Journey Of A Tgirl – Act Three


Hello. I was born a Samuel, and now I go by Samantha or Sam, to make things easier for my friends.For anyone that hasn’t read the first two parts of my story, I would encourage you to take a look at them.I was living at my best friend, Greg’s house for three weeks now. Every day, I was dressed as and lived life as a girl. I was accepted by his entire family, even Greg’s father who was in the military.Beverly, Greg’s mom, was especially encouraging to me. She would take me shopping for clothes, shoes and even to the sex toy store!! She told me she was excited to have a girl to dress up and it turned her on.I was becoming more and more confident about going out dressed as a girl. When I would go out with Beverly and Greg, they would introduce me as their cousin Lefkoşa Escort from out of state, and even when I did know the person, they didn’t seem to recognize me or put it together.Greg was surprisingly cool with me dressing up as a girl, even though we were best friends since we were six years old. We never talked about it in any great deal, but he didn’t treat me any differently.One day, I went to his room looking for him. He wasn’t there, but I saw that there were pictures of transsexual girls on his computer. I moved a little closer to get a better look. I reached down and rubbed my cock that was already hard. I decided to leave before Greg got back. I turned to go, but Greg was already there.”Sorry, I didn’t Girne Escort mean to invade your privacy,” I apologized.”No, it’s okay. I guess I should explain,” Greg said as he walked into the room.”You don’t need to at all,” I told him.”No, I do,” he explained, “I wanted to find out more about you, to try to understand better.”Greg continued. “The more I looked and read, the more I was fascinated and turned on.”I was stunned at this revelation.”It’s not all about sex and porn, though,” I explained.”I know there are great resource sites that were very helpful to me,” he told me.”Great, thanks for doing that,” I told him.”I have questions, though, is that okay?” Greg asked.”Yes, ask me anything at all,” I said.For the Magosa Escort next hour, Greg quizzed me. They started slow and easy, and then they got more explicit and direct. Including: What position I like? Can I get an erection? Do I like men or women better?I answered every question he had wholly and honestly. It was a great bonding experience. We were both incredibly turned on as well. Greg asked if he could see me in my lingerie. So I did a little striptease for him. I slowly pulled off my sweater over my head. I bent over at the waist and pulled down my pants. I turned toward him with just my bra and panties on. My erection wasn’t being hidden by my panties much.”You look very sexy,” Greg told me unexpectantly.I thanked him, and without thinking, put my hand on my cock and started rubbing it. Greg watched me stroking my cock for a minute before he took out his cock. I had not seen his cock since we were kids. Greg had a nine-inch uncircumcised cock, and it was fully erect. We watched each other as we stroked our cocks. It was quite a turn on.

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