Hypnotic Erosion Ch. 02


Doctor Reed loved home visits. Not only these cases were usually the most interesting ones, but the paycheck was amazing. At the doors, he was greeted by two brothers. The older one was more of a free spirit. He had tattoos on his neck and arm, was wearing a sleeveless shirt, had intense, spikey hair and earrings. The other brother was his opposite. He looked like he ran over here straight from a business meeting. His shirt and tie were out of the most expensive shop in town.

“Thank you for coming,” the free spirited guy said, allowing Phillip in.

“No, no. Thank you, Mr. Wyatt.” A man and Doctor Reed exchanged a handshake.

“Please, come on in to the living room.”

The brothers were clearly anxious about something, which falsified their usual, everyday confidence. Phillip read them both as men of success. He had a difficulty coming up with a theory on what kind of help they could be expecting.

“So, what is it that I can help you with?” Doctor Reed smiled in an encouraging way.

“Well… I don’t even know where to start…” the guy with tattoos started clumsily. Phillip tried to remember what name did he introduce himself with… Jesse, was it? “We want to ask you an unusual favor…”

“Mr. Wyatt, allow me to jump into your word and make this conversation much swifter,” Phillip said. “I think both of you chose me for my mastery of hypnosis, but also because you know that I’m eager to apply it in a rather unconventional, not necessarily legal or morally acceptable way. And you’re right, that’s exactly what I do. So please, be open about your needs, speak without shame; I helped a lot of patients already. Don’t hesitate to be straightforward about what you need done.”

“Okay, thank you for that, Doc. The thing is, we have a younger step-brother that we’re both… well… we’re both sexually attracted to…” First he hesitated, then paused, like expecting a judgement there.

Phillip didn’t even flinch, but this introduction made him sure that this would be an incredibly boring case. Two brothers attracted to the younger one, boohoo, “please, hypnotize that desire away…”

“Continue,” Doctor Reed decided to finally say something, as Jesse just wouldn’t continue without it, expecting some form of lynch.

“Okay, so… we would like to know, if there would be some possibility… for you to do something… so that…”

“We want to ask, if you could hypnotize our younger brother, so that he doesn’t remember getting railed by us,” the other brother joined in, out of the sudden, making the swift question Phillip was hoping for from the start.

Doctor Reed openly smiled. In relation to that, terror showed on Jesse’s face.

“You, Misters, just became my favorite clients,” Phillip said, while changing his position in a chair to a more comfortable one. “How young is your brother?”

“He will be nineteen this Friday.”

“Perfect. I have an open schedule in Monday. But I would like to make a small adjustment to your original plan. It appears you want to satisfy your desires during his trance, yes?”

“If that’s possible,” Jesse replied.

“It is, but I wouldn’t recommend it. This is a very primitive way of reaching your goal. I personally would suggest one that’s much more elegant and that could be repeated by you, whenever you like it. I could create a loop in your brother’s mind, a trigger of trance that you could turn on and off, at your will. His memories created after you trigger his trance would be completely wiped, giving you an opportunity to play out all of your fantasies.”

“That Ümraniye Escort sounds like a lot more permanent solution,” Jesse admitted, clearly interested.

“We would be interested,” the other brother assured. Phillip remembered that his name was Jacob.

“I have a question, though,” Jesse regained voice. “I don’t mean to sound like a psycho… but will this trance still work if he gets… well, let’s say, beaten a little bit?”

“Mr. Wyatt, you don’t have to worry about sounding like a psycho. I believe we three are very much alike. My apartment is full of slave boys that I’m quite violent with, when necessary. And to answer your question, no amount of violence can break through this trance.”

“It’s important to us, because despite our shameful desires, we still do love our brother,” Jacob said. “That’s why he can’t remember anything from that encounter.”

“He won’t, you can be sure of that. But there are some things to consider. If you leave love marks or bruises on his body, he will be confused as to how he got them. If this repeats, he might even go to a doctor, who will warn him that they’re of external origin. So I would personally advise to focus the most intense tortures on his butt, nipples or feet, body parts somewhat conventional for BDSM, that can take that additional damage without becoming too visible. Another thing: if you plan longer sessions, it should be happening in the night time, when he would be normally sleeping. It’s important, because when his memory will be wiped, he will consider this as sleeping time. If he will have 8 hours of night sleep and then 4 hours of fake sleep during the day, he will become depressed and confused. If you love your brother, it’s probably something you should avoid.”

“Will he be… conscious after triggering that trance by us?” Jesse asked, shyly.

“Well, that depends. Do you want him to be conscious? It’s all about your preference, really. He won’t remember any of it anyway.”

The brothers exchanged a stare.

“We want him to be scared and surprised every time we’re doing this to him,” Jesse revealed, again with deep shame. “So that he begs for mercy and tries to run away…”

“Then that’s exactly how we will arrange this. Do you have any additional questions or requests?”

“We probably do, but none that we could recall at the moment.”

“Well, you know my phone number. So, bring your brother to me on Monday. Use whatever excuse you want, it won’t matter. The moment he’s in my office, we will overpower him and handcuff to a chair. Then you will be free to witness the spectacle of your brother’s mind being dominated.”


On Monday, Phillip came to work late. He was so comfortable lying in bed, cuddled in warmth of his three sexy twinks, that he just couldn’t bring himself to wake up. But the day was busy.

“Doctor Reed, your patient is already waiting inside,” Peter the receptionist said, the moment Phillip has entered. “It would be wise to hurry up. I’ve heard weird noises coming from the inside.”

“No worry, it’s all expected.”

Inside of his office, Jesse and Jacob took seats on the couch, while their brother was handcuffed to a chair. His mouth was duct-taped and his eyes were full of fear and confusion.

“Welcome. Sorry for being late, the streets are jammed.” Phillip exchanged handshake with the brothers and then focused on the boy. “I see you took good care of your brother. What’s his name?”

“Henry,” Jesse answered, looking away through Ümraniye Escort Bayan the window.

“So, Henry,” Phillip sat in his chair, located directly in front of the boy. “No worries, nothing bad is going to happen. I’m going to remove that real quick…” He pulled the duct tape off of boy’s mouth, trying his best to reduce the pain coming from this.

“Let me go!” the boy screamed. “What the fuck are you all doing to me?!”

“Your brothers asked me to hypnotize you, so that they can place you in trance at will and rape you, facing no consequences after, as you won’t remember any of that. We’re going to make that happen today.”

“Wh-… What?” boy whispered, scared. “Jesse, please, let me out of here! Jacob! Please, I’m scared, I don’t want to be here…!”

“Shhh, boy.” Phillip gently patted his head. “It’s too late. There’s no escape anymore. Your mind will be conquered.”

Phillip didn’t really care about calming the boy, it was useless to him. But he enjoyed seeing boy’s sheer terror and it felt good to point out how fucked he was. Phillip learned how delicious relationship between a victim and a predator could be long time ago. There was just that amazing intimacy, contrast of power, that made Doctor Reed hard immediately.

There was no shining coins or swinging pocket clocks; Phillip used technology. A set of huge and expensive headphones that brought full silence to whoever wore them and equally advanced pair of VR goggles. Boy’s senses were completely shut out from reality.

“Take off his shoes, socks, pants and underwear,” Doctor Reed instructed the brothers. He wished they weren’t here, so that he could do it himself, but some clients were very jealous of their victims’ bodies, so he remained fully respectful. “Forgive me bossing you around, but I believe you want to do these things yourselves. Jacob, behind those doors, you will find medieval like stocks. Bring them here and place your brother’s feet in. Jesse, you lube his asshole and push in this vibrating plug. In the right moments of programming, you will have to deliver the right stimuli. We will enforce relax, calmness and obedience to trance with sexual pleasure, while punishing the feelings of rebellion and disobedience with tickles.”

Henry was protesting a lot when his brothers started touching him inappropriately, but there was no way a handcuffed, tied boy could defend himself. Soon, the brothers managed to fulfill Doctor Reed’s orders.

The VR goggles closed Henry’s vision in an endless spiral. The headphones filled his ears with white noise and genderless voice giving statements and commands. Phillip could hear on his earphone, what was currently being said on the recording.

“Right now, the recording is on phase 0,” Doctor Reed explained. “It will go in a loop to break through his sense of time flow and to push him into a trance. It’s similar to sleep, but conscious one. We will know that he surrender, once he obeys to the recording and repeats the words he’s told. In some time, he won’t remember why he’s here.”

They’ve waited. Jesse was watching Henry’s long feet stuck in the stocks. Phillip fully understood his desire to torment those. Doctor Reed was a fan of feathers, but unfortunately only two of his slave boys were ticklish.

Finally, after forty minutes, Henry started mumbling:

“I am safe… I am calm… I am relaxed… I don’t have to think… I trust my master to guide me…”

“Okay,” Phillip said and clicked something on his computer. “Now, Anadolu Yakası Escort he will undergo the first phase. His mind became more flexible, but he’s still capable of fighting the trance. We will take that away from him with negative stimulation. Please, both of you, get ready,” he addressed the brothers. “Take the hairbrushes. On my signal, you will take care of his feet. Be merciless. He will be wiggling a lot, so get ready to immobilize his foot. You can grab it by the toes and rub the hairbrush on his soles, that should drive him crazy.”

Henry’s laughs and moans of protests soon filled the silence. The brothers obviously had lots of fun with this, too. It certainly encouraged them, that boy quickly got a boner from the tickles alone, that now was throbbing, unattended.

The only thing their little brother could hear in that moment, was the programming: “… this is what thoughts are. This is what freedom is. Irritation. Struggle. Pain. The only way to escape, is to silence your mind. To find the calmness. To accept the blissful void. To give up control. If you want to escape, just repeat after me: ‘I want to escape. I want to feel nothing. I want to be calm’.”

When boy repeated that through his agony, the tickling stopped.

“Now, onto the second phase. Here, we will ensure his emotions and programming by positive stimulation, but will also make him get used to random and uncontrollable stimulation occurring without a warning. This will make him less sensitive to whatever is happening to his body in a trance, meaning that you will be able to play without limits.” In this phase, the brothers had even more fun. Phillip encouraged them to play with the pilot controlling the vibrating plug inside of the boy’s asshole. Jacob was gentle, he used mediocre power to stimulate his brother and clearly cared about providing him with pleasure. Jesse was much more cruel; he enhanced the power to the highest level just to see his brother moan in pleasure mixing with pain. Then he immediately stopped, when Henry clearly started getting into it.

“The third and last phase will be rather short. I will create a switch in his mind that you will be able to turn on and off, to push him into the trance. The trigger will be simple. I will surprise him by taking one headphone off and I will whisper something straight into his ear, with a breathy voice. The message itself will be irrelevant. It’s that breathy, manly voice surprising him from behind and touching his ear with warm air will be what matters. Then, after you will be done, to trigger waking up, you will slap him in the cheek three times. After few minutes, he will regain consciousness, convinced he just took a nap.”

Doctor Reed did as he said he would, but didn’t end the trance yet. The brothers hid the stocks and plugs, quickly put their brother’s clothes onto him and Phillip had to share their next step before saying goodbye:

“Don’t try to switch the trans on yet. Let’s meet in your house, where we will make a practical exam. You will have to have sex with him then, so we can see whether the programming was fully successful.”

“You want to watch us fuck him?” Jesse asked, clearly not liking this idea.

“If that will make you more comfortable, I can bring my own sex slave with me. We will have a little sex party, during which I will be able to aid you if something goes sour. What do you say?”

The brothers looked at each other and nodded without enthusiasm. Phillip was glad. He was confident enough in his skill that he didn’t really need to aid them, but Henry was a cute guy and he would love to see him getting used by his brothers.

Soon after the session ended, Henry snapped out of the trance inside of his brothers’ car, not entirely sure what was happening to him in the last two hours. He felt a weird sense of unease and he wasn’t going to find out, how accurate it was.

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