Earning the Name Spermbank


With the courage I managed to muster up, I looked at myself in the mirror. I was the perfect slut, and nobody could convince me otherwise. The mascara was perfect, my black hair was straight, and my red lips were drizzled in cum. My tongue dropped over it and licked it all up, and I gave a high-pitched, playful laugh. It tasted horrible, but the fact that it was my own cum and that the desire was still in me even after releasing it turned me on even further. I was in a sexual frenzy, and nobody was here to quench my thirst. I sure wasn’t going to jack off again, I was going to the gay bar. After ensuring all of the semen was off of my lips and watching myself swallow it, I grabbed my purse and left the house.

When I arrived at the club, I saw nothing but other men here for multiple intentions. Some were here to find relationships, some were here for a good time in general, and some here for casual sex. Consider me the latter. Something in me gave me good talking skills, and I was able to get just about any gay man alone or unfaithful to crawl into my bed or ravish me in the alleyway. Although that was my common activity here, I felt more inspired to try something… different.

Sitting at the bar, I looked around for others here alone, and already I found not far from me a man in a plaid shirt and khakis, so I approached him.

“You’re in the wrong place if you’re trying to hit on men,” he greeted.

“I wasn’t coming over to hit on you,” I countered, sitting in the empty seat to his adjacent right. “But I could anyway, I’m not a girl.”

“That so? Could’ve convinced me otherwise,” he put off, then looked towards the dance floor.

“Anything worth sharing happen today?” I ask him, hoping to provoke any bit of conversation.

“No, though this limited time only Gone Ghoul drink definitely is hitting the spot,” he replied.

“Right,” I said half-mindedly, looking towards the door, seeing what I feared I heard: a few gentlemen in either flannel or jackets standing in front of a raised truck with Realtree touches. I hopped from my seat and sped toward the back door, then rushed around the building and saw the three standing in front, seeming to wait for more manpower. The truck was louder than I ever heard, pouting black smoke into the night sky.

The door was at the northwest corner of the building, right next to a dark alleyway I crept along, and they stood right in front of the door. Finally I emerged from the alley and reached the man closest to me.

“What are you three doing?” I inquired.

“Oh hey there, you’re a pretty one, aren’t you?” he drew, and the other two looked over suspiciously.

“More than you know, douchebag. Come back here with me, and I’ll show you,” I subtly threatened.

“Can’t sweetheart, I’m on a mission,” he said.

“Which is what?”

“Which is none of your business, surely you aren’t worried about these queers.”

“I think you should definitely come back here now.”

“I said no, lady, what’s your problem?”

“I wasn’t asking,” I snapped, imperiously. The second man began to pull a gun, but my .357 was already loosely in my purse, and I aimed it at him before he could fully raise it. “Drop it, scum, kocaeli escort I’ll shut down your whole little operation.” Reluctantly, he did. The feeling was exhilarating, I’d never flagged anyone before. Of course, I didn’t show it, though. The three looked to each other in confusion.

“Fine, we’ll leave,” they agreed.

“No, you two will leave,” I directed, pointing to the furthest two. I pointed then at the first. “You’re coming back here with me.” They glanced at each other for a few moments, then the second one spoke.

“We’re not leaving ‘im to die.”

“He’s not going to die, silly. I would only like to… open his mind a little,” I commanded, and slowly the other two climbed into the truck and drove it away. “Let’s go.”

We walked a short way down the alleyway and I took him behind one of the dumpsters. The entire time he was asking repetitive questions and threatening me not to kill him, but I ignored all of his queries. Finally I pushed him against the brick wall and grasped his collar, then began kissing him aggressively. At first he resisted, then he held up his end and kissed back. He tried to twist so that he was in the dominant position, but I didn’t let him. I was stronger than he was, anyway, I work my ass off and go to the gym several times a week. He couldn’t resist the temptation to begin feeling me up, and I allowed it. I liked it, a lot. His hands went from my shoulders down my sides, and tightly onto my ass. I unbuckled his pants and fumbled with his manhood, which was becoming erect.

“Yeah, you fucking like that?” I hissed.

“Hell yeah, your ass is perfect,” he moaned.

“I sure am glad I can turn you on,” I said as I pulled his denim pants a small ways down and made the boxers follow. I dropped to me knees lustfully and admired his cock. There was no denying how nice this specimen was: eight inches, veiny, and just delicious looking. I caressed my right hand along his upper inner thigh, working my way to his balls, as my left hand grasped the shaft at the base. I moved it slowly back and forth, admiring it from every angle. I let it rest on my face for his viewing pleasure, then licked a line from the base to the tip. This thing was rock solid now, yet he was speechless. I was rock solid myself, but he didn’t need to know that. Not yet.

After licking the head for a moment, I finally inserted it into my mouth. Gazing up at him, I saw his face contort in pleasure as my tongue moved around the head, accentuating the sucking I was doing. My head moved back and forth as my lips traveled down the shaft and back up it again. I fondled his balls while doing this for a decent bit of time, slowly feeling them swell.

I dropped my hand, adjusted myself, then asked, “please fuck my face.” He complied, and I felt that hot meat spread my throat and his testes touch my face. Soon, he was not gentle, which was what I was anticipating. I came in my little panties as I struggled to maintain eye contact through this abrupt pleasure. I came so hard, for seven seconds semen shot from my shaft, tainting those undergarments as my own rod convulsed. This was too good not to enjoy, it was too good to be true. I was kocaeli escort bayan a pretty little slut to him, and I was going to swallow his load. After around a minute of this he came, holding my face to his groin and shooting a thick, healthy load down my throat. I came again, this was so fucking good. Slowly I pulled my head back as he was cumming, I wanted to taste some of his precious load.

He was breathing heavily, as his back fell against the wall. His member began to shrink, but I was not finished yet.

“Woah, you’re quitting on me?” I ask. “We’re not done yet,” I commanded as I tugged on his cock some more, and slowly, after playing with him and standing then rubbing my backside against him, he grew hard again. I pushed him against the wall firmly with my backside. Luckily for me, it was dark, and if I played my cards right, he would not know about my little surprise yet. He flipped my short skirt onto my back and poked at my ass, my panties still blocked entry. “I want it in my ass, please.”

He pulled down my panties (which was awesome, I preferred them down than to the side) and poked at my anus. The rod began to slide down on one of the pokes, so I quickly grasped him with my hand and led him into my hole, and he entered. With all of the saliva, it entered smoothly, and filled me with delight. His dick was such a solid shaft. It felt so good inside of me. He thrust gingerly, filling me half-way at first, then a quarter way in three strokes later.

“You don’t have to be so gentle, man, tear me up,” I begged, and he did exactly that. He almost had the attitude of a man doing a quickie, which was strengthened by his belt contacting my thighs which each thrust, though he also seemed grateful. Anyway, he slammed it balls deep into me, and I moaned aloud with pleasure. He reciprocated at a decent pace, though hitting hard, and increasingly sped up. I was loving it, feeling the penis pound my insides. There was just something so pleasurable in having a stranger completely in you, and, goodness, did I mention how good his dick felt? His head had that cushion just over his extremely hard core. At this angle it shoved right into me, feeling my tight grasp on it.

Then I became nervous. His hand was on my abdomen, the other on my waist. The one on the abdomen began to slide up! Would he realize that I lacked breasts? I never took estrogen, I liked using my dick on men almost as much as I enjoyed having them used on me. The point is, I had no breast growth. What would I do? I just had to hope for the best. Sure enough, his hand began to slide downward, which could be even worse. Slowly it pushed further and further down. The pinky finger was the lowest, and it was moving just past my base. A furious blush overtook me. What would happen when he found out? The slapping sound of him pumping me became less existent, and soon the only sound I could hear was my heartbeat.

My fears were realized. His hand reached the base and his hand wrapped around my shaft. He twitched and happened to ejaculate inside of me just as he discovered my secret. I took it in. The semen shooting into me filled my rectum, and more taint occurred in my undergarments. escort kocaeli

Both of us were at a loss for words. I was content. In fact, I was very happy. My fear was that it would not be over before he came in me, but he did cum. As he pulled himself out of me, I turned to face him, and saw the shock on his face. His penis softened gradually and he pulled at his pants hastily, futilely attempting to cover up what he had done.

“Stop,” I commanded, holding my hand up. A smirk took my face, which pushed into a dirty grin. “You know what you did.”

“Don’t… tell anyone, please,” he asked.

“Shh,” I shushed, placing my finger on his lips. “You fucked me. You came in me. You made me cum. Now, I’m going to return the favor,” I explained imperiously. He tried to resist, but I pushed him down onto his own knees, then bent over, and whispered in his ears, “open your mind. Do not resist.”

I pulled my own nine inch cock from under my skirt and pushed it into his mouth. He was in such a state of disbelief that it was surprisingly easy. He started trying to resist but I pushed it all the way in. He choked on it a bit, and I pulled it out. On his fifth cough I shoved it back in, and began reciprocating. It didn’t feel as good for me as it did for him, as I was sucking, and he was not, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t enjoyable at all. I continued in this fashion until he stopped gagging on it and I could finally just reciprocate freely, he stopped fighting. His curly brown hair sprouting from under his trucker hat reminded me of the domineering straight anti-gay man he had been, but now he will see the other side of things. Now he has what he would call dirt on his own hands that will leave a permanent stain, until he realized it wasn’t dirt at all. It took some time, but I finally came into his mouth, and held it shut until he finally swallowed it.

He was in an even stronger state of shock now. I pushed him onto the ground and pulled his ass up to me. He had to lean against the wall to support himself. I pulled his jeans down to reveal his sweaty ass. His anus was hairy as hell. Disgusting. This was a reason I preferred homosexuals rather than turning out. There was more resistance entering him, as not only was there hair but also this was his very first time. When I finally entered substantially, I reciprocated inside of him for several minutes, ignoring his yelps and hoping they weren’t too loud. He didn’t want caught either, his pride would completely disintegrate if anyone knew. Anyways, it was warm in there, and really tight. It felt nice, and I continued this until I came inside, then pulled myself out of him. He was shaking, and I felt pity for him. I pulled his pants back up, buckled his belt for him, then whispered again, “open your mind. Do not resist.” Before walking him to a bench out on the sidewalk where he would sit until his feet touched the ground again.

I reentered the bar, and apparently a few people had seen what I had done, which to them was stopped the prejudiced raid. One bought me a drink after the other, and soon a celebratory orgy broke out in the building between five others and I in a back room. I received all of them that night. So much semen entered and left me I could be called a bank. My face was covered, my throat was filled, my ass was covered and filled, and my arms were sore.

Finally satisfied, I thanked them all and left to go back home, to shower and to sleep, content with myself. Anyways, my name is Frankie Madison, a.k.a. Stephanie Spermbank, and thanks for reading.

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