Lil Jem


I was ten years old when it first started. I knew I was too young, but I was already mature for my age, having to usually look after myself, keep up with school and keep the house clean without a lot of help from my mom. She loved me as much as a mom can, but being alone she worked hard to keep the place we had, sacrificing her time with me to make ends meet.
I was a tiny girl,, short and slim. I had long black hair with a bit of a curl to it, a very white complexion, not pale, more of a rich cream color. Along with my jet black hair and dark eyes and other features it was rather an exotic look and would generate stares, not only from boys and other kids, but older men and sometimes women too.
I was next door one day visiting Mr. Frankie on his acreage, playing with his animals and helping him with his chores. I loved spending time at his place, he had so many different kinds of animals, strange chickens, goats, cows, horses and of course a big dog and some farm cats. He was always very kind to me, and would pay me to feed his animals if he was away and for helping with his chores. I was so impressed he would trust a lil girl like me to look after his pets when he was gone. It made me feel grown up almost and I took the responsibility very serious. My mom was proud of me too, for taking that job on from time to time.
I had noticed Mr. Frankie looking at me a little differently lately, almost the same as the boys did at school. I would catch him peeking at my butt a lot and at my chest if I wore my white half- tee shirt, which my nipples would show through, as they were very dark, almost black in colour, a stark contrast to my white complexion. Sometimes I would feel them stiffen under his gaze; they were exceptionally large, jutting out, with thick areoles surrounding them. I was somewhat embarrassed by this, but excited at the same time, knowing that this older man was looking at me that way. It would give me a fluttery feeling inside my tummy, and they would just get harder and tingle.
Today I had come over wearing a short, loose pink top with a low neckline, a denim skirt and running shows with no socks. As I searched him out in his barn and waved a hello, I noticed his gaze quickly drop, taking in my bare Üsküdar Escort flat tummy and the slight hint of my nipples under my top.
“Hello Jem” he called out, “You’re looking as cute as ever today!” “Thank you Mr. Frankie” I replied, doing a little twirl for him. “Do you like my new skirt”? “I bought it at the Thompson’s yard sale, it’s a little big, but I like it.” “Ohhh, it looks great on you. You’re just growing up too fast little Jem!” “Soon the boys will be chasing after you all day long, if they aren’t already!” “Phhhttttt!” I giggled at him, “Boys are soooo silly, and they act so goofy when they talk to you, and they are always staring at my… well… always staring!” “I bet they are!” he replied.
“Why don’t you give the milk bottle to the calf for me?” “Sure Mr. Frankie!” I took the bottle of milk he had ready and headed over to the fence to feed the calf. As I glanced back at Mr. Frankie, I noticed his gaze on my butt again, but somehow it seemed different now, like he was far away, dreaming. I felt the familiar tingle inside, liking the fact that a grown man was looking at me that way.
I climbed up some bales that were piled by the fence and leaned over the fence with the bottle. As soon as the calf seen his bottle he was over slurping away hungrily.
“Wow”, “Is he ever hungry today!”
“He’s always hungry” he replied. “And growing like a weed, just like you!”
I noticed huskiness to his voice, but thought nothing of it. However, if I had taken the time to look over my shoulder I would have noticed him staring intently at my denim clad bottom, as I bent over the fence feeding the calf. I was kneeling on a couple of bales, bent well over the fence, my butt up in the air a bit. My slim legs were bare almost to my little butt as the skirt had pulled dup a bit. I didn’t realize it, but as I bent over the fence my top was hanging down, giving him a clear view of my small chest, including my large dark nipples covering my tiny boobs.
I heard him move closer to me, then felt his hand caress my bare back. “I sure do appreciate your help, you are such a sweet young woman.”
I blushed at being called a “young woman”, and a shiver run through me as his fingers caressed my bare back. I wasn’t Üsküdar Escort Bayan sure how to respond to this new situation, murmured a little “thank you”, and concentrated on holding the bottle for the calf.
His hand slipped down over my bottom, causing another shiver to run through me, along with the fluttering deep in my belly. He gently squeezed my butt, “I really do like your skirt, and you always look so pretty in what you wear.” He kept squeezing my butt, then his hand was on the back of my thigh, caressing ever so gently. I couldn’t believe Mr. Frankie was feeling me up! I knew I shouldn’t let it happen, but to be wanted by a REAL man was an amazing feeling. All of a sudden I knew I wanted him to touch me, to do anything he wanted, I wondered to myself if this was what love was?
The touch of his hand on my bare thing was almost more then I could stand, and I could feel a warm feeling between my thighs. I didn’t dare move, wanting the contact to continue. Slowly his fingers caressed up and down my leg, moving ever so slowly higher up, the finger tips getting closer and closer to the junction of my thighs under the skirt.
Suddenly I felt his hand pull away; disappointment filled me until I felt him pulling my skirt up, exclaiming “I just want to see a bit more lil Jem.” I thought “oh my”, this is too exciting as I felt my skirt pulled up over my tiny butt; baring my tight pink panties I wore. I unconsciously moved my knees apart, slightly arching my back more as I bent a bit further over the fence. I didn’t even realize it, but I wanted him to have a better view.
The view he had was the hottest thing he had ever seen. This tiny thing bent over, skirt up, pink panties covering the sexiest little ass he had ever seen. The panties were tight, and he could see the swell of the mound they covered, along with the crease running down the center. His fingers slid along the crease, pushing the panties into it, making it more pronounced. His hand slid between those small thighs, his thumb pushing against the panties, where the tiny little pucker was hidden.
I felt myself tremble slightly at his touch, thinking, “I can’t believe Mr. Frankie is touching me between the legs!” I felt myself getting moist Escort Üsküdar down there, hoping it wouldn’t show through my panties, or he might think I had peed myself. I knew about getting moist, orgasms and many things about sex. Mommy had never been shy about talking to me about sex, always straightforward and asking any questions my curious little mind might have.
As these thoughts and many more raced through my mind I felt his other hand reach under to my belly and slide up under my top. I let out a gasp as his fingers touched a nipple, then slightly pinching it. As it grew harder under his touch he let out a “mmmm’, which totally excited me, thinking to myself he is enjoying me! His hand withdrew from under my top, and then I felt him slip my panties down! He let out another “mmmm” as my pre-teen charms were bared for his eyes. I could feel the moistness in my little slit, the hairless lips barely parted, revealing the pink dampness inside. Although I was almost porcelain white the area around my mound was darker, the lips of my tiny pussy very dark, almost black like my nipples. The same skin darkening was evident between the cheeks of my bum, also turning almost black, the thick little ring that was my anus the same dark complexion. It made for a very sexy contrast, something which Mr. Frankie was enjoying a lot by the murmurs that were coming form his lips.
I trembled again as his finger tip trailed up between those lips, forcing them to part more, revealing the pink, almost crimson opening to my pussy. I couldn’t help the gasp that escaped as his finger slid over the moistness again, his finger tip stroking the opening. I wondered if he was going to push it in, almost hoping, not believing how good his touch was except for when his finger nail scratched a little as he fingered my slit. I was sure he was going to slip his finger when he pushed harder with the tip, but then suddenly he moved up and smeared my wet around my tiny pucker. I jolted forward as he did this, surprised by the touch and how good it felt when he touched that sensitive area. I had explored there with my own fingers before and knew that I liked being touched there. I had gone so far as slipping a large crayon in there to feel what it would be like and had liked the feeling of being stretched a bit. This however was so much more intense.
My mind raced as I wondered how far he would go?

Chapter 2 coming if you want. Let me know.

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