Connections Ch. 02b



“During a business trip,” Nita said without preamble, “we were in the hotel bar having drinks. Drinking too much. Me, the chairman, a senior partner and a few other colleagues. Drinking and flirting, you know how it goes. When we got back to our rooms, the senior partner called and invited me to his room for a drink. I said no I couldn’t do that, I was married and he was married. Then a few months later I was at a convention in New York. The senior partner was there too. We sort of spent the day together and when I went to my room and he went with me. We didn’t really even discuss it; it just happened naturally. He fucked me. He was terrible at it and I could tell that even though I only had Ramesh to compare him to, and believe you me, Ramesh doesn’t exactly win awards in bed. But he was a senior partner, and he could and did spend the company’s money. We traveled together, stayed at the best hotels, had the best dinners, watched shows, he gave me gifts. I felt so good. I felt romanced and important. The relationship was all about sex and glamour so I didn’t have to worry about emotions.

“Then of course it came to an end. And after that for a short time, I turned into a real slut. Loved it. Started hanging out bars, drinking and waiting to get picked up. Done everything, white guys black guys, brown guys, gals. I did an old guy, Christ he must have been like 55 or 60. Two guys at once. I gave blowjobs in the back. Once I did it right there in the bar, about twenty people watching, I sucked off this guy with a really big dick. I thought he would never stop coming, I mean, like, I was drinking from a fucking fountain, I swear to God. Nowadays I only do that like once a month. Yesterday was your lucky day.”

“I really don’t know if Ramesh knows that I’m a whore. I am very careless about it. I leave matchboxes around from hotels, love notes from my lovers, gifts, underwear with come stains, I’ve even had him lick my cunt when I come home after I’ve fucked somebody…he sees it all but refuses to really see it. I like tormenting him. Like when I just sucked your dick, Ramesh must have seen me bend down, and then I made sure he saw me wiping kartal escort my mouth. But you know what? He’ll argue himself out of it. He refuses to see that I’m an out of control slut.”

“So what do you think? What do you think of this desi slut’s life” she challenged.

“Er…Thank you for telling me,” I uttered clumsily.


We arrived at a big mansion with a gaggle of cars in front. I parked and some dumbass yelled at me not to block him in and so I parked behind some other car, blocking that car in.

Nita took my arm and ambled up to the door fast, with Ramesh on her tail trying to keep up. I felt sorry for him. He was naturally falling into a submissive role. I wondered whether he enjoyed that or not.

Nita introduced me to a bunch of people but I couldn’t possibly have remembered all their names and truthfully I didn’t really give a shit. I started drinking this horrible red wine and must have gone through four glasses in ten minutes. I did note the chairman when Nita introduced me to him.

“Neetta,” he said, “maybe we repeat soon the, you know, the report that you do so well for me. I have some reinforcements if you know what I mean,” he said and the fucker actually winked at me. Clearly, Nita was blowing him too.

“Maybe,” Nita said, “but you take forever to finish. You’re going to have to give me a raise to do that report again.”

And so on. With Nita, everyone talked in sexual banter. Even the women. The chairman’s wife was this incredibly classical looking beauty, with piercing blue-green eyes and her lips almost seemed too big for her mouth, because they pouted deliciously in the middle. Her face had a lot of character with deep creases and sharp lines and her blond hair was the perfect frame for her face.

“Have a spring roll Nita,” the chairman’s wife—I think her name was Ashleigh—said. “They are marvelous. But of course there probably isn’t a morsel in this room that you haven’t tasted, is there dear?” Ashleigh continued, looking at me conspiratorially and rolling her eyes upwards.

“I haven’t tried you,” Nita said confidently.

Ashleigh kaynarca escort blushed. She turned to me and said, “May I show you my house?” Yes, of course I said, dreading this. And Nita abandoned me to go talk to her colleagues.

“It’s actually a historic house. This was one of the safe houses for runaway slaves,” she said as we went up the stairs. “Follow me in, this is the master bedroom. And look at this bathroom. It’s bigger than most people’s—“

She was on her knees fumbling with my zipper. I put my hands behind my back and casually watched her unfasten my pants, as if this kind of shit happens every day. I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror. I examined my face carefully. Did something change? Yesterday Nita fucked me in ways I didn’t think possible. Then she gave me a blowjob with her husband pretending not to know. And now this one, a 30 year old chairman’s wife, is after my cock. How come I’m attracting all these females? Dude, you must exuding sex perfume I joked to myself.

I don’t think I have described myself yet. I’m short, 5” 7”. I’m a little stocky with a little bit extra weight, on muscles that are still toned. Black hair, with a few specks of gray if you look closely. A very small bald spot. I’ve been told that I’m handsome enough times now that I believe it. My cock isn’t particulary big; it’s probably five or six inches. Never measured it. I’m a short, good looking but ordinary guy; I don’t think I turn heads but I can charm my way into a woman’s panties when the mood strikes.

“Tell me what to do,” Ashleigh said.

“Lick my asshole you whore,” I whispered insistently. She looked at me in shock. I thought she was going to refuse but she went around me and stuck her long tongue right into my butthole, with perfect aim.

Life is good, I was thinking, but it’s going to catch up to me. Things have a way of averaging out for me.

I hadn’t been particularly attracted to Ashleigh at first. Now she was driving me crazy. She knew how to use her tongue. And she had a certain energy about her; her movements were quick and forceful. I got hard kozyatağı escort again but I knew I would need extra stimulation to come because I had just unloaded in Nita’s mouth a few minutes ago.

“Get naked,” I instructed her, as I started to undress. “Leave it,” I said testily when she tried to shut the bathroom door, “Leave it open.” Don’t know why I wanted that.

“Oh God,” she exclaimed, “feel how wet I am!”

“Stick your finger in my cunt,” she continued.

I stuck two fingers in her cunt and then pulled her with me towards the vanity. It was deliciously powerful feeling to pull someone’s wife by her cunt in her own bathroom. I had her bend over the vanity and I pushed her shins back with my foot, encouraging her to step back so that her ass was completely exposed.

I stuck my fingers in her cunt again and moved them around to get them as wet as I could. I then smeared the juice around her asshole.

“I know what you want,” she said, “but I’ve never done that before.”

“Then I’ll be the first,” I said gleefully.

I felt a certain anger. I felt angry towards women. My ex-wife had been extremely difficult through the divorce process and I had a lot resentment built up in me. I don’t express anger easily and I suppose it was bottled up in under high pressure.

For some odd reason, I wanted to hurt her. Not badly; I am not a violent person at all. But I wanted to feel better; I wanted to stop hurting; I wanted to release my anger; I wanted her to share my angst.

I was not gentle in shoving my dick in her asshole. I grabbed her hips and pulled her towards me hard so that I could get in as deep as possible.

She winced but she said nothing. She started breathing loudly and quickly, trying to absorb the pain. I closed my eyes and started pumping. Allowing myself to release my anger just a little bit had me very stimulated. I was about to come.

I pulled out and she turned around and got on her knees and started sucking. I spied a movement in the mirror and I looked up and saw Nita standing in the doorway with a drink in her hand, leaning casually against the door frame, and smilingly approving the show.

I looked in her eyes to acknowledge her but then shut my eyes to enjoy Ashleigh’s blowjob. It didn’t take long. I thrust deep when I started to come, but she pulled back so that the head of my cock was in her mouth and not in her throat. She let me come on her tongue and I watched as she slowly swallowed.

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