Cat joins the Family

Big Dicks

I would like to acknowledge the gratifying response my first story received, so spent more time on this one, taking what I learned, incorporating the kind remarks from you, the readers.

This story is written as a possible springboard for follow on tales based around the characters introduced here. The motorcycle club is left vague, as there are so many large and small, that I did not want to unintentionally borrow a name. More detail may come later.

I want to profoundly thank ChancesAre for looking this over, and providing advice that greatly improved the story. A lesson in the value of good editing I won’t forget.


Cat joins the family

It was a nice spring evening, and Carol had the windows and the sliding door to the large deck open, not needing the air conditioning on. This was her favorite time of the year, this and fall, with the accompanying Halloween party. The smells and colors of nature seemed more vibrant and full. Not to mention that the boys started making more Club runs. They didn’t notice the vibe, not at all, but the runs mostly wound into the mountains on the lazy two-lanes.

She sat down on the couch next to Mike, taking a sip of her first beer of the evening. It was Friday, and Mike had chosen to stay home, rather than go to the club house. He had Sports Center on.

“Honey, I know it’s Logan’s and Cat’s night, but I would have liked to be there to see him give her her cut. It’s a big step for him, and I would have loved to see the look on her face when he slides it on.”

Mike took a swig of his Jack and Coke, and looked over at Carol, his Lady for the last six years. He knew she had wanted to be there, and truth to tell, so had he. “Yeah, I know, but it’s their night, and the guys need their space to party and welcome Cat in right. We’d just put a damper on it, besides, Gunner has it under control,” he gave a wry smile, “of course Jules is another thing.

Mike slid an arm around Carol’s shoulders, and drew her in close to him so he could nuzzle her earlobe. “I had a thought,” he murmured.

Carol slid around a little, to give him better access to her neck, and gave him a sidelong roll of the eyes. “That could be dangerous, but let’s hear it.” If it was what she thought it was, she was already reviewing movie picks in her head.

“You know Logan’s more level headed than most, so I figure he will be bringing Cathy home tonight. You’ll have a chance to welcome her this weekend, more privately. By the same token, I don’t plan on listening to the two of them howling at the moon all night, either. So I’m thinking we should party a little ourselves. You spent all day working me up, now it’s time to pay the piper. Kills two birds with one stone. We won’t hear, or care, when Logan seals the deal, and hell, they might learn something.” Mike returned to kissing under Carol’s ear, and around her throat. The hand not holding his drink was rubbing lightly over her breasts through the light sweater she was wearing.

“Hmmm, pay the piper, the man says.” Carol pulled away from Mike, turning so she could fully face him. “Sounds more like you want me to play the pipe so you can lay some pipe. It’s nice to know my feminine wiles still work!” She grabbed Mike’s glass and her empty bottle and went to the small bar for refills. “You keep on convincing me while I consider your offer, but I think it is movie night.”

Mike grinned, as he watched Carol sway as she assembled his drink. Carol was a special woman, and he loved everything about her. She was five feet seven inches tall, to his own five foot ten, and had the prettiest deep brown hair that she kept in a loose braid, for work and riding that fell to just below her shoulders. At thirty four years old, Carol’s body was softening a little from the lean girl she had been, but that suited Mike just fine. Her D cup breasts were starting to lose the battle with gravity, but they were putting up a hell of a fight. Her eyes were a lighter shade of brown than her hair, with flecks of gold at the edges if the light was right. The five or so pounds extra she was carrying just filled in her curves, giving her butt that little extra that drove him crazy.

Carol worked at the Hospital, now as a charge nurse, and she liked it. She was trauma trained, as were most of the staff. Being a military heavy area, the civilian hospital was a designated trauma center. For the last twenty years, the facility had earned a well respected reputation for not only its trauma teams, but long term care for returning wounded warriors. That’s how she and Mike had met.

Carol handed Mike his drink, and sat back down, putting her arms around him. She rubbed the small scar below his belly through his tee shirt. The bullet had hit the bottom of his armor vest, and tumbled through his guts. That had been his last tour, and he laughed now about riding a damn tank, and getting shot while collecting Iraqi prisoners. At the time, it had been serious, and she had been on Escort the team that put him back together, then kept seeing him as he went through therapy. They hadn’t dated then, as he was struggling to get his life back, and she was dealing (poorly) with her own trauma. Her husband of four years had been KIA in Afghanistan, and she had poured herself into her work, helping those that made it back, instead of dealing with her loss. She had admired the soldier who stoically dealt with the pain and surgeries, pushing himself through the rehab sessions. He was supportive of the other soldiers going through it with him; especially the young kids, now losing limbs from IEDs and such.

The docs had done a pretty good job of patching him together in country, but he needed specialized care, and putting his intestines back into working order was going to take a while. There had been other damages too; a nick in the major artery, a piece of the bullet had hit a kidney, things like that. But some good doctors were working on ways to keep wounds like this from resulting in a permanent colostomy bag. When Carol first saw him he was heavily sedated and a wreck, but as time went by, his quiet courage and determination to get past it made her notice him. He was just a little taller then she was, but as he filled back out, he became as solid physically as he seemed mentally. Broad in the shoulders and chest, he didn’t taper much down to the hips. He spent a lot of time in the gym, and his legs and arms showed it. He had a dusky complexion, befitting his Greek heritage, with tightly curled black hair, which he kept trimmed short, as he did his beard. He’d gotten a shaving exemption in the army, because he would have to shave five times a day to meet mil spec, as he called it. Abrams tanks were sealed for NBC warfare, so the brass bowed to the inevitable.

The other thing that made her notice him was his penis. One day she was doing followup after another surgery, and she walked into the exam room while he was lying nude on the exam table with just a sheet covering him from his pubes down. First she saw the thick hair covering his body that was growing back (they had shaved him prior to medevac, to look for any other wounds that might have escaped notice,) and then his noble reflexed, and the sheet tented and slipped. About average in length, she noted, but thick and solid as the rest of him. Mike turned a bright red, and tried to grab the sheet, and missed. Carol hadn’t failed to appreciate that she was the cause of his erection, but at the time, she was slipping deeper into her own personal hell, and just got on with the job.

Then one fine spring day six years ago, Mike rode into the hospital parking lot on his Harley, walked into her boss’s office, and told him he was taking her for a ride. Right the Hell now. Carol was a mess, not sleeping, losing weight, and on the ragged edge of a nervous breakdown. Rubin, her boss, had been trying to get her into therapy to deal with her own loss, but she was fighting it, so he called her to his office, and told her she had the rest of the week off. She tried stammering out her usual replies and denials, when the man in the corner said, “Look, sweet cheeks, you’ve been taking care of us for a long time. But it’s obvious that you are losing your own fight, and now it’s my turn.”

She wound up in the locker room, changing into jeans and a loose shirt. She had never been on a motorcycle before, and was nervous when Mike sat her on the back of the Wide Glide he had at the time. Then it was off to the leather shop, where he bought her boots, chaps, a beautiful jacket, several tee shirts and a couple of sweat shirts, and a helmet. That had been a Wednesday, and by Saturday afternoon, they had wound through the mountains and even hit the coast and waded in the ocean. Each evening, they had returned to the house he was fixing up, and she had spent the night in the guest room. Mike never pressured her, never assumed, but that night as he fed her grilled shrimp and steak, she had broken down and spent the night soaking his clothes and couch with her tears. He waited a month, while her healing got under way, then met her in the hospital parking lot.

“Hi, Sweet Cheeks, want to go for a ride? I need an opinion of the rear seat of my new ride.”

Mike had followed her home so she could change, then headed west on his ’13 Street Glide. She loved the rear seat. She also loved holding onto his solid waist, or as he called them, ‘Hundred mile hugs’. During his recovery he had become something of a fitness junky.

Along the way, she asked why he had a new bike. “Well, a couple of reasons. One, if you are going to be riding with me, I need more bike. Two, my son Logan is going to be moving in with me. His mother couldn’t handle him anymore, and tossed his ass. So, he will need something to ride.”

Carol was stunned, she didn’t even know he had a kid, had never seen any family except his parents during his entire Escort Bayan recovery. Wait, what was that? Riding with him? A thrill that she had forgotten that she could feel swept through her, followed by fear. Was she ready for this? Did she want this? For the next hundred miles she asked him about his son while she explored her own feelings.

It turned out that his wife had split with another man while he was overseas, taking their young son with her. The impression she had from Mike was that she was kind of an indifferent mother, and Logan ran wild. He hadn’t contested the divorce, and while he had visitation rights, she made sure that it never worked out so that Logan could come and stay for any length of time. Mike had taken leave and gone up to see him when he could, but never spoke of his ex, and rarely his boy.

Carol noticed that they had come back into the outskirts of town, but an area she wasn’t familiar with. “Where are we?” she asked. They were turning into a parking area full of bikes, outside what appeared to be a bar and grill. She noticed a small sign giving the name of the club next to the door. This must be their clubhouse.

As they parked, Mike pulled a leather vest full of colorful patches out of a saddlebag, and slipped it on. He gave Carol a lopsided grin. “I’ve got some people I want you to meet. These are the guys I ride with, and while I don’t want to scare you off, I figure that you need to get to know more about me. These are good people, mostly vets. A bunch have ladies, and they’ll be here too. Relax, and let it flow. We’ll drink a few beers, then we need to talk.”

The first thing she noticed as she followed him into the building was some kind of Club Colors on the back of the vest. As the door opened, the sounds of a jukebox and people having a good time spilled out.

“Hey Sarge!” A giant of a man waved as he yelled above the noise. “We wondered if you were going to show tonight! When are you gonna bring that wonder woman you’ve been talking about by?” The babble of conversation muted as people turned to the door, and they saw Carol behind Mike.

“Yo, Digger, if you’d pay attention, she’s here. Now I expect you all to make her feel welcome, and don’t be telling her lies about me.” Mike strode into the room and started making introductions; clasping hands with the guys, and giving hugs to the women.

Carol followed behind, at a loss, until a Polynesian woman almost as large as the giant, dressed in jeans and a tee shirt with a vest of her own on, swept over her and pulled her into a crushing hug. “Hey baby, we have been waiting for Sarge to bring you in. That man don’t say much, but he’s been like a school kid talking about you. You must be somethin’, cause he gave up that bike he loves so much, just on a possibility. Welcome to the House, I’m Cheeks, Digger’s Lady, stick with me, and I’ll introduce you around.

The next three hours were a whirlwind of meeting people, hugging, and trying to sort out her feelings. So much had happened today. Sarge, as Mike was called by his “Brothers”, kept an eye on her, brought her a beer when she needed one, but let the dozen women give her a tour, then sit her down and start getting to know each other. She wound up telling them about her husband, and they took her into a side room and let her cry it out again. When Mike came to the door to check on her, Cheeks told him that they would deliver her back when they were damn good and ready.

By the end of the night, Carol felt better than she had in years. She wasn’t sure where this was going, but she was in for the ride.

“You’re awfully quiet.” Mike’s voice pulled her back to the present.

“Just remembering some things, baby. Thinking about how lucky I am. I love you, and I’m going to bed now, and put in a movie.”

She got up and headed into the bedroom. Mike smiled, and made a drink for the road, because this was going to be thirsty work. He grabbed another beer for Carol, and walked back to their room, wondering which movie she had chosen for them tonight.

He walked into the bedroom to see Carol nude on the big bed, her head at the foot of it. A movie was already started, and it showed a couple moaning passionately as they engaged in ’69 with each other. Carol glanced at him, smirked and said, “you’re overdressed, this is an official nude zone.”

“Not a problem, babe. I’ll just toss the beer and strip.” He grinned as she waved an arm in the direction of the bedside table and turned her attention back to the hi-def Samsung wide screen TV. Setting down the drinks, he quickly stripped and lay down alongside Carol, nibbling on her sweet cheeks. The scent of her arousal was starting to permeate the room as she threw a leg over him and moved her mound over his mouth, clearly wanting to mirror the action on screen. He felt Carol’s lips kiss around the base of his already half-hard cock, then begin to lick their way up the rapidly firming shaft. He returned Bayan Escort the favor by licking and kissing the outer lips of her sex, nibbling the flesh at the crease of thigh and vulva.

They both moaned in pleasure, then Carol pulled off his face to turn around and begin planting heated kisses on Mike’s lips and face. They melted into each other, their bodies sliding and squirming to find the greatest contact. Mike returned her kisses, sucking on the tender places of throat and neck, gentle nips on an earlobe, returning to her mouth and finding her tongue.

Carol was stroking the now hard prick she found as she accepted Mike’s passionate attention. She moved so they both could see the television. It still amazed her how intensely watching porn aroused her. She had discovered Mike’s stash of movies soon after she began staying weekends with him. He had been working on a Saturday, and she had gotten bored, and started looking around for something to do while she waited for him. In a small cabinet in the master bedroom she had found a stack of dvds, so out of curiosity, had put one in. By the time Mike got home, the sheets were a wreck, and she practically raped him coming in the door. Four hours later, Mike was begging for mercy, and hunger was causing her to slow down. Eating was the only reason she let him out of the bedroom the rest of the weekend. Carol had added significantly to the stack of dvds. There was also a collection of toys in the cabinet now.

Mike loved movie nights, but had to restrain Carol from going overboard. He had learned from painful experience that he had to give it to her hard and fast, and in every way, to prevent the marathons of sex that could ensue, and make Carol useless at the hospital when it was time to go to work. He was pretty useless too, come to think of it. He had never heard of a woman that turned into a crazed sex junky from watching porn, but he wasn’t complaining, either.

Carol started by going down on him, and sucking him until he had flooded her mouth with the first load of cum. Then she spun to see the movie as Mike ate her to five mind numbing orgasms. She had loaded the player with five dvds, so there was no need to stop when one ended.

As Carol finished shuddering from the last of her climaxes, Mike slid out from under her and pulled her up to all fours, then proceeded to take her from the rear, doing his damnedest to pound her into the mattress. She was moaning and calling out passionate nothings as she pounded back just as hard. After several more orgasms, she pulled off his thick cock and shoved him back, then mounted him reverse cowgirl, and rode him through several more, until he exploded a river of semen into her scorching pussy.

Carol got out a large dildo from the stash, and kept herself at a rolling boil while Mike recovered. She knew he loved watching her pleasure herself. Then he surprised her, by sneaking up behind her and sticking a butt plug up her ass. As she screamed in surprise and the throes of an intense climax, he rolled her onto her side where she could watch the action onscreen, then proceeded to fuck her more slowly, clearly planning to take his time, holding her leg up so he could plumb her depths fully. The insidious part of his plan was that every time he drove home in her cunt, his belly slapped the plug in her butt, causing it to move and bounce inside her ass. She was cumming continuously, shivering and shaking, nearly passing out. When he finally neared his own finish, he pulled out of her, and unloaded on her face. Mike was gasping and groaning incoherently as he spurted, and the warm feeling of his spunk hitting her skin drove her over the edge again.

Mike hit pause on the dvd player, and when their breathing was approaching normal, kissed her deeply, and suggested a shower and a (non-sexual) snack. After gulping their drinks, they took a slow, sensuous shower, merely teasing each other to keep the vibe going. After eating some scrambled eggs and fruit, they returned to start all over.


Logan found himself looking around the main room of the house nervously. There were about thirty brothers here tonight, and most of the ladies were in attendance, here to see Logan, ‘Chute’, make it official that he and Cat were an item. Cat was nowhere to be found. It was coming up on ten, and Gunner was going to shut down the music anytime. Logan had Cat’s vest, but no Cat. Poison and Ivy had taken Cat into the back room and passed her vest out to Trish, who acted as the clubs seamstress, to get the new patches sewed on

Cheeks, Digger’s Samoan wife, a large but still sexy woman of 6’2″ brushed by him. “Poison Ivy will have her out in a minute. They got carried away with their distraction, but it’s all good. I’m letting Gunner know now.” She patted him on the butt as she slid by grinning, and headed for the bar.

Bonz stepped close to be heard over the jukebox and random conversational noise, “Dude, don’t be so damn nervous, she ain’t run yet, and it isn’t like you are getting married. Digger says go to the end of the bar, and he’ll get it started.” Bonz slapped him on the back of the head with a shit eating grin, and dove back into the sea of people.

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