First Meeting


We met online. Her pictures suggested that she had exactly what I was looking for, breasts that would fill my hands, a flat belly, some muscles in her legs, a pretty smile. Now I am waiting for her in the parking lot of a park. She’s a bit late, but we did change the plan last minute. But I’m eager to find out if we connect in person.

I interrupt my pacing to look into every car that pulls in. On a weekend morning like this, I stop frequently. I can’t help but worry that there won’t be any spaces available by the time she shows, but there isn’t much I can do about it.

I am all the way at the far edge of the lot, the end closest to the bridge across the Potomac to the memorial when a white SUV pulls in and parks near the exit. I start off in that direction, hoping that this is her. A couple of steps into my journey, my phone buzzes. I have a text. She’s here!

I try to find a quicker pace that won’t look too eager. She’s out of the vehicle before I get there. I slow to a stroll, it’s a great chance to verify that she has what I’m hoping for.

Her exercise tank top is stretched over her chest, slight rippling of the fabric between her breasts emphasising the strain it’s under. The light color elastic material shrinks down to emphasis how narrow her waist is against the backdrop of trees behind her. Closer, I can see that her yoga pants have a similar burden, stretched luxuriantly over the curves of her calves, sweeping up over her thighs, then taking a deliciously round route up over her ass to disappear under the tank.

Finally getting to within a handful of strides, I see that she’s smiling at me. She’s appreciating my appreciation for the work that goes into her body. Her smile is big, welcoming, and it lights up her face. She’s beautiful, with the kind of character that shows real life and energy. Her smile lines are distinct but not deep. Her cheeks and forehead are smooth. I know that she is older than me, but no one would be surprised to see us together.

“Hi there”, we begin the traditional dance of awkward conversation as we try to establish the in-person rapport that we had via messaging. The hug of greeting is as good as her toned arms and prominent breasts promise. It isn’t rushed, but doesn’t linger. Good sign.

I venture, “I thought that perhaps we could follow the trail back up along the river.” I’ve wanted to run the length of this trail for a long time, and this date would give me a chance to explore this end.

“That sounds like fun.” Her voice has a throatiness to it that I find compelling. No squeaky mouse noises here. It makes watching her full lips form words even more enjoyable.

We talk about simple stuff as we head out from the lot. She’s into astrology, and I know little about it, so I listen and try to learn a bit about this fascinating woman.

We start out somewhat shy. Our messaging established our attraction, but in person things have a different, more vulnerable feel. She knows that I want to have my way with her. I want to see how far I can push her, I want to see how brightly her sexuality will burn for me.

Eventually, I use a narrowing of the path as an excuse to put my arm around her waist. Her body is firm. We are talking about posture, how she dances and does yoga. I tell her that she looks fantastic and that she feels even better.

It’s not long before my arm is around her shoulders. I’m tall enough that it isn’t awkward if she keeps close, which she seems to be enjoying. I use the natural rhythm of walking to allow my hand to swing closer and closer to her breast. I’m not able to focus on the path, but I know that if I can’t walk steadily, she will move away. Years of trail running seem to have paid off because my feet seem to be finding smooth dirt all on their own.

I feel like a kid again. My normal sexual aggression is tempered by my growing respect for this woman. Our conversation has shifted to work, and hearing about her medical practice and how she has handled keeping her life on track post divorce really brings home how lucky I am to spend time with her.

Then my fingers brush her breast. That throws a switch for me, and now I need to take this in a more the offer izle sexual direction.

“Excuse me, but would you mind if I did that again?”

“Huh? Do what again?”

“Well you see, my hand just brushed your amazing breast, and while it was an accident, I’d really like to try it again.”

Stopping cold, she looks at me. “My, you’re a bold one.”

“Well, I told you earlier in the week that I wanted to make you squirt in the woods, so a bit of boldness probably isn’t completely unattractive.”

With a rich, throaty laugh, she steps forward and we’re walking again. Holding my wrist, she drapes my arm over her shoulders again. “Now, where were we?” The smile twisting her lips is a pretty clear go ahead.

Her breast fills my hand, and I have big hands. As I squeeze its firmness, her lower lip seems to nestle between her teeth.

Now it’s my turn to stop. She’s turned to me and her lips are forming words as I step forward. With a hand on her hip and the other moving up her back I lean in to kiss her. Her lips are soft under mine. They part rapidly and our tongues touch. Her mouth is warm and comfortably wet.

My hand continues up her back to her neck. Her smooth, warm skin greets me as I hold the back of her neck, a thumb up behind her ear. I thrill to be so close, and to have my way with her.

Footsteps announce an interruption, we break away to continue our walk. Now though my hands wander. Reaching an arm around her back to cup both breasts from the outside, pushing them up and in. Caressing down her back to grab and squeeze her ass, sometimes holding a cheek tightly while I pull this way and that. Running my fingers up her spine to her neck where her pulse hammers my finger tips through her silky smooth skin.

My body has responded to this flaming minx. My erection is uncomfortable in my pants. Occasionally I pause my hands roving of her curves to make small adjustments to my cock. Eventually, it’s too much and I have to ease the pressure. I reach down the front of my pants, and work the head free, allowing it to rise up over my belt towards my belly button.

Her body is looser now, more relaxed. I can feel her surrender. My fingertips are sliding up her scalp to the back of her skull, her thick hair smoothly flowing along the sides of my fingers and across the back of my hand. I curl my fingers into a fist, trapping most of her hair. Her eyes are closed, her mouth slightly open as I pull her to me. I don’t bend much to kiss her, but pull her into me and up onto her toes. I can feel my erection pressed against her belly.

Pulling back, I Iook around. We’re alone and I can’t hear anyone near us. “Now for part of my prize.” With an arm around her back, I stand close by her side. Running the other hand up her belly, over the swell of her breasts, I sweep it across her exposed skin to her shoulder, where I hook the strap with a finger. I’m staring her right in the eye I as start to pull it down her arm. Her eyes dart around, but I’ve lifted her breast out already.

“Lovely.” I swoop my head down, and caress my lips from the skin over her heart towards her nipple, where I circle her areola twice before closing my lips gently around the point of her breast. She’s holding her breath, but I can’t take my time here.

With a gentle goodbye nibble, I stand straight again. With a brief pause to admire her full breast in the light of day, I tuck it back inside the material of her top and slowly raise the shoulder strap into position.

“That wasn’t so bad, now was it?” I ask while smiling at her from inches away.

“No,” comes a whisper.

We’ve turned back towards the lot, but we’re moving slowly. Stopping frequently to taste each other, or to pull her top down below her breasts so that I can feast on her amazing breasts.

“There’s something else I want.” I tell her.

“What’s that?”

“This,” I say, cupping her cunt through her yoga pants. I can feel the moist heat through the fabric. I wasn’t gentle, and her eyes closed and she bit her lip as I did it.


“Of course.”

I kneel in front of her, and slide my hands up her thighs the old man izle to her hips. She’s looking around franticly, but helpless to stop me. With fingers in waist band and eyes on her face, I pull her pants down to her knees. She’s more exposed than she expected, and grabs my shoulders with a surpised look. I smile up at her before turning to look at my goal.

There is short, dark, curly hair above her pussy, but her labia are bare. There is a sheen of moisture glistening on the swollen inner lips. I lean in to smell her. The scent of her arousal drives me slightly mad.

“I told you I want to make you squirt in the woods.”

“Good luck,” she says wistfully. We’ve talked about how hard it can be for her to feel connected enough with a lover for that to happen. I know that she loves her sexuality, the depth of her sexual response under optimal conditions, I want to rewrite that book for her.

I lean in for a quick lick, she tastes good, sweet and a little salty. I know that here in the middle of the hiking path I can’t undress her enough to actually get between her thighs.

I’m opening my mouth to tell her to turn around when I hear footsteps. I stand up immediately, grabbing the waist of her pants as I do. As quick as that, she’s dressed. I put an arm around her shoulders and steer her down the path. As the jogger passes us, she’s out of it, but moving.

I give the jogger time to get away, I need to be able to hear approaching foot traffic, before I say, “Now, where were we?”

“Oh, not here…”

“Yes, here. Now, stand still.”

Kneeling behind her this time, I lower her pants to mid thigh. I work my hand under the overhang of her spectacular ass, and then between her thighs. Cupping her pussy from behind I massage her clit with my fingers, her wetness beginning to pool in the palm of my hand.

“I love how wet you are. I hope it’s just the beginning.”

She’s panting and doesn’t respond, but this conversation isn’t verbal any longer anyway.

Caressing her soaking, silken folds, I find the entrance that I’m looking for. Lining up my thumb, I begin to work it into her. Shes ready for me, but I want to make sure it’s as wet as I can get it. It’s not long before my thickest digit is entirely inside her. She’s moaning softly and now bending over with her hands on her knees.

Pressing my thumb forward, gently caressing the tender pillow at the front of her pussy, I begin to work my hand up and down. My fingers slide against her hood and between her folds.

“Oh yes…”

I’m focused on my hand and my ears. It’s so hot to be taking what I want from her right here in the middle of the path, but I need to make sure she isn’t embarrassed.

She seems to want more, so I speed up the motion. She’s completely lost in the sensation. The speed of my hand makes gentle caresses impossible, so I straighten my fingers to get them out of the way. It isn’t long before a particularly vigorous thrust causes my rigid fingers to swat her swollen clit. Her response is electric.

“Yes!” She isn’t quiet anymore. I know that we need to get moving here, this path isn’t abandoned.

I take the hint and focus on using my palm and stiff fingers to spank her sopping wet cunt with every thrust. My thumb is speeding along her g-spot and I can feel how it has swollen. The wet sounds of my hand impacting her sex are driving me wild. I want to touch myself, but my free hand is alternating between supporting her hip and thigh or pinching her nipples through the material of her top.

Her moans have shifted to grunts. It’s the sexiest sound I’ve ever heard. It drives my hand harder. The palm of my hand in smashing her pubic bone with every thrust.

Suddenly her grunts stop, I see her knuckles are white on her knees.

“Yessss…” Comes the broken half shout, half whisper.

My thumb is gripped hard by her inner muscles. Her cum is gushing out in pulsing streams. I stop my thrusting hand, withdraw my thumb. Her squirt is making a puddle of sex, right in the middle of the path. Her contractions are ebbing, so I reach around to her front, give her clit a gentle caress, the passage izle running another stream of electricity through her body.

She’s gasping for air, gulping it into her orgasm ravaged body. I stand up and draw her to me, this time in a gentle embrace. Gently pulling her pants up, I just hold her. Her forehead is soaked with sweat. Her hair wet at the roots. I brush her bangs back behind her ears and gently blow along her neck to help her cool off.

A minute or two go by before she’s ready to go on. We’ve only just topped the first low rise before another jogger comes by. She giggles into my neck after he’s past, then snuggles back under my arm.

“What about you?” She asks shortly.

“What about me?” I ask with a smile.

“Aren’t you…” She trails off.

“If you’d like.”

“What do you want to do?”

“Well, I don’t have any condoms with me.”


“But I’d fuck your face right here.”


Grabbing her hair again, I push down, guiding her to her knees in front of me.

“Take my cock out.”

My erection has faded, but the hand she puts down the front of my pants has no problem finding my cock. Now the tip of her tongue is between her lips, she’s only looking at my crotch. Glancing around, the coast is clear.

I bend over and squeeze her breasts. Playing with them as she tugs at the root of my cock thrills me and I can feel myself growing in her hand. I want to see them. I put my hands down the front of her shirt and tug her breasts out, flopping them over the front of her shirt.

She pulls my waist band down to my hips, then reaches down my pants leg for my cock. She’s struggling to get it out of my pants.

“Let me.” I reach my hand down, and grasping my length, give it the bend it needs to get free.

Her indrawn breath seems appreciative. She looks up at me as she grasps the root again. I give her a moment to kiss the head, and move her lips along the length that stick out beyond her hands.

“I told you I was going to fuck your face. How does that sound to you?”

She just nods. My hands are in her hair again, fistfulls of her rich, dark hair behind either ear. With those handles, I pull her from me, then slowly draw her face back down my cock. Several slow passes of her mouth, each one deeper. I’m looking for her limit. Few can take all of me and I want to know exactly how much of my cock I can use.

It isn’t long before I feel some resistance. One more even slower pass and I get a small jerk. I pull back, but she follows me. Her hands are on my hips and now she’s pulling me forward. I can feel my cock flex a bit as she presses it against the back of her mouth. I’m in heaven feeling every part of her mouth somewhere on my cock. Her hips are bucking slightly as she pants through her nose.


A girl, jogging along the path is stopped maybe ten feet behind me. She probably can’t see any details, but she certainly can guess what’s happening. Pulling her to her feet and settling our clothes, I smile and wave as she passes us in the other direction.

I lead my lovely date down the first side trail we come across, down to the river. I find some sandy soil that looks dry, and after a forceful kiss, push her gently, but firmly to her knees once more.

She pulls her breasts out for me and then is immediately working her mouth on my cock. I take over, I want my cum in her belly. Grabbing her head, I hold it still in front of me and use my hips to thrust in and out of her mouth. Her hips rock in pleasure as the feeling of being out of control sweeps through her, bringing her to orgasm again. Her eyes are watering, and grunting moans escape her red, swollen lips whenever my cock gets far enough from her throat.

It’s too erotic. The outdoor air, her large breasts swaying, the amazing series of grunts of pleasure coming from her mouth, I can’t last.

“Unhhhhh”, I moan, folding up over her, my belly on the crown of her head, as I hold her completely still and gush my cum into her mouth.

My eyes are closed, I feel weightless. My body twitches with over stimulation every time she moves her tongue. Eventually I take a shuddering inhalation and stand upright.

Her eyes are glittering. She knows what we have.

The rest of the walk back to the lot is quiet. We’re both spent and a bit orgasmically high.

Before we go, we agree to drinks later in the week. Online dating definitely works…

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