I Kissed a Girl Pt. 01


What a day! Meeting after meeting, client after client, irate phone calls all day long! And on what seemed to be the hottest day of the year too! I immediately get rid of all my clothes after getting home and plop down on the couch with an ice cold cider. I’ve invited my best friend over for dinner, but thankfully it’s still about two hours before she arrives. More than enough time to unwind a bit, take a cold shower and get dinner started.

Secretly I’ve wanted to kiss her for years. To feel her soft, inviting lips on mine. But I’ve never worked up the courage to do it, and she’s never shown any signs that she’d be even remotely interested.

I’ve never had a lesbian experience. In fact, I’ve never thought of myself as a lesbian, but I’ve wanted to try it so badly. But anyway, I can’t sit around all day. Time’s a wasting! I finish my cider and get into the shower.

At exactly 7 my doorbell rings, and there she is. My best friend. It seems like we’ve been best friends forever! I love the way the light catches her long, dark brown hair. Her green eyes seems to sparkle as she greets me. I have the most absurd urge to kiss her on her long, graceful neck, but I squash that thought immediately. I invite her in and pour us some red wine.

We sit around the dinner table for a bit, chatting brazzers about this and that. Is it just me or is she getting hot? Her breathing seems heavier and her eyes seem to wander down to my cleavage the whole time. Nah, probably just my imagination.

The food is ready and I dish up for us. We eat our meal, still making small talk. I can’t help but notice her full, red lips as she eats, and I wonder what she would taste like. Once again I have to bring myself back into the conversation. I don’t want her to see that my mind’s been wandering.

After the meal, I clear away the dishes and serve dessert. It seems that I can’t tear my eyes away from her full lips while she’s eating. Suddenly I realise that she asked me a question.

“Sorry, what was that?” I stammer.

“I said, do you like what you see,” she says, her eyes gleaming mischievously.

“What do you mean?” I ask. Maybe she’s just toying with me.

“Well, you’ve been staring at my lips all through dinner. Would you like to kiss me?”

It suddenly feels as if the temperature just spiked!

“Yes, please,” I stutter.

She gets up and walks around the table. When she reaches me she bends over, takes my hair in her hand, lightly tilts my head back and tentatively kisses me. I feel myself becoming cuckold porno instantly wet as I feel her soft, warm mouth on mine. Her tongue darts between my lips, finding mine.

I can’t help it any more. I get up, press her against me and kiss her deeply and passionately. Our hands are everywhere! We touch and explore, kissing all the time.

Then she starts blazing kisses down my neck, and I can feel her tugging my skirt down. I quickly rid myself of my clothes and help her get out of hers. Naked, we start kissing each other again. I can feel her squeezing my ass, and I can feel myself get even wetter.

Still kissing I slide my finger in between her pussy lips, surprised to find that she is just as wet as I am. I can hear her gasp as I start rubbing her clit, slowly at first but she starts grinding against my finger, willing me to move faster. I increase the speed and pressure and within seconds she is moaning into my mouth, shaking as her orgasm takes her. It seems to last forever!

Eventually it subsides and she sinks down to the floor, pulling me down with her. Gently she presses me onto my back and kisses me again. Then she starts working her way down. I’m so horny that I can barely breathe as her lips move down my neck and onto my left breast. czech porno She teases my nipple with her warm tongue, making it pucker. My right breast is treated to a similar experience before she kisses her way down my stomach.

She starts kissing my labia, applying just the right amount of pressure to nearly drive me insane! I so desperately want to feel her warm tongue delving between my lips. As if she senses this, she gently pushes her tongue between my labia, finding my clit. I cry out as her tongue darts over it, gently at first. My hands find her hair,

and I push her head down, begging her all the while to lick harder.

She starts using long hard strokes with her tongue, and my world explodes as my orgasm overtakes me. I’ve never felt anything like this! The pleasure is my whole world, my entire existence! Nothing matters but the waves of pleasure rippling through me!

After what seems like a lifetime my orgasm subsides. She moves up to lie next to me and we kiss gently. I can taste my juices on her lips, and I hope this night would never end.


I jerk back to the present, realising with a shock that I had just imagined everything.

“Sorry Candice, I guess my mind was elsewhere. It’s been one of those days,” I stammer, deeply disappointed that it was all in my mind.

“Well, maybe I can make it better for you,” she says as she gets up and walks over to me.

She takes my hand and leads me to the bedroom. “Have you got any baby oil?” she asks. “I’ve always wanted to try something…”

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