Brittany Ch. 01: Connection


Author’s Note: One glance at my submitted stories reveals a recurring theme: women having and enjoying anal sex. If I was burdened with the rigors of creativity, this story would be different. But I’m not, so it aint.

Since you’re in the anal section, I’m hoping you like this latest of my “girl meets guy, guy fucks girl up the ass, girl loves it” stories. That’s my sole motivation. If you don’t enjoy it, just know that I will try and do better next time and that your feedback will help me with that.


No one had ever done this -she had never even considered it as an option- but knowing what was coming had the juices flowing in her cunt. She had questions, reservations brought on from being self-conscious but above all else there was curiosity and excitement. She feigned protest verbally, squirmed slightly to make a display of offering resistance but Scott flipped her on to her stomach with ease. Using his powerful and flexed forearm as an edge, he bent her at the waist which caused her wobbling, globular ass cheeks to part, exposing her tiny, deep pink asshole. There was no build up to the moment of truth as without pause he stabbed his tongue against the rubbery, pleasantly musky orifice…


At five foot nine with dirty blonde hair that was worn just past her shoulder blades nineteen year-old Brittany turned heads with her statuesque appearance alone. She was able to retain her humility despite being cognizant of this and often wore baggy clothing to disguise her enticing figure. Her tits were roughly the size of ripe cantaloupes and nearly as firm, capped with russet nipples and areolas that were flawlessly proportioned. Her legs were long, toned (the division between quadriceps and hamstring clearly defined) but not overly muscular and she had a thick, jutting behind, that quarters could be bounced from. When flexed, her ass cheeks were like the hard rubber on a set of all-terrain tires and a simply decadent pleasure to both sight and touch.

She had come to State on a volleyball scholarship (after taking a year-long break from school) but more importantly with an armful of sexual experience, most of which had been gained from a torrid after-high school affair with Thomas, a 44-year old divorcee who had moved in to her neighborhood a few months after she graduated. He wasn’t her first in any category except providing her anal sex initiation but under his ‘guidance’ her skills blossomed. A natural born thrill seeker, Brittany constantly sought the next orgasm and it was rare indeed for Thomas to be turned down, given access to use her mouthwatering body as his personal playground.

After fucking her to such levels of satisfaction that she was becoming a nymphomaniac, their relationship suddenly cooled on his part. As far as her now almost constant sexual yearnings, getting together with Thomas was becoming even more infrequent and she was resorting to masturbation far too often for her liking. Brittany finally went on a “date” after two weeks of pleasuring herself was starting to get stale. Invited to see a movie, she initiated sex with 21 year-old Michael: giving him a blow job and letting him fuck her aching wet pussy in his backseat. Not quite sated, she sucked him to erection twice to get her slippery cunt screwed some more and was considering having him re-use a condom since they had exhausted the three she had. Instead, she urged him to finger her to a final climax before taking her home.

Exactly one week later (following several repeat performances with Michael), she took a job at a retail store in the mall. After an uneventful two weeks, she was closing with the assistant manager, Dave, nearly Thomas’ age at 35, and innocent flirting abruptly became wanton sex -again instigated by Brittany. Giving in to her incessant lust, she brazenly offered herself and he immediately accepted. Just a few minutes later he was eating her out while she laid on the desk in the office, bent over it soon after as he fucked her up the ass by her request. From then on, they had sex at every possible turn and since anal was forbidden by his wife he spent the rest of the summer prying the blonde’s back door open.


With virtually no emotional attachment to either of the men fucking her (although Dave had hinted about leaving his wife for her), Brittany had left for college free and available. She had met Scott at freshman orientation and there was an immediate physical attraction. A 6’4″, 225 pound senior, he had come on to her rather quickly and just as fast she had politely rejected his advances. So horny that she had excused herself to go to the bathroom and rub her clit to orgasm, she still didn’t want any distractions this early in her college experience; especially given that she had taken an extended break from education. They ran into each other on campus every now and then and when he asked her out again just before the break at Thanksgiving, she was acclimated enough then to say yes.

“So, Büyükesat Escort when’s your last class today?” he asked.

“2:20 in Cameron Hall. I’ll need to go to my dorm and take a shower. How about around five?”

“That works for me. Do you like Italian; I know a great little place in town.”

“Well, let me ask you this first…do you stay on campus?”

“Yes and no. I’m with the fraternity but I have an apartment, too. I had some GPA issues my sophomore year and the apartment is like my personal study hall. Why?”

“To be honest, I don’t want to go out to eat. I want you to eat me,” she said blushing.

She studied his face for a reaction and there was just a barely perceptible widening of his eyes before a brief pause and then he nodded and smiled.

“Okay, the apartment it is,” he chuckled, “So, is that all I’ll be allowed to do? Don’t get me wrong, you look really damned…edible… but is that all I can do for you?”

“Oh no, you make me come and you can do whatever you want.”

“Whatever I want, huh?” he offered mischievously.

“Are you going to make me add a disclaimer? What exactly would fall under the category of ‘whatever’ in your mind? I can tell you right now, I’m not into any whips and chains or hanging off the ceiling fan.”

“Well yeah…no, definitely no whips and chains but I would like to keep the ceiling fan open,” he joked, “Let’s see, whatever to me isn’t anything too freaky. I don’t think anyway.”

“Tell me what you have in mind. What do you want to do to me?” she asked, genuinely curious.

“You want an outline?” he asked and she shrugged, and then nodded, “Well after you come, and you WILL, I’d like to get off, too. A woman, especially one who is put together as nice as you are can do that in a lot of different ways. Why don’t you tell ME what’s on the table and what aint. Then I can put some parameters on my ‘whatever’.”

“That’s a cop-out. You won’t offend me or anything, I’m yours tonight no matter what. Just man up and tell me what you want to do…what you want me to do.”

He laughed hard and shook his head in mild disbelief.

“You’re a piece of work, you know that? Alright, since your mine no matter what, I wouldn’t mind if you returned the favor and gave me head. I’m sure I can get it up for you more than once, so after that I would love to get inside you.”

“That’s it? ‘Get inside me’ -what are you a church elder? It’s just you and me talking, hang loose. So you want a blowjob and to fuck my pussy? Is that all?” she asked mockingly and purposely crude, for her at least. She wanted him to show utter transparency.

He realized that he had been trying not to talk himself out of getting laid while she just kept pushing the envelope further. Processing her statement in his mind, Scott decided on going over the top with his reply because maybe, just maybe, this one might be into it. He did have a slight reservation that he’d get ‘Oh, that’s gross…never mind, stay away from me’ but given what she had said so far, that seemed doubtful. Just in case, though, he was thinking of an out even as he started to speak; he was determined not to blow this long-awaited opportunity.

“Damn, girl. After you suck my dick, I want to come on your tits and have you to scoop it up with your fingers and lick it off. And, you know what, I want your ass. I want to stick my tongue in your asshole and shove my dick up there when I’m done. I want to come in your ass and have you to clean me up with your tongue. And yeah, I definitely want to fuck your pussy.”

Her clean-shaven cunt had been moist already and after his wish list, the crotch of her panties was damp and stuck in the crease of her slightly yawning labia. She processed his words quickly, picturing each act and she could feel the color rising in her cheeks.

“Wow,” she whispered, “Okay. I don’t know about the mouth after ass stuff but everything else seems reasonable. I’m glad you have designs on the whole package, at least. I don’t think some guy just banging me would cut it. It’s been a while, you know?”

“That’s your fault, I’ve been trying to get with you since you got here.”

“I know, I’m sorry. I just wanted to get into the swing of things before I started anything.”

“So we’re starting something,” he said with a smirk, “Cool. I can’t imagine you’re a hit it and quit it because I have a feeling I’ll want more.”

“Define more,” she said with a tilt of her head. ‘We’re not going to be holding hands and meeting each other’s parents, dude’ she thought to herself sarcastically.

“More…like I’ll want to get with you again…and again. More.”

“Hmm, okay. I have that same kind of feeling; that you’re going to fuck the hell out of me and I’m going to want you to keep fucking me.”

“I plan on it. Five o’clock? Don’t suppose we could blow off that class, huh?”

“No can do. But, I’ll Elvankent Escort let you in on a little secret: I’m wet now and we’re just talking. If you shook my hand right now, I’d probably come. It’ll be worth the wait, I promise.”

“I know it will. Believe me. Wanna shake on it?” he laughed.

“Wise guy,” she said laughing with him, “I’ll be in front of the cafeteria at five. Don’t be late.”

“Late? I want to drag you into those bushes and get started now!”

“Bye, Scott. See you in a while.”


At around 4:30 Brittany left her dorm room for the ten minute trek to the cafeteria, planning on getting a soft drink while she waited for Scott. She was wearing what she called her easy access outfit: sweatpants and a hoodie, with only a thong for undergarments. She had quickly decided against wearing a bra and the only reason the panties were included was because she had a reasonable expectation that her crotch would get wet at some point and soak through. The blonde certainly didn’t want to give the appearance that she had peed herself.

As soon as the cafeteria was in sight, nearly a quarter mile away, she smiled as she could see her “date” seated on the hood of his car. Just that fast she was thankful that she had chosen to wear panties because knowing he was this early showed that his actions matched his words and it made her pussy moist.

‘He wants this as bad as I do,’ she thought, ‘we’re gonna be fucking in the parking lot.’

He met her at the side of the building, walked in with her and bought her flavored water. In his car moments later he put the key in the ignition without cranking the motor, instead leaning over to kiss her. Within seconds their tongues were entwined and they were noisily making out. After an exploratory grope at her chest over the hoodie and finding no bra he immediately went underneath the garment; his hands first contact with her satiny skin, cupping one of her glorious tits in the blink of an eye.

“Come on, let’s go,” she hissed, breaking their embrace. Out of the corner of her eye she could see the conspicuous bulge in his jeans and momentarily considered sucking him off as he drove them to his apartment. As it was, she kept her hands to herself until they were parked in front of his place. This time she leaned in to kiss him, slyly giving the protrusion a firm squeeze before quickly exiting the vehicle. Feeling the sheer bulk of his manhood made her aching cunt cross the threshold from moist to wet and her already unbridled anticipation peaked.

In the foyer of his building they stopped long enough for some more lustful kissing and heavy petting, once more on the stairwell and again at his door. Making out and grinding against each other so intensely while he opened the lock, they stumbled inside as he kicked the door closed with his foot. Now safely inside, her back flush against the door, there were pauses in their lips being locked just long enough for her hoodie to come off via his hands, his T-shirt and jacket in one deft motion by way of hers. While his mouth and hands went directly to her sensational tits -alabaster white against golden tan elsewhere- she stretched her arms to work at the button and zipper of his jeans. Moaning loudly from his gnawing at one painfully erect nipple while stretching the other between two fingers, Brittany freed his cock and immediately clamped her thighs passionately to create friction.

She had measured Thomas’ and Michael’s cocks and they had fallen just short of 7″ when fully erect. By sight and feel she could tell that Dave’s was in the same neighborhood. Gently sliding her hands up and down Scott’s shaft made her eyes flutter; she would have to pinch in order to make a circle around the rod with her entire hand. It was also readily apparent to her that he easily trumped her three previous men in length and the slight flaccidity informed her that there was room for growth.

“Holy shit,” she groaned, “this thing is huge!”

“Nine all natural inches. Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle baby,” he whispered, leaving her tits and kissing her neck.

“No the hell you won’t,” Brittany replied huskily, “You better fuck me for all your worth.”

Kicking off her sneakers as she shimmied out of her sweats, Scott took a step back and leered at her with obvious appreciation while rapidly stepping out of his boots, jeans and underwear in one smooth and practiced motion. Both then standing straight, she stared with unwavering focus and hunger at his massive cock while he salivated as his eyes took in her thick, athletic figure. He couldn’t help but smirk seeing her teal thong with a diamond shaped patch of darker blue where her pussy had soaked through, outlined as the material was pasted to her. They drank in the polar opposite views with matching desire for a seeming eternity that was just seconds in actuality before she peeled the thong down her shapely thighs, Beşevler Escort her eyes locking with his.

Stepping forward he kissed her hard on the lips and then spun her around forcefully; pressing at the small of her back while dropping to his knees. Biting her lightly on one flawless ass cheek, he continued to push against her lower back with one hand while forcing her thighs apart with the other. Following his lead, she bent at the waist and placed her palms flat against the door while moving her feet farther apart until her legs formed an upside down ‘V’.

The vision she presented in this position was simply mouthwatering. Her grand ass cheeks -creamy white like her tits- splayed wide exposing her diminutive rosy asshole and the shining lips of her faultless cunt, now yawning open as her juices flowed freely. Her scent was mild and fragrant, Scott breathing deeply as he wasted no time pressing his thumbs between her sculpted thighs and burying his face in her snatch.

He glued his lips to her labia and dragged his tongue from the base of her cunt up to her clit, driving it deeply between along the way. Brittany squealed with delight and her legs visibly trembled: his purpose for eating her out while she was standing. He wanted to make her knees give out. Savoring the confectionary nectar that was lubricating her vaginal channel, he lapped away noisily and ravenously, trying to catch every drop. He went down on her for just shy of five minutes before her moaning became higher pitched, the juices poured even faster and she began to undulate in the obvious throes of orgasm.

Her legs buckled but she didn’t collapse, instead lunging forward to break contact. Almost immediately, she turned and dropped to her trembling knees. Pushing him to his back, she surprised him with the lack of a recovery period. Grabbing the hilt of his now rock-hard dick and opening her lips wide, she slid her mouth down over the bulbous glans. Both were surprised she was able to get nearly half of it in her mouth before hitting her gagging point. Having the bulky slab of flesh in her mouth was captivating to her and she bobbed her head with frenzied lust, incensed by the size. Watching her as he propped himself on one elbow, he could see her cheeks compress as she sucked with intense force.

There was no finesse, teasing or tricks, Brittany was just…sucking…his…cock. Back and forth went her lips, stretched and pursed tightly around the rod, her long, golden hair a blur as she jerked her head back and forth with ever-increasing speed. Salivating heavily, she was gulping spit mixed with pre-ejaculatory fluid every few seconds and lasting just a short while longer than she had, Scott tensed as he was about to add semen to the mixture soon after.

“I’m gonna come,” he grunted. It was a courtesy statement. Some girls didn’t want jism touching them, especially in their mouths. It had been his experience that even those who didn’t mind still liked a heads up. For the record, Brittany didn’t care.

Fighting the urge to pull down on the back of her head, he gritted his teeth as semen roared from his balls and erupted against her uvula. Her only visible reaction was to pull her head back until just the head was between her lips, still sucking. At the same time, she started gathering each blast and collected it into one warm, slimy lump. Only when he pushed her off out of almost painful sensitivity did she let the mass slide down her throat. Her mouth free, she maintained her grip on his cock with her hand, starting to jerk him off even as he laid back.

“No sleeping on the job,” she whispered seductively, “You’re gonna stay hard and you’re gonna fuck me. Any hole you want but you’re gonna fuck me. Like, now I mean.” He lifted his head and looked at her incredulously while she smiled and dumped the contents of her mini-purse on to the edge of the carpet in the doorway. Out fell her driver’s license, a twenty dollar bill, an even dozen condoms and a jar of Vaseline large enough to prevent chapped lips in a third world country for at least a few weeks.

The volume of condoms and the keg of lubricant got him to raise an eyebrow but he said nothing as she held up a strand in one hand, the jelly in the other forming an obvious question. Thinking anal all the way, he still pointed to the rubbers (thinking she’d want that first) and she immediately rejected his offer of going to the bedroom (“Now means now” was her response) as she started rolling one on to his semi-stiff cock. Swinging her lengthy, powerful thighs over his lap, she straddled him. She hoisted herself up slightly, reached between them and guided his glans against the slippery crease of her pussy. His rod was just about at full strength just that quick, such was Brittany’s allure.

Even with her snatch drenched as it was, the head strained Brittany’s elastic labia in a way she hadn’t felt since losing her virginity and her jaw started to drop involuntarily. Lowering her hips steadily, she moaned with escalating volume as her snug cunt was penetrated ever deeper by the considerable phallus and when she was completely impaled, her breath was snatched away and she went silent. Craning her neck back in a display of primal delight, she shook her hair from her face and then locked eyes with Scott, hers wide in ecstatic surprise.

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