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Melissa does UAE (Filipina slut in the UAE)

My name is Melissa from the Philippines , lately I’ve been reading stories from this site ( ) after been introduce to it by a friend who is been a fan of one of the story sender ( Louise , also a Filipina ) , after reading most of her stories ( they’re hot ) , I was encourage to do the same, to share my encounters such as hers . I felt hot myself whenever I would read her ( Louise ) stories and wonder what would other people would felt if ever they read mine. I’m 25 years of age , petite body that measures 35-25-35, fairly brown complexion , shoulder long dark hair and stands 5’3” tall.

My ordeal started as soon as I got married to Sam , he’s 29 years of age introduce to me by a friend thru the internet, Sam works in Abu Dhabi, UAE for a Telecommunications company for almost 5 years, We get to know more about each as we regularly chat , he looks quite good looking and a very neat person as he appears to be on the photos and cam. We met during his vacation and as soon as that we regularly date during his 45 days stay. Even his parents are so fond of me that they even told us to think about marriage. That surprise me as because it’s only a few weeks that we finally met each other , so I thought probably it’s the age factor that his parents are worried about that their son soon should be giving them grandchildren and they told me that it’s the first time that their son had introduce to them his girlfriend. Much more which added to my surprise was that after that day when Sam brought me home he proposes a marriage , he told me that he doesn’t have much time as he only got a few weeks remaining for the vacation , I told him a would give it a thought for a week.

Life here is difficult , I have work in various department stores , I don’t have any problem being picked as I’m quite good-looking enough but the income is not that sufficient so after two days , I said , yes. We went to a civil court for the marriage the next week , but I notice that Sam’s parents are much happier than him as I would based on his actions.

I confessed to Sam that I’m no longer a virgin , he told me it’s okay and I don’t have to worry as he understood it. I’ve lost it a long time ago with my first boyfriend ( I had 3 past boyfriends which I’d gone to bed also ) . He said it to me in a very calm voice and even manage to show a smile which is so unusual as I thought. The first night was not as exciting as I thought it would be , he looks like some things are bothering him and seems his thought are some where else. Only two times we did it for the next one and a half weeks remaining during his stay.
He departs back to UAE leaving me in a furnished rented apartment , giving assurance that within six months I would be joining him there, so passports and all the documents , I prepare them all , awaiting the visa and invitation he promised.

It wasn’t long that after 6 months , I received the visa he promised The day I arrive in the UAE , he fetch me from the airport, it was the month of November and the cold climate was just moving in , I was surprised it’s quite the same temperature back in the city of Baguio , summer capital of the Philipppines. He took me into a flat in building he said provided by the company , it has two rooms , a living room , a dining room and a kitchen. All along I notice he wasn’t that excited and happy from the time he fetch me from the airport, he told that probably I’m too tired of the 10 hours flight that I should be resting , I took his advise and slept the whole night , regulary I would awaken to see him talking to someone on the telephone.

For the first week , we have one single sex encounter and it was worst since the last time , he’s really not into it as I notice and I ‘m beginning to doubt his personality .Sam would spent most of the day in the office and would come home very late at night reasoning out that there’s to much work in the office and when he did arrive he would sleep immediately as he’s tired he said. These continued for weeks to come, my sex life was so dull that I would mostly be outside in the city doing some shopping here and there. UAE was an open city unlike other middle east country , the city is similar to the business district of the city of Makati Sex hikayeleri back in the Philippines. But the male locals and other male expatriates would look at the Filipino females differently as I notice, a look with a mixture of lust as I would say. One day I phoned Sam and told him I’ll go around window shopping the whole afternoon. But only after 2 hours , I decided to go back to the flat so I hailed a taxi for a ride back. As I open the door and I walk inside I notice something different , there were glasses of wine on the living room for two and Sam’s shoes were scattered on the carpet so I proceeded to the master bedroom , I heard noises inside , a man moaning with a very deep voice , speaking the country’s dialect along with a slurping sound produced by another person. I opened the room’s door as it’s was not locked and to my surprise , there was Sam with another man on our bed ! The man was lying on the bed and Sam had his head in between this man’s legs !

Sam had in his mouth a monstrous cock , it’s size almost filling his mouth and manage to get only half the length of it inside as he strokes it. Both men were surprised and jumps out of the bed as the arab national speaks his language which Sam only understood. I ran into the other vacant room opposite and I sat there shocked on just what I ‘ve seen. Things are then getting clear for me then , I heard both men talking as they went out of the room and I heard the main door close as the other man leaves and soon Sam entered the room and sat beside me and explained. “It’s never been my plan , I’m not into it , only my parents are persistent , I knew it wouldn’t work out , I’m sorry, this is me , this is what I am and I can’t change it” he said. He stood and walk away and got out of the flat , only to return very late at night , I slept in the vacant room , I don’t want to sleep again in that room after what I have seen, for days we didn’t speak to each other , I only cried the first night after that I just kept to myself.

After two days , we finally fix ourselves and spoke to each other one breakfast morning , he told me all about him , I just listened then after he’s finished I told him it’s no longer proper for me to stay and that I need to get back hone in the Philippines which merely agrees. He assures me that he’s providing me financially and it’s all his fault. He told me not to speak about what happen to my parents and relatives. I assure him , they won’t know a thing about it and I would just fabricate a good story why I decide to go back home. He said he would fix everything in a week for the papers for my flight.

I remain to sleep in the vacant room , fix him his meals but the husband and image is somewhat not there anymore. Alone in that room I began to imagine other things , I thought of the man , he’s about close to six feet based on the length as he lay on the bed , short curly black hair , bearded and good looking for his arab appearance. Then I imagine his cock , probably an 8 incher or more and it was thick! None of my past Filipino boyfriend’s cock came close to it . I imagined Sam’s mouth on it and would it felt if I had mine on it. Thinking about it makes me wet that night so I masturbated myself until I came alone in the bed in that room. The next morning , spending alone with myself at the flat , I thought I need an outlet to let out my desperation , I decided to go to a disco located on a hotel 10 blocks away. Sam that morning told me he’s not going to spend the night in our flat that day which I don’t mind and bother as we have already open up ourselves to each other lately.

So I had myself in my outfit and proceed to the disco around 9pm , I got to the bar and had some drinks for myself , various nationalities filled up the place, Filipinas flirting among different male nationals are everywhere. I was about to order another drink after litting a cigarette smoke when the bartender gave a shot glass of an expensive whisky and said the other guy sitting 3 persons away ordered it . I was just to react when also the waiter handed out drinks for me he said ordered and paid for by the males on one table. I got nervous as I don’t know these men , I tried not to look in their direction , the bartender and waiter just smiled on my reactions. I smiled as not to embarrass them and began to sip on the drinks Sikiş hikayeleri then the man on the bar make his move , introduce himself as Saud and so did other two guys from the table. They had a hard time speaking in English , they are generous in providing me the next round of drinks and it’s clear to me that their intentions was to get me in bed with them. After downing my fifth glass of whisky I excused myself to the women’s room to fix myself and as soon I got out I slipped immediately to the elevator into the lobby and hailed a taxi back to the flat. I was so nervous that the Pakistani taxi driver asked me if something is wrong which I didn’t answer.

I got off in front of the building and walk thru the lobby ,got inside the elevator and pressed for my flat’s level on the 4th floor. That time I really feeling tipsy and drowsy on the taken drinks , I took out my keys and was about to open the door when I felt somebody was at my back so I turn around and to my surprise finds my husband’s lover! , the man that Sam has been giving a blow job in our bed when I caught them. I dropped the keys to the floor as I was about to pick it up I stumbled and was about to fall when he catches me. “You’re drunk, let me help you “he said . At that time the door already opened and he guided me inside holding my waist and arm as he picks up the keys on the floor. Once inside , I tried to stood in front of him and said “ Sam’s not here” . He just nodded and smiled and said “Yes I know, I’m Ahmed , I came here for you”. What he said startled me “I don’t understand” I said in a drunk voice as I hold my aching head. “Your husband told me, you’re not angry anymore” he continued. “Yes, that’s true and I don’t mind him or you . he can suck your dick anytime he wants” I added. He smiled , reached for the door and locked it. “Yes , so I thought you would like to suck it too” he told me as grabs his crotch , he’s wearing their traditional white clothes.

I tried to clear my senses if I heard him right , step back a bit but he continues to step forward as he grabs both my arm ,pulled and pressed me to him , he was so tall and have large hands , I felt his hard cock pressing on my navel , I felt a mixture of emotions that I can’t say a word as my purse falls on the carpet floor. I closed my eyes and have my head sideways awaiting his next move. “Yes, don’t resist it , you know you want it” he told me. My heart was pounding so hard that not a word was coming out of my mouth . He took the palm of my hand and guide it to hold his cock , he is still in his clothes My God ! I thought , it was enormous in my hands ,it was so thick that my fingers won’t reach each others finger tips as I stroke it. Then he told me to kneel which I obeyed , he lifted up his clothes took out his cock , it was so huge , a 9 incher or more , jerking it directly points it in my lips and told me to suck on his cock “Put this in your mouth “ he told me . Instinctively I open my mouth wide and let his cock slid inside my warm mouth , I heard him groan as I close my lips around it. I manage at first to take the head until my efforts took me more than half the length of it. He was murmuring and moaning all the time as he watch my efforts to deepthroat him. I took it out of my mouth and jerks the thing with both hands in front of my face as I watch and admires this magnificent creation. “Put it back in your mouth” he commanded , so I engulfed the head once more and suck while I continue to jerk his cock. “Oohhh, good , yes! “ I heard him say. I tease him licking on it’s purple head , it’s entire length and sucking on his balls then back inside my mouth again. It continued for about 10 minutes , all the time he would say I look more beautiful with my lips around his cock and that encourages me more to suck hard on his cock. He was becoming much bigger and harder then and my pussy is so wet as I finger myself and I too was moaning with excitement as his cock filled my mouth. He then held the sides of my head with his hands and dug his fingers in my hair , firmly held it as I stop to suck . I knew he’s about to come as I close my eyes and awaits him to explode , then it came it large spurts gushing down my throat as I swallowed and follow it’s rhythm , I swallowed come before with my past boyfriends so it’s no big deal , but this is something different for me. He was all the Porno Hikayeleri time moaning and groaning as came , calling me names , then his hips began to move and slowly fucks my mouth , I tried to hold and push his legs as not to gag me with his thrust , I could take only ¾ of it’s length as my saliva mixed with his sperm starts to drip down my lower lips down my chin to my neck.

As soon he is done , he never take out his cock out of my mouth even when it’s half limp and back to hardness again. He told me to stand up , cupped my breast with his large hands and take me to the master bedroom. Once inside we took off our clothes as we kissed , he suck on my tits and his beard gives me a tingle , I look upon the bed and imagine Sam and him in there. I got to my knees and sucked him again as he stands naked and me as well. I had the chance to see ourselves in the mirror with that big cock in my hand and mouth as I suck it. It’s like watching a live porno movie , then he motioned me to stand and lay on the bed , he continue to fed me with his cock as he fingers me. “ You’re ready , spread those legs! “ he said. I thought if I can take the whole thing inside but he was gentle at first then took the whole length inside as I groaned and moaned . I clung my legs to his hips as I came . Then he lay on his back and motioned me to mount his cock which gave me the ride of my life , as I ride he would thrust up his hips that I felt his cock touches the edges of my inside and I came for the second time.

Then he told me to bend over for a dog-style position , I knew these arabs are used for some ass action , I never have done it so I pleaded with him not to do it. “Whatever you do there, don’t fuck my ass” I said . He just grinned and bent me over , with his cock in one hand and the other one on my ass cheeks he inserted it inside my pussy and start to hump. I moaned and groaned on his every thrust , I watch underneath as his balls bounce its way. He would held me by the waist as he pulled me closer as he thrust forward and I groaned in excitement as I came for the third time. Just when I thought he’s in for another position as he pulled out his cock from my pussy , he spits on my anus and inserts one finger inside, I was so horny that I just moaned as he began to finger my never invaded hole. He would spit on it again and continue the same process, then he pulled out his fingers and I felt the head of his cock squeezing it’s way inside my ass opening , I tried reach out and hold him but he pushes me down and manage get the shiny purple head inside as I shout “ Noooo! , not that ! Uuhh,”. But he looks like a man possessed as he commanded me to stay firmly and not move “ Stay firm! , this won’t hurt ! your ass would love my big fat cock !” then he slid less the half of it as I kept myself in silent pain , mumbling the pain I’m experiencing , then his hands held both my ass cheeks as he began to pump slowly not pushing the whole length as he knows I can’t take it. “Look at that ass! , yes I know you Filipinos are made for ass-fucking!” he said as spread my ass cheeks with his hands to give him a better view how his cock works my ass. I felt a mixture of pain and pleasure after a minute and buried my head on the pillow as I dugged my fingers too. “Stop now, please, it hurts” as I begged. In a minute or two he let out a deep groan and I felt him come inside my ass, his warm semen came in spurts for the second time , exhausted he pulled out his cock , hold it in his hand and smiled at me. “I fucked husband and wife ass! ” he boasted and proceeded to wash himself in the bathroom attached to our room. I lay there still grimacing in pain I still felt inside. Then he came out took his clothes and dressed up. “You’re good , I’ll be planning to do it again next week when you’re husband is away, okay , you hear?” he said in a loud voice. I just nodded as I still remain to lay sideways on the bed, I watch him leave the room and hear him close the flat main door.

I never told Sam the ordeal , I felt it’s much better that way , that time I felt a little bit even with him , I had my ass the rest for that week and told Sam I’m not in a rush to go back home and that I planned to stay a bit longer to experience more about the UAE before going home. He just nodded in agreement and told me that I don’t need to bother or worry as he plans to go back home with me on his next vacation instead , set after the next coming 4 months. So I thought I’m gonna enjoy my stay in the UAE after all and look forward to what this new place has more to offer.

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