Emma and Seduction Ch. 05


It was Emma’s birthday. She turned nineteen this day. We were celebrating on a Friday evening, after Erica arrived home from the college. The end of summer session was in a week. Thereafter we would have a two week break and begin the fall semester. Emma would be off to private school again. It had been an enlightening summer.

Perhaps Emma was my natural daughter. Perhaps. I was becoming more certain of it. Erica’s remembrance, and mine, of that party long ago seemed to indicate that her one night stand with an instructor was, in fact, me. I was Emma’s father. Perhaps.

The Italian restaurant we went to was a favorite of Emma’s. We had been there two times before. She enjoyed it, so we were spending her birthday there. She was wearing a rather low cut dress. It was tighter than I thought it needed to be. I even imagined she was wearing the bustier I had purchased for her a week ago. Would she do that? What if her mother noticed.

Erica was stunning in a black cocktail dress. It was lovely on her, emphasizing her trim figure. Emma was her mother’s daughter. They were so similar in many ways. Since Emma had been sun tanning in the nude for weeks now I was aware that she shaved her vulva. As did her mother. And both had conical breasts, with rosy nipples. Now, both wore scarlet lipstick and nail polish. I liked that color.

The scent of jasmine wafted from Emma, and her mother was wearing gardenia perfume. The odors did not conflict. I found them slightly arousing, as a matter of fact. It was odd, but quite often, around Emma, I would become erect. It could be embarrassing. Especially if Erica noticed. But she would think it was for her. And it was. After all, I adored my wife.

As we waited to be served dinner Erica took two wrapped items from her large purse. One was the locket I had bought for Emma. She had liked it, and she deserved it, on this nineteenth birthday. She had been a good girl. I thought so. Yes, she had been quite lovely this summer. Since Erica and I married in late spring she had needed to get used to a new stepfather. She had done rather well, I believed. I had done rather well, myself. I was containing the naughty feelings of lust.

“What’s this Mom? You’re always so sweet to me. Did you and Dick get these for me?”

She began unwrapping the locket. She squealed with surprise when she saw it, even though she had picked it out. But her mother didn’t know that. She was rather good at dissembling.

“Will you put it on for me, Dick? Thanks so much. It’s lovely.”

I took the jewelry and opened the fastener, placed it around her long neck, and noticed that it rested just in the cleavage of her breasts, as I had thought when we picked it out. I could not help but notice that her nipples were hard against the material of her dress. Her bustier was not covering them, but rather lifting and displaying them, one could say. I felt my penis stirring.

“Oh thanks, Dick. Mom, this is a sweet little keepsake. It’s a unicorn, isn’t it? I can put it on my vanity. Thank you, Mom.”

With smiles we all looked up as we were being served. The meal was delicious, and my ladies seemed to enjoy the dinner out on this special occasion. I looked forward to arriving home afterwards. Erica would need to be pleased, as her daughter was now. Or rather, in a special way. Yes, I needed to please Erica.

Driving home it started to rain. It was a downpour. I hoped it would stop before we arrived home. Unfortunately it didn’t. We climbed out of the car and ran to the front door. It had an overhang, but we were already soaked. Erica and Emma were both giggling as I got my keys ready to unlock the door. They were so alike.

When entering both ladies ran upstairs while I locked up downstairs. I heard Erica calling out that she was going to shower and dry her hair. I walked upstairs more slowly. Outside her door Emma had stopped and reached to touch my cheek. Her mother was already in our room.

Emma leaned forward and kissed my forehead. I smelled her perfume. I could smell something else. The scent she was giving off was that of her pussy. I noticed it often from Erica, when she was aroused. Was Emma aroused?

Emma reached downwards and her delicate hand began touching my penis. It was erect in a second or two. God, she was so desirable. I wanted her. But she was my stepdaughter. Or my daughter. Oh my god. Then she giggled.

“You’re so naughty, Dick. You need to control yourself dear.”

She turned and was walking into her room. I heard my shower turned on down the hall. This was enough! I was the authority here. I was the man of the house. I deserved respect. Dammit! I deserved to be treated with respect. I grabbed her up into my arms. She was so light. She needed to know who was in charge!

Erica was in the shower. She would be busy for some time, bathing and drying her hair. I carried Emma over to the bed and sat down. I flipped her over with her derriere up. I lifted her dress up above her rounded ucuz escort cheeks. She wasn’t wearing panties. As I had imagined, she was wearing the bustier. Her ass and pussy were there before me. I began to strike her with the palm of my hand. It was stinging, and it was certainly painful for her. But she deserved it. She needed to be taught a lesson.

“Dick, what’re you doing. Ow! Dick, stop this. You’re not my father. That hurts Dick.”

“You need to be taught Emma. You need a lesson in respect. You understand? I’m your father now. This is my house. This’ll teach you, you little minx. I’ll not be toyed with!”

My hand was coming down with a rhythm onto her buttocks. I was also striking her pussy. Her ass cheeks were red and my palm prints were bright upon her tender skin. My prick was hard. I knew that wasn’t right. I didn’t care. I didn’t give a damn. Fuck this! She needed a lesson.

My arm was finally tired. I rested my hand on her tender, smooth ass. I slowly caressed her red flesh. She was moaning. One of my fingers slipped into her vulva. I stroked it slowly. She moaned louder. No! I needed to leave. I lifted her up and sat her on the bed.

“That was for your own good, Emma. You just need to respect me. Understand? That’s all. Now get to bed. I’m going to bed myself. I’m sorry, dear, but you deserved that.”

I gave her a kiss on the forehead. She lowered her eyes. I could see a slight smile on her face. She had taken that well, I must say. But I was establishing parameters. Yes, I was letting her know I was in charge here. I patted her leg and rose. Going out the door I heard a giggle. Yes, she had taken it well. I needed Erica. My cock was so fucking hard! My finger went to my mouth. It tasted of honey and jasmine.

In my bedroom I stripped out of my clothing. I sat in my easy chair, waiting for my wife to come out of the bathroom. I heard her drying her hair. I slowly stroked my dick. It was purple and aching with need. I wanted Erica, with her silky brown locks, and her ruby red nails, and her perky tits. Her body. So nice. So like her daughter. Yes, they were so much alike. I needed her.

“Richard, sweetheart. Are you waiting for the bathroom, dear? I’m finished. Why’re you smiling, love? Are you holding a belt?”

“Come here, Erica. I have something new we’ll try. I know you’ll like it. Yes, you’ll like it. I love getting naughty with my wife. Come over here my dear.”

“Of course, Richard. What’s my big lover want tonight? I’m yours, you know that, Richard.”

She was naked. She hadn’t bothered to dress in the bathroom. That was good. I wanted her soft skin. I wanted her sweet curves. I wanted her steamy, wet, fragrant pussy. I wanted her. I took her arms and pulled her into my lap. Her round ass was there before me. I felt her humid vaginal lips touching my hard prick as I began to spank my wife with a leather belt.

“Ah, Richard. Bad boy! Oh, fuck baby. It feels good baby.”

Her butt was getting redder and redder as I slapped her ass. Red streaks appeared. Some faded and some remained. I was so fucking hard! Take it you little tease. Yes, take your spanking. Then I’ll fuck you, the way you want to be fucked. Hard and rough. I could feel her pussy juices leaking out onto my lap. They were covering my cock and my balls.

“My god, Richard, I keep coming, coming, fuck, coming baby.”

“Good, you’re ready for me, aren’t you woman. You need some hard cock. Get on your hands and knees. Get down now!”

She was there on the carpet, waiting, with her pussy wet and needing my cock. I rammed it into her, and kept slapping the belt across her ass. I thrust and spanked, keeping a rhythm. Just as I had kept a rhythm on Emma’s ass. That little tease. I had taught her. Now I was teaching her mother.

I fucked her deep and hard, and she cried out, begging for more, and more. I grunted with passion as I continued screwing her greasy snatch. My woman, and wife. My Erica. Emma’s mother. Fuck, it was so fucking good. I wanted to come and I did. I gushed out, filling her cunt with my seed. My sperm in my Erica’s pussy.

Rolling over, off of Erica, I fell onto the floor. She laid down beside me. Her hands were caressing my hair and forehead. My wife loved me. She loved how I made love to her. Yes, she enjoyed it all. I heard a giggle. I looked at Erica, but she had her head on my chest. I think she was completely sated. I glanced at the door. It was ajar.

Rising up, I went over to the door. I opened it and saw a figure disappearing into Emma’s darkened room.

“Is something wrong Richard?”

“Not a thing. Nothing that can’t wait. Don’t worry dear. We should get to bed. I’ll shower in the morning. Tonight you can clean my cock with your tongue. Yes, my love?”

“Of course, Richard. I love your grand prick. Let’s get to bed and I’ll suck you to sleep, my big lover.”

We got into bed and turned out the lights. It was ümraniye escort still storming outside. Such a lovely sound to go to sleep to. I rested well that night. Erica feel asleep with my soft cock in her mouth.

In the morning we both arose and performed the usual things to get ready for the day. Of course, Emma didn’t get up when we did. She seldom did. I made breakfast for Erica and me, and then she was off to start the final week of the summer session. I went to my library and started working on an article for a journal. I heard Emma up and about just an hour or so later.

A tapping was heard on my library door. It was Emma, certainly.

“Come in dear.”

She came in nude. It was how she sunbathed. I had agreed to it, but I was having doubts now. I had been too easy on my stepdaughter. I was starting to believe that I had let her have her way too often.

“Morning Dick. Did you have fun last night? Beating your stepdaughter? And my mother?” She giggled.

She was mocking me. I rose from my chair, circled the desk, and grabbed her arm. Her jasmine perfume filled my nose with its aroma. For some reason I noticed that her nipples were erect.

“This has to stop, Emma. You will learn who’s the master here. Yes? Who’s in charge in this house? Tell me now, young lady!”

“I don’t know, Dick. You tell me.” And she giggled again.

It was too much. It was the last time I would take this rudeness. No more! I took her shoulders in my hands, forcing her down, onto her bare knees. Her face was upturned, gazing into my eyes. She was smiling, and giggling. I drew my zipper down and dragged my hardening prick out. I grabbed her braids in my hands and forced her head to my cock. Before I could speak she kissed it.

“You want that, don’t you, you little cunt! You want this. You’ve always wanted it. Dammit! Take my cock you little fucking tease. Take it now, witch!”

She grinned at me. “I thought you’d never ask, Dick.”

“Fuck that! My name is Richard. Remember that from now on. My fucking name is Richard! Now lick my cock and give me a blow job. Take it now, prick teaser!”

Her mouth engulfed my cock, and I felt her hot saliva lubricating it, as her delicate hands reached up to caress my balls, and rub my ass hole. I began fucking her face, holding her hair and thrusting as deep as I could. I knew she couldn’t take it all, but I was going to give her all she could handle. She was going to give me a great cock sucking.

She was as good as her mother. Yes, she was her mother’s daughter. They both seemed to love giving head. That was good. It was wonderful, as I continued fucking her face. I glanced down and saw her hand was now fondling her clitoris. Her other hand left my balls and squeezed each of her tits. Her nipples were hard and she pinched them and moaned.

She started jacking my dick with one hand as she chewed on my cock head, and sucked me hard with her gripping, scarlet lips. I didn’t need to fuck her anymore, because she was doing all the work. I leaned back against my desk and let her bob her mouth on my prick and stroke it. Faster and faster she was rubbing me. She would stop, and look up at me, and grin. Then she would continue, faster and rougher.

“Baby, come for me. Come for me baby. Come on me. I want it now.”

“Here it comes. Damn, girl, it’s coming now. Take it, baby, take it, sweet fucking Emma. Take my come!”

She was holding my cock and she opened her mouth. I spurted out and it shot onto her face. Some went into her mouth. Some dripped down her cheeks and chin. She was giggling and then swallowing all she got in her mouth. I was jacking myself now, getting the last few squirts to give to my Emma.

I could hardly breathe. Yes, I had taught her a lesson. I was the boss here. She had surely learned her lesson. She wiped my come from her face, licked it up, and giggled once more. Then she rose up and leaned in to kiss me. I tasted my own sperm on her red lips, and then her tongue was in my mouth. I grabbed her head with one hand and her shoulders with the other. She needed to be kissed, well and thoroughly. I was a little rough.

We finally broke apart. I was somewhat frightened by my response to her goading. I had rather lost control. That was unlike me. I was usually so calm and collected. Something about my stepdaughter caused me to become rather out of character. But I thought I had taught her a lesson. That was the important thing. Yes, she had learned something today.

“Well, you can go now Emma. Yes, go do your sunbathing.”

“Sure. You can watch me if you want. I always enjoy you watching me. You know that, don’t you? Of course you do, dear…Richard.”

She turned and walked slowly from the room.

I spent the rest of the day doubting myself. Perhaps I had been too harsh on Emma. She was actually a rather good girl, for the most part. Yes, she was a lovely young lady, in most ways. üsküdar escort I may have taken advantage of my position. Well, we would just have to live with what we had done. She would be more respectful, and I would be more appropriate in my responses to her behavior. Yes, that’s what we would do.

The next few days were quiet, and back to normal, it seemed. Erica would arrive late in the afternoon, and we would prepare dinner together. Then we would dine with Emma. She was bright and vibrant. Both of my girls were radiant and I adored them both. Of course, I did. The evening was spent watching movies, or playing board games. Then to bed.

The weekend was approaching. This was finals week for the students. Erica was quite busy. I would be too when the next semester started. Both of us would be teaching then. And Emma would be away to her private college. I was coming to believe I might miss her. Yes, I might miss my Emma a lot.

On Friday afternoon Emma came in from sunbathing. I was sitting at the kitchen counter. I had just made a snack. Her skin was golden and shining. Her hair was up in braids. I was glad I had allowed her to tan without wearing her little bikinis. She looked lovely. I noticed that her pubic hair was starting to grow out.

“Well, Richard, this’ll be my last day working on my tan. It’s just as I like it now. When I go back to school I’ll look like I spent the summer on the Riviera.” She giggled.

“You do look quite healthy dear. Yes, you do. May I ask a personal question, Emma? I notice that the hair on your, well, your mound of venus is growing out. I’ve wondered, does it get itchy?”

I had unconsciously placed a hand on my own mound. My growing penis.

“Yes, dear, it does get uncomfortable. I tell you what, sweet Richard. Why don’t you shave it for me? That would be darling of you. You would be able to do it so much better than I can. Let’s go up to the bathroom and you can do that for me. You’re always so lovely to me Richard.”

This was not what I had expected. Should I be doing this? Well, we were alone here. Why shouldn’t I do a favor for my stepdaughter? Why not? I loved her after all. I mean, I loved as a daughter. Yes, I loved Emma. Why shouldn’t I assist her whenever I could. She took my hand and we went upstairs.

“Here Richard. I have the things you need right here on the bathroom counter. This is a new razor and here’s some cold cream. I find it’s better than shaving cream. I’ll just get in the shower. I know! You take off your clothes and get in too. So much easier, and we won’t get messy. That would be perfect Richard.”

I couldn’t seem to argue with her logic, although it did appear rather specious. But I found myself disrobing. I placed my clothing neatly on the closed toilet seat, and I stepped into the shower with Emma. It was a little embarrassing, as my peter was erect. But she ignored it as she started the shower. She got herself nice and wet.

“Go on Richard. Put the cream on my pussy. And down between my legs too. That’s always the hard part to get to. Yes, that’s it dear. Spread it on.”

I gently dabbed the cream where ever I found small hairs growing. I was on my knees now, gently using my fingers to spread it around. Then I glanced up into her eyes. She was smiling at me. I took the razor and began making small, careful strokes. I didn’t wish to cut her, especially down there. Down around her pussy. Her lovely looking, swollen labia. I shaved it clean, ducking down to get the hairs growing in her ass crack. She helped me by lifting each leg up to the side of the tub.

The pussy lips were a rosy red now. The shower was washing away the cream. I was tempted. Yes, very tempted to kiss her labia. I leaned in and did so. Softly I began stroking my prick. It was hard and it needed my attention. Yes, it needed me to use it. I licked her clitoris and she shivered.

“That’s fine Richard. You did a great job, dear. Let’s get out and get dressed now.”

She stepped out of the tub.

“Don’t do this, Emma. Don’t do this to me! Why are you treating my this way? I just want to make you happy my dear. Oh god, I’m sorry. I’m so ashamed. Forgive me, Emma. I’ll go now. Please, don’t tell your mother.”

I was still in the tub, on my knees, begging forgiveness from my stepdaughter. From my daughter, perhaps. From my Emma.

“You shouldn’t be so silly, Richard. It’s all fine, dear. Actually, you can do me a favor. Tell me, have you ever made love to a virgin? Have you Richard?”

“That’s very personal, Emma. I shouldn’t talk to you about these things.”

I stepped out of the bathtub. My prick was shrinking now.

“I have to know for a good reason, dear. Tell me. Tell Emma all about it baby.”

“Alright, dammit! Yes, I had a virgin. I’ve only been with three women that way. Your mother and a young co-ed in college. And the girl I deflowered in high school. So, you see, I’m not a sex machine. Are you satisfied? Have you embarrassed me enough, Emma?”

I was sitting on her bed. I felt like crying, but I didn’t. No, I wouldn’t do that.

“I’m a virgin, Richard. Did you know that? I’ve never had sex with anyone. Except playing with you dear.”

She giggled. My face was turning red, I could feel it. My cock was growing again.

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