In an earlier story, I described how my husband, Jerry, was responsible for managing mafia money, decided to embezzle from ‘the family’, got caught, and was beaten nearly to death. Afterwards, the mafia ‘boss’ had decided to keep Jerry managing the family’s money, but required Jerry to move into the mafia compound with me and my daughter. Even though Frank, the mafia boss, wanted Jerry to continue managing their money, he also wanted him completely controlled and subservient. Tony figured having us all live at the compound gave him the leverage he needed to keep Jerry in line.

Our arrival at our “new home” was brutal. Jerry had to stand in the main room watching while his high school age daughter (Chloe), and his wife (Rita; me) were forced to give blowjobs to Tony and one of his henchmen, Mickey. Afterward, we were shown to our rooms upstairs, and our lives behind the compound walls began. Things did NOT get better.

Most mornings started with Tony coming into my room with his morning wood sticking out from his open robe. He’d wake me up by shoving his erect cock into my mouth, and I’d start my day by sucking and stroking his big prick. Sometimes he’d finish by shooting his first load of the day into my mouth, and sometimes he’d pull his dick out of my mouth, and turn me around so I was on hands and knees at the edge of the bed with my naked pussy completely exposed. Then he’d grab my hips and fuck me doggystyle while he stood on the floor next to the bed, pounding his cock into my cunt until he exploded his first load of cum deep into my pussy. Either way, most days usually started with his cum dripping out of my mouth or my vagina. After about a month of this, Jerry moved to his own room on the same floor. I guess it was easier not to see his wife being raped every morning.

For some reason Tony had decided I was his “prize”, and he was the only one who fucked me. The others, Mickey and Frank, grabbed my tits and pussy, and occasionally forced me to give them blowjobs, but Tony decreed that he was the only one that stuck his prick between my legs.

It was worse for Chloe. She was ‘available’ to both Mickey and Frank whenever they wanted, and they took brutal Sex hikayeleri advantage of that. Most mornings I could hear one or both of them in her room as I was getting dressed for the day. Her days usually started similar to mine….Frank would wake her up for a morning blowjob before heading out to the guard house in front of the compound. Then Mickey would usually go to her room and have her start by jerking or blowing him, then he’d finish off by shooting his first load of the day into her pussy or ass before she even got out of bed. If Mickey had a slow day, he’d make Chloe take a shower with him before she went to school, having her give him a soapy handjob or blowjob while he played with her big tits under the water spray.

When she got back from school, Frank would usually stop her car at the gate and make her suck his cock through the open car window before letting her drive into the compound. Sometimes he’d blast ropes of spunk down her throat, forcing her to swallow all of it. Other times he’d pull his dick out of her mouth when he was about to cum and shoot his load all over her face and tits, laughing maniacally as he did. Then he’d let Chloe through the gate, with cum dripping off her chin as she drove up to the main house.

We rarely saw Jerry, but when we did he looked completely beaten down and morose. It was hard for me to feel sorry for him because he had done this, not only to himself, but to Chloe and me, as well.

There were other women working in the other buildings around the compound, but we really didn’t see much of them. In fact, the only time I did catch sight of them seemed to be when Mickey had one of them up against a wall with his cock in their mouth or pussy. Frank was mostly stuck in and around the guard house during the day, so he had fewer opportunities for mid-day blowjobs and fucking. Still, he managed to get his cork popped fairly regularly throughout the week.

Tony decided I would do the ‘womanly’ things for the house, like shop for groceries, cook, and clean the main house. Whenever I left the compound to run errands, Frank usually made me stop at the gate before opening it. He’d come to my driver-side window and Sikiş hikayeleri motion for me to roll it down. Once the window was down, he’d reach inside the car and squeeze and slap my tits, then pinch my nipples extra hard until I winced. Laughing, he’d return to his guard house and open the gate so I could drive out to run my errand. I had come to expect this when I drove back into the compound, as well.

One day I approached the gate and Frank was just sitting in his chair in the guard shack, staring at me with a sick smile on his face. I made a “what’s taking so long gesture” with my hands, and he made a “just a minute” motion with his hand. Then he looked down between his legs and said something. Suddenly Chloe stood up, completely naked, and Frank looked out at me as he grabbed her tits, then turned her so that she was bent over his desk. Apparently she had been on her knees between his legs, sucking his cock when I drove up. Now, I watched as Frank pushed her forward so that she was leaning over with her hands gripping the desk for support, her big tits swinging beneath her. Then – while staring into my eyes with an evil grin on his face – Frank rammed his cock into Chloe’s ass and began pounding her from behind. Chloe was looking directly at me through the guard shack window, tears filling her eyes, as her boobs crashed into each other from the force of Frank’s frenzied thrusts.

After a few minutes, Frank picked up the pace. Then, with a grunt, he pulled his cock out of Chloe’s ass and used his right hand to jerk his shaft, nutting all over her back, while using his left hand to squeeze her bouncing tits until she cried out. With a sneer, he threw Chloe’s clothes at her and pushed her out of the guard shack. As she walked quickly to the car, holding her clothes in front of her as she went, Frank walked out of the guard shack with his still semi-hard cock dangling between his legs. He walked up to my car window and motioned for me to roll it down. Once the window was lowered, he took his prick in his hand and shoved it into my face.

He said, “Suck it, Rita. Clean it off.”

I glanced at Chloe, who was weeping softly in the car next to me. It was Erotik hikaye apparent that her butt was hurting from the ass-fucking Frank had just given her, and I hated to see her like this. None-the-less, I really didn’t have any choice. I turned back to Frank’s dick sticking in my face, opened up and sucked the head of his shaft into my mouth. When I had finished sucking and licking it clean, Frank pulled his dick out of my mouth and shoved it back into his pants, zipping up as he returned to the guard house. Still glaring at me through the guard house window with that stupid, evil grin on his face, he opened the gate for me to drive through to the main house.

Our days at the compound were pretty similar to those I’ve described here. Tony would start most days with his cock in my mouth, then he’d grab my boobs or pussy whenever he was in the same room with me. If he got hard during the day, he’d find me wherever I was, pull off my clothes, and get a blowjob or a quickie, no matter where we were. When we watched TV at night, he’d have me lying with my head on his thigh, stroking or sucking his prick. Or he’d have me sitting on his lap, with his stiff shaft stuck up my pussy. One way or another, Frank got off almost every evening, and I ended up with his cum in me or on me before the day was over.

Chloe had the same situation with Mickey. She spent most evenings kneeling between his legs, with her naked boobs bouncing as she sucked or jerked his cock. He usually took longer in the evenings to finish, but eventually, he’d shoot his wad, either in her mouth or on her face and tits. Then he’d make her lay next to him the rest of the evening, fondling and stroking his flaccid dick while we watched TV.

Finally, after three years, Tony allowed us to leave the compound for good. Jerry was given another chance to handle Tony’s money while living on the outside. Tony assured him the next time he fucked up, Jerry would be killed, rather than beaten. I think Jerry got the message.

Chloe and I were allowed to leave without conditions or strings, other than to keep our mouths shut. I honestly never thought I’d see the day when I wouldn’t have to wake up to Tony’s cock in my mouth, or end the day with his thick shaft banging my pussy. Chloe went off to college; Jerry and I split up. This was a truly fucked up chapter in my life that I never want to discuss or repeat……ever.

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