College Town – Part 2 – Rough Initiation


Vicky was eating cereal in the common room when her room mate Laura approached her.

“I heard you had a fun night last night” she said, opening her mouth, pushing her tongue into her cheek and moving her hand to make a blowjob gesture.

Vicky scowled, wondering how she found out already and what she knew.

“How did you hear that?” Vicky asked.

“One of Greg’s friends told me” she said.

“Fuck” Vicky thought to herself — she knew Greg was the type to blab about something like this.

“What did he tell you?” Vicky asked, already prepping herself to be irritated by how much Greg had revealed.

“Well, I heard that you fucked Greg and his room mate at the same time, you slut. You gonna give me details or what?” asked Laura, beaming with energy.

“First of all, there was a third guy” Vicky said, “and no, I’m not going to give you details”.

Vicky was surprised that she would even ask for details. Laura had never talked to her about sex before, at least not like this, and she seemed pretty reserved most of the time — she had only had two sexual partners in her life.

“Jesus!” said Laura “Three guys at the same time?!”

She was jealous of Vicky, especially since she had a crush on Greg.

“How did you make that happen?” she asked, genuinely wanting to know.

“Pfft, those guys would fuck anybody,” Vicky replied, “you wouldn’t even have to try to make it happen.”

“You think they’d fuck ME?” Laura asked after parsing Vicky’s sentence incorrectly.

“Well, yes. I’m sure they would” said Vicky, “but that’s not what I meant.”

“Even Greg?” she asked.

“Listen, you don’t want to fuck those guys — they’re dicks” said Vicky, irritated. “That idiot Greg even videotaped it”

“Are you telling me there’s a VIDEO of you getting triple-teamed?!” Laura asked, squealing, smiling, her heart pounding as she thought about how taboo the situation was.

“Yes” said Vicky reluctantly kind of turned on about it too.

“Show it to me” Laura demanded. Vicky was eager to watch the video — not as eager as Laura, but eager.

“Fine” she said, hoping this could accelerate the discussion toward a conclusion.

They walked into Vicky’s room and Vicky popped the memory stick from the camera into her big-screen TV as Laura locked the door. Their hearts beat fast as they sat on the couch and waited for the video to load. The video played from the beginning. James’ big dick was pinning Vicky’s head to the headboard as he gently inserted it — Tom was eating her out.

“Greg has the camera” Vicky narrated while Laura stared in stunned silence. Vicky let it play until the part where Greg was fucking her doggy style, right before it started getting rough.

“That’s enough” said Vicky as she turned the TV off with the remote.

“Oh c’mon!!!” Laura protested, but she could tell that Vicky wasn’t going to budge on this and Laura was thankful to have seen any of it.
“That’s fucking awesome” she said. “Are you going out with them tonight?” she asked.

“Tonight?” Vicky asked, not knowing there was another event.

“Yeah, Jim’s throwing a post-halloween costume party since Halloween fell on a Thursday”

“No, I’m not going out with them” Vicky said, sort of enticed by the offer.

“Mind if I meet them there?” Laura asked.

“What do you mean ‘meet’ them there?” Vicky asked, knowing what she was thinking.

“You shouldn’t get to have all the fun!” Laura sneered, jealous of Vicky’s sexual adventures.
They argued for a while before Vicky agreed to go to the party with her.
“You’re sure people are dressing in costumes for this?” Vicky asked.
“I told you — yes” said Laura as she pulled her towel off and walked toward her dresser to get dressed. Laura was a pretty girl — cute, really. She was shorter and a little heavier than Vicky, but her body had nice curves to it. Vicky glanced at her big tits as Laura walked through her bedroom. Laura’s breasts were larger than Vicky’s but that was mostly because Laura was a little thicker than Vicky in most places. Her ass in particular was soft and round compared to Vicky’s which was toned, tanned tight. Vicky looked her up and down as she got dressed, imagining what the boys would do to her. Laura had just shaved her pussy completely bald, exposing her plump, cute pussy lips — Vicky had never seen her shaved before and figured Laura must really be serious about sleeping with one or more of those boys tonight.

Laura put on a plain white bra and panties which barely contained her big, soft breasts and curvy ass. Vicky wanted to tell her to change into something sexier, but she held her tongue. Laura’s costume was a blue female sailor’s costume that was made of some weird micro-fiber. She had white gloves and a white sailor’s hat to go with it. Vicky supposed it was rather cute, but not very revealing. Vicky couldn’t wear what she wore last night so she grabbed last year’s witch dress from her closet and pulled it on, not bothering with panties or a bra. They drove to the party in Vicky’s car.

Greg and James were in the living room of the house when Vicky and Laura arrived. Greg was wearing a stupid clown nose and James had on the same costume as last night. This party was a lot smaller and quieter than the one the night before.

“Want to meet Greg and James?” Vicky asked, figuring she might as well get this over with.

“Which one’s James?” she asked, eyeing them nervously from across the room, trying not to be seen.

“He’s the one with the gigantic dick” Vicky said, laughing as she pointed to him across the room.

Laura seemed really stressed out and wanted to get a drink before she was introduced. Vicky made her one and asked her if she was sure that she wanted to be introduced to the boys. Laura insisted that she did. This was already Laura’s fourth of the night and she hadn’t even said so much as “hi” to anyone. After she hurriedly downed her drink Vicky marched her over to meet the two boys. Greg and James seemed surprised to see Vicky.

“Didn’t think I’d see you here” Greg said, smiling.

“I brought you someone” Vicky said, choosing her words carefully, motioning to Laura.

Laura blushed and looked at her feet as the boys eyed her, she was mad at Vicky for being so blunt with her phrasing.

“This is Laura” Vicky said as the boys look at each other, smiling.

They exchanged greetings. Once Laura seemed comfortable Vicky left to talk to some old friends. Hours passed as the party grew in size. Tom and one of his friends had come late to the party and had joined Greg and Tom forming a semi-circle Sex hikayeleri around Laura as they drank shot after shot of god-knows-what. Vicky knew they’d try to take her somewhere and have their way with her. She wasn’t sure who Tom’s friend was, but he was handsome.

Minutes later James approached Vicky.

“You owe me a car ride” he said, motioning to Laura who was now surrounded by his friends.

“Okay” she said “but I’m off limits tonight.” she stated.

“Sore?” he asked, only half joking.

“Yes” she said, laughing.
The boys weren’t trying to hide their intentions as they piled into Vicky’s SUV. Laura was making it WAY too easy for them – they were already gently groping her. Vicky was worried that Laura may be in way over her head. Laura was in the back seat sitting on Tom’s lap as she was drunkenly kissing Greg.

“Save some for the dorm room” Vicky suggested, trying to save at least a modicum of Laura’s dignity, but Laura was trashed on booze and attention.

Vicky started the car and started driving toward campus. She heard a zipper unzip. Vicky looked in the back seat — the boys were already all over her. Greg was running his hand up under Laura’s dress as she struggled to get Tom’s cock out of his underwear. “Fuck” Vicky thought to herself, wondering if she should save Laura from what was about to happen or at least tell her how rough the boys had been to her.

By the time Vicky parked Laura had Greg and Tom’s dicks out of their pants. They stuffed them back in as everyone piled out of the car.

“Are you joining us?” Tom’s friend asked Vicky. She laughed, smiling,

“No, but I might have to watch to make sure my friend doesn’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” she said, slightly worried, but also slightly exhilarated.

Vicky wanted to have a chance to talk to Laura alone before they made it up into the dorm room — she knew that once they were in the dorm she wouldn’t be able to. She wanted to warn Laura about how rough the boys had been to her. Vicky was pretty sure Laura wouldn’t be so easy for these boys if she had seen the brutal ending of the tape but the boys dragged Laura upstairs into their dorm and Vicky never had a chance to warn her. Vicky followed them to Tom’s room.

Laura was stumbling around as the boys groped her ass and breasts.

“Remember this?” Laura asked, pulling the camcorder out of her purse — she had stolen it from Vicky’s room.

Vicky’s heart raced and she couldn’t believe Laura thought bringing it was a good idea.

Greg snatched the camcorder from her hand and took a few seconds to browse the content saved on it — he was disappointed to see that last night’s video was erased. Greg turned the camera on and focused on Laura who was kissing Tom on his neck and fondling his cock. He panned over to Vicky and the boys who were getting settled in the dorm room.

Vicky was making herself a drink — she figured she might need it. Greg honed the camera in on Laura and made it obvious that he was filming her.

“So, what’s your name and how old are you?” he asked as if he were the director of a porn film… which he now was.

Laura looked straight into the camera, smiled, and said, “I’m Laura Hanson and I’m 19 years old.”

“Have you ever fucked four guys at once?” Greg asked. Laura paused. She had only had two sexual partners in her life and the sex she had with them was very boring — she’d never done anything even remotely like this.

“No, but I’m looking forward to it!” she said, smiling, pressing her breasts together with her upper arms, trying to look cute in her sailor outfit.

“Whose dick do you want first?” he asked.

“I want to suck them all!” she said — it was a stupid answer to a stupid question, but no one cared.

Greg “interviewed” her for a minute or so about various sexual topics. Laura noticed the boys getting undressed as she spoke to the camera. Vicky sat on the bed watching the boys strip — she was excited to watch this and she was actually pretty nervous, which she attributed to the lack of alcohol. Vicky knew that Laura should be at least as anxious as she was given what the boys were going to do to her.

Tom’s friend was undressing right next to Vicky, he was tall and tan and very attractive — much skinnier than Greg and Tom.

“What’s your name?” Vicky asked, looking at the big bulge in his boxer-briefs. She could make out the outline of just about every inch of his sizable dick through his tight underwear.

“Jason” he said, removing his socks and then his underwear, letting his cock out of its tight package.

“You’re Vicky?” he asked. He had heard stories about her and already knew who she was.

“Yes” she said, looking him up and down. He had a gorgeous face with a strong jaw line and pretty eyes. His body was a little on the skinny side, but still very attractive because he was very lean. His dick hung between his legs like a skinny noodle — it was like a miniature version of James’, but still bigger than Tom and Greg’s, Vicky guessed it would be about 7.5 inches erect. “Not bad” Vicky thought to herself.

“So you’re just gonna watch?” Jason asked nervously. Vicky laughed and slapped his bare ass lightly.

“You’ll do fine, stud” she said, smiling and winking at him.

Greg interrupted them.

“Ok, on your knees” Greg said to Laura, pointing to the floor in the center of the small dorm room. Laura happily walked to the center and kneeled, facing the camera. The boys crowded around her, still removing articles of clothing as Greg stood directly in front of her with his shirt off, trying to remove his pants awkwardly while still filming. Jason was fully nude, the mushroom shaped head of his penis dangled at the end of his ropey cock, his pubic hairs were shaved bald. Tom was standing slightly behind and to the right of Laura, his cock rock hard. James was on her left — he still had his briefs on, but she could see the shapely outline of his monstrous cock through his underwear. Laura stared at it for a couple seconds.

“Let me see it.” she demanded, her voice cracking a bit from the excitement. She stared, not looking away from his crotch which was about two feet from her face. He pulled his underwear off and his giant cock flopped out. Laura’s eyes widened in amazement.

Greg had finally gotten his pants off and stood right in front of her. Laura was now kneeling in her cute sailor outfit, she had taken her white gloves off, but she was still wearing her hat. She scanned the four dicks that were surrounding her and her heart beat faster. She looked over at Vicky and smiled, Sikiş hikayeleri feeling like they were sharing the experience. Vicky smiled back.

Laura looked up at the camera — she knew what she was supposed to do. She grabbed the base of Jason’s dick in her right hand and leaned forward to take Greg in her mouth as she clenched Greg’s testicles in her left hand.

“Good girl” Greg said, trying to make sure he captured the video perfectly. She sucked the top quarter of Greg’s dick for a few seconds before pivoting to her right, taking Greg’s dick in her left hand, Jason’s stringy dick in her mouth, and Tom’s hard dick in her right hand. She pumped all three dicks at once, but she found it hard to keep a good rhythm with her mouth and both hands. She sucked on Jason and rolled her tongue over him until he was hard — once he was, she rotated on her knees again, applying her mouth to Tom and her right hand to the base of James’ cock. James’ cock was so big that it dangled down and rubbed on her forearm as she held it. She quickly rotated again, eager to make his big dick hard.

Vicky watched as Laura spun in the circle of boys, always serving three at a time with one boy patiently waiting for her hand or mouth. Laura was smiling and Vicky was happy she was having fun, in fact, she was kind of jealous and her pussy was wet with excitement. Vicky made herself comfortable on the bed and started rubbing herself through the dress of her witch costume as she watched Laura go through 3 or 4 complete rotations of dick suckings.

James reached down and unzipped the back of Laura’s dress, quickly yanking the top of the dress down and exposing her plush tits that were barely contained by her white bra. Laura continued to rotate. All the cocks were hard and wet from Laura’s saliva.

“Let’s get that dress off you” Greg said, still filming her.

Laura stood up, removed her dress and bra and threw them on the bed next to Vicky. Laura’s wet pussy dripped onto her white panties as she got back on her knees and continued blowing and stroking the array of dicks surrounding her. The boys were now playing with her big, exposed tits as she rotated. The circle broke as Tom pulled Laura over toward the bed. Tom sat on the edge of the bed right next to Vicky and leaned back while Laura sucked his cock, still kneeling. Greg peeled Laura’s white panties off of her and positioned himself behind her plump ass, inserting his penis into her freshly shaved Vagina and slowly started to thrust into her. This was the first time Laura ever had two dicks in her at one time.

“Fuck my tight pussy” she said with more enthusiasm than the situation warranted, mainly for the camera’s sake.

James and Jason were standing on either side of Laura, waiting their turn. Vicky smiled at Jason who was right next to her, stroking his own cock.

“So far, so good” she said to him, describing Laura’s current situation.

Greg filmed his dick sliding in and out of Laura’s clean, wet pussy while Tom and Jason traded places. Greg pulled out after a few more pumps and gave James a turn. Laura squealed as James inserted his girthy dick unforgivingly, filling Laura up and stretching her out.

“Fuck” she moaned, “Fuck me with that big dick!”.

Greg liked the quick dirty phrases and he imagined what this video was going to be like.

“You like these big dicks, don’t you, whore?” he asked.

“Fuck yes!” she screamed way too loud.

Vicky was aroused and had hiked up her own dress and was now playing with her bare pussy as she watched her friend talk dirty while taking dicks in both ends of her.

James pulled out and traded places with Jason who was sitting next to Vicky getting his dick sucked. Laura looked at Vicky and smiled as James sat down in front of her, his monstrous cock was hard but still flopped around due to its own weight as he positioned it inches from her face. Laura happily slid the top of James’ cock in her mouth as Jason guided his penis into her dripping pussy. Laura loved the way the meaty cock filled her mouth as she went to work on his massive dick while Jason fucked her slightly faster.

James grabbed the back of Laura’s head, forcefully pressing it on his dick, causing her to gag a little. He glanced over at Vicky who was sitting right next to him. “Oh great, here we go” Vicky thought to herself, knowing what was in store for Laura. Laura didn’t think much of it and continued sucking for about 10 seconds before he did it again, this time harder. She gagged again, this time loudly.

“Eat that dick” Greg commanded, now zooming in on the blowjob being performed.

“Go easy on her” Vicky whispered into James’ ear.

“She can handle it” James said out loud, intending for Laura to hear.

Laura gave a thumbs up and had barely lowered her hand before James violently forced his whole dick into her mouth and down into her throat. Laura tried to pull her head back, but he held her head firmly on his dick. She flailed her arms and coughed frantically trying to find some way to get air. Her eyes started watering before James released her, still holding the hair on the back of her head. She gasped twice before screaming out of shock.

“What the fuck, man?!” she exclaimed, her head still just inches away from his cock.

Tom laughed as James smacked her in the face a few times with his cock and reinserted it in her mouth. She gagged some more, still being fucked from behind by Jason. This went on for a minute or so until James finally released her head causing saliva to drip off her chin and splatter onto her big breasts. Greg took the opportunity to grab Laura by the hair and drag her back to the center of the small room.

Laura was on her knees and the boys surrounded her just as they had done earlier only this time Laura was naked with saliva dripping off her chin, her hair a mess, and she looked a little frightened but still excited. She looked at Vicky on the bed, this time Laura only cracked a smile – it was clear that this wasn’t what she had expected, but she seemed OK with it – barely. Vicky looked at her encouragingly while Laura hesitantly grabbed Tom’s dick with her right hand and took Greg in her mouth. As soon as Laura’s lips touched Greg’s cock he rammed it deep into her mouth, startling her as he forcefully choked her with his dick for a while before passing her to Tom who did the same. When Jason got his turn he fucked her face fast and hard causing saliva to sloppily run all over her chin and cheeks. James was next. Laura had loved James’ massive dick minutes ago, but now she was just scared of it and him. The boys passed Laura’s head around for what must’ve been 5 minutes, but it Porno Hikayeleri seemed like an eternity to Laura whose face was now slimy with her own saliva. In one of the brief moments her face wasn’t swallowing a cock she had glanced at Vicky with a concerned look, breathing heavily. Vicky was surprised she was doing as well as she was.

Jason smacked her tits hard four or five times leaving red hand shaped impressions on her big breasts. He pushed her to her back and knelt down between her thighs, grabbed her ankles, spread her legs and inserted his dick into her now sloppy pussy as James circled around and knelt down over Laura’s head facing Jason, grabbing a breast in each hand. She choked his cock down as he slid it balls-deep into her mouth, his testicles resting on her nose while she gagged. The boys took turns facefucking her from this position until almost everyone had a two or three turns, Jason fucked her pussy with violent thrusts the whole time.

James rolled Laura over to onto her stomach. Laura was now facing the bed watching Vicky masturbate as James positioned himself behind her ass and spread her plump asscheeks apart. Laura’s face was smeared with saliva as she craned her neck up to look up at Vicky who was watching from the edge of the bed as Laura lay helpless. Vicky saw James mount Laura’s ass and thrust his hips forward. Laura winced and bit her lip — Vicky could tell by the look on her face that James’ cock had snaked its way into her asshole, taking her anal virginity. He was opening her up hard as she looked up at Vicky with a look of desperation as she fought through the pain.

Vicky wanted to do something to allow Laura to regain her composure so she hopped to her feet and slid her dress off, standing, immediately naked because she had no underwear on. The four boys stopped and stared. James’ 9 inch dick was buried deep in Laura’s ass as he paused to understand what was happening.

“I can’t let her have all the fun” Vicky said, walking up to James and pushing him off Laura.

She flipped Laura over and looked her in the eyes before spreading her legs and positioning herself between them. Vicky figured they couldn’t fuck Laura in the ass if she was in this position — it was a flimsy plan, but it was the best she could do to allow Laura some time to breathe. Vicky put her knees together, arched her back, and raised her ass high to let the boys know her asshole was fair game as she buried her face in Laura’s swollen pussy and started licking. Laura looked relieved as Vicky ran her tongue over her pulsing, hot pussy.

The boys practically fought over Vicky’s raised ass. She couldn’t tell who won the battle because her face was buried in Laura’s crotch, but she knew it wasn’t James because the dick that slid into her asshole was too small. Vicky was a little bit shocked by the immediate assfucking because she’d never stepped into a fivesome halfway through before — she was usually warmed up by the time things got intense.

Vicky took it in the ass from all the boys three times each as they rotated in on her. Jason took four turns. Vicky could tell each time James entered her because of how wide and long he was. Every time Greg came to bat he’d smack her ass. For the first five or ten minutes Vicky’s plan worked, but soon the boys wanted more body parts in the equation and James and Jason pulled Laura away from Vicky and bent her over the side of the bed. Vicky had a clear view of James’ thick dick squeezing between Laura’s plump ass cheeks and into her anus. Laura screamed in pain, but there was an obvious tone of ecstasy in her voice this time.

Greg stepped in front of Vicky, blocking her view of her room mate — Vicky knew it must’ve been Tom in her ass by the process of elimination. She took Greg in her mouth without being asked or forced. Greg thrust Vicky hard and deep into one end of Vicky as Tom did the same on the other. Vicky could hear Laura gagging on Jason’s dick and she wished she could do more to protect her. At the bare minimum, she figured, they’d cum faster with two girls working.

James slid his big penis in and out of Laura’s ass and pussy — Laura moaned each time it entered a new hole. Vicky felt Tom exit her ass and watched out of the corner of her eye as he walked over to Laura. Vicky still couldn’t see what was happening because her nose was buried in Greg’s pubic hair, but she heard a couple of loud screams from Laura. Greg, knowing he was missing a video opportunity pushed Vicky to the ground and spun to join in on Laura. Vicky looked over at Laura who was sandwiched between Tom and James. She was straddling Tom with James in her asshole and Tom in her pussy. Greg was moving into position to occupy her mouth. The three boys triple teamed Laura as Vicky stood motionless until Jason realized she wasn’t being used. He came over and dragged her to the bed just as James pulled out of Laura’s ass.

“I’m cumming on this one’s face” he said, pulling Laura away from the other two boys and dragging her to her knees beside the bed.

Jason and James hovered over her, obviously prepared to blow their loads on her. Jason finished first, pointing his dick at Laura’s already messy face and shooting streams of cum over her eyes, nose and mouth. Vicky had already grabbed Tom and Greg, using her hand to furiously try to finish Greg while she took Tom’s dick in her mouth fast and deep. Laura, her face already white with cum turned towards James’ dick when Jason was done cumming. James’ big dick pulsed before squirting long streams of cum all over Laura’s already drenched face — the amount of cum was impressive and seemed fitting coming from such a giant cock. Laura knelt on the floor as Vicky worked on finishing Tom and Greg. Tom was ready first, but instead of using Vicky’s face as a target he sidestepped his way in front of Laura and sprayed her with two big bursts, one hitting her left eye, the other the tip of her nose and upper lip. Vicky took Tom in her throat two more times before he was ready too. He grabbed Laura’s head and turned it toward him as he shot his load, aiming everywhere there wasn’t already cum.

The four boys worth of cum slowly dripped off Laura’s face as the four boys watched, their limp dicks still hovering around Laura in a semicircle. Tom threw a towel to both of them.

“Get cleaned up.” he said, motioning toward the bathroom. Vicky walked Laura to the bathroom and closed the door. Laura collapsed to the floor, trembling from excitement – she seemed overwhelmed. Vicky heard the boys getting dressed and leaving.

“Fuck” she thought to herself, “Greg has the video.”

The girls cleaned themselves off and went back to the room to get their stuff and get dressed. Vicky escorted Laura out to her car, not saying a word as they drove back to their dorm and went to sleep without talking about what happened.

Greg thought about what to do with the videotape.

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