My Spanish Neighbor Ch. 2


A few weeks had passed and I would see her around but she wouldn’t talk to me. She said that she enjoyed herself that day, but she thought that it shouldn’t happen again.

The next day, I was in the laundry room and she walked in with a full basket. She said hello, like nothing ever happened. I was a little pissed off, so I waited for an opportunity to say something. As she was loading the washer I saw the housecoat that she was wearing that day. I said, “I remember that.” She didn’t look at me but I could see that she smiled. I walked over to her and said, that was what you were wearing that day. She didn’t say anything. She just nodded her head. I looked in her basket and saw a pair of her panties, bikini type. I brought it up to my nose and too a deep sniff. “Your pussy smells so amazing.” She then slowly grabbed her panties and leaned into me. I then said, “I miss being inside you.” She said she did to but she was afraid that her husband would find out. I then said, “if we are careful no one will find out.” I then walked toward the door, I turned around and she was looking at me, she just smiled. One of those seductive types….

Two days later, I was looking out my peephole at 8:30, just waiting for her husband to leave. When I saw him, I opened my door and walked to hers. I knocked on her door. She opened it and said what are you doing here. I said in a formal tone. Mrs. Rodregies, do you have change for a twenty, (to throw off any küçükçekmece escort suspicion). She said sure, wait a minute, she closed the door but didn’t lock it. I pushed the door open and said “hello.” She looked at me and said that we can’t do this now, her husband was going to be right back and her kids were sleeping in the next room. I said laughingly. I will be quick, she looked down.

I went to her, put my hand under her chin and lifted it up. I leaned in and kissed her. Her tongue was dancing in my mouth, making circles with mine. Twirling and twirling. I then felt her hand on my butt, squeezing. I stopped kissing her, I just looked into her eyes. I brought my hands to her shirt and started unbuttoning it. I slowly saw her dark Latin skin tone. She was wearing a white bra, I undid the clip in the front and I saw those great nipples. I used my thumb and index finger on each nipple. I was rolling the back and forth. I then pulled them a little. She said, “that feels sooo good. I then let her nipples go and grabbed her hips. I pulled her towards me and I started rubbing my cock against her right through my paints. She said “I don’t know what it is about you but you make me so wet. I asked her if she was wet right now. She just nodded. I then unbuttoned her jeans, and pulled them down to her ankles. I saw her panties. They were black not very sexy, but her thick black hair was sticking küçükyalı escort through the sides. I pulled her panties down. I then dragged my hand from her ankle up her leg, on the inside of her thigh, on her pussy, up her stomach to her mouth. She then took my finger in her mouth, what an amazing feeling. The wetness of her mouth and that indescribable feeling of her tongue. I leaned in and said, ” I am going to shake you naked and eat you alive” (I once heard that in a movie). She just laughed and said that we have to be quick, because of her husband.

I then took her by the shoulders and moved her down to my dick. She took it into her mouth and just held it there, just twirling and twirling. She still didn’t move but she sucked really hard. I said, “you are so good at that.” I then raised her back up to me. I gave her a small kiss. I then turned her around, bent her over and put my fingers in her pussy. It was so wet. I moved in closer, and put my cock in her. She let out this, this “ahhhhh” sound that was almost as good as the feeling on my dick. I stretched out my body leaning back to handle the sensation. I let out a long breath, and started pumping. Her wet pussy was amazing, her pussy was just tight enough to grip my cock, but loose enough to allow for quickness. I grabbed the back of her hair and pulled her up. She let out this ahhh sound and then said “fuckkk me” (just like I spelled it maltepe escort heavy emphasis on the k). I started pumping really fast. She then told me to hurry up because of her husband. I then said, “I can’t you pussy feels to good.” I then stopped pumping, she turned her head and said what’s wrong. I said to her I know how to get off really quick. I took my cock out of her pussy, I took my left hand on her wet pussy, and rubbed the wetness on her ass. I put a finger in and felt this unbelievable feeling. I was rubbing my cock and slightly pushing in when the door flew open.

It was her husband, he walked really quickly into the kitchen and said that the forgot something. We still didn’t move. He then said that he found it and he would be back in an hour and walked out.

I just looked at her and started laughing. She went down to the floor. She was really serious for a second and then she laughed with me. I then told her to come to me, she said no, you come to me in a playful tone. So I got down on my knees and inched my way to her. I turned her around and eased my way into her ass. The head went in easy, I took my hand on her pussy again to get it wet. I then rubbed it on the part of my cock that was still outside. I then pushed the rest of the way in. She looked at me, she didn’t say a word, and she just opened her mouth and closed her eyes and moaned… Yesss. I couldn’t stand how tight it was and I just came. I was still pumping and the cum started dripping out. I was still pumping and the cum and her ass just felt great. I finally pulled out. She laid down and I laid down on top of her. I then said I think that was better than our first time. She just nodded.

“Oh my God”, was all I heard.. I looked up and there she was…. (Her mother-in law)

To Be Continued…

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