Erin Who?


Erin and I started dating during the second half of our senior year in high school. Despite being overrun with hormones, we actually took the physical part of our relationship pretty slowly. In fact, by a couple of weeks after graduation, we still hadn’t progressed beyond second base. One hot, humid day in June, however, that all changed.

We were hanging out up in my bedroom, which had its own air conditioner because it was on the top floor of our old house. Consequently, it was a cool oasis from the sweltering weather outside. We were making out, as we liked to do whenever we had the chance, and I had been granted access to her petite boobs. I had started out with my hand up her shirt, but was allowed to push her shirt up above her tits to get better access to them. Her tits were small enough and perky enough that she often went braless, though it wasn’t usually obvious.

On this day, with her shirt up below her chin and out of the way, I started licking and sucking her hard, pink nipples while she ran her fingers through my hair and moaned softly. I had made attempts in the recent past to cross the borderline of her waistband, but had always been rebuffed. She was not, however, against doing some dry-humping while we made out. Once I had her heated up with my attention to her nipples, I moved up over her and pressed my throbbing tool between her legs – with about four layers of fabric between our respective intimate parts. We went back to making out while I rubbed my hardness against her softness, evoking soft moans from her as it usually did.

I really didn’t want to end up cumming in my pants again, like I had on a few previous occasions, so I stopped and rolled off of her once I was dangerously close. My shorts were obviously tented out as I lay beside her and she surprised me by asking if she could see “it.” Figuring she must be extremely worked up to make such a request, I was emboldened enough to tell her that she could just go ahead and take it out if she wanted to, rather than doing it myself.

Kneeling beside me on the bed, she undid my shorts and I raised my ass so that she could slide them down. Grasping the waistbands of my shorts and underwear together, she worked them down until my hard cock suddenly sprang out, startling her. After allowing her to stare for a minute or two, I encouraged her to go ahead and touch it and satisfy her curiosity. She reached out and took it in her fist, gently sliding her hand up and down my shaft. Her hand felt so good that I knew if she kept it up, I’d be spewing all over the place. I told her that her hand felt good and to go ahead and keep looking it over, assuming she’d never seen a fully-erect cock this close up before.

Still kneeling, she leaned close to examine it while one hand still gently pumped it and the other explored my balls. I could feel the orgasm I’d denied myself while dry-humping her quickly returning, but tried valiantly not to let on so that I could surprise her rather than be denied relief again. I just watched her as she intently looked over my parts, while feeling an intense climax building up. Finally, my cock lurched in her hand and a rope of white cum shot out of the tip, causing her to gasp. She watched closely and continued to stroke it while it continued to shoot and I experienced nirvana, or so I felt at the time.

Once it had stopped shooting, she continued to stroke it until it began to soften. She examined the jism on her hand and surprised me again by sticking out her tongue to taste it. She made a face that appeared to indicate that it wasn’t half bad which was an extremely good sign to me. Finally, she turned to look at me and smiled, telling me that it had been fun. I asked her if I might have the opportunity to see hers now, not needing to explain what of hers I was interested in seeing. She smiled and nodded.

I handed her some tissues and used some myself, not bothering to pull my shorts back on, just in case. She took my place, lying with her head on my pillows, while I positioned myself between her legs. She was wearing a long skirt, which I slid up her pale thighs, nearly hyperventilating in anticipation of seeing her panties. Erin was unquestionably Irish; her long hair was jet black, her skin was very fair and her eyes were a beautiful shade of green. Her panties, as it turned out that day, were also green – somewhere around a mint green. There was also a much darker spot on the front of them; she was clearly very worked up.

Laying her skirt up above her waist, I first ran my hands up and down her inner thighs and along the bare flesh just above the waistband of her panties, just feeling how soft and smooth it was and building the anticipation. Finally, I took a deep breath and grabbed the waistband of her panties while she raised her ass up. I slowly slid them down, watching her trim, jet black bush come into view. My gaze never left her pussy even as I slid her panties all the way down her legs and set them aside. I lay on my stomach between her spread legs junji ito maniac japanese tales of the macabre izle and just admired her pussy for a few minutes before she gave me the go ahead to touch her, much as I had done to her.

I ran my fingers through her trim bush then got in close as I spread the soft flesh surrounding her pussy apart, exposing her lips and her clit. I had looked at innumerable skin mags by this point in my life, but had only probably seen one other pussy from this vantage point before. Most of my previous experience with pussy had been fumbling around in the dark amidst layers of clothing. I could feel my cock trying to rise again due to the intimacy of this situation. I touched my fingertip lightly to her clit, knowing that this was where most of the pleasurable feelings originated. Erin sucked in her breath and let it back out with a whimper while writhing just slightly on the bed.

I toyed with her clit just a little, but I had a better idea of how to stimulate it, so I took that finger and gently slid it into her. She was dripping with abundant lubrication, so, despite how snug she was, my finger easily slid in. After slowly sliding it in and out a few times, I stuck my tongue out and licked her clit. I heard her suck in another breath but kept at it, licking her clit while fingering her. I didn’t have a whole lot of experience with pussy-eating and what I was doing seemed to be working, so I didn’t vary my technique very much. Looking up as I licked, I saw that Erin had started playing with her nipples and fondling her tits with her eyes closed. My cock definitely started growing again seeing that.

It wasn’t long before I felt Erin starting to push her hips up rhythmically toward my face. As the pace of her hip movement and her breathing increased, her hands dropped down to the back of my head, holding me against her humping pussy. Around my pumping finger, her pussy seemed to get more engorged and more slippery. I took this to be a good thing and kept at what I was doing. She started moaning as she moved faster and faster then she suddenly froze, her pussy jammed against my face. I continued to lick and finger her as a shudder passed through her and she relaxed back onto the bed. She experienced a few aftershocks, then had me raise my head.

I crawled up next to her and we kissed as she caught her breath. She looked down when she felt my stiff cock brushing against her leg and expressed surprise that it was so hard again. Reaching down, she began to stroke it gently in her hand again before moving back down the bed until her head was near my hip. She continued to stroke me while watching intently. Since I had just cum not that long ago, I didn’t immediately feel an impending orgasm so I was able to just lay there and enjoy the feeling of her hand on my cock. She seemed to be still quite intrigued by the feel of my shaft and my balls, as she touched and stroked both of them while continually looking them over.

After a few minutes, she repositioned herself on her knees beside me, stroking my cock in her left hand and fondling my balls with her right. I watched as she leaned down, assuming that she was just taking another closer look, and was surprised when she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the head. She popped it out of her mouth a few times before sliding her lips down slowly to see how far she could take it. Still holding the base and massaging my balls, she started sliding her lips up and down my tool while I just lay there astonished.

I couldn’t believe that my cock was sliding in and out of my girlfriend’s pretty face given that a couple of hours ago she’d never even touched it. The impending orgasm that I didn’t feel when she was just using her hand definitely was showing up as she sucked my cock. As she got more comfortable, she sucked faster, pausing occasionally to lick my balls or twirl her tongue around my head. I couldn’t help but start pushing my hips up at her face as I got closer to blowing a load in her mouth. I ran my fingers through her thick, black hair, trying not to hold her head in place so she could be free to experiment as she pleased.

I tried my best to just relax and enjoy the feeling of Erin’s tongue, lips and hands as an intense orgasm slowly welled up. I didn’t want to let her know it was coming because I didn’t want her to stop for any reason just as I started to cum. As my cock swelled, I feared if anything gave me away, that would be it, but she didn’t even pause. She continued to bob her head up and down on my shaft and, even when my cock jerked and I started to spew, she never let up. She kept sucking my cock and swallowing my cum, to my relief and amazement, until I finally started to soften in her mouth.

I was still speechless as she crawled up and lay beside me, holding me tightly and resting her head on my shoulder. When we finally started talking about it, we both kaçış izle agreed that we should do this every time we got the opportunity. Since her parents were pretty overprotective, but had loosened up a lot in the time we’d been dating, we had to be careful that we weren’t found out and that our activities still appeared innocent. We went down on each other all over the place during the next month or so – my bedroom, her bedroom, my car, her car, in the middle of a field during a picnic, at the movies, in peoples’ bathrooms at parties. We were loving it so much that it never even occurred to me to push for sex; she was getting so good with her mouth that I didn’t think it necessary.

The other thing that never occurred to me ended up actually happening by early August – it never occurred to me that Erin might dump me. Why would she? We were having the time of our lives. For whatever reason, though, she did it. Suddenly, the girl I loved more than anything in the world had cast me aside taken her talented mouth along, too. I was devastated.

While I was brokenhearted, my friends were pissed. Jim and Rob, Mary Rose and Theresa, they all felt that Erin was a total bitch to treat their good friend so poorly. They could see that I was hurting and did their best to help me cope. Jim and Rob got me drunk an awful lot in those first few days. If they’d had the resources, they’d probably have gotten me laid, too. Mary Rose was more maternal, just listening and trying to comfort me. It was Theresa who ultimately provided the true healing that I was looking for.

Unbeknownst to the others, she invited me over to her house one night when the rest of her family was away. The pretense was that we were just going to hang out and that we didn’t need to talk about Erin. If I wanted to, she would be there to listen, but if I didn’t, she just wanted to hang out like we used to. I could see where she was coming from; before I’d started dating Erin, Theresa and I used to hang out a lot more. We’d go bowling, play Pictionary with her family and a lot of times just sit and talk. I’d been too preoccupied with Erin to realize how much I missed those times. I was looking forward to a night of just hanging out once again.

I showed up at her house and was immediately reminded of what a hot little body Theresa possessed. She was wearing black running shorts, like the orange ones that the waitresses at Hooters wear nowadays. This, of course, was before Hooters was a household word, but I wouldn’t have been at all surprised if their uniform had been inspired by someone seeing Theresa wearing these shorts. She was also wearing a short sleeved black shirt that was snug enough to show of her young, firm tits. Given all of this, you have to also realize that Theresa was not dressed to seduce me. This was not an unusual outfit for any young lady with the body to support it back in the mid-80’s, so I wasn’t feeling any vibe out of the ordinary as we went into her living room and sat on the couch.

We started out just talking, mostly reminiscing about the many good times we’d shared. It wasn’t long before we were both laughing at some of the things we’d gotten ourselves into. Finally, Theresa patted me on the knee and told me how good it was to see me smiling and laughing again. I thanked her for helping me and for being concerned about me and we hugged. From there, we started talking about Erin. Since she and the rest of my friends had all been blindsided by Erin dumping me, Theresa wondered if it had come as a surprise to me as well. I explained that it was one of the last things I had expected, especially in light of sudden steps our relationship had recently taken. She wasn’t clear on what exactly I meant so I described how physical our relationship had become and how quickly.

This actually pissed Theresa off even more. She was really bent that Erin would initiate a more intimate physical relationship, then abruptly withdraw it. I told her that my gut feeling was that maybe she’d enjoyed that new physical stuff too much and realized how many more cocks there were out in the world that she could be sucking. Theresa was shocked, not by my bluntness, but by the idea that Erin would leave me high and dry while she was out getting more of what she wanted. I admitted that it wasn’t an easy transition to make, going from a good blowjob pretty much whenever I wanted it to having to take care of my own needs.

“You’re absolutely wrong there,” she told me, “You don’t have to take care of your own needs, not when you’ve got good friends who care about you.”

With that, she moved onto the floor to kneel before me. My dick began to harden as I realized what her intentions were, but I didn’t try to stop her. I slid down slightly as she got my shorts open and started working them and my underwear down. My cock was growing rapidly, but wasn’t rigid enough to stand up yet once she freed it. By the time she’d slid my shorts and underwear over my feet and focused her attention kaleidoscope izle on it, it was almost fully erect. She took it in her hand and began to stroke it, never looking up at my face before lowering her head to lick my balls. I let out a half sigh, half moan as my cock went completely rigid under her attentions.

She licked up from my balls along the underside of my shaft to the head, then wrapped her lips around the head and started sliding them down. Feeling a hot mouth engulfing my cock once again was blissful and having it done by a mouth I’d never experienced before only heightened the pleasure of the experience. While pumping the base, she commenced sliding her lips up and down my tool, pausing occasionally to use only her tongue on my shaft and balls. I ran my fingers through her curly brown hair while moaning out words of encouragement and gradually starting to push my hips up toward her face.

She had started out slowly, whether to draw out my pleasure or her own I don’t know, but as I was starting to move my hips, she was increasing the pace at which she was sliding her mouth up and down my cock. I was pretty pent up after having my regular sexual outlet unexpectedly taken away, so I was on Cloud 9 and ready to explode in short order. Watching as Theresa expertly sucked my cock only increased my arousal, so it was no surprise when I felt my cock beginning to swell with my impending orgasm. Theresa continued sliding her slips up and down as my breathing became labored and I finally started to spew. She moaned with pleasure as she swallowed down my seed, making sure that I was completely spent before removing her lips from my tool.

I thanked her as she remained on her knees before me and told her how incredible she was. Her response was that the night was just beginning. I asked if that meant that it was my turn to go down on her. She nodded and replied that I could even pretend that she was Erin if it made me feel better. Leaning forward, I took her face in my hands and told her that I wasn’t going to be doing that because I wanted to experience the pleasure of eating Theresa. She smiled and I kissed her on her soft lips.

I asked her to stand up and once she had, I had her slowly peel off her black shirt. Underneath it, along with her smooth belly, she revealed a black bra that nicely showcased her young, firm tits. Next, I had her slide down her nylon shorts, her tits jiggling nicely in their bra as she bent forward. Standing before me in her black lingerie, Theresa was stunning. The style wasn’t popular at the time, but in retrospect I know that she had the body, and especially the ass, for a thong. While she waited to see what I wanted her to do next, I grabbed the afghan hanging behind me on the back of the couch and stood up with it. With Theresa’s help, we spread it out in the middle of the floor. I asked her to lie in the middle of it and whipped off my shirt as she did so. I knelt, naked, at her feet and started from there, kissing my way up her body.

Starting with the tops of her feet, I kissed up her shins and calves to her knees. I pushed her knees apart and kissed up her inner thighs, alternating sides. When I reached her panties, I could smell her arousal, but I went around over her hips instead before kissing over her stomach. I kissed up through her cleavage, along each collarbone, and up each side of her neck. Finally, after briefly licking each of her ears, I kissed along her jawline to her pouty lips. I rolled off to her side as we started making out, my one arm around her shoulders while my other hand started caressing her breasts through her bra.

The bra had a front clasp, something I loved, so I deftly popped it open and my hand cupped the warm, soft flesh of her breast. I fondled her breasts and toyed with her nipples as we made out before starting to kiss my way down her neck again. As I reached her breasts, I had to pause and back up slightly; her breasts were absolute works of art. They were perfectly sized and shaped, topped with larger aureoles than I was expecting and nipples that begged to be sucked. All of this was highlighted by the tanlines left by her bikini top.

I lowered my head to lick and suck her nipples as I continued to fondle each of her perfect breasts. Gradually, one of my hands began to slide down over her smooth stomach and across the waistband of her panties. I could feel the coarse texture of her bush, followed by the softness of her pussy covered by the damp material of her panties. I slid my finger up and down the cleft of her pussy while still licking and sucking her nipples, then slipped my hand under the waistband. My fingertips brushed through her cropped bush until they encountered her slippery slit. I ran my fingers up and down her slit before sliding my middle finger into her wet, snug pussy.

Theresa was moaning and running her fingers through my hair as I started to kiss my way further back down her fantastic body. As my kisses approached her panties, I slid my hand free and maneuvered around until I was between her legs. Taking one side of her panties in each hand, I started slowly sliding them down while kissing each newly exposed inch of her abdomen. She raised her ass off the floor, allowing me to continue to slide her panties off and expose the trim brown fur of her bush. The blood was starting to flow back toward my flaccid organ the more I saw of her luscious, tight body.

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