Love Thy Neighbor


It had been almost a month since I heard the horrible news that our next door neighbors were moving. They had been our neighbors for seven years, and our kids and their kids were best friends. However, in all honesty, that isn’t why I was upset at all. Angela was by far the hottest mom in the entire neighborhood, and I was definitely going to miss her and her yoga pants. I was also going to miss joining them at the pool, where I spent the whole time trying to get away with staring at her amazing body in her bikini the whole time.

Angela was probably my wife’s closest friend in the cul-de-sac. They both enjoy shopping and interior decoration, so they hit it off right from the start. And, while my wife’s body showed the wear from having three kids, Angela’s body looked as tight as a teenage cheerleader. Three kids had no apparent effect at all. Not only did she have a fantastic body, but she was absolutely gorgeous to boot. Even when she was pregnant with their daughter, I thought she always looked so beautiful.

She was so close to my wife, and never showed any interest in me at all, so I had never tried flirting or testing the waters in any way. That seemed like a sure fire way to get a divorce, and I wasn’t looking for that at all. So, I just kept my lustful thoughts to myself, and jerked off fantasizing about her way more times than I could possibly count.

Two weeks before they moved we threw them a going away party in the cul-de-sac. A couple of us drug our grills out, and we grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, and we all ate and hung out in the middle of the street. The kids played and the adults sat around drinking and laughing. Around 9:00pm my wife mentioned that it was time to get our daughter to bed. Without objection I jumped up and chased her down. Bedtime Ataşehir Escort was daddy daughter time, and happened to be my favorite time of the day. It always took about thirty minutes to get her changed, read her a story and lay in her bed until she fell asleep, and often times I would fall asleep as well, but not that night.

While laying at the foot of my daughters bed, listening to the laughter of the whole cul-de-sac outside, I noticed the outline of a woman’s head peek into my daughter’s room. I naturally assumed it was my wife, so I whispered “I think she’s asleep, I’ll be in our bedroom in a minute.”

After watching my daughter for a few seconds, to make sure she really was sleeping, I slowly crawled out of her bed, and walked to our bedroom. I couldn’t believe what was waiting for me when I walked through the door. There was Angela almost totally naked laying on the bed. I say almost, because she had on thigh high stockings and high heels.

“Angela, what are you doing?”

“You told me to wait in your bedroom, so I made myself comfortable. I don’t think your wife will mind that I put on her stockings and shoes, do you?”

That was all I needed to hear, and I pulled my shirt over my head, and pulled my shorts and underwear down and off at the same time. In the three seconds it took me to do that, my cock was fully hard and ready to go. I was only four steps from the bed, and right as I got next to it, she had turned on the bed and simply reached out, grabbed my cock and guided it to her mouth.

I stood next to my bed and watched my gorgeous neighbor suck the entire length of my erection into her mouth. She looked absolutely beautiful already, but there was something even more amazing about her gorgeous face Ataşehir Escort Bayan seeing my dick in her mouth. I placed my hand on the back of her head, because that’s what guys do in porn movies, and she started moaning while sucking my cock. The vibrations from her moaning sent shivers down my spine.

While she expertly sucked my meaty cock, I reached down and started rubbing her pussy with my left hand. That made her moan even more, which really had me going. I had to taste her sweet pussy, so I kind of forced my way onto the bed while she continued sucking, pushing my face between her thighs and pulling my legs up to rest on the headboard. I pressed my lips to her pussy and slid my tongue inside her. Using my fingertip I rubbed her clit vigorously and licked her pussy like a mad man. She pulled her mouth away from my cock and let out a loud moan, almost a scream.

I got a little nervous that my daughter might wake up, or someone could have come in and heard her, but in the heat of the moment I wasn’t going to stop. I continued rubbing her clit quickly and licking her pussy as good as I possibly could, until she begged me to fuck her.

I rolled off the side of the bed, grabbed her ankle, turned her on the bed, pulled her leg up over my shoulder, and shoved my erection into her wet, waiting pussy. Holding her thigh and using it for leverage, I started pumping my cock into her pussy so fast. Looking at my sexy neighbor, I realized this was way hotter than any of my fantasies had ever been.

Her leg in that stocking was so much sexier in real life, laying on my shoulder with my hand on her lusty thigh. Her pussy squeezing my cock felt so much better in real life, and her face with the look of pure lust filled ecstasy, was enough Escort Ataşehir to push me instantly to the point of no return. I couldn’t hold my cum in no matter how hard I tried.

I pulled out quickly, just in time, and watched my thick stream launch out of the tip of my mushroom head. Making it all the way to her perfect breast, followed by another thick white stream of cum, and yet another after that. I reached down and stroked out the last few drops of cum. Then admired my work for a moment. She looked incredibly sexy laying there naked with just the stockings and heels on, and three thick white lines of cum stretching from her tits to just below her belly button.

“Let me get a towel, so you can clean up a bit,” I said.

“No, I wouldn’t want to waste such a marvelous orgasm.” She started rubbing my cum around her tits and belly, almost like it was lotion or something.

“So, where did that come from? We’ve been neighbors for years now, and I’ve been jerking off fantasizing about you this whole time.”

“Well I’ve been fantasizing about you as well, but we’re neighbors. If we had an affair and things went south, then we would still have to see each other all the time. Now that I’m moving in two weeks, we can sneak in a few rendezvous, and then I’ll move away before things can go bad.”

That’s exactly what happened too. We got cleaned up, and I rejoined the party. She snuck back out the same way she snuck in, and nobody seemed to notice anything at all. Just about everyday day for the next two weeks I would sneak over during my lunch hour. We fucked in her kitchen, on her couch, on her bed, and even in her bathroom. We also did it in every position we could think of.

Two weeks earlier I was disappointed because the hottest neighbor was moving, but after that something had changed. We spent so much time together, I’d fallen in love with her. I would have done anything to get her to stay with me, but when the day came they moved away. Now we just send each other sexy emails, and hope one day we’ll get to see each other again.

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