Fantasy Fulfilled


I’ll start of by introducing us. My name is Jonathon, though most people call me John or Johnny and I have been with my beautiful girlfriend for a little over 2 years. My girlfriend is the sweetest, most intelligent, independent, just perfect young lady ive ever had the opportunity to be with and i love her very much. Her name is Jayla, but everyone including myself calls her Jay. I also have a goofy yet intelligent dog, he’s a german shepherd named Mako. He has great markings and he’s huge about 95lbs, he’s a perfect example of their breed.

We didn’t have sex until about 5 months into our relationship, not that we didnt want to, just that we had both been burned before early on and wanted to make sure the other was going to stick around. However, when we finally did, WOW it was amazing (for both of us i might add). Im white, about 6’3″, thin, to an atheletic degree, fairly handsome as i am told by the ladies and real world well endowed. Most stories are always like “oh and i have 10 inch peniss” no. I have a respectable, slightly over 7 inch dick with good girth and no one has complained a bit.

Now Jay on the otherhand, goodness. No man deserves such a girl. She is 7 years younger than myself being 21, and she is rockin. She’s half African American half Brazilian, about 5’10”, slender, athletic as she was on track in HS, a bit small in the chest (a large b), with a tight round bubble butt. Her smallish breasts were of no concern to me as I think they fit her very well due to her model like frame. They are perfectly shaped with a small dark nipple standing proudly on each one. Her light brown almond shaped eyes set above her pink pouty lips make her the most beautiful to dark ratio ive ever seen. She often wears her hair in a large loosely curled fro which to me is just so cute on a pretty girl.

Anyway, enough describing our story starts when one day after having some great sex, (she loves sucking and riding and being choked Mmmm such a good gf) we were after-glow talking about things we liked and such when she asked “do you have any fantasies?” Who doesnt!? Problem is most people can never tell another their true fantasies because thats just one of those things. “Well of course.” I said stalling, trying to think of something I could say that was true. “Well, tell me then” she says laughing a bit “you know you can tell me anything and I’d do anything for you” she added smiling her pretty white teeth at me.

“Hmm, wellll I have always wanted a threesome.” I said hesitantly. Escort “Oh” she said thinking. “With another girl or another guy?” She asked. “Another girl, I could never let another man have you, i would be far too jealous.” I said laughing “but i also wouldnt want you to hurt so thats why id never really suggest being with another girl either.” I said meaning it. “Well i definitely wouldn’t like for you to have sex with another woman but you know I like girls a little bit too so maybe it wouldn’t be too bad” she said quietly grinning. “Hmm, alright well… if you ever want to do that just bring it up, ill wait on you for that. No pressure though” i said surprised at her willingness. How could i ever tell her my true fantasies, the fantasies of seeing women with dogs and horses and the like? She would really have a problem with that im sure!

In turn i asked her about her fantasies. She replied with how she would like to try anal, bondage and that she like being a little risque in public. Which of course, all was fine by me! I started thinking of ways to fulfill her fantasies. As i also thought about how to fulfill mine….

Months passed and her birthday came about, about half a year from our 2nd anniversary. I had purchased a blindfold and a spreader bar, as well as some bondage rope and a butt plug for her as a surprise and i intended to use them. (A spreader bar by the way for those who don’t know is a bar about 3 ft in length with a cuff on each side, for the ankles and 2 cuffs in the middle for the hands. Meant to hold you in doggy style position or on your back with your legs spread)

So for her 21st birthday I told her to dress sexy and took her out to a nice alcohol serving restaurant. She obliged and dressed in a thin strapped short black dress with short heels. The thin dress had little back to it and needed no bra, it was also very form fitting, showing off her tight bubble butt. When we stepped outside and i held the car door open for he, I could see her hard nipples poking through her dress, outlining her perfect perky tits, gave me a semi right there haha.

I stared at her partially exposed thighs the whole drive, enjoying the streetlights illumination of her dark smooth legs. I drove with a constant semi. Once we arrived and stepped into the resturant she turned heads, as always. Being taller than most guys with her heels and sexier than most women on any occasion I got plenty of jealous stares as did she. We had a good dinner but i was ready for Escort Bayan the action at home and i knew she was too since she informed me, to my surprise, she wasn’t wearing panties tonight. When she told me that i had a full out hard on the rest of the night!

On the ride back i rested my hand on her smooth leg as we drove. Her hands on mine. She occasionally moved my hand up juuust short of her sex, teasing me. “Ill make her pay for that tonight” i thought to myself. Once we got home and inside i pulled her to me by the neck and kissed her passionately, gliding my free hand all over. Making sure to give her tits and cute ass a firm squeeze each and running my hand up her dress to find that she was wet as could be. “Mmmm go sit on the bed and close your eyes” i said lustfully. “ok” she replied winking and smiling bright.

I gathered the spreader bar, rope and plug and went to the bedroom. Once there i commanded her to stand and she did. I grabbed her by the throat and gave her another long kiss, biting her lip as if indicating it was going to be rough tonight. I grabbed the bottom of her dress and pulled it up over her, stopping to stare. How beautiful, her smooth dark flesh with an insane lack of imperfections, long muscled legs accented by the black heels, her perky tits and beautiful lips leading down to a freshly shaved, soaking pussy. I could hardely contain myself.

I pushed her back on to the bed and grabbed her knees spreading them open to reveal to me her sweet wet folds, she gasped at the sudden movments. I admired her pussy for a moment before diving in kissing the smooth soft skin all around before tentatively dipping my tongue into the dark folds, splitting them to reveal the hot pink insides. I flicked and tongued and pushed my finger in until she was a lustful mess at the end of my fingertip. I stood up and flipped her over onto her belly and grabbed her hips, raising them. She rose onto her hands thinking doggy style was next, but oh no. Not tonight. I grabbed the back of her neck and firmly pushed her face into the comforter.

A weaker man would have abandoned the toys right then and plunged their cock into that beautiful sight. Id never get tired of seeing that perfect firm ass in the air, her dark folds split by a thin hot pink crevasse, the curve in her back nothing short of a pornstar. I got the bar and set it across her ankles, clasping the cuffs onto them. “Hands between your legs” i said sternly, she complied with a slight moan. So i Bayan Escort clasped her wrists and put the key on the dresser behing me. “No escape now” I thought to myself.

A big hand crashed down on onto her right ass cheek

“Ahhhh!” she yelped in surprise followed by another on the left a second later “Uhhhn” she yelped quieter and more sexually this time. Again on the right, a loud clap echoing through the house, again on the left. Each hard slap pulling a soft sharp moan/yelp from her pretty lips. I slapped until her ass was a dark shade of red. (slightly less satisfying than a pale white ass i will admit) Once i was satisfied her ass was stinging and tingling i grabbed the buttplug and went to the side of the bed, she opened her eyes and seen the small plug. Her eye brows raised in surprise i pushed it towards her lips, “lube it, unless you want it going in dry” she opened and closed her lips around it swirling her tongue making sure it was nice and slippery.

I went back behind her and pushed it against her tight virgin ass, she gasped at the pressure. I continued slowly pushing until it started to part her tight ass and slide in. Very slowly i pushed, despite her groans until it slipped in and locked into place “MmmmmMm” she moaned feeling her ass being filled for the first time. I gave no respite, as soon as it was in i steadily pushed my middle two fingers palm down into her sopping cunt down to the knuckle. She gasped and moaned as I began flicking my fingers into her g-spot with ever increasing speed. Faster than ever before she yelled “oh my god! I’m cumming! Dont stop, baby please! Ohhhh MmMmmm” she groaned and moaned and gyrated her hips while creaming onto my fingers.

I couldnt hold off any longer, i whipped my rock hard and oozing cock out of my pants and lined up. I pushed my cock steadily into her with no resistance, given the slickness of her opening and everything around it. I began pounding her immediately, grabbing onto her ass cheeks for leverage. Fuller than shed ever been in just seconds she was screaming that she was cumming again, it only inspired me to go as hard and fast as i could. He perfect ass rippling before me and her juices running down my balls, and finally seeing that little plug sitting firmly in her ass was too much. “”Fuck im cumming!” I said grunting, never decreasing the speed or force behind my pumps. “Oh fuck!” She yelled, gripping the bar until there was no more color left in her knuckles “I’m cumming so hard! Cum inside meeee!!!” I slammed in as deep as i could go and painted her hot contracting walls white with a huge cumload.

Gasping for air and sweating i looked down at her doing the same

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