a bit.

I had a view of the living room and faced the end of the couch. Ted was facing in my direction, nude on the couch. I almost closed the door thinking he’d seen me but realized that he wasn’t looking at my door but at the TV.

He was also stroking an amazing cock. Ted’s cock was rock hard. He wasn’t really stroking it, I noticed, but just squeezing it. He had an inch or so underneath his grip and about two above. I figured he was about 9″ long. It was thick too. It looked like about 2″ thick.

I watched fascinated as he squeezed his cock. Each squeeze, the foreskin would slide off the thick ridge of his cockhead. Jesus! What a cock! “big ‘ol penis”! Jaime sure had that right!

I licked my dry lips and realized that I was stoking my own cock. I didn’t feel bad though. Ted’s cock was beautiful. Amazing. It was something to admire. And his balls? They were just the right size for his cock – which is to say – huge! At least compared to mine, they seemed huge.

Just then, Jaime bounded back into the room. She was wearing a pink thong (maybe the one I’d seen in the hamper back when I was touring the place), and a beige bra. I realized that this was probably what she wore to work under her work clothes. She was so goddam sexy – Jesus Christ!

She looked at Ted and made a silly, mocking face and struck a pose.

Ted laughed “How YOU doin?” he said with his best Brooklyn accent.

Jaime stared at Ted’s amazing dick. “Whoa…what is wrong with him? Poor thing’s all swollen!” she said with feigned innocence.

Ted squeezed his dick and forced the head to pop out from its nest of skin. “Yeah baby. Come give it a kiss and make it better.”

I rolled my eyes at this silly banter but it was sincere and the two of them made it sound fun and not corny.

Jaime reached around her back and, faster than I’d ever unsnapped a bra in my life, she slid hers off and revealed the tits I’d been jacking off to for the past months.

Jaime’s tits were perfect. The bounced naturally and swayed a bit. Jaime reached up and under her breasts and held them out toward Ted before letting her hands slide off and allowing the thumb and forefinger of each hand to finish by tugging on her thick nipples. This caused her to close her eyes, to breath in sharply, and bite her bottom lip. Keeping her nipples between he fingers, she smiled knowingly at Ted.

“Mmmmm…” she purred.

“God! This idea makes me so fucking horny!” Jaime squealed to Ted as she dropped to her knees next to the couch. I noticed that Ted opened his eyes and gave her a look as he shushed her.

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