Daughters Party Ch. 06


So far I had fucked, sucked or gotten off five of my daughters friends at her end of school year party. The girls had moved into the house and began a game of Truth or Dare. There were two girls I hadn’t had a chance to nail yet, but the night was still young…

I sat in my recliner reveling in the memory of the blowjob my best friends daughters had just given me. Listening to Maggie, Mandi and Patti’s laughter die away as they walked down the hall I wondered what they were talking about. The more I thought about it the more uneasy I got.

More hoots of laughter echoed from the living room and I decided to see what the girls were up to. I got up and slid back into my shorts then quietly slipped down the hallway to the living room door where I stood out of sight listening to the girl’s conversation.

“Maggie WATCHED you two suck her father off!!” a voice said in mock horror. “God talk about kinky.” This was followed by a lot of giggling.

“Sure did,” I heard Maggie said proudly. “My old man has got one hell of a big cock on him too.” I felt shocked and kinda proud at the same time. I mean I like a complement as much as the next guy, but coming from my daughter made me feel a little weird.

“She’s right, I’ve seen my daddy’s cock and it’s not half as big as Maggie’s dads.” That must have been Patti I thought. I remembered the comment she made about her mom calling her dad ‘Tiny Tim’.

Now there were several other voices chiming in about the size of my dick. I could only assume that April and Candy decided to tell their friends about their adventures earlier in the day. The conversations got very graphic and I found myself a little embarrassed as the girls compared me to other men they had been with.

“Well he didn’t impress me! Look at my tit, I’m gonna have a bruise where he bite me.” That must have been Amy I thought.

“Like I told you before, If you hadn’t stuck those big titties in his face he wouldn’t have bite you.” Candy admonished her friend. “Personally, I think you should have left them in his face. God he sure gave mine a working over.” Laughter again broke out in the living room as the girls went into another round of comparing my love making style to their other conquests.

“OK girls, back to the game – it’s my turn.” It was Mandi, “Amy, Truth or Dare?”

“Truth – – I guess” Amy didn’t sound too sure of herself.

“OK”, it was Patti this time, “Describe in detail the first time you ever sucked a cock, the first time you ever had your pussy fucked, the first time you had your ass fucked and the first time you gave a guy a tit job.” There was a chorus of snickers and a few giggles, but no response from Amy.

“Come on Amy,” demanded Patti, “You were all in my face about giving Maggie’s dad a blow job. Now you can’t even talk about what you have done? That is, unless you haven’t done anything and you are still a virgin! That’s it – – isn’t it!! You can’t describe what you haven’t done!” Now the snickers and giggles were replaced by whoops of laughter as the girls gave their friend a hard time about being a virgin.

“It’s not my fault” Amy moaned, “I’ve wanted to plenty of times but all the boys I go out with get as far as sucking on my boobs and don’t want to do anything else.” If Amy had been hoping this would be accepted as an excuse she was sadly mistaken. The girls re-doubled their teasing.

“OK, OK, shut up!” it was my daughter, “Amy since you can’t tell the Truth you have to take the Dare!” The girls started giggling again. “And the Dare is you have to suck, pussy fuck, ass fuck and tittie fuck a guy before we end the party.” Now the girls broke out into applause!

“How can I do that?” answered Amy. “There aren’t any guys here and Maggie said her dad wouldn’t allow us to invite any of our boyfriends over tonight.”

“That’s your problem,” scolded Maggie. “You can invite your boyfriend to meet you outside or you can go jump my dad in the den – AND – one way or another, one of us has got to watch – – to make sure you complete the Dare. Of course you don’t have to take the Dare. You can always drop out of the game alert missing persons unit izle and go home.”

Listening to this conversation unfold I found my cock begin to lengthen in my shorts. Not only was Amy the best built of the girls, but apparently she was a virgin as well. The room became quiet as Amy weighed her alternatives. My breath caught in my throat as I waited with the rest for her to make up her mind.

“OK, I’ll take the Dare.” Amy said in a quivering little voice. “But Brad would be the only guy I’d want to do IT with and he’s gone with his parents for a week.”

“That won’t work Amy”, Maggie said in a very stern voice. “You can grab a bum off the street for all we care, but it’s get fucked or you’re out of the game. Those are your only two choices.” Several of the girls mumbled their agreement to my daughter’s ultimatum. I found that I was starting to sweat, anticipating my chance to fuck this beautiful blonde virgin.

“Maggie, do you think your father would want to fuck me?” Amy questioned.

“Shit girl! I’ll bet all you’d have to do is shove your titties in his face and he’d have a hard on in a second!” Maggie laughed. The truth was my cock was already so hard it felt like a steel spike.

As quietly as I could I crept back down the hall and into my study. Looking around I grabbed the newspaper and settled back into my recliner. I covered my tented shorts with a section of paper and opening another section pretended to be engrossed in reading. Actually I was straining to hear Amy’s footsteps coming down the hall.

This went on for several minutes and I was beginning to think that Amy had somehow talked her way out of the Dare when there was a light tap on the doorframe. Putting down my paper I looked up to see Amy, just as I had remembered her in a very small lime green bikini, standing in the doorway. Looking at her I could tell she was very nervous. Her eyes wouldn’t meet mine and her hands kept moving, first clasped behind her back, then in front of her.

I decided to make this as easy for her, and myself, as possible. I slapped a big grin on my face, “Hi Amy. What can I do for you?” I said in as friendly a tone as I could muster. When she didn’t move I continued, “Come on over here. I won’t bite. Well, I won’t bite again that is.” That did it; a beautiful smile crossed her lips followed by a quick giggle. I noticed that her cheeks were turning a bright pink.

Moving slowly across the room toward my recliner I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye. Glancing quickly I caught just the barest glimpse of someone standing in the hall, just out of view. It was Maggie! I was surprised to find that the thought of my daughter watching me excited me even more.

Amy was now standing next to me. I could smell the light scent of her perfume and I saw the light sheen of sweat across her forehead and upper lip. Her magnificent tits were rising and falling quite fast, caused by her shallow breathing. As my eyes roamed over her body her nipples began to poke into her bikini top. Finally I locked my gaze onto her clear blue eyes. My hand reached out and ever so slightly caressed her arm just below the shoulder down t her elbow.

“Amy, are you OK?” I asked innocently. As my hand moved back up her arm I noticed that the blush on her cheeks had now worked its way down her neck and across her chest and the tops of her tits. Her breathing had grown faster still and she had begun to tremble.

My eyebrows furrowed into a look of concern. I sat up in the chair. My eyes were now level with her tits. Her nipples had grown and were now like little erasers poking into the fabric of the bikini. “You don’t look like you feel well Amy. Too much tequila? Maybe you should go home.”

I lifted myself, like I was going to get up from the recliner. Amy was jolted into action. Her right hand came up to my shoulder and gently, but firmly, held me down in my chair. Her left hand reached behind her neck and in one fluid motion untied the strings holding her bikini top in place. The fabric, although alice in borderland izle no longer tied, did not fall but remained in place across the swell of her magnificent breasts.

Looking down Amy saw that her tits were still covered. This seemed to upset her even more. With a quick movement she grabbed the string connecting the two patches of cloth covering her breasts and pulled it completely off. Her tits wobbled with the effort and my eyes immediately left hers to stare at them.

Naturally large, they were at least D cup if not double D. Her nipples were thick but looked small on her big tits. They sagged ever so slightly. Aah to have the muscle tone of an 18 year old again. The areolas were light pink and almost translucent. Freckled dotted their was down her neck and across the tops of her breasts. Staring at these beauties my mouth began to water.

Apparently Amy decided I wasn’t interested enough in her tits so she moved forward, covering my face with her breasts. The thought struck me that she was following my daughters advice..

My hands came up to massage her tits as my hungry lips sucked and bite one nipple and then the other. She was getting more and more excited. Her areolas darkened and began to pucker as her nipples distended and became hard. Amy’s breathing was now quite ragged. Her hands had found their way to the back of my head and held my face to her chest as I mauled her tits.

“Mr. Jenkins,” I could barely hear her, “Please, Umm, Could you… I mean I’d like you to…. I mean I’ve got to..” her voice trailed away to silence as I used both hands to massaged her beautiful breasts while sucking and biting her very hard nipples.

I slowly lifted myself out of the recliner, bending to keep my mouth locked on her left breast, the newspaper that had been across my lab slid to the floor revealing the large tent in my shorts. Reaching up I took one of Amy’s small hands from the back of my head and guided it to my raging hard-on. Her hand touched my cloth covered cock and pulled back as if she had touched a hot skillet.

“OH! Oh my!” Amy stuttered, “Your thing is hard.”

“Yes it is hard,” I answered. “It’s called a cock and you’re the reason it’s so hard.”

Again I took her hand and pulled it to my cock. This time Amy didn’t pull back but lightly wrapped her fingers around the large head. Covering her fingers with mine I guided her movements as I slowly began to rub her hand up and down my steely shaft.

I lifted my head from her tits and commanded, “Take it out.” I pushed her hand down between my belly and my shorts. Her fingers wrapped around the base of my cock. Releasing her hand I grabbed my shorts and pulled them down over my cock and her hand. The air felt cool against my skin but the movement of Amy’s hand up and down my hard cock was exciting me more and more.

Amy brought her other hand down and wrapped it around my cock. This doubled the wonderful sensation and I groaned at the feeling. Amy’s hands froze.

“I’m sorry!” Amy said in horror, “Did I hurt you?”

She began to pull her hands away from my throbbing cock. Grabbing her wrists I brought her hands back to my cock. Standing up straight I looked down at her and smiled, “I’m not hurt, your hands felt wonderful. Please don’t stop.”

With this encouragement Amy’s hands returned to my cock. My fingers slipped to the strings holding the little thong around her waste. Slowly I pulled the strings loose and the little wisp of lime green cloth dropped to the floor. Amy hesitated for a moment, and then taking a deep breath she moved her legs apart slightly.

Beginning at her forehead I began to lightly kiss her. I kissed the end of her freckled nose and then I placed a light kiss on each of her closed eyes. Moving to her mouth I ran my tongue around the outline of her puffy lips, across her chin and down along her throat ending with another kiss at its base. As I held my lips there I could feel her pulse jackhammering through her body.

Lifting her hands away from my cock I knelt in front of her, dragging americas got talent all stars izle my tongue along the deep valley between her tits and across her flat stomach. Amy was trembling as I pulled my lips away from her stomach at the top of her pubic mound.

She was a natural blonde. What little pubic hair she had was almost white. The tip of her clit protruded from her vaginal mound. Leaning forward I wrapped my tongue around it and sucked it into my mouth. Amy let out a little yelp as her legs gave way and she crumpled to the floor.

“Oh god, I have never felt like that before,” she said in a shaky voice. “My legs are jelly and my insides are all upside down.”

Smiling at her I said, “That’s called an orgasm. Apparently your first, but not your last if I have anything to say about it.”

I scooped her up and set her on the edge of the recliner. Sitting down on the floor I was eye level with her sweet pussy. I could see that it was slick with her juice. Placing her legs over my shoulders I wrapped my arms around the small of her back and pulled her pussy to my mouth. She tasted wonderful, clean and a little spicy. As I began to slide my tongue into her Amy sat straight up and grabbed my ears. I hesitated for a second until I felt her pull my face into her steaming crotch

After a few minutes Amy began to buck her hips into my face as I alternated between swabbing her clit and shoving my tongue as far up her tight hole as I could reach. After another few minutes I began to worry that she was going to rip my ears right off my head as she shoved her streaming cunt against my mouth. I managed to curl my hands under her ass cheeks until I was able to push the middle finger of my right hand into her incredibly tight hole while pinching her ass with my left hand.

She went wild; lifting herself off of the edge of the seat her body teetered on my hands. This drove my middle finger even deeper into her grasping cunt. After just a few seconds Amy screamed and fell back into the chair exhausted as her orgasm took control of her.

My face and hands were covered with Amy’s juices and the only thought on my mind was to shove my aching cock into her tight cunt. Suddenly I heard someone clapping. Looking up I say my daughter Maggie standing behind the back of the chair looking down at me.

“Bravo daddy! You have got to be one of the best pussy eaters I’ve ever seen!” Maggie said as she moved around the chair to stand beside me. I couldn’t help but see that the crotch of her swimsuit had disappeared into the crease between her vaginal lips.

Maggie followed my gaze until she saw what I was staring at. “Oops, guess I got a little carried away watching you two.” Slowly reaching down she pulled the suit away from her cunt; giving me a perfect view of her clean shaved pussy, and then ever so slowly she covered herself.

Amy was coming back to reality and looking up at Maggie said in a very weak voice, “I’m not done yet Maggie. Honest, I’ll still finish the Dare. I just need a few minutes to let my insides settle down. You can’t kick me out of the game.”

Maggie laughed at her, “Looks like you’re pretty done to me. I haven’t seen anybody get off that hard in my life.” Her eyes twinkled as she looked at me and continued, “Tell you what, I’d say you completed your Dare. It wasn’t your fault that my old man is a sex crazed pervert who loves to get little girls off – – now is it daddy?”

I just smiled at Maggie and shook my head. Standing up we both helped Amy to her feet. Maggie handed her her bikini and told her to go back to the living room.

Maggie turned toward me and ran her hands up and down my still rock hard cock. “God, you’re such a horny fuck!” she said. “Why don’t you head upstairs? It looks like you could use a shower.”

The look on my face told her that I didn’t like the idea of a cold shower when to my way of thinking I could be in Amy’s hot cunt right now if she hadn’t interfered.

“Don’t worry daddy,” Maggie cooed, “I’ll see to it that somebody comes up to wash your back – – and your front too.”

I walked up the stairs and into the master bath where I cranked up the shower. The water was as hot as I could stand and felt good streaming over my body. Only Maggie’s friend Charlyn was left. Of course one of the other girls could come back for a ‘repeat performance’ but I hoped Charlyn would join me in the shower. Just then the bathroom door opened and I heard two girls voices say, “We’re here.”

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