My Sensitive Son Ch. 06


Total Fiction!

Sorry for my English!



Last Sunday was my son’s birthday. I had big plans for him, for us! Today I am the happiest mother in the world, and I’m going to tell you why…

It was Friday evening, and I got home from work. I was exhausted, but I had no time to rest. I had big plans for the weekend. On Saturday, I’ve got a reservation for three different beauty salons; my son deserves a new and improved mother!

Lu was at his friend’s house. I had to be alone at home for 24 hours, and I missed my son already. We had lots of passionate sex in the last couple of weeks.

Anal sex was our new thing; Lu had my back-hole 17 times in the past month! However, I’m still not used to it; even thinking of his huge cock inside of my asshole makes me feel pain!

Anyway, it was Friday, and my plan was Sunday; 9 PM Sunday was my ultimate moment…

I put my biggest butt-plug in my tight hole; it is a 5-inch metal butt-plug. I love it so much, and I use it twice a week. But because of our special occasion (my ultimate plan!) I put it in my ass for the entire night. I used 5 minutes breaks every 3 hours, but I kept it for the previous 2 days.

I tidied up my room; I wanted to be prepared for my plan. So, I organized my makeup tools and my clothes, ate dinner, and slept early.

After a morning shower, I went to the beauty salon. It was the longest salon of my life! It takes exactly 10 hours of my time, but I think it was worth it. I got these new changes in the last few days:

– New hairstyle. I chose “Traditional Ponytail with Side Fringe” from their menu!

– New hair color! I dyed my hair for the first time in my life. I chose raven black hair!

– Micropigmentation for my eyebrows! It hurt a little, but it was worth every second of it.

– Eyeliner tattoos in a wing-shaped form.

– Rounded pink nails, somehow natural, but sexier.

It was 19:00 when I returned home! I was still alone. My hair and makeup were ready, and I was looking at the mirror.

“I will get a nose job if my plan works out,” I whispered to the mirror. “Maybe I enhance my boobs and lips; Lu would enjoy it….”

I had to wear something comfortable, so I chose one of my new robes. I opened the cover, and it was written “Silk Lace Robe Babydoll” on it. It was a pink sexy robe.

I got prepared and went to the living room. I had silver wedge heels, and I smelled great! I was aware of my smell because of my new sexy perfume. I sat on the couch and started to watch TV. I was on pins and needles; not because of that night, but the night after. I was anxious about my plan…

It was 9:20 when I heard my son’s keychain sound. Lu opened the door and came in.

“Hey, Mom!” He shouted in joy. “I’m home and…” He stopped screaming when he saw me in the living room.

“Oh, holy MOTHER of GOD!” Lu shut the door and walked toward me. “How is it possible… How… I mean…”

“Come here, you honey-tongue!” I opened my arms and stopped his sentences. “Let mommy taste that honey of yours!”

I grabbed his head by my hands and started to kiss him. A few gentle kisses, followed by some more aggressive ones!

“Mom, please stop!” Lu broke the kiss and giggled. “I’m really dirty, and I need a proper shower…”

I made him stop again. I missed my son, and I couldn’t wait any longer. He was on my mind the whole day. So, I kissed him again and again.

“Please stop, you LUSCIOUS!” He broke the kiss again. “I’m not sure how much I can take it…”

“What? What is it that you can’t take?” I shoved my tongue into his mouth. “This?!” I put my hands on his trousers and grabbed his fully erect cock! I was surprised by his size because we hadn’t even started yet!

“Aha…” He nodded as he kept responding to my kiss smacks. “You look completely different today. I’m afraid I’m going to cum in my pants…” I kissed him again “…just by looking at your face!”

“Oh, honey…” I whispered in a sexy tone. “You can cum right now…” I licked his tongue once more “… right now, but not in your pants. You know where you should cum!”

I knelt in front of him, right in the hall. We weren’t even in the living room; we were kissing just a few meters from the door. Lu still had his dirty shoes on!

“Mom, please,” Lu objected. “I’m not clean. I need a bath before…” I untied his belt as he was talking. “Before entering your ALLURING mouth!”

“I am getting dirty anyway,” I unzipped him. “I have lots of plans for this…”

I grabbed his cock with my hands. I put my pink lips around his cockhead. I was calm and ready.

“Oh jeez…” Lu placed his right hand on my head and played with my ponytail with his left one!

I looked up and saw his face. He observed my face, and I couldn’t believe it; I saw his “Cum-Face”! I was sure that he was about to cum.

I didn’t want him to cum in my mouth; I planned for a facial and a proper cum play! But there was no time. I didn’t want ruined makeup, at least not this soon!

Just 15 seconds Taksim Escort of head-licking was enough for my horny son. Then, I locked my lips on his cockhead and waited for my reward.

“Oh, MOM!”

It was a massive load, with lots of powers and heavy fluids. However, it was not thick, and I could feel watery spurts. Finally, my son grabbed my skull and ejaculated himself inside of my welcoming hole.

I didn’t have time to keep his cum in my mouth (to show his glory to him!), so I started swallowing all of his loads, spurt after spurt. I was still calm. I was enjoying my son’s semen one more time.

After almost 30 seconds of expulsion, he started to play with my ponytails again.

“You really like my hairstyle, don’t you?” I giggled.

“I love your whole style, your MAGNETISM!” He put his cock in his pants. “You were a sex-magnet for me, now you are… I don’t think there is a proper word for you now!”

“Magnet is more than enough!” I told him as I stood up and wiped my mouth. “You give my Appetizer, now go and take a shower. Mommy needs dinner!”

It was 22:10, and we finished our meal. It was a new food called Spanakopita; It has lots of Spinach, so it’s an excellent food for your man!

We talked a lot. Then we talked more, then more… I was listening to my passionate son; he was talking about a daily thing, and I was thinking of my crazy LOVE for him!

“You look different, Mom,” Lu told me at the dinner table. “Can I take you to the couch? I want to investigate your gorgeous face in a well-lit place, not this candlelight table!”

I just smiled at my son as he walked toward me. I could see his boxer; he was semi-erect at least!

“Madam…” Lu grabbed my right hand and kissed it. “What a soft gorgeous hand!” he kissed my hand one more time, then hugged me like a baby.

My son kissed my lips gently. He didn’t open his mouth; it was a romantic kiss, not a lusty one!

“So, let me check…” Finally, he put me on the couch. I lied on my back, and my head was on his lap. “Where do I begin? There is so much BRILLIANCE here!” he got closer to my face.

“Your eyebrows are illustrious; they make your eye fantastic” He was complimenting my face. “I can drown in these eyes and…”

Lu continued his admiring, and I wasn’t even listening to his sweet talks! Instead, I was mesmerized by my son…

“Kiss me,” I whispered into his ears as he bent his head to my face. “Kiss your woman!”

Lu moved his legs and pushed my face toward his. He locked his lips to mine! We had an uncomfortable position, but that wasn’t important at all.

We kissed for a few minutes. My head was on my son’s lap, and I was lying on the couch. I wanted to control our makeout, so I stood up quickly.

“Your lips are amazing!” I told my son as I straddled him! “Mommy can’t get enough of them!”

I shoved my tongue inside his mouth and moved it in there. Then I sucked his tongue with my lips. Again, and again and again. I attacked my son’s face and licked his mouth over and over.

I could feel his big dick; it was noticeable even in his pants, and my pussy was touching it.

Lu grabbed my ass and kept kissing me; he placed his hands on my butt cheeks. My ass was easily accessible in my robe…

“I wanna FUCK you, boy!” I moaned into his ears.

I pushed down my thong, and he did his underwear. Meantime, we never broke the kiss! I grabbed his naked cock and placed it on my wet cunt. Then, with a powerful thrust, he got into me!

It hurt a little because I was not fully prepared. But I was really horny, so I kissed his lips and sat on him. I took his cock, inch by inch; the house was filled with moans and moans. Oh, boy, I would never get used to my son’s MONSTER!

“Do you have butt-plug back there?!” Lu broke the kiss as his cock was halfway there!

“Yes, I do!” I kissed him again and finally sat on him. I had my son inside of me, fully erect, 9 inches… All was in my tight small pussy!

“You are really naughty, aren’t you?!” he broke the kiss again. “How long wa…”

“Shut the FUCK up, and…” I shoved my tongue in his mouth one more time. “And be a good boy for your SLUT!”

He smiled at me, and I could feel his smile shape between my kisses. We were fucking like two teenagers; Horny, wild, noisy, and passionate!

I closed my eyes and began pumping. I was pumping hard like I had a big cock, and he was my slut! I was crazy, maniac!

I fucked my son over and over. He was moaning in joy. I kept kissing his whole face for three fucking minutes, and I knew it was time; I couldn’t take it more…

I broke the kiss, released his face, and stood up. I put my feet on the couch and spread my legs for my son. I pushed my wet cunt to his face and placed my hands on his head.

“Lick me, Lu!” I pushed more. “I wanna cum on your beautiful face!”

I rubbed my cunt on him. Then, I grabbed his hair, and he grabbed my naked butt!

“Oh, boy!” I was in ecstasy. “Mommy Ümraniye Escort needs your tongue!”

Lu’s tongue worked on my pussy, and his hand made the FINAL action; He pulled my butt-plug out of my ass and pushed it back!

“Ohhhhhhhhh….” I pushed my hips to his face and released myself!

I was shivering for a few seconds, but he didn’t stop. His hand was still working! I came so hard, but I didn’t squirt. There was just a thick juice coming out of my wet hole, and my son kept licking as usual.

“I love you so much!” I straddled my son again and kissed his soaked face. “Oh my god! It’s so yucky; how can you lick my nasty pussy?!”

“It’s not yucky; it’s mouth-watering!” Lu wiped his face and cleaned his hands. He was still erect, so I knew he had to cum.

I kissed his wet lips one more time and placed his cock on my damp pussy. Then, I began fucking him again!

“I need a dessert, too!” I whispered into his ears. “Fuck mommy and gave her desert!”

I was getting tired, but I wanted him to cum. So I gave myself to him…

He was horny, so he fucked me hard; his movement was fast and brutal. My cunt hurt a little, especially after that intense orgasm. He fucked me for two minutes, but it was really more to me, probably because of the pain he was giving me.

“I’m close, Mona!” I love when he calls me MONA!

He helped me to stand up, then I knelt. I was happy to receive his second load; everything was according to my PLAN! I started to suck his huge cock, but he resisted it!

“I want to cum on your beautiful face!”

And he did! He came on my face after a few strokes. It was a huge load, but I didn’t close my eyes. I always enjoy the view of my son, CUMMING on my face…

He painted my face with three thick spurts. It smelled great; I smelled great! I put his huge cock in my mouth and sucked it hard. I wanted the last drop. Then I started to clean my face.

“Don’t do it!” Lu told me in a low voice. “I want to keep your sexy cum-face for a bit!”

“Okay!” I smiled at my son. “But you have to give my dessert tonight….”

Lu kept smiling.

We didn’t wear pants. I went to the kitchen and made some green tea. It was getting late, but I needed two more loads tonight! So, I put some ginger in our tea.

We drank our tea and talked again. We talk a lot! I still had my son’s cum on my face. Lu’s jizz ruined my makeup, and I was really hot!

Lu was horny, too. His cock was exposed, and I could see that it was at least semi-erect. He was enjoying his slutty mom!

“You haven’t fucked my tits for a week,” I told him out of nowhere! “Don’t you like them anymore?!”

Lu didn’t say anything. He just grabbed my naked ass and hugged me like a baby. Then, he tossed me on my bed like a doll! Then he attacked my boobs with his lips.

He pushed my robe aside; it was a piece of cake, it barely covered anything!

“Oh, honey!”

Lu kept kissing and licking my boobs. He was aggressively enjoying my breasts! Finally, after a 5 minutes slurping, he removed my robe. I was completely naked, and the only thing on me was my butt-plug! Actually, it was in me, not on me!

He positioned himself on me for a long tit-fuck!

“Oh yeah!” I screamed and pushed my tits together. “They miss your big boy!”

My son was on me, his cock was between my breasts, and his cockhead touched my lips. Then, finally, he began fucking my globes, and I opened my mouth for the end.

Every time he reached the end, I kissed his cockhead; one-minute kissing, one-minute licking, and one-minute kissing. He kept fucking my tits for at least 10 minutes. Suddenly he came!

“Oh, honey!”

That was all I said before opening my mouth and take his cock. I missed his first spurt, but I took all of the rest. It was not a huge load; it wasn’t a small one either! His first spurt was a surprise to me, and it landed on my neck.

“Thanks for the desert!” I released his cock after a good suck. “Mommy wants to lick the other one. Is she allowed?!”

“Oh, God!” My son giggled and kept watching me. “You are unbelievable!”

“I’m unbelievably thirsty for your semen!” I grabbed his cum off my face and ate them. I cleaned my face after 30 seconds of wiping!

“I’m so tired. I wanna sleep in your arms, mom.”

I knew he was exhausted, but I needed one more load for my plan. After that, I was right on the schedule, and I wouldn’t let my sensitive son ruin it!

He went to the bathroom, and I changed into my night robe. Then I went to the bathroom and cleaned my face. Finally, I thoroughly washed my makeup and got ready for bed.

I turned off the lights and joined my son in bed. It was 00:15, but we were genuinely fatigued. I needed one more load…

“Happy birthday, Lu!” I whispered into his ears and kissed him gently. “Every day is your day, but today is really yours!”

He kissed me back. We talked a little, but he was really worn out.

“Can you do me a favor, sweety?” I turned my back to him. “Can you unplug me?!”

“Oh, my God! Do you still have it back there?!”

“I had it all day long!”

He pulled my butt-plug out. It hurt a little, but I needed one more load…

“Oh, it is burning down there,” I told my son as he put the plug on the table. “Can you do me another favor, Lu?!

“Anything, mom” He kissed my neck. “Anything for my gorgeous woman!”

“Could I bother you to give me a…” I paused to choose a proper word. “to give me a simple anal massage?!”

“What do you mean, mom?”

“Just rub my desperate hole with your soft hands!”

“Oh, okay!”

Lu rubbed my asshole. He caressed my ass cheeks and rubbed my hole in a circular motion. It was great! I began moaning to show gratitude…

“Can you use some lotion, please?! It’s over there, on the table behind you.” I told him between my sighs!

He poured some lotion on his hands and some on my ass. Then he kept massaging my hole. Finally, it got really better, and I was alive again. My seduce-tactic was working: I heard some quiet moans from my son!

“Put your fingers inside” I turned back and watched him in the dark “Two fingers, please!”

He did what I asked. I kept watching his face. His eyes were closed, but I was sure that he was completely ready! He fingered my ass for a few minutes, and my moans got heavier.

“That’s great, Lu!” I screamed between his finger thrusts. “But I want more!”

I reached over and grabbed his cock. I was right; He was utterly erect!

“Put this inside, mommy!”

Lu removed his fingers and put them in his mouth!

“Oh, honey.” I got aroused by his sexy gesture. “I want your finger, too!”

He put his saliva-ass-lotion-soaked finger in my mouth. I licked it eagerly and stroked his cock a few times. Then I placed his huge dick on my back entrance.

“A little lotion, please!” I ordered my son. He liquidated some lotion on his monster and got ready. He was waiting for my call!

“Cock-massage me!” I talked one more time…

He pushed his cock on my hole and got in with a mighty thrust.

‘Oh, God!’ I talked in my head as he began pumping. ‘I kept the plug in my ass for 3 days, we had anal sex almost 20 times in the past month, but it still hurts!’

I didn’t say a word, but I couldn’t hide my pain. I began crying and screaming each time he pumped! His cock is officially OUT OF MY LEAGUE!

“Do you feel pain, mom?!” Lu whispered right into my ear but didn’t wait for my answer! “You deserve it!” he licked my earlobe and pumped harder!

“This is the punishment of a MILF who seduces her birthday boy!” My son kept talking and licking my ear. Meanwhile, his thrusts got heftier and deeper. “No more lotion for this naughty girl!”

Lu was wild again. I think I woke up the beast. My son is a Sensitive Beast who doesn’t show mercy to his mother’s tiny ass!

“I won’t cum soon!” He kept pumping my poor ass. “I’m just getting WARM!”

Lu was right! He kept fucking my ass for 10 minutes; One position, 10 minutes! He played with my tits as he was fucking me but never touched my pussy.

“You know I love you so much!” he whispered into my ears. “But you really deserve it!” He pushed his cock as deep as he could, and it was the start of his deep fucking.

“Ohhhhhh!” I was aroused but his tough love! “Fair enough!”

“Come on!” he suddenly pulled his cock out of me. I got happy because I thought he wanted to cum in my mouth.

“I want to see you as we fuck” he commanded firmly. “I want the PAIN in your slutty eyes!”

I laid on my back, and he came between my legs. He spread my legs, put a pillow under my ass, and pushed his cock back there. The look on his face was frightening!

“I love your tiny hole, mom!” He talked to me as he was fucking my rear hole. “It’s tight and hot!”

He began fucking me in the new position, and I was sure it wouldn’t finish soon. I started to rub my clit as he was pumping me. I needed something to relieve the pain my son was giving me.

My son put his both hands on my tits, and I was playing with my wet pussy. The room was dark, and the only sound was the sound of impelling a poor ass!

“Please, cum for mommy!” I begged him as I was rubbing my clit. “You are tearing me apart, honey! PLEASE…” I pushed my teeth together.

What was my son’s response? He clutched my boob harder; it was a new pain in my body!

Believe it or not, Lu continued fucking my anal-hole 15 minutes in that position. So now he had me anally for half an hour, and I was literally torn up!

“Finish it, please!” I told him as my body was moving under his powerful thrusts. He was literally destroying me!

He fucked me in the ass for another 5 minutes.

“You’re going to sleep with your son’s semen inside of you!” he pushed as hard as he could and kept it there. “Take my cum, Mona!”

He ejaculated in my poor ass, and I could feel his balls touching my ass cheeks. It was not a huge load, but I could feel the thickness in my bowels!

“Now you can sleep, Mommy!” he got off me and sprawled on the bed. My son left me in pain and lust, and it was tough to sleep!


I woke up and looked at the clock. It was 7:55, and my son was asleep. He was bottom naked, and I enjoyed the view!

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