Boot Camp Heaven


“Five minutes to shower!” Is all I heard as we ran upstairs all sweaty and worn out. The thought of one more week was my only comfort. We all began to tear out of our battle dress uniforms and rush for the showers. As usual I could not find my soap, you would think that my locker was clean but that’s another story. When I got to the showers they were full. “Two and a half minutes to go!” A girl giggled and yelled.

At that point I was pissed, I had been running all day, had to eat in the field and had been waiting and waiting to get a good shower. “Fuck this shit, I’m not going! I am staying to wash my ass!” I said rather loudly as I stormed out. No one seemed to believe me. I sat in the stall with a book until the showers were all off and it was silent. Shortly after that I could hear them marching off down the street. I smiled at myself, marveling at the fact that I had gotten away with it.

Around the time I knew everyone was gone I boldly gathered my things and headed for the showers. The hot water was almost gone but it was so hot outside it didn’t really matter. Leaning against the shower wall the water ran down my face, my stomach and down between my legs. The silence was so soothing I began to rub the bar of soap all over my body and wish that I were back home.

I missed my man and making love was at the top of the list of things to do when I got back home. Now I would just have to settle for my hand. I was thinking about my man so deeply that by the time I realized it I was grinding against my hand, feeling a wetness that wasn’t from the shower. I could feel myself sliding Maltepe Escort down to the floor as I neared climax, my legs began to quiver and I could feel the tingle permeate my body. I lay in the aftermath and decided it was time to go get dressed. I dried off and headed to my room in my towel and flip-flops.

When I got there what I saw could have made my heart stop. The lieutenant was standing beside my locker. As soon as I saw her I froze and instinctively went to salute her. As I did so my towel fell and as I went to catch it she would not allow it. “STAND AT ATTENTION!” She said loud and firm. I have had my eye on you since you first got here, Private. At ease soldier.” And at that I bent down to get my towel. “DONT MOVE SOLDIER, I said at ease, nothing more and nothing less.”

I stood there in amazement not knowing what to think. I was scared as hell, not knowing what the punishment would be or how severe. She walked up and circled me as if to dare me to move an inch and then she started to laugh. Now I’m thinking, what the hell is so funny but before I could begin to even think about saying anything she began to talk. . .

“You know our policy soldier? Don’t ask don’t tell? We’re going to practice that today-you don’t ask and I won’t tell, ok? By this time I’m thinking, what the fuck?! But all I can manage to say is “yes ma’am”.

The anticipation is building, wondering what she has in mind with this smirk of her face. “GET ON YOUR KNEES!” She said it so loud I dropped to the floor with no hesitation. She then forcibly pulled my head Maltepe Escort Bayan back by my hair and forced her tongue down my throat. My struggles were to no avail and I gave in. I could not believe I was in this situation doing this with this woman, of all people! All these thoughts are running through my mind and by the time I realize it she is at my level, on her knees. I’m wondering what will happen next, even though I feel like I already know.

I find myself embarrassed by the things I feel with no way to hide them as the juices run down my legs. I find myself throbbing as I do every night laying in that bunk by myself, this time with an intensity that is unknown. She demands that I take off her clothes and I am more than ready. She is much more feminine than I could ever imagine, her body looked like that of a voluptuous super-model and I found myself longing for her. I waited for my next command, afraid to do anything I wasn’t told. She smiled as she noticed the glistening on my thigh and began to kiss me.

Before I knew it we were on the floor and I was laying on top of her grinding myself against her. The tingling was so intense, I felt as if I could not grind hard enough and before I knew it I was having an orgasm and shaking all over her.

After the “after-shocks” she flipped me over and began to suck on my nipples and rub my clit, softly at first, and got more intense. I felt my intensities grow with hers and again I began to quiver, this one longer than the first. Before I could recover her mouth had moved down between my legs and Escort Maltepe I could not help but push her head even closer. Her hands wrapped around my thighs and I had never been eaten like that before. I thought that I would loose my mind after I cam a third time she left the room as I lay there exhausted. My legs were quivering and I was attempting to get up when she came back in the room.

“Who told you to move! Turn around and lay on your stomach now!” At this point I did not care what she did to me as long as it felt good. She has this huge, nine-inch looking strap-on and at that time she could have put it anywhere. She lay on my back and began to kiss my neck and shoulders. I began to push myself against her and I could feel the strap-on at my opening and it began to lubricate itself. I tried to move around to make it slide in but she refused to let it go in. She wanted me to suffer. Without warning she thrust deep inside me and I screamed out. We were pounding against each other and I could faintly hear her moan. She turn me around and had me to sit on top of her.

I did as I was told and with little to no hesitation and climbed on her lap. As I began to get a steady rock she pulled my head toward her and kissed my lips and then on down my neck and chest to my nipples. She began to gently lick around my nipples and suck them as she gripped my ass and rocked me harder. I got louder and louder in her ear and she began to move against me and, finally, she came.

Looking a her at that moment she was no longer that hard ass woman who was unable to let any feeling show. She was this intimate and very sexual being who was deserving of al the pleasure in the world and I loved her for the pleasure she had given to me. As you can imagine, I never got in trouble for ditching the battalion. Now I make it a point to be late or not appear so that I can get what’s coming to me.

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