Mrs Sara Johnson


It was a long two week after my little love session with Mr and Mrs Johnson, my best friend’s parents. They made me feel so good, so wanted. I had a great time and loved the feeling of Kelly’s dad fucking me hard. But to tell the truth, what really turned me on was getting touched and played with by Sara, my best friend’s mother.My name is Briana and I am seventeen years old. I have long blond hair and sharp blue eyes. I am very into my body and keep fit through exercise. My best friend Kelly still doesn’t know that I had a threesome with her mum and dad.I arrived home from school a Thursday evening and mum called me from the kitchen.“Briana, Mrs Johnson called. She wants to know if you can go around and help her with a few things.”I smiled to myself. I bet she does.I finished my homework and set out for the Johnson house. I knew Kelly had gone away for the weekend. I bet her mum sent her there so we could have another threesome. I didn’t mind, I like the last time.I Çukurambar escort bayan arrived outside the Johnson house and looked around to see if anyone was about. I rang the bell and it didn’t take long for the door to open. Mrs Johnson stood there and beckoned me in, she looked amazing. She wore a black sheer chemise with no underwear, her full breasts and her crotch were clearly visible. It was like a sheer mini dress and left nothing to the imagination.She took me by the hand and led me into the kitchen. She handed me a glass of fizzy liquid, I presume it was Champaign. She sat me down on one of the kitchen chairs and walked out the room. She returned a minute later holding a bag and told me to undress. I stripped off naked, feeling the cold air caress my body, making my nipples hard.She pulled some lingerie out the bag and helped me slip them on. The top was a red camisole with black lace, it instantly made me Escort demetevler feel sexy. The panties were a thong that matched. She looked at me approvingly and slipped her hand over my crotch, gently rubbing me.She looked deep into my eyes and kissed me softly on the lips, they were so soft. Our tongues slowly started to slide over one another, making out lovingly. As we kissed she took my hand and placed it on her chest. I didn’t need to be told twice and gently started to caress and knead at her soft natural breasts. She looked me in the eyes and gave me a peck on my nose.“You’re probably wondering where my husband is. Well, he isn’t here. He’s gone on a business trip for a few days, so I thought I’d send Kelly to her grandmother’s again so I can have alone time with you. Just me and you together to explore and play.”I loved the sound of that, spending the night alone with this gorgeous, sexy woman sounded amazing. I dikmen escort wrapped my arms around Sara’s waist and hugged her. She laughed and picked me up by my hips and sat me on the kitchen table.She kissed me again as her hand snaked into my lace panties. I could feel her fingers slide over my wet pussy and I could hear her breathing get heavier. I closed my eyes as she slipped two fingers inside me. She seemed to get pleasure from making me feel good as I could hear and feel her panting into my mouth.My hand roamed her body as she fingered me, resting on her crotch. Her pussy was soaking wet, literally dripping. I pulled away from her mouth as she slipped two of her fingers right inside me. I decided to follow suit as slipped two of my fingers inside her.“Yes, Briana finger my pussy as I finger yours. Let’s make each other cum good. I want to feel your pussy cum over my fingers. You’re going to be my sexy lil’ girlfriend that no one knows about. I am going to fuck you so good, baby.”Her dirty talk made me feel so good. She kissed me passionately, snaking her tongue deep into the back of my mouth. My fingers played with the folds of her pussy as her fingers seemed to push all the way inside me to the knuckle.I could feel my orgasm building and I could tell she was close too.

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