Forbidden Fruit: Part 3


It was getting more and more difficult to keep from taking Candy’s virginity. She practically threw herself at me all the time. My cock wanted to nestle itself deep inside her womanhood, but my other head just couldn’t get past the grand-daughter thing. Candy, with her sweet, but lustful innocence, her short red-hair, petite, but nicely developing breasts, and her untapped, but smoldering desire to experience all things sexual. And to complicate matters, there was her mother, Trina. Trina of the long blonde hair, full round breasts, and a sexual energy that had lain dormant, as mine had, for too damn long. How could I keep up with both women? How could I avoid jealousy between the two. How long could I keep sharing them before the needs and wants of one overshadowed the other?When her mother wasn’t home, Candy would tease me unmercifully with her body, parading around bra-less, bending over, showing off her cute round ass with nothing but a gauzy thong between my eyes and her luscious young treasure. At first I would gather her close and play with her pussy until it oozed honey, then lick her labia and suck on her clit until she came on my face. When done, she would plead with me to stuff her full of my cock, but I stood fast, trying to explain how difficult it would be for me to do what we both wanted. I tried to get her to promise to keep her cherry for someone really special, someone closer to her own age.She began spending more time istanbul travesti down at the old swimming hole, about a quarter mile from the house. Some of her friends would come over mid-morning and return in late afternoon, changing back into dry clothes, and goofing off in her room until dinnertime.This went on for much of the summer. My days were spent half-heartedly fending off Candy, while my nights were spent feeding the lust-filled monster that existed inside her mother.One afternoon, she came home a little earlier than usual. She had a friend with her, only this time it was a boy. Part of me jumped for joy that she was finally coming out of her self-cloistered mourning period brought on by her father’s death. Part of me dreaded the thought of some raging hormone driven teenage boy was going to do to my grand-daughter what I could not bring myself to do. His name was Rob. He was tall and very skinny, and seemed extremely bookish, almost nerdy. He was polite to a fault. Candy excused herself to go change into dry clothes, leaving us alone to talk. Not much was said early on, until I asked how he knew Candy. “We were in a couple of classes together.” he said. “So you are going to be a senior, too?” I asked. “You look a little older than the other kids.”“I’m 18, sir” he answered, “My folks had to move around a lot and I lost a year. I should have graduated”“Hey, Gramps! Could Rob borrow a pair of your shorts? You istanbul travestileri guys look about the same size. He needs to put on something dry”Laughing at the thought of this kid wearing my pants, I told her if he wanted to, he was welcome, but to grab a belt too, “Even though I’m no fat-ass, I think you would walk out of my clothes.”While he was changing, I quizzed Candy about Rob. “We were just gonna hang out in my room. ….If that‘s OK”“Just leave the door open, young lady!” I said sternly, for Rob’s benefit as he re-entered the room. She made a face at me, turned and led the boy to her room.After an hour, he left, saying he would see her tomorrow. Then she came over to me and sat down in my lap. Facing me and straddling my hips with her legs, she asked what I thought of Rob. “He seems nice enough.” I replied.“I think he’s going to be the one, Gramps!” she said, “He’s awfully nice!”“I take it there’s no way I can talk you out of this.”Rocking her hips in my lap, she answered, “Only if you get there first.” , a Mona Lisa smile spreading across her face.I frowned. “You know I would if I could….” I whispered back. I felt my manhood expand as she rubbed her panty clad pussy against the bulge in my jeans. She smiled knowingly as she continued to rock in my lap. I could tell she was getting slightly agitated as she leaned into me and whispered in my ear, “You could do me a big favor…” she said rubbing her petite travesti breasts against my chest.“And what would that be?” I answered breathing in the fresh scent of her hair and skin.“I need to practice making him cum in his pants.” she whispered, licking my ear and grinding her hips against my denim covered dick. “I want him to desperately want me.I think I’m gonna take his cherry when he takes mine.” She paused for a moment, then continued, “Mmmm! You feel soo hard! And I’m getting sooo wet. Will you cum for me?”I reached up under her shirt, cupping her small breasts as she pushed herself against me with renewed vigor. I could feel the heat from her cunt radiating through the fabric of my pants as she cooed and moaned in my ear. “Suck them for me” she asked as she pulled way and stripped off her top. Leaning in to her I kissed one nipple, then the other before sucking as much of her tiny tits into my mouth as I could. I was so engrossed in pleasuring her chest, I didn’t notice that she had unsnapped and unzipped my pants and was now rubbing her lust-dampened panties against the flimsy cotton of my boxers.I was so overwhelmed that I began squirting my semen before I realized that she was rubbing it directly on the crotch of her panties. Before, I could react and pull away, she came as well, soaking my shorts with her love oils as I did with hers. Getting off my lap, she knelt down and fished my shrinking cock from its hiding place and began to lick up the pearly juices still leaking from my piss slit.Later that night, as Trina and I got ready for bed, which usually meant, I laid down on my back and she impaled herself on me until we were both spent, she spoke of her concern for her daughter.

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