Can’t Say No


Another long day at work, finding myself drifting off into fantasy land just wishing my boss would take me into his back office and have his way with me. I stand about 5’7; still have my nice young firm breast that my long dark hair just brushes up against. I always make sure to wear outfits that hug every slender curve and make it near impossible to avert your eyes away from. I can feel my panties soaking through; it is all I can do to concentrate. Finally the day ends, before I can even think about heading home I have to stop in the bathroom and give ankara travesti myself some relief or who knows what I might end up doing. I grab my belongings and head for the bathroom. Just as I approach the doors, the cleaning staff steps in front of me and sweetly tells me they will be closed for half an hour. So much for that idea. My frustration and arousal increasing, I scurry off to my car intent on finding the quickest way home. Getting into my car I can feel my black and hot pink lacy thong sticking to my hot wet slit, after wiggling back and forth ankara travestileri a couple times, I slowly peel them off and shove them in my purse before starting off for home. It doesn’t take me long to come to the conclusion that I am never making it home without addressing my throbbing clit. Before I realize it I am parked in the back of a dark parking lot, my skirt hiked up, legs spread while my expert fingers are switching between pumping into my tight cunt and making quick circles on my now engorged clit. My only focus is on bringing myself travesti ankara to orgasm; it doesn’t even register with me to even attempt to hide what I am doing as my screams progressively get louder. I am startled out of my haze as my car door is abruptly opened; I almost spill out of my car and right into the strong legs of this tall stranger. He stands well over 6’2 with nice broad shoulders and defined arms. His skin is tanned and covered in tattoos. He says nothing, but grabs my hips and spins me around while pushing me back and immediately meets his mouth with my dripping cunt. His tongue gets to work quickly flick back and forth across my clit, every few strokes dipping down and sliding it into my tight pussy. My moans echo drawing attention to my car, but he doesn’t let up.

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