Black Cuckolding Is Great


Carol McKenna here, and I’m a gal with a tawdry tale to share with you, dear readers. I’m a Black hot wife. Alright? I’m one of a growing number of Black women who enjoy getting fucked by other men in front of our cuckolded Black husbands or Black boyfriends. Cuckolding isn’t just a White thing, folks. Never let anyone tell you that any fetish or sexual interest belongs exclusively to any racial or ethnic group. Humanity is diverse, not one-dimensional. With that being said, follow me.

I live in the City of Ottawa, Ontario, but I was born in the town of Red Deer, Alberta, to a Jamaican immigrant mother and a White Canadian father. I graduated from the University of Calgary at the age of twenty four with a Master’s degree in business administration in the summer of 2012. I moved to Ontario for work, and ended up working for the Canada Revenue Agency. I met a tall, fine-looking brother named Paul Devon, and we got hitched.

Paul Devon is something else, folks. A six-foot-tall, lean and muscular, simply beautiful Black man of Jamaican descent who swept me off my feet. The brother has a criminology degree from Carleton University and works as a corrections officer for the government of Ontario. We need more educated brothers in law enforcement, and my dear hubby Paul is one of the best. I’m proud to be his wife and I always encourage and support my husband Paul Devon in everything that he does.

We’re somewhat of an odd couple, that’s for damn sure. Paul is tall, dark-skinned and athletic and I’m mad short, only five-foot-four, and chubby, with light brown skin, lime-green eyes and long, curly Black hair. I guess it’s true what they say, people are often drawn to their polar opposites. Paul is from a strict Catholic family and I’m an atheist but I respect his views. We’re trying our best to make our relationship work, and believe me, marriage is a lot of work.

Paul and I recently got into the world of cuckolding, and it was my idea for the most part. You see, Paul cheated on me with this White bitch named Madeline, some corrections officer whom he Ümraniye Escort works with. Paul sobbingly confessed after I saw pictures of Madeline the blonde hussy sucking him off on his Blackberry. Paul and I made up, but with conditions. I told Paul that I wanted to have some fun, otherwise I’d leave his ass, and he happily acquiesced.

The way I see it, since I had to watch my husband Paul fuck another woman, it’s only fair that my hubby gets to watch me fuck another man. To punish him good and proper, I guess. The way I see it, fair is fair. Paul and I agreed on some ground rules. I selected my co-worker Thorne Saint Vincent to be the White Bull whom I would cuckold my Black husband Paul with like the naughty Black hot wife that I am.

The thing about exploring sex and going beyond boundaries is that it can release certain hidden desires and reveal things previously locked away in the subconscious mind. Like a lot of the women at the office, I fantasized about Thorne on occasion because he’s tall, red-haired and green-eyed, with manly good looks and a friendly smile. Thorne is unmarried, and I assumed that he was straight and simply keeping his options open. Imagine my surprise when Thorne revealed to me that he’s bisexual, and recently ended a relationship with his gay Nigerian lover Ivan Adewale.

Shoot, I wasn’t expecting that from a guy like Thorne, but for what I had in mind, the red-haired bisexual White dude would do just fine. When I told Paul that Thorne was bisexual, he didn’t seem shocked like I thought he would be. In fact, Paul seemed positively cool with it. Maybe my husband Paul Devon is proof that Black men from the island of Jamaica aren’t as homophobic as previously thought, who knows?

The stage was set for some wicked fun, and Paul and I welcomed Thorne into our house in Kanata one Friday night, for some fun. We talked, discussed ground rules and then got the party started. I undressed, showing off my curvy body, my big tits and my thick, round ass. Thorne and Paul kept their eyes on me, as they should Anadolu yakası Escort since I’m the lady of the house and let’s face it, I’m one sexy redbone! Once I was naked, I gestured for Thorne to come to me.

The tall, red-haired White dude undressed, and I gasped when I saw the size of Thorne’s dick. Can you say BWC? Um, that means Big White Cock, for those of you who don’t quite follow the sexual lingos of the internet. As Paul watched, I got on my knees and began sucking on Thorne’s dick. Thorne moaned softly as I sucked on his big White dick and massaged his balls. I expected Paul to feel humiliated as a Black man since he’s watching me, his kinky Black wife, sucking a White dude’s dick, but my husband seemed turned on. What the fuck?

I sucked Thorne’s dick, and when he came all over my face, I licked up every last drop of his cum. I then went to my hubby Paul and kissed him, and to my surprise, Paul licked Thorne’s cum off my lips like it was nothing. Seriously, I wanted to humiliate the brother and the shit I was doing was turning him on instead of tormenting him. Once again…what the fuck? I continued with my fun and told Thorne to roll a condom on that big White cock of his so this foxy sister could ride it good and proper.

Thorne put me on all fours, spanked my big caramel butt and then thrust his big White dick into my cunt. All this my hubby Paul Devon watched, the expression on his dark, handsome face one of lust instead of anger or disgust, the emotions any Black man should feel while watching his Black wife getting fucked by a White guy. Well, I guess I totally misjudged Paul. My hubby jerked off while watching me getting slammed my Thorne’s thick White cock, and when I screamed passionately, Paul actually gave me the thumbs up sign.

I rode Thorne hard, and he fucked me silly until he came again, and I rolled off of him. We were both spent. Paul joined us, and first my sexy Black husband licked my pussy and then he stunned me by grabbing Thorne’s dick and stroking it. Thorne smiled and winked at İstanbul Escort Paul, who began sucking his dick. I watched this shocking turnabout, beyond shocked at this point. Seriously, I never would have thought a macho Black man like my husband Paul Devon was the type to suck another dude’s dick. What the fuck?

In spite of myself, I found myself turned on by the sight of my manly Black husband sucking a bisexual White guy’s dick. What does that say about me as a Black wife? Don’t know. Don’t care. I began fingering my cunt while watching the hot man to man action. Once Paul finished sucking Thorne’s dick, guess what he did?

Paul got on all fours and Thorne mounted him from behind, thrusting his big White cock up Paul’s cute Black ass. I got so shocked and so turned on that I came right then and there. My wet, hairy cunt squirted, oozing hot girly cum which I tasted while watching the two guys go at it. Paul screamed as Thorne rammed his dick up his ass, and this seemed to encourage Thorne to fuck him harder. Thorne pumped his dick up Paul’s ass, and fucked him so damn hard it hurt to watch. And I loved it!

Paul sighed in relief after Thorne pulled his big White cock out of his not so tight Black male ass, and then I joined the action. Paul and I sucked Thorne’s dick, and licked his balls. When Thorne came all over our faces, Paul and I kissed and then shared his cum. We were happy as can be. The three of us hit the showers, and then Thorne left.

Paul and I went back to the bedroom and fucked like there was no tomorrow. My sexy Black husband pounded his hard dick into my cunt for the first time in ages, and I welcomed him inside of me. As Paul fucked me, he kissed me then licked my tits, and I wrapped my arms around him as his big Black dick filled my cunt. We fucked and sucked the night away, and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Tonight, I discovered that my dear husband Paul Devon, the macho Jamaican brother, is bisexual. Talk about a shocker, ladies and gentlemen. While most Black women would be shocked at having a bisexual hubby, I’m all for it. I’m a kinky slut into stuff that most men are scared of so having a bisexual Black man share my life and my bed works for me. I’m just a bit annoyed that Paul didn’t share his secret with me until tonight, but I forgive him. We are happy together in the Devon household!

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