Fun in the Fitting Room

I pull into the department store parking structure and I text you that I’ve arrived. I think for a minute, then send another text, “Slight change of plans. Text me when you get here.”

Our original plan was to meet up in the parking lot and have an old fashioned make out session in the backseat of the car, then also get some shopping done as an alibi for our significant others. But I have something better in mind…

I walk into the store and head toward the clothing section. I grab a few random pairs of pants and shorts in my size and I head to go try them on. Just as I’m about to enter the fitting rooms, you text me, “I’m here. Is everything ok? What do you mean ‘change of plans’?”

I respond quickly, “Everything’s ok. Just grab a few things to try on and meet me in the fitting rooms. I’ll be in the very last stall at the back.” I’m hoping you’ll just trust me and follow my instructions and not ask too many questions. I hurry into the fitting room, strip down to my underwear, and wait for you to arrive.

After what seems like an eternity, uncomfortably waiting nearly naked, I hear someone entering the dressing rooms. There’s a knock on the door and I hear your voice call out tentatively, “Hey, are you in there?” I open the door, grab your arm and pull you into the fitting room with me and latch the door. Just as you are starting to say, “What the…” I pull you into a tight embrace and kiss you forcefully.

I stop to whisper softly in your ear, “I hope you like my surprise. But we have to be quiet, so we don’t get caught, ok?” I look you in the eyes and you nod.

Now I stop a second to take a good look at you. You are dressed in a simple black tank top and blue denim shorts, your hair is pulled into a ponytail and you have little or no makeup on, but you still look unbelievably gorgeous and undeniably sexy. I lean in to kiss you again, softly at first, then deeper and more passionately. I move my hands up and down your body… your back… your butt… I lightly graze your breasts, but my hands don’t stay in one place for long. Your hands are doing the same… they are caressing my face… my chest… my arms… my back… my butt.

Then one of your hands moves down below my waist and starts gently massaging my crotch. bursa eskort My penis starts to stiffen immediately. This emboldens me. I lift your shirt over your head and pull down your shorts to reveal a matching black lace bra and panty. I mouth the word “WOW!” to you and you smile shyly. You feel my hard-on growing, so now you slide your hand into my boxers and start stroking my shaft slowly and sensuously.

I can’t resist any longer, so I undo your bra to reveal your magnificent tits. My hands follow the curve of your breasts, cupping them from underneath, then squeezing them gently but firmly while my thumbs rub your nipples. I lower my head and focus my full attention on your boobs. I alternate back and forth, covering one with kisses then the other, sucking and flicking my tongue over your pert nipples.

While I continue to lavish oral attention on your tits, I let my right hand trail down and slip inside your panties to find your smooth pussy. I rub slowly yet firmly, until I hear you softly moaning, then I gently push one finger inside you. I use my other hand to push down your panties till they drop to the floor. I’m still sucking on your titties, and now my left hand is massaging your fine ass while I continue fingering your pussy with my right.

After a few moments, I slowly lower myself to my knees in front of you. I gesture for you to put your foot up on the seat in the corner of the room and I position myself under you. I grab your ass in my hands and pull your hot pussy to my mouth. I bury my face in your crotch, kissing and licking your pussy and clit. Your hands are holding my head firmly against you. I bring my right hand around to slide my index finger, then my middle finger as well, into your wet hole. Now you are breathing hard and I know you’re about to come. With a soft moan, you start to shake and spasm, pulling my head forcefully into your crotch and drenching my fingers with your hot juices. Once you release your death grip on my head, I pull my fingers out, lick them off and lap up as much of your pussy juice as I can with my tongue.

I slowly stand up, trailing kisses all the way up your body, from your pussy, to your stomach, to your breasts, to your neck, until I reach your lips, where bursa escort bayan we kiss again, deeply and passionately. After a minute, you stop and whisper to me, “Now it’s your turn, handsome!” And you start to trail kisses down my body, till you are on your knees, face to face with my hard-on. You decide to tease me a little bit first by nuzzling and nibbling at my dick through my underwear. It is rock hard and straining to be unleashed from the confines of my boxers. So you do just that, pulling down my underwear until my boner springs up at full attention.

You look up at me with a hungry gleam in your eye. You grab my cock at the base of the shaft near my balls and you slowly draw your tongue all the way from the bottom to the top. When you reach the tip, you let your tongue swirl around the head before you open your mouth and slowly swallow my entire shaft. It feels so good and I have to struggle to keep my moans of pleasure from escaping.

Now I realize what you must have been going through just a few minutes earlier when our positions were reversed! I’m so into it, I grab your head and start to fuck your mouth roughly. I have your ponytail twirled around my fist and I’m holding the back of your head and I’m thrusting my cock in and out of your willing mouth. I can feel my balls hitting your chin, I can feel your tongue under my shaft and I can feel the tip of my cock at the back of your throat. Surprisingly, you don’t gag at all, in fact, you seem to be enjoying it almost as much as I am.

Your soft, warm mouth and tongue feel so good, I can already feel the pressure mounting, I know I’m going to cum in no time. I’m not ready to shoot my load so soon, so I loosen my grip on your hair and start to step back. Before I can slide out of your mouth, you grab my ass cheeks to pull me back and you shove my cock back into your mouth and continue sucking even more vigorously than before! I can’t hold back any longer, my cock starts throbbing and I quickly shoot my full load deep in your throat and you lustily swallow every last drop.

Thinking our fun is finished for now, I look down at you and see you lick your lips and smile mischievously back at me. You slowly stand up, turn your back to görükle escort me, bend over and start to rub your ass against my crotch. My cock slips right into your ass crack, like a hot dog into a bun and you are gyrating your hips up and down. Not only does it feel amazing, I also have a front row seat to your perfect ass.

Surprisingly my cock is already growing again. I grab your hips and push you forward until your hands are supporting you against the full length mirror on the wall. I make you spread your legs and I plunge my cock deep into your wet and waiting pussy. I’m thrusting hard, in and out, my hips slapping against your ass. I reach around to fondle your perfect tits and pinch your hard nipples. I can see your reflection in the mirror. I like being able to see the look of pleasure on your face and watch your tits sway in rhythm to my thrusts, while I fuck you from behind. Then I also notice your right hand has dropped down off the wall and you’re vigorously massaging your clit. I look up, we lock eyes in the mirror and you start to cum again. You throw your head back in ecstasy and cum hard, your body shuddering with pleasure from your orgasm.

Watching your reaction and feeling your hot pussy tighten around my cock has me on the verge of cumming again, too. I grab your hips tight with both hands and push you up hard against the mirror. I’m thrusting fast, hard, and deep, banging you hard against the door and I don’t care if anyone hears us now. I start to cum quickly, and with 4 or 5 more hard deep thrusts, “Uh, Uh, UH, UH, UUH, UUUHHH!” I shoot my hot load all up inside your already dripping wet pussy. I collapse against your back, both of us breathing hard and out of breath. “God, that was fucking amazing baby!” I hoarsely whisper into your ear.

All of sudden we hear a sharp rap on the door, “Hello? Everything ok in there?” the salesgirl asks. A threesome fantasy quickly pops into my head but the slightly panicked look on your face brings me back to reality.

Putting a finger to your lips, I signal to you to stay quiet and I casually respond, “I’m doing great, thanks! Everything fit like a glove!” I wink at you and smile. You have to stifle a giggle.

The salesgirl responds, “Ok, well let me know if you need anything else.” And we hear her walk away.

As we are putting our clothes back on and you’re checking yourself in the mirror, you look over at me with a twinkle in your eye and say, “Can we go to the mall next time? There’s got to be a few dozen dressing rooms there we can try out!”

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