After Harvey


AFTER HARVEY see previous story of 9/1/2011

Harvey left, and we went to bed tired and satisfied.

The next morning, she was awake early and horny, so I started to go down on her still unwashed nasty pussy. She was absolutely loving it and kept talking about the night before. She couldn’t believe we had both sucked each other in front of her and was really turned on by it. My thoughts have always been we expect women to suck our cocks, and love watching women eat other women, so why cant guys enjoy each other too. I then started asking her about her interest in other women and her thoughts about a pussy.

She told me she had often thought of her girlfriend nude and what her pussy and tits were like. Her girlfriend Julie is somewhat religious, but we both know she fucks guys. I asked her why she never made a move to see her reaction. She was afraid she would react badly and didn’t want to run the chance of offending her and risking their friendship. I told her that Julie likes to flirt and she had often seen her flirt with me, and I was convinced that the only thing that held her back was the taboo of friendship betrayal. I told her that and she said “since we have started this sex game stuff, maybe I should test the waters with her.” We left it at that and after I fucked her and she cleaned up we went out to breakfast.

Since we always went to the pancake house we often ran into friends there, and sure enough, Julie showed up. She joined us and as we ate, Julie and my wife were talking. It turned to the fact that Julie hadn’t been home from the previous nights date. My guess was she was probably still full of cum from the night before and looked at my wife with a knowing smile. When we were finished eating, we asked Julie to come back to our house. She wanted to refuse saying she needed to go home and shower and get some sleep. My wife insisted and told her she could shower and crash at our house. Julie finally agreed and off we went. On the drive home I told my wife this could be her chance to satisfy a little of her curiosity. Maybe see her nude for the first time. I told her to offer her one of my large tee shirts to sleep in after her shower and see how that suggestion went over. I also told her that maybe she could find a reason to go in the bathroom while Julie was showering and get a peek at least.

Julie at Anadolu Yakası Escort that time was about 20 pounds overweight and had great tits. They were bigger than my wife’s and her ass was what I called a bubble butt. She is also a natural read head and her complexion was very redhead like without freckles. Julie was a year younger than my wife, and they have been friends for probably 20 years. Julie was a very lighthearted woman and always happy, never failed to brighten our day when we were all together.

At home I stayed out of the way and my wife got her some things together for her shower. She even offered her a pair of her panties to wear but Julie said they would never fit her since she was larger. So my wife (Sherry) gave her one of my oversized football jersey to sleep in. Sherry did manage to go into the bathroom as Julie was just getting out of the shower, knowing the water had just shut off so she timed it perfectly and saw Julie in all her nude splendor. At first they were both embarrassed and Sherry had her ah ha moment. To her surprise, Julie just shrugged it off and was less embarrassed and became kind of matter of fact casual about Sherry seeing her nude. As she dried off Sherry started talking to her and asking about her date. Julie told her it was a guy she had been seeing about 3 weeks and last night was the first time Julie went home with him.

Without being gross, Julie told Sherry she was pleasantly surprised and had really enjoyed the night. Sherry asked what she meant about surprised, and Julie said “he was a little larger, and it worried her at first”. Her only experiences to date were with men that were “average” in size but this was really different. Julie put the jersey on and they wandered into the extra bedroom and talked a while longer before Julie started to need to go to sleep. Before they were done talking, Sherry found out the guy has been maybe 8 or 9 inches and Julie had really enjoyed it being explored to depths she had never imagined.

When Sherry came out and closed the door, she said “Wow, I am so hot I need you to take me to bed.” As I fucked her she described in great detail Julies body and how much it affected her. She described her as alabaster white skin, with little pink nipples that stood out even after her hot shower, and very little areola. Also, Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan that her pubic hair was strawberry blond and really not bushy. She could see her clit clearly because it was almost like a small penis. She said it was all visual over load for her and wanted so badly to just drop to her knees and suck that clit. Sherry described her pussy as a “little girl pussy” with no protruding or hanging labia, just a neat little slit, with a dick like clit at the top that apparently never retracted. She had also bent over to pick up the towel she dropped and Sherry got a glimpse or her pink rosebud ass hole. Although we have tried anal sex, she wasn’t ever really interested. She seemed to be very interested in Julies ass hole now.

Sherry was on fire as we fucked and she described in detail what she was able to see in such a short time. She couldn’t get over the size of her clit and now she really wanted to explore the girl on girl thing. I encouraged her to take it slow and not frighten her off. Let it evolve naturally and take any opportunity to expose herself to Julie and watch for any type of reaction.

In the following weeks, Julie spent more and more time with us at home, and Sherry took every opportunity she had to be a little exhibitonist without being obvious. She noticed that Julie never seemed to miss a chance at looking at her body when she could. Soon it seemed that Julie was doing some of the same things. Sherry noticed that lately she was not wearing a bra regularly, or would take it off when we were home complaining that she always hated them and envied Sherry’s natural firmness and no real need for a bra even though they were pretty big. Sherry thanked her for the compliment and told her to not worry about a little sag if it felt better. She was among friends, and we did not mind at all if she wobbled as she walked.

I was out playing golf one Saturday and came home a little earlier than normal to find them both scurrying out of the living room for the bathroom. Hmmmmm, I wondered what that was all about. When they came out on the patio deck they were both dressed but had that deer in the headlights look in both their eyes. I said nothing about it and set about grilling some hamburgers and hot dogs. As I was grilling, there seemed to be some conspiratorial looks Escort Anadolu Yakası between them. By now I was getting a little sleepy after a few beers and my belly full. I decided to go to bed at about 9, bid them goodnight and off I went. I expected to hear Julie leave soon and Sherry come to bed. WRONG.

I must have fallen asleep and next thing I knew it was 10:30 and no Sherry in bed. So I quietly got up and moved into the hallway. No one in sight, but one of the spare bedroom doors was closed, and we never close either of them. I stood outside the door listening and could hear them in there moaning. I knew what they were probably doing so I just slipped back into my bedroom and waited. In about 1 minutes, Sherry came to bed and tried quietly to slip in the bed, but I was awake and rolled over, put my arms around her and asked if she enjoyed her first pussy. She was on fire and climbed aboard my stiff cock and nearly fucked me to death. As she was riding my cock she described what had happened.

Seems that Julie was the one that made the first move as they were sitting on the couch. Julie looked at Sherry and told her how much she envied her firm breasts, and asked if she could see and feel them. Sherry couldn’t get her top off fast enough, and Julie quickly had a had on her tits and was feeling them and watching her nipples get harder and harder.

Instinct took over and Sherry reached for her tits and Julie was soon topless too. Now Sherry could suck those pink nipples for the first time and suck she did, and pulled on them, and sucked them harder. They just decided to get up and go to the spare room and get completely naked. Neither could wait to get at each other so they went into a 69 and both started licking and enjoying their mutual first lesbian experience. Both sucking, licking, probing and generally going nuts over each other. Sherry was on the bottom of the 69 and had her hands all over Julies ass and put a finger in her pink rose bud while she was sucking the mini cock clit of Julies. Julie seemed to shy away from the finger in her ass, but not from the mouth and tongue on her clit. Sherry described how it got hard just like a little cock until it was about an inch long and Julie flooded her face with girl cum. Sherry couldn’t lick fast enough and it ran into her ears.

I started to lick her ears and could taste Julie there, and smell her wonderful odor. Sherry and I fucked 2 more times that night as she kept recalling more and more details. I told her I couldn’t wait to be invited to join them. Sherry promised that the next time they got together, she would suggest exactly that.

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