My New Life Begins


This is the fourth in a series of Tom fulfilling his sexual fantasies.

Part 1 — My new Found Chastity, Tom, a married guy in his 50s, meets his Mistress Rachael and confesses to his most personal and family details and deepest sexual fantasies. Mistress begins Tom on his journey to living his new life hidden from his wife and all but his closest friends, he learns how submissive he is and introduces him to sex well beyond chastity.

Part 2 — I See My Neighbors Differently, Mistress Rachael takes Tom on a car ride through his neighborhood and introduces him to several of his neighbors as a sexual submissive to both men and women. He’s teased and milked at the hands of women and learns to eagerly perform oral and receive anal sex from men. Mistress, with the help of his next-door neighbors, makes plans for his wife.

Part 3 — The Dinner Party, where Tom adheres to his instructions in being milked and servicing his neighbors. It’s also where Tom and his wife visit their next-door neighbors for drinks, dinner, and more. Together with his wife, Tom walks home, not knowing exactly what was said to his wife in private, but presumes it was a lot when he wakes up the following morning wearing a chastity cage that he didn’t go to bed with.

Part 4 — And My New Life Begins now

By Sunday afternoon, my mind is still somewhat in a daze as the past day’s events swirl through my mind. Yes, last night’s dinner at the neighbor’s was an evening to remember. Good food and drink, the sex I had fucking Ed and Maurine showing off a lot of skin, and her talk of body image. She and Diane also talked alone several times and other than Diane telling me of Ed’s chastity cage, I don’t know what they discussed.

This morning Diane wakes me and tells me that the chastity cage I’m wearing formerly belonged to my neighbor, Ed. Without any further explanation, I’m directed to shower and come downstairs naked for breakfast. I’ve run around the house before naked, but never at the order of my wife.

Downstairs, I’m handed my coffee and follow her into the den where I met a naked Ed and a fully clothed Maurine. I was dumbfounded, shocked and damn near dropped my mug of coffee. Sit down I was told and rhetorically asked if I was embarrassed.

Embarrassed was an understatement, I was speechless when Diane as me what I thought. Slowly some words came out of my mouth

“Yes, I’m embarrassed by all of this and don’t know what to say.”

Diane talked first saying, “It’s what you’ve always wanted, isn’t it? Walk around everywhere naked. The chastity cage was Maurine’s idea last night. She and I had a good talk while you and Ed were in the garage.”

The way it was said, I feel that both she and Maurine knew what was happening in the garage. But how much more did Diane know? God, I hope Maurine didn’t tell everything to Diane last night. She obviously said quite a bit, but how much I didn’t know. One thing I now know is that my wife was a changed person. She never would have talked like this, let alone allow it to happen.

Maurine chimed in saying, “Don’t be embarrassed Tom, Ed was just like you many years ago, but look at him now.”

What the hell did that mean? Yeah, I might have mentioned something to Diane over the years of men enjoying chastity or women being more in control of their sex life. But Ed was there naked in a cage, why or how come? I didn’t know. What the hell does my Diane know?

Diane quickly followed thanking me for last night and how it opened her eyes and was able to have an entirely new and different perspective on life.

“Tom, you’ve always enjoyed being naked while I’ve always shied away from it because of my weight, but being with and talking to Maurine last night has made me feel differently about myself. I will be more like you and no longer cover myself in drapey clothes. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be the exhibitionist, you are, but you’ll see more of me.

You’ve always pushed me for sex; no, never too extreme, but it was always there. Maurine said it was the same for them for a while, but now it’s different while Ed is in chastity. ‘Chasity,’ I said, I can’t believe it. Maurine told me it was absolutely the truth and how Ed settled down and respects her wishes when it came to sex. So, I thought I’d give it a try. What do you think?”

I don’t fully know what to think, Diane. You’ve caught me like this totally by surprise. I don’t think I ever pushed you into sex, did I?

No, Tom, you didn’t. I’ve just tired of your asking, pestering, and all the suggestions. And besides, when it’s off, we can have terrific sex the way it used to me, but when it’s on, don’t even think about it.

With the excitement and my surprise behind us, and me a lesser share of red, we chatted over coffee and a bagel for a while before Ed and Maurine went home. Ed, just like me, walked over to his house naked with his cage.

With the Murphys gone, Diane and I cleaned up the dishes — me still naked and Diane with her clothes on. Diane finally broke the ice.

“Tom,” says Diane, “I hope you’re not mad at yozgat seks hikayeleri me for what I’ve done and how I embarrassed you this morning.”

“No, Diane, I’m not mad at all and despite the initial embarrassment, I’m fine with it all. Especially if you showing off, I’ve always liked seeing you naked. If it took me wearing a chastity cage for you to appreciate yourself and not hide, I’m fine with it all.

What about our sex life?

That’s ok too. We’ve always enjoyed sex, sometimes out in the open or naked with others. When it’s time for either, you can let me know.

Oh, Tom, I love you.

I love you too Diane. Thank you for doing this for us.

You’re welcome sweetheart, I do love having sex and hope it even gets better now. With me holding the key, excusing the pun.

Yes, I do too and I’m ok with you literally having the key to my sex life.

And with that said, it was all behind us and we finished up the dishes and spent the rest of the day as if nothing has changed. That is until we went to bed. For the first time in a long while, Diane suggested that we sleep in the nude. It wasn’t at all a problem for me as I wasn’t wearing any clothes in the first place and loved to sleep naked. Wanting to sleep naked, however, is a big change for Diane. We cuddled and kissed for a bit then she cupped my caged cock and balls and said good night and sleep well.

Monday morning was pretty much like any other workday. We showered separately, dressed, had a bite to eat, and headed off to work with our coffee in hand. While driving to work, I received a text from Rachael asking me to call when I could. I did as soon as I parked.

So, Tom, tell me about the party on Saturday, asked Rachael

I replied saying it was fun and really opened up Diane

Did you enjoy your alone time with Ed and how was Sunday for you, surprised?

Yes, I did enjoy topping Ed, that was very much a surprise, and was also surprised by all that happened on Sunday.

Do you like being caged full-time now with your wife holding the key?

Yes, and if it took this to have Diane return to her old self, it’s worth it.

I’m glad it worked out for you and Diane.

Yes, thank you, Mistress. All this wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for you and Maurine.

You’re welcome and glad that I could facilitate this for you. By the way, don’t forget about me, I’ve got lots to do to you in my dungeon and Rod needs to fuck you. Roxanne tells me he’s extremely horny and hasn’t had an honest release since you two were last together. Why don’t you give him a call and arrange something?

Ok Mistress I’ll call Rod and set something up as soon as I can.

That wasn’t a suggestion Tom, make the call now. You have his number, call him.

Yes, Mistress, I will.

I know you will, and text me when you’re meeting.

Yes, Mistress.

I called Rod, arranged our meeting for Friday afternoon at his place, and immediately texted Mistress Rachael.

After work, I returned home, as usual, to see Diane in a new attire. Nothing super sexy if you will, but shows more of her than what I’m used to seeing of her. We hug and kiss as she grabs and squeezes my caged cock and balls thru my pants.

Why don’t you go upstairs and get changed into your birthday suit while I pour us something to drink?

Ok, I will

Removing my pants and underwear, reminded me as if I could forget, that I’m caged at the direction and control of the woman who told me to get undressed, put my clothes away and return downstairs naked.

So, Tom, as she hands me a glass of wine and squeezes my balls, how does it feel to be caged for a day and a half now?

It wasn’t too bad Diane. I became more aware of my chastity cage as I undressed and you just now squeezed my balls.

I see you’re trying to get hard, aren’t you?

Yes, as you can see, I’m trying to get hard.

I’m sorry dear it’s just that you look so sexy in your chastity cage, I can’t keep my hands off you. Maurine tells me I should tease you often to keep the excitement and control of being caged utmost in your mind. You don’t mind, do you?

No dear, if this is what makes you happy, I’m ok with it. I just hope that you’ll let me out soon so I can cum.

Cum is not something you should worry about any longer. It’s up to me now.

Realizing she was 100% correct, I agreed and smiled. The rest of the evening was uneventful as was the rest of the week until Friday afternoon when I met Rod.

At the agreed time I drove to Rod’s house directly from work. Getting out of the car brought back memories of the first time I was there. I was greeted at the front door by Rod who invited me inside.

Let’s go to the bedroom unless you want to want to play outside by the pool, said Rod

Since it’s a nice day, let’s do it at the pool.

Rod agreed and out to the backyard, we went. He mentioned how Roxanne removed his cage earlier and was half hard as we stripped off our clothes. It felt good to be outside in the sunshine naked but for my cage. Rod walked over to me, embraced and brought his mouth to mine. I could feel his tongue against my lips, it felt strange, yet strangely familiar as we began to passionately kiss. Rod was the second man I have ever kissed, Ed, being the first. He eventually broke off the kiss with his hands on my shoulders directing me to my knees.

Rod has a beautiful cut cock and big, low-hanging balls. I took his cock in my mouth swirling my tongue on the underside and bobbing in and out while fondling his balls. Only after a few minutes, he grabbed me by the back of my head and started to face fuck me hard. Just like it was before with his balls hitting my chin and nose buried in his pubes. But this time he didn’t take long and held me close releasing a torrent of cum into my throat and mouth. Releasing his grip on my head, I sucked the last of his cum off the tip of his cock.

That was terrific Tom, my balls were so full of cum, you can believe it. You’re a great cock sucker and I plan on giving you several loads this afternoon for staying away for so long.

Glad you enjoyed it, Rod, it’s my pleasure to make you cum. You know that both of my holes are available to you.

Yes, I know and I’ll take advantage of that this afternoon. Let’s take a dip in the pool to cool off.

The water felt cool for being the middle of the summer. It was still refreshing nonetheless and we swam and splashed around for a little while before getting out and drying off. I noticed that Rod was still half hard, he must be horny.

On the grass and all fours Tom. I’m gonna eat your ass

Sure, Rod, anytime, I’m here for you. I said in reply,

God, it felt so good to have his tongue lapping at and poking my hole. He had me lose and primed for his cock in no time and my cock was straining in its cage. He repositioned and pointed his now very hard cock at my hole and in one swift push he was in balls deep.

You’re fuckin’ tight Tom, as he continues to assault my ass.

On your back, I’m gonna fuck you and want to see your face as I breed your ass

Almost without missing a stroke, I was on my back, legs high in the air with Rod once again balls deep in my ass. I couldn’t help myself from letting out moans and saying how good it feels to have his cock in my ass.

Before long, it was me, saying, “I’m gonna cum Rod, fuck me hard and breed my ass, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum” And with that, I came in my little chastity cage and experienced a “sissygasm” as Rod calls it.

Holy shit Tom, I gonna cum too and breed you and fill your fucking ass with my seed. Tell me you want it you fucking whore

Yes, I want you to fuck me hard and breed my ass with your seed. Make me your bitch, empty your balls in me.

Those words were no sooner out of Rod’s mouth than I felt him cum. I could feel every contraction and rope of cum he delivered deep inside me. He made me his bitch and reminded me how much I enjoy receiving a man’s cum and feeling each pulse of his cock exploding deep inside me.

Collapsing on top of me, with his cock softening still inside me, he said, “that was fucking great Tom” before planting his lips on mine and again beginning to kiss.

When his cock slipped from my ass, he repositioned and put his dick in my mouth saying, “Clean me off cock sucker.”

I sucked and licked every inch of his cock and balls ensuring that I got it as clean as I could. He then said, on your hand and knees.”

I did and he began to clean my ass eating his cream pie. God, did this feel good, and don’t recall this ever happening to me. My cock was straining in its cage, it felt so good. If he kept it up, I was sure I would cum again.

He stood and gave me a hand getting up and surprised me with another kiss. Kissing at this point felt so natural and didn’t think anything of it.

Breaking off this kiss, he said, “Let’s go for another swim and get cleaned off.”

Into the pool we jumped; it was nice to wash my cum from my stomach and cage and his cum from my ass. Drying off after getting out, we noticed that Mistress Rachael and Roxanne were watching us.

How long have you been watching us asked Rod.

Pretty much the whole time you were on the grass. That was some hot sex guys, no wonder why neither of you noticed us watching. We even took a video, replied the girls

“Hello Mistress,” I sheepishly said

“Hello, Tom. Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed, you should be well past that by now. Being naked, having sex, and enjoying yourself are all natural and are to be expected. You said you wanted to be an exhibitionist, didn’t you? And today you put on quite a show for us. I’m glad we recorded it to watch again.”

“Rod, did you enjoy your sex with Tom,” asked Roxanne.

Yes, I did.

Which part did you enjoy most?

I think when I fucked him on the grass and was able to hear his words and see his face as I came

Are your balls empty now and are you ready for your cage?

If that’s what you want, I’m ready for my cage.

Mistress interrupted suggesting that we proceed to her dungeon and continue things

Rod and I picked up our clothes and towels and followed Mistress and Roxanne next door to Mistress’ dungeon.

Rod, why don’t you help Tom get into the sling and secure his arms and legs orders Mistress.

“Now that you’re all secured in the sling,” Mistress says, “If I had the key to your cage, I’d release you so Rod could give you a nice blow job, but alas, your wife holds the key so you’ll have to settle for a good pegging.

Yes, Mistress, I reply

Roxanne orders Rod to rim my ass and get it ready for her while she puts on her strap on.

Once on, she approaches my head and says, “you know what to do, now suck it”

Yes, Roxanne, I respond

Before long, Roxanne pushes Rod away and plows into my ass, and immediately begins fucking me for all I worth.

“I’m going to fuck you until I tire or I cum so be prepared.”

Yes Roxanne

Mistress has now placed her strap on on and hovered it above my head saying, “You want this, don’t you Tom?”

Yes, Mistress, I do

I’m now being spit roasted with Mistress’ strap on in my mouth and Roxanne fucking my ass. I was surprised that Mistress wasn’t fucking my throat but just gently had it in my mouth. She did however reach over my head and fondled and pinched both of my nipples. I know Mistress could tell she was exciting me as she was now balls deep in my throat gagging. Mistress held it there until I almost passed out. Mistress allowed me to catch my breath some before choking me balls deep again. I couldn’t follow what was going on as I couldn’t breathe. When I finally became aware, Roxanne was telling Mistress what a great orgasm she had.

Tom, I want you to know that you allowed Roxanne to orgasm from pegging you. Will you be so kind as to allow your Mistress to reach orgasm from fucking your pussy.

Yes Mistress, fuck me as you wish, use my pussy to orgasm. Let me allow you to cum.

Thank you, Tom was all Mistress said as she began to slowly fuck me. It felt rather good after being slammed by Roxanne.

I was surprised to hear Mistress say, “Roxanne, why don’t you be a doll and suckle Tom’s caged cock and balls as I continue to fuck him. Rod, suckle and toy with Tom’s nipples, won’t you? Tom, don’t you dare cum either, understand?”

Yes, Mistress, I understand that I may not cum

I was in heaven as Mistress fucked my ass, Roxanne sucked my cock and balls while Rod sucked on my nipples. Not cumming was the hardest part of the ordeal. Several times I said I was about to cum and was warned by Mistress not to. It wasn’t until Mistress was fucking me hard and hitting my P spot, did she say go ahead and cum. I think Mistress and I came at the same time.

Did you like that Tom asked Mistress.

Yes, Mistress, I did, and hope you enjoyed your orgasm equally

Yes, Tom, I did thank you. I see that Rod is hard again and think he should breed you one more time and then we can call it quits for the day, will that be ok?

Yes, Mistress. Rod may breed me anytime you allow it.

It didn’t take Rod any time at all to begin fucking me saying, “You’re a great fuck, Tom, your pussy is so fuckin’ tight.”

I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, I’m cumming panted Rod as he emptied his balls in me for the third time in as many hours.

I was surprised and again pleased that once he pulled out, he immediately ate his own cream pie from my ass.

Well, Tom, have you had enough for the day Mistress asked.

Yes, Mistress, I have, but I enjoyed it all immensely.

Rod, help Tom get out of the sling and allow him to put on your chastity cage orders Roxanne.

Yes, ma’am was his only reply and I was pleased to be allowed to put Rod’s cock in its cage.

Once home, I was quick to shower, but it was otherwise the same routine — remove my clothes and come downstairs to await further direction.

We chatted for a bit, had dinner, did the dishes, and watched a little TV before retiring for the night. Just like the previous night we cuddle some and have her hand around my caged cock and balls while she kisses me good night. It’s become our new routine, but don’t dare ask when will I get to cum. I know we didn’t have sex that often before all this, but at least I was able to jerk off and cum in between. Now, I can’t and my balls are full and ache; I need to cum.

I continued to meet Rod once a week or so whenever Roxanne let him free. I know he likes the frequency as it’s the only time he’s allowed a real orgasm. In my ass or down my throat, it makes no difference to him. I wasn’t allowed to forget about servicing John Holcomb or Ed either. The week before last, all four of us were together at John’s house and they took turns having their way with me. I didn’t know that these three guys had limitless energy and stamina. I lost count how of many times I swallowed cum or how many times I was bred. All and all we all had a good time, but I could barely walk when they were done with me and finally let me go to walk home. By the time I got home, the crotch of my underwear was soaked from the cum leaking out my ass. Fortunately, Diane wasn’t home and I was able to take a relaxing shower to clean myself off.

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