Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is alchemy’s first law of Equivalent Exchange. In those days, we really believed that to be the world’s one, and only, truth.

Alphonse Elric, Fullmetal Alchemist


Choices. That’s all life boils down to. Choices.

If you had mentioned anything like this or the law of Equivalent Exchange long ago in my ‘old life’ as I like to call it, I’d say you were crazy. But that was before I met Kaos.

I used to be a loner. At the age of 15, I ran away from home. My parents were these conservative, mundane people. My father was an overbearing man, wanting me to do everything he never did. So even from a young age, he had me playing every sport under the sun. I ran, played baseball, football, soccer, hockey, martial arts, boxing, you name it. But I was small back then, thin weak and pathetic. My father hated that. Maybe he was seeing his disappointment about his life in me, but whatever it was, I took the brunt of it. I was abused whenever I failed at a task. If I didn’t hit the ball hard enough or run fast enough or beat my opponent, I was beaten at home or just yelled at. My mother just watched it all but didn’t do anything about it. I guess she was disappointed in me also. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I stole my old man’s savings and ran. I found this guy selling this old hog, and I bought it. I hit the road and never looked back.

I rode all across the country, never even thinking about the next day. If I needed money, I found some menial task that needed doing. I was a decent fighter, so that gave me money a lot, but I had no qualms about doing any hard work. Whatever you needed I would do. That’s how I lived my life for years. I didn’t even think there was another way to live until I met him.

He was in this bar I was stopping by. I just got finished fighting for some cash with this biker gang and they invited me out to this place. Nice bunch of guys, real friendly and hardcore. Fucking huge too, the smallest one of them towered over me by almost a full foot. Although that’s not saying much, seeing as how I was 5’6” on a good day and maybe a wiry 150 lbs. Maybe that’s why I impressed them so much. I fought like a wild animal because I had to.

So, we get to this bar and it’s damn hot. Everyone’s sweating like pigs and we order some cool brews. I’m looking around and there’s no one near my size. Everyone is huge compared to me, sitting in their sweat drenched shirts. I enjoyed seeing muscle in action, but I wasn’t gay. I just envied the huge guys. In truth, I wanted to be huge so I could really show my father who was in charge, but eventually I forgot all about vengeance. I desired the massive power and respect those guys had. I had to fight hard for mine while theirs came with the right glance. Now, I didn’t hate them at all for that though, it was more of envy between friends.

Then I saw him. I didn’t know who he was, but he looked like a biker. Except he was titanic, bigger than anyone I’ve ever seen or would see. He was looking at me with a pair of inviting eyes. I stared at him for a few moments, taking all of him into my memory. He looked tall, even when sitting, and wide enough to take up two seats at the bar. His face was gruff and stern, with a 5’o clock shadow that would make any man proud. His neck bulged with veins as he knocked back a mug of beer. My eyes naturally led down to his arms which were just freaking amazing. I doubt I could fit both of my hands around his guns, no cannons. They were veiny, just like the rest of him, and looked like they could curl anything in the place without a struggle. bursa otele gelen escort He wore no shirt so I could see the shelf that was his chest. His massive pecs were covered in a large amount of hair and moved in and out as he breathed. He twisted slightly and I could see his massive lats and his abs ripple with supremacy. He smiled at me then flexed one of his massive arms. The veins jumped to attention and squirmed violently and I gave an approving ‘thumbs up’.

He beckoned me to come over to drink with him and I humbly accepted. I sat down a few chairs away from him, not wanting to impose on his space and set down my brew. “‘Sup little man,” he said with a voice that echoed in my head. This guy was like the manliest man I’ve ever met.

“Nothing much bro. Tell me man, how in the hell did you get so huge?” I asked.

“You like this muscle do you?”

He flexed his huge gun and his massive pecs a few times as I respond, “Hell yeah man, I’ve always wanted to be huge.”

“I know John.”

I froze. “How in the hell did this man know my name?” I immediately stood up and started to back away, but my feet stopped moving. The massive man stood up, towering over me and I began to panic. I looked around the bar and it had seemed time had stopped for everyone. The pool balls on the table had stopped in mid-collision, the wild cheering of the other guys at the ball game, even the beer tap had all seemed to be frozen. I screamed at the giant, “What the fuck is going on!”

He grinned at me and clapped his hands. Everything went black for a brief moment, then I found myself in an office type area. He was sitting behind a huge desk and I was in a comfortable chair. “I’d like you to watch something John. Just a little intro to what I’m about to tell you.” He turned on this TV near me and began to comment. “My name is Kaos,” he said as this anime music played. “I am an avatar of Chaos and I’m here to spice up things around here. Wait, here’s the part I want you to hear.”

I listened to the TV as this kid’s voice said, “Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is alchemy’s first law of Equivalent Exchange. In those days, we really believed that to be the world’s one, and only, truth.”

I looked back at the giant man with a look of confusion on my face. “We don’t know how the creator of this series got the idea for that law, but it’s highly accurate. Hell, one of my fellow avatars might have given it to him. But basically, I’ve come to offer you a deal.”

I immediately said, “Hell no, I’m not going to have no deals with you evil bastards.”

He chuckles a bit and responds, “You foolish mortals and your views of Good and Evil. Don’t you understand that Order and Chaos are not bound by those simplistic rules? Order and Chaos simply exist. We are neither good, nor evil. What I’m offering you is simply a chance to change your existence. We’ve done this for many people in the past, and we’ll continue to do it for people in the future, regardless of what you choose here today.”

“Allow me to explain how everything works. The law of Equivalent Exchange, as that anime so quaintly puts it, is how everything is handled. We give people what they have desired most of all, but they have to give up something of equal worth. For example,” he says as he points to the screen, “Alexander gave up a life of old age to become a great conqueror. Most of the great professional bodybuilders gave up massive IQ’s to get their huge size. Even some of the bikers you met tonight gave up some things to get to where they were. Now, bursa eve gelen eskort I offer the same to you. I can give you this body if you’re willing to give up what you hold most dear to you.”

I examined his body for a few moments. He was the perfect specimen of man, standing at an even 7 feet tall. Ever muscle was standing at full attention with him doing nothing to stimulate them. Veins snaked down his entire body as he slowly ripped away his pants. His arms seemed colossal hanging from his expansive shoulders. His chest stood barreled before me, his pecs sitting upon it sculpted marble. His forearms were huge, fitting his upper arms well. They were vascular and hair flowed down them in a perfect manner, almost as if an artist specifically designed it. The same applied to his whole torso. It was covered with a layer of hair, not thick, but very distinct. It flowed from his arms down his chest but then narrowed at his perfect abs, which then led down to his huge cock. The beast he possessed seemed to still be sleeping, but hung at least 11 inches flaccid. This was also complimented by his massive legs. They seemingly guarded his massive meat like two giant pillars. They also were completely ripped and had little to no fat on them. Everything thing about him seemed to fit and it seemed that he was a perfect example of what I truly wanted to look like. Everyone would respect me then. No one would dare give me shit about any damned thing.

I looked into his eyes which seemed to know what I was about to say. I asked, “And what do I hold dearest to me? I’ll be glad to give up my intelligence for a massive body like that.”

“No, you don’t hold your intellect as your greatest treasure. I’m sorry my friend, for this, you will have to abandon the freedom you’ve come to love.”

I stared at him in wonder, “So you’re saying I’m going to be in prison or some shit? I can handle that if I’m that size.”

“Not quite. Here is the full deal. In exchange for this perfect physique, you will be bound to a man for all of his days. He will have complete dominion over you, and you will want to succumb to his every whim. He will be nice and gentle to you, and you will be respected by everyone you meet, but your inner most desire will always be to please him first. You will have the strength to do anything you want or anything he wants, but you will never be able to break the bond between you. You will have the strength and the power, but he will control you. You will remember this deal and all the details of this life, but you also will have memories for the new life I will give you. Oh, and if you didn’t catch it, you will be totally gay for him.”

“He will be the master and you will be the slave. That is the price for this.”

I gazed at him in complete shock. “Is that a fair deal,” I ask myself repeatedly. I sit for what seems like an hour contemplating my past and my future right now compared to what it could be. “I’ve never given a second thought about being gay, but if I was that size, what would it matter if I was gay. No one would say shit to me. Hell, guys and gals would be all over me. Isn’t that what I’ve always wanted? To be loved and respected. Yes, that is what I want. I always wanted to be loved.” The realization of that simple fact shocks me back to Kaos and he smiles as if he knows what I was thinking. I ask him, “There are no other strings involved, is there?”

“No. That is the whole deal. Nothing more, nothing less.”

“Ok. I accept your terms.”

“I knew you would.”

He clapped his hands and immediately my body began to tremble. The first thing I felt was extreme pain. It felt like I bayan escort bursa was being stretched to my limits. My bones felt like they were about to snap and I doubled over and fell out of my chair in agony. But even through the anguish, I could feel myself growing. My bones were growing longer and thicker, and even though the pain was imaginable, I was getting kind of anxious. After a few minutes of unending torture, it came to a sudden stop. I returned to a standing position, amazed at my new height. I looked down at my body, but it was even less than what I started with. My proportions just seemed elongated and at this 7 foot height, I looked like a distant cousin of a telephone pole. Kaos smiled, obviously examining the height increase before he clapped his hands again.

This time, I felt my muscles beginning to swell. This feeling was amazing, like I was working out and getting the most amazing pump man has ever imagined. I could not help but flex my various muscles and feel them as they grew. Every motion provided more sensations and I soon found my arms feeling around my engorging muscles. I ran my hands across my arms, my favorite part of the human body, and felt as power was being driven into them. They swelled like balloons being slowly inflated with air. I felt my skin tighten as veins I’ve never seen started to thicken and work their way to the surface of my skin. My body began to take a slightly darker shade and became blemish free. Veins began to pop out all over my body as my body hair dissolved into nothingness. I did a double bicep pose, feeling even more swelling take place. Hair started to regrow in the exact pattern Kaos showed me, and I felt as it swirled around like an artist’s brushstroke. I felt my balls starting to get heavier and I looked down to see what was formerly a garden snake become a huge anaconda. My pride and joy was growing faster than my body and my boys became two huge mounds of testosterone producing machines. I felt my voice becoming deeper as I continued to grow and I let out a primal bellow.

Soon, I had finished growing to my new size and I allowed my hands to explore as Kaos looked over his work. My hands found all new surprises as I felt every crevice, contour and indention in my now perfect body. I felt my head, now cut short with a buzz cut, then slowly worked my way down the trail of hair that followed my arms, my chest and down to my sculpted abs and smiled. Everything was more than perfect. I was damn sexy and huge. I hefted my meat in my hands and stroked it hard with a smile on my face. The monster grew and grew as it filled with blood, extending its influence to what seemed to be two feet in length. I laughed at the whole experience; I was more man than anyone could ever dream of. I flexed and posed, feeling myself with newfound admiration. Kaos stood there while I grew accustomed to my new body before interrupting me. “And now, for the exchange.”

He clapped his hands one final time and my head started to burn as if someone was driving searing needles directly into my brain. My head started to flood with images of my new life and my master. My mind shifted to an extreme love of this man who was not even half the size I was. I knew that I loved him immensely and I loved his cock in my ass. I had memories of me carrying him around on my shoulders, lifting cars for him, uprooting trees, fighting 12 guys that looked at my master wrong and hour long posing sessions before he would reward me with a good fucking. Even though his cock hard was only as long as mine was soft, I loved every moment of his gentle and brutal ramming of my ass. Closing my eyes, I took it all in, knowing that this was to be my new life. Kaos then transported me instantly into my new life and I never saw him again.

Now, flexing here on this bear rug, waiting for my master to reward me, I think back on it all. Choice. It all came down to choice. That’s all there is to life, just a series of choices. If I had to make the choice over again, knowing what I know now, would I do it?

Without a doubt.

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