Lili – Initiation Of A Japanese Sub


I work for the largest and most reputable law firm in the world as a litigator. I represent multinational corporations in international arbitration in Shanghai, Tokyo, Singapore, Taipei, Seoul, and Hong Kong. I love my job and travel non-stop for business.From a very young age, I have always been an expat with a high income and no fixed expenses. I spend three weeks a month away from home and change countries every three or fours year. I am thirty-six years old and, although I do not have a perfect gym body, I am in good shape. Except for the very long working hours, keep a healthy lifestyle. I am not too tall (170 cm), but I have always been successful with women.I started practicing BDSM when I was eighteen years old. Since then, I have had the opportunity to grow as a master and learn from very experienced doms that I greatly admire. BDSM is not just tying someone up and asking them to perform oral sex on you. It goes much further. The mind is always the key factor. A good master must be able to identify what type of sub he is dealing with and adapt his style accordingly. The master is responsible for her pleasure. The sub hands control over to the master, and the master should exercise it properly, thinking of the sub’s experiences through her surrender and submission. I will speak feminine in this story when referring to a sub, but the same applies to submissive men. I have accepted and accept both men and women as subs.This story is about how I met a new sub online and her initiation.It had been two weeks since I broke up with my long-term girlfriend (and sub) when I created a profile on Tinder to find a new sub. I didn’t want a romantic relationship, just a sub or a slave. The Tinder profile only had one picture of a pair of handcuffs and a whip. The text was limited to one short phrase in English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese: Enjoying the finest things in life. BDSM. Looking for a new sub.Very soon I had several matches, but only a couple of girls took the step to start a conversation. One of them was Lili (imaginary name).Lili is a thirty-nine-year-old Japanese girl. She works as an executive assistant in a multinational corporation and speaks fairly good English. When quoting her in this story, I use her same words. She lives by herself in a small suite on the outskirts of Tokyo. Lili’s life is pretty much limited to working during the week, eating dinner at a convenience store, and going home on the weekends to visit her parents, who live one hour away from Tokyo.Lili is is a little over 160 cm tall and chubby. She has very good tits (38DD), a very large ass, and thick lips. She dresses extremely conservatively, with long and wide clothes. Lili is not a hot girl by common standards, but her personality caught my attention.Lili is very shy. She speaks little and never takes the initiative, but she always replies immediately. Lili is curious and wants to try new things. However, her very shy and introverted character precludes her from doing so. Fortunately, with a little bit of help and after establishing mutual trust, she started feeling comfortable exploring her fantasies. She turned out to be a perfect sub, who serves me with devotion and finds pleasure in extreme levels of submission and degradation.This is the story about her initiation as a sub.After Lili and I started chatting on Tinder she immediately mentioned that she was new to BDSM. She told me that my profile made her very curious and that she had fantasized about being dominated. I offered to help her explore the BDSM world and shared a couple of links with very basic information. I shared my Telegram handle and told her to contact me using Telegram if she wanted to learn more. She replied that she didn’t have Telegram and upon reading that I deleted her from Tinder. I do this on purpose to filter which potential subs have a real interest.After one hour of writing that she did not have Telegram, Lili sent me a message on Telegram saying “Hello”. I told her that I was happy and thankful that she downloaded the app and reached out. I followed with a few introductory questions to understand more about what kind of girl she was and what attracted her to the BDSM world. These were questions about her work, hobbies, family, etc.I don’t like to waste my or anyone else’s time, so after ten minutes of chatting, I asked her if she wanted to try to be my online sub. Her response was:- Lili: I would like to. There is something in the way you talk to me that makes izmit escort me attracted to you. However, I have no experience, and I am afraid I will not know what to do.- Paul: I like that you push yourself out of your comfort zone. Don’t worry about being inexperienced.- Paul: There is something I would like to tell you, Lili. I don’t want a girl that just wants a couple of dirty messages to masturbate when she is horny. I am only interested in real subs. To show me your commitment and earn being my sub, I will give you a short questionnaire and assign you four different tasks. If after you answer the questionnaire and fulfill the tasks and are still interested, I will be glad to take you on as my sub. You can stop at any time, of course.- Lili: Thanks, Paul. I will try to be your obedient girl. Hope I don’t disappoint you.After these messages, I started with the questionnaire:1. How many men have you had sex with in your life? How many in the last six months?2. Do you have fantasies about girls or any homosexual experience?3. How often do you masturbate? Do you watch porn, if so, what porn?4. Have you tried anal sex? Do you enjoy it?5. Please complete the test at and share the results.Another ten similar questions followed.Lili had only had sex with a long-term boyfriend she had for six years. They didn’t have sex often because he was not sexually active and always wanted to play video games. Lili would masturbate him once a month on average. He would never masturbate her and in the end, only fuck her two or three times a year. She was very horny, but since they were living together, she did not masturbate much. Lili and her boyfriend broke up three months earlier, and she had just created her Tinder profile. Lili now masturbated daily, using her imagination. On the BDSM test, she scored 100% on submissive, slave, and degradee.Lili showed that she was willing to share about her sexual life and was making a great effort to overcome her shyness. I congratulated her and informed her that, if she was still willing to go forward, we would start with the tasks.- Lili: Thank you. I will try to do the tasks well. Responding to your questions made me even more curious. I never thought I would reply to this kind of rude question to anyone, let aside to someone I just met online. I will try to be obedient.- Paul: Trying is good, but please make sure you do well. There will not be second opportunities. If you fail because of laziness or lack of discipline, it is that we are not a good match. If you fail the tasks for other reasons, this may still work, but you will be severely punished before you can try again. Understood? Do you want to go forward?- Lili: Reading your messages makes me excited. I understand and I want to go forward. I will try my best and not be lazy.The first task was for her to be without masturbating or having sex for four days, and she had to make herself available to me for twenty-five minutes a day at a time of my choice between nine PM and midnight. Lili quickly accepted. I told her we would start the next day (Tuesday) and went to bed.Tuesday at ten PM sharp, I sent Lili a short sexual story on Telegram, in which I explained an experience with my Arabian sub.”Aby (name of my Arabian sub) was kneeling on the bed with her shoulders touching the mattress and her arms stretching back straight along the mattress between her legs. I pushed her ankles apart, tied her wrists together, and blindfolded her.Aby was tied up, on four legs with her face against the mattress and her ass up, totally vulnerable and exposed. Her pink pussy was wet.I invited three construction workers from Pakistan that were working in the building to come in and, under my supervision, touch Aby wherever they wanted, masturbate, and cum on her. To fuck her, they would have to pay, because she was a whore. I explained this out loud to them so that Aby could hear them. They did not have money to fuck her but quickly started touching her and jerking off. They came on her face, ass, and boobs in less than five minutes.- Paul: Hi Lili, please read the above story by yourself first. Thereafter, take your clothes off. Leave your underwear on. Find a full body mirror and film yourself in your underwear reading the story out loud. When you are done, please send me the video and call me. You can cover your face in the video if you want, but rest assured that I will delete the video after watching it and nobody else will ever yahya kaptan escort see it.- Lili: Ok, Paul. I will be your obedient girl and do what you say.- Paul: Good girl. I look forward to receiving your video. I don’t want to hear a word from you, or you to send me any more messages until I receive the video. Please be as fast as possible.Five minutes later, I received the video. Lili did not cover her face. Her voice denoted nervousness and she struggled to keep her eyes on the mirror. She kept looking down. Her underwear was big and boring. Her boobs were much bigger than what they showed on her Tinder profile.In the video, it was easy to appreciate how her nipples were hard, and she didn’t shave her pussy. It was very hairy. Clearly visible even though she was wearing underwear.Three minutes after sending me the video, Lili called me. I asked her to turn on the camera, again offering her the opportunity to cover her face.Lili turned on the camera. She was lying on the bed in her ugly underwear. No mask. I did not turn on my camera and slowly and firmly ordered her to touch the inside of her thighs, caressing herself from the knees, up until touching her vaginal lips. I made her repeat this movement five times and show it on camera, insisting that she should draw circles around her clit touching her lips before going down to her knees again.The second order was to leave the phone on the shelf, standing against a book, filming toward the center of her small room. Lili had to stand in the middle of the room and take off her bra. She had to strongly grab her boobs, putting them together and squeezing them while looking at the camera. While doing so, she should say out loud:- Lili: I am Lili, I want to be a good sub but for now I am still a little horny girl with a lot to learn. These boobs are for my master and whoever he designates to enjoy.Lili had to repeat it four times until she managed to say the whole sentence at once and well.After saying the whole sentence well, I made her squeeze her boobs several times and bounce them in a humiliating manner. I told her to try to do better next time and not waste my time.- Lili: I am sorry for being stupid. I hope you like my boobs and that compensates for my carelessness. I will do better for you next time, master. if not, I deserve to be punished.I looked at her pussy and her underwear was wet. There was a big stain, very clearly visible. I pointed it out to her. As always, I speak to Lili firm and slow.- Paul: Look at your pussy. You are dripping. What a fucking slut you are. I will have to teach you manners. You should be focusing on doing your tasks well, and instead, you are just getting horny.- Paul: Nice job, slut. I am sure you will become a great cocksucker. Now keep focusing on the tasks instead of on getting horny. You are here for my pleasure. Understood?- Lili: Understood, Master. I am sorry for being horny. I want to become a great cocksucker.In that same position, the third task was to stand in front of the camera and pinch her nipples hard until she felt pain. Sustain it for two seconds. She had to repeat it four times. I don’t enjoy infringing on pain, but I wanted to learn if this is something Lili may enjoy. Lili obediently followed the order without complaining. Her nipples got red.- Paul: Well, done. Did it hurt?- Lili: Yes, it hurt. It still hurts, but I want to be an obedient girl to be your slut.We moved to the fourth task. I informed Lili that it would be the last task of the day and that she was doing well. By completing this task, she would have passed her first test day.The last task was meant to be an easy and pleasant one, orgasm control.- Paul: Put your phone in such a way that I can see your whole body when lying on the bed. Then lie on the bed. Belly up. Legs spread wide open.Lili put her phone on a shelf with a towel behind it. She got a great angle of the bed. She lied down, exactly as she was told.- Paul: Close your eyes and start softly touching your breasts and nipples in any way it arouses you. Think about what we just did, the parts that got you hornier.I stopped and observed, and the stain on her underwear had gotten much bigger. I let her go on for another thirty seconds. Then continued.- Paul: Now continue with your eyes closed and thinking about what arouses you the most about you behaving like a sub today. Go down to your pussy, and start touching yourself underneath your underwear.Lili gebze escort started masturbating. Meanwhile, I narrated to Lili how happy the Pakistani workers that came on my Arabian slut would be if I would let them fuck her, and enjoy her big ass and boobs.- Paul: In your case, I should probably let them fuck you for free. You are a cheap slut in training, you still have to learn. Giving some use to that watery pussy is something you really can’t wait for. I think you may even pay them to fuck you all at the same time. Imagine them fucking you. You can smell them sweaty from the work. One is fucking your pussy, one is fucking your mouth, and. Or would you want him to try your sexy big ass?Lili’s breathing became agitated. She was having problems controlling it.- Lili (with a soft, broken voice): I will cum Master, I will cum.I interrupted her drastically.- Paul: Stop touching yourself right now and don’t dare to cum. I told you to touch yourself a little, and you, again, got so horny that she started masturbating. We agreed that no sex and no masturbation for four days. I decided to let you masturbate a bit because you are doing great today, but do not even think about cumming. Stand up, get your phone, go to the fridge and show me what you have in there.- Lili: I am sorry, master. I am a horny slut. I deserve punishment.Lili followed my instruction and walk toward the fridge. I was lucky, she had carrots. I ordered her to get a big carrot, clean it and go back to bed. Get in the same position as you were before, with your legs spread wide open.- Paul: Now you can masturbate. Tell me what you will think about.- Lili: Thank you, Master. I want to masturbate for you.Lili left the carrot aside and started masturbating. After a minute, I asked her what she was thinking.- Lili: I am thinking about being on my knees on the bed with my face down against the mattress, like at the beginning, and you are fucking me from behind.- Paul: You will have to earn that. Now get the carrot and put it in your pussy. Start fucking yourself with it.The carrot was a quite big one, thick, but it went into her pussy without any issues and Lili started fucking herself, with her eyes closed and good rhythm.Lili quickly started having trouble controlling her breathing again. She was getting closer to having an orgasm. At this point, I thought she really didn’t care about the tasks or anything else, she just really wanted to cum. When I noticed she started grabbing the sheets and arching her back, I ordered her to stop immediately.- Paul: Stop, little slut. I see you are enjoying fucking yourself with a carrot, but no more fun now. You did well today, slut. The first day is almost done. Before we finish, I want to make sure you are well-fed. Please suck the carrot as if you would be sucking a cock, as you learned a bit earlier.Lili grabbed the carrot. It had her fluids all over it. She obediently put it in her mouth and started the in and out movement.- Paul: You are not sucking deep enough, slut. A good cocksucker like what you should be able to put this whole carrot in her mouth. Try deeper.Lili forced the carrot deeper into her throat, getting three-quarters of it in her mouth.- Paul: Push deeper, until it hits the back of your throat. I want it all in your mouth.Lili pushed further without hesitation until she started gagging.- Paul: Well done, my girl. A bit deeper.Her gagging intensified, and her eyes started tearing, but she pushed it until the end and managed to momentarily get the whole carrot in her mouth.- Paul: That is how good, obedient sluts do it. Deep. You really will be good at sucking. Enough for today.Lili left the carrot on the bed. Her eyes were watery, and she had a combination of saliva and her fluids around her lips. She looked satisfied and had a shy smile on her face.- Lili: Thanks, Master. I really want to be good at sucking. I will follow your teaching to be good.-Paul: Thanks Slut. You made me happy today. Now go take a quick shower and remember the rules. No masturbating and no sex.I hung up. Immediately after finishing the sentence.A minute later, I wrote Lili a message reminding her of the instructions and ordering her to take a picture of her underwear and her pussy before going into the shower. So he did. She was very wet, you could her liquids falling down her thighs. Her panties, huge and not at all sexy, were soaked. I replied to her message:- Paul: Good girl. Thanks for today, slut. Enjoy your shower and we will speak tomorrow.-Lili: Thank you, master. I like to be your slut. Never did BDSM, now very excited and horny. Can I please cum? I will make up for you master, you can punish me if you want.- Paul: Remember the rules and don’t message me anymore until I message you.To be continued.

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