Deadly Sex Games CH 7


After her adventure disguised as a working whore, Sally could not get the excitement of this experience out of her mind. She thought of creating her own sexual adventure by dressing like a prostitute and hanging out in dangerous areas of the city. Maybe she did not need Deathmaster to create situations where she could enjoy explosive orgasms.

The following weekend, Sally made up her mind. It was another hot, steamy summer night. She put on black nylons, a very short mini-skirt, a low cut top, and high heels, then drove to the sleezy part of town. There, she rented a room another run-down old hotel. The old hotel clerk didn’t blink an eye, although she noticed him looking her over.

Sally nervously walked out on the street and took a place along the side of a building, near a street light. She noticed that the street was almost barren, with only a few shadowy figures moving quickly about. There were cars passing, and she noticed that she was catching the eyes of many of the men in those cars. A white whore in the middle of a black part of town. Her heart raced because she sensed that she was in a truly dangerous situation.

Suddenly from around the corner came a gang of young black men. They came straight for Sally. It looked like about a dozen men, all on their late teens or early 20s. They were all dressed in colors, all of them walking cocky. They surrounded Sally.

“Well look what we got here,” one of the men said. “A white bitch on our street.”

“I mean no harm,” Sally stuttered. She was suddenly very afraid as this gang closed in on her.

The speaker, obviously the leader, suddenly produced a knife and he pressed the blade against her throat. “What you doin’ here pig-bitch?” he asked. “You tryin’ to sell a little pussy to us black boys?”

“Yes,” she said. “Please don’t hurt me”

“Well, we ain’t buyin no white pussy,” the man answered. “We just take what we want. We make slaves out of white pig-bitches. We make them suck our big black cocks and then when we are done, we take care of them, if you know what I mean,” he snarled as the steel lightly sliced across her neck.

Sally was sweating in fear now. But she realized that her pussy was getting very wet. This was the very kind of danger she craved. Except this time it was not controlled danger. She was in extreme danger now, and Deathmaster wasn’t around to turn it off if things got out of hand.

She felt hands grabbing her, and the gang quickly force marched her into a dark alley. There, they tore away her clothes and forced her on her knees in the filth of months of garbage, animal and human waste and who knew what else. There they raped her, forcing her at Escort knifepoint to lie in the filth while they took turns ramming their throbbing black cocks deep in her pussy, her rectum and her mouth. She had her first orgasm when the second black, a big slow thinking man with a very large penis, was fucking her excited pussy. The orgasms continued and grew more intense as she took them all. All the time she knew that they were probably going to slit her throat when they were finished with her and leave her body in the alley.

Sally was fucked that night by 13 different black men. When they through with her, the leader moved in with his knife, obviously prepared for the kill. As he raised the knife to her throat for the slash, a powerful voice shouted “Stop!” The would-be killer froze. Everyone looked to see a large, well-dressed black man in a black leather trench coat standing silhouetted against the light entering the alley from the street.

“Who in hell are you,” the would-be killer roared.

“It don’t matter who I am. You put the knife down and bring the woman to me,” the big man said in a demanding voice.

“Fuck you,” the killer answered. Sally felt the knife pressing harder against her neck and prepared to die. Her nipples were hard as stones. Her exploited pussy swollen; pulsating. Her clit was erect like a tiny penis. This was the way she expected to go out, still in orgasm. The ejaculate from all 13 men running from her rectum and pussy.

Suddenly the air resounded from the sound of gunfire. Bullets flew around Sally’s head. The man with the knife was the first to die. Other members of the gang fell while others tried to run but dropped in their tracks. When it was over, Sally was lying naked, but still alive in the midst of the blood and bodies of the dead. Some of the youths still had their pants down, their cocks semi-erect as they died.

“Get up and come here,” the big man ordered. Sally climbed to her feet and walked cautiously to the man, expecting to be shot dead at any moment.

“What you doin’ in this area?” the man demanded.


“Sellin your body,” he finished.


“Don’t you know the rules?” he scolded. “No bitch works these streets without my OK.”

“I…I…didn’t know,” Sally said.

“Well now you know,” he said. “I am the big pimp in this neighborhood. I control all the white bitches that work these streets. I just saved your life so you owe me now,” he said.

“Yes, I do,” she said. “Thank you.”

“You owe me more than that bitch,” the man growled. She felt his eyes on her naked body. “You gonna be my whore now. You work for me and only me. Escort Bayan Got that?”

Oh my God, Sally thought. What have I gotten myself into?

“Yes, sir,” she answered.

Sally was now a commodity; a piece of meat to be sold on the street to strange men for sex. She felt trapped, but at the same time, there was something very sensual about her situation. She found an overpowering sexual gratification from the fact that she was now in slavery to a powerful black pimp who controlled her life.

His street name was Sweet Daddy. Sally never knew his real name. And she never saw a sweet side to the man. She found herself attracted to him because he was extremely brutal. His first act after his men gunned down her attackers that fateful night in the alley was to lean her up against the concrete wall of one of the abandoned buildings, pull out his cock, and fuck her so hard he bruised her hips by slamming them into the cement. His cock was uncircumcised and so large he had no trouble accomplishing this. Even though her pussy was dripping with the semen of 13 dead men lying only a few feet away, he fucked her to orgasm. It was a powerful response that sent muscular contractions through her body. She stiffened, her face flushed, and the muscular contractions in her pussy literally milked his massive cock to ejaculation. With a loud grunt he released hot seed in great spurts that pumped from his hairy black testicles.

“Tell Sweet Daddy you love him,” he said before he pulled his still throbbing cock from her. She looked into his eyes and, without reservation, told him that she did, indeed, love him. She found herself believing it. It excited her even more to be committing herself to loving a strange, giant black pimp, and actually pledging her love to him.

Sweet Daddy’s gang found Sally some clothes . . . much like the ones she was wearing when she was abducted by the gang . . . then took her to another street, a few blocks away, and gave her a key and room number to a hotel on that block. Without a chance to take a break, she was instructed to work the street for Big Daddy. She willingly obeyed him, knowing that this was going to be her life as long as she chose to serve him.

Her charge was $50 a blow-job, $100 for a quick fuck lasting no more than 10 minutes, or up to $1,000 for the night. She was expected to earn at least $500 a night. Any less and there would be “consequences.” She was to wait for him in the room in the morning. All of the money was to be turned over to him. What Sally received in return was his protection, her meals, a roof over her head and his “love” whenever he felt like it. She, in turn, was expected to Bayan Escort love him and do his will, without reservation. That was it. She was literally his slave. She did not know how many other whores served Sweet Daddy but she was sure he had a literal harem.

The clients, or “johns” as they were called in the trade, began using Sally within minutes after she stepped out of Sweet Daddy’s car and onto the street. She was fresh, white and the new sensation on the block. It did not take long for the word to get out.

Her first client was a white, well dressed man who came in a late model car. He said he wanted a blow job. Sally took his money and asked him to follow her to the room. But he grabbed her arm and pulled her back. “Do it right here,” he demanded. “I want you to show everybody what a dirty whore you are.”

Sally was shocked. “Here, in the street?” she asked.

He grinned. Then allowed his suit coat to fall open so she could see the gun strapped to his shoulder. “Yeah,” he said. “Right here in front of everybody.”

A crowd was starting to form. Mostly black men. A few women. Sally didn’t know what to do. “I will give you your money back, sir. I can’t do what you ask.”

“Yes you will bitch,” the man said. “I am a cop. Do it or go to jail. Take your choice.” He pulled out his gun and pointed it at her head.

Sally had spent enough time in jail cells in the made-up world of Deathmaster. That was not an option she wanted to take. She dropped to her knees, unzipped the man’s pants, and pulled out his cock. It was unusually large. The cautiously put her mouth on the end of it and started sucking it with her lips. The crowd gathered around. She heard jeers and laughter.

As she sucked the man’s cock got hard and thick. She felt the barrel of his handgun pressed against her head and sucked harder, closing her lips down tight. She wanted to get this over with as fast as possible. The man had fantastic endurance. She sucked for at least 15 minutes as he simply stood there. Then, as his orgasm approached, he put his free hand on the back of her head and pulled her harder into him. He began thrusting his hips, fucking her mouth and driving his cock deep into her throat. She choked on it.

Then, with a powerful thrust, he shoved his cock deep into her throat, cutting off her windpipe, and kept it there. She couldn’t breathe. She felt the massive organ begin to jerk and pump hot bursts of semen into her throat. She gagged on it but couldn’t vomit. His cock blocked everything. Her head was spinning. She was losing consciousness when he finally withdrew.

Sally fell to the pavement and wretched violently. The people around her laughed and drifted away. The cop got back into his car and drove off. She was alone in the street, still gagging and spitting.

So this was the life of a whore, she thought.

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