A Very Private Inauguration


This story is completely true, only the names of the characters have been changed to preserve anonymity. It started with a MMF meet on a British swinging website and progressed rapidly to a special relationship between two of the three players – a 69 year old married lady and me, a 57 year old married man.

In January 2017 I met a man through a swinging website, we exchanged messages about our likes and dislikes and met for coffee in town. We found we had a lot in common sexually and he rather surprised me by explaining he was looking for a nice bisexual man to join him and his female fuck-buddy, an older lady in her late 60s. I’d assumed he was looking for a one-to-one experience but I love MMF play so was delighted. Nevertheless he was a curious fellow, quite nervous and on edge much of the time, but animated while talking about sex, albeit with a rather schoolboy approach to it all. I judged him to be sexually frustrated and doubted that his lady even existed.

I fully expected it all to come to nothing and that he’d prove to be a time-waster, especially as he gave me scant details about his lady friend. He was hard to communicate with and had the irritating habit of emailing me with inane “hi” or “how are you” messages. Despite this we managed to agree a date and time to meet in a local Travelodge a few weeks later with his lady.

The fact that it was the day of Trump’s Inauguration rather passed me by as I was focused on getting myself in the right frame of mind to hopefully have sex with a couple. I arrived at the hotel on time and still had an open mind as to whether he’d be there or if his lady was with him, so was pleasantly surprised when John met me at the hotel reception and took me along to the room. He was clearly nervous but when we got to the room his lady was there outside the door ready to greet me, immediately putting all my doubts to rest.

Not only did she actually exist, she was utterly lovely. I was smitten with Diane as soon as I saw her; she gave me a lovely warm welcome and put us all at ease. I took in her charms immediately, she was well dressed, clearly very respectable and nicely spoken, just the type of attractive older woman I’ve had a long-held weakness for. She also had a lovely full figure and exuded that genuinely warm “nice lady next door” vibe. She took charge of the situation and offered me tea in her own china cup, no hint of any awkwardness or nervousness, as if entertaining two men for sex was something she did routinely. She would subsequently confess to me that she had been as nervous as hell on this first meeting, but steeled herself to project her usual front of assured confidence.

As we drank tea and chatted she explained that she was married, that her husband was in poor health and until meeting John within the past year she had been without sex for 15 years. She went to say that she was keen to be sexually active again and to try new things that intrigued her while she still had the opportunity. She confirmed that this was her first threesome and that while it was John’s idea, she was happy to go along with it if he found the right man – someone she could be comfortable with and not feel this was all some seedy escapade. She joked that she’d told John to look at my fingernails when we met for coffee all those weeks previously. Her test was that if they were clean she would agree to a threesome with me. I said a silent prayer that I’d remembered to scrub them that morning.

At this early stage I wasn’t at all sure what type of relationship the two of them had, but it was clear that Diane was interested in me and that John was relaxed about that. He was more anxious that we get undressed and started playing. I don’t remember Diane signalling her agreement to proceed but it just naturally happened and we cleared the tea things away and moved towards the bed. This wasn’t my first MMF threesome but I was conscious that it was for them both so I’d need Bostancı Escort to tread carefully. While I stripped without any hesitation John undressed more tentatively and then helped Diane take off her blouse and skirt. I hardened when I saw her gorgeous black lingerie and black stockings with red lace tops. She was an extremely sexy lady and I was dying to pleasure her.

Diane laid on the bed with John and me either side of her and we began exploring each other slowly. I was relieved to see her relax visibly and start to enjoy the attention of two men. However I began to detect a slight awkwardness on John’s part, even though he was clearly very aroused. Part of the problem was his tight foreskin that was giving him pain, but I couldn’t help feel that he wasn’t an instinctive lover. Nevertheless he still seemed to be enjoying himself and was clearly getting off on the sight of me focussing my attention on Diane.

She was very receptive and our soft tentative kisses soon turned into something more passionate. Once she started French kissing with me I felt she would be relaxed enough to have sex in front of John. Hearing her groan into my mouth was such a turn-on and gave me the green light to slip my hand into her big lacy pants. I was delighted to discover she was completely sodden and my fingers slipped straight into her lovely hairy pussy. Her clit was very swollen and she wrapped her arms around my neck as I brought her to her first noisy orgasm of the afternoon. It got us off to a flying start and we all relaxed a lot more in the knowledge that Diane was compliant and sexually eager. I held her as she warmed down and whispered in her ear that it was good to get her first climax behind us so she could really start to enjoy herself. She kissed me hard and gave me a lovely warm smile of recognition, then turned her attention to John to ensure he didn’t feel left out.

He looked more at ease now and wanted to play with my cock rather than with Diane. That was fine by me and meant I could lie next to her and chat quietly while he fellated me somewhat ineptly. She couldn’t stop smiling at me and murmured that she wanted me to carry on fingering her. There seemed to be a chemistry developing between us and I badly wanted to take things to the next level and give her a good fucking. She was very happy for me to play with her pussy and started to build towards her next climax. As I brought her off I leaned over to hold her and whispered that I’d love to be inside her. She held me tightly, moaned loudly in my ear and creamed all over my hand, to the extent that I could smell her arousal. Diane then delighted me even further by taking my hand from her pussy and placing my fingers in her mouth to taste herself. I find that a very arousing gesture and to my mind showed that she was very uninhibited about sex. She offered my fingers to John for him to lick but he declined. She would later tell me that his refusal to do so sealed his fate.

The aroma of wet cunt gets me extremely horny and arouses my animal instincts. I looked down at John playing with me, smiled at him and said I thought that Diane needed cock urgently. She groaned to signal her agreement and I suggested he have her first but he demurred and said he was keen to see me giving her a good seeing to. I sensed Diane was pleased and she opened her lovely thighs to grant me access to her most intimate area. To say she was eager would be an understatement. I got on top of her, bent her knees back to open her up and wiped my glans up and down her wet gash. Her cunt was a hot, liquid mess and her labia were parting naturally, beckoning me into her vulva. I couldn’t prolong the agony any further and pushed a finger down onto my helmet to change the angle and slipped into her. I felt my foreskin flip back as I slid my hard cock slowly into her core.

Oh fuck, her lovely hot cunt swallowed my erection whole. I’d planned a slow gradual Ümraniye Escort entry but she was so wet and open that I just slid effortlessly into her, balls deep. She was very responsive but I quietly asked her if she was comfortable, sensing that such deep penetration might be unfamiliar for her. She looked up into my eyes and with her breathing already starting to get ragged she visibly melted and urged me to fuck her. At that moment I knew I wanted her more than for just a one-off dirty threesome adventure. She may have been 69 but her sexual arousal took years off her and she maintained eye contact as we started to rut like animals.

She was so attractive, her face and neck glowing with desire and I knew this couldn’t last long, we were both so wired for sex. John lay next to us wanking, groaning with pleasure and encouraging me to fuck her hard. I’d been holding her close to reassure her but now I needed to raise up on my hands and give Diane her a really deep hard pounding. She brought her legs up and surprised me with her suppleness, her feet pointing to the ceiling and giving me complete access to her cunt. Our bodies started to slap noisily as we fucked ourselves senseless, her pussy leaking copiously all over my balls and thighs.

I looked deeply into her soul and asked if I could cum inside her. She smiled warmly and replied breathlessly “yes please”, then urged me to stay deep and let go. We ground our pelvises together and as I shot ropes of semen into her gorgeous vagina she wrapped her arms and legs around me and climaxed noisily. I heard and felt her pussy squelch on my cock and with the sudden wet warm sensation all over my balls I guessed she’d squirted in her orgasm. I took in the dark stain on the sheet as we uncoupled ourselves and as we lay next to each other in our post coital bliss I felt smug that I’d had that effect. I love having a woman squirt on me, it’s so primal and evidence beyond all doubt that she’s enjoyed herself.

John was now eager to get inside her and I held her as she took him, still on her back. He was so turned on he couldn’t last long either and had such an intense climax I was concerned he was having some sort of fit. Diane reassured me he was always like this and seemed wearily resigned to it. It was obvious that she was still ready for more pleasure. As John pulled off her I moved in again and kissed her hard, not caring whether I was being greedy with her. She responded eagerly and we snogged passionately while John dozed next to us.

I couldn’t get enough of her and pulled my mouth away to murmur quietly to her that I wanted to clean her up. She rolled her eyes and mewed with pleasure before pulling me in close to whisper that no-one had ever gone down on her voluntarily and that she badly wanted her pussy eaten. She glanced at the sleeping figure of John and quietly added that even he refused to perform oral sex on her or indeed go anywhere near her vagina except with his penis. I was completely taken aback and could begin to get a sense of her frustration with him. I adore cunnilingus and couldn’t imagine why other men wouldn’t want to, especially when they were happy to be fellated. I regard it as an act of worship and love bringing a woman to a climax with my mouth, as well as exploring her in detail with an intimate finger examination.

I slowly worked by way down her body, kissing her and trailing my tongue along her skin, which she loved. By the time I got between her legs and opened her up again she was panting hard and getting quite noisy. I peeled apart her delicate pink labia and enjoyed the sight of her open and glistening vulva, all her intimate folds exposed for my delight. I ran my tongue gently against her hard clit, causing her to shudder and put her hands on the back of my head. She climaxed immediately, pressing her cunt hard against my face and gushed warm liquid into my mouth.

She was embarrassed by the mess Kartal Escort and apologised but I reassured her I loved it. She pulled me up to her face so we could kiss and she could taste herself. That suggested to me again that she could be quite a dirty lady when the right buttons were pressed and I stored that nugget away for future reference. I wanted more of her orally so went back down and ate her out long and hard, loving her noisy, intense and messy orgasms while I made a complete pig of myself between her soft thighs. I made a further note about her sexual response – not only dirty but multi-orgasmic too. Fuck, what a catch she was.

John slowly resumed consciousness but didn’t really get back into it, apart from suggesting rather silly fantasies that got him turned on but did nothing for me. Diane said he liked her to dress up as a schoolgirl, which struck me as ridiculous. For me her attractiveness was largely to do with her maturity, her lack of inhibition and her eagerness to have straightforward satisfying sex, something that had been in short supply for far too long in her life.

In all honesty I found John very immature and sexually inept, not really my type at all. Diane was a different proposition entirely and I knew I wanted more of her, preferably all to myself but it still wasn’t clear to me how close she and John were to each other. I knew they each had married partners but that was the extent of my knowledge. But I also got the clear impression that she was less than impressed with his bedroom skills.

My plan was to agree to a further threesome and to discreetly slip a note into her bag next time in the hope we could arrange to meet on our own in future. As we prepared to leave Diane seemed surprised that I wanted to see her again and it was apparent that she had assumed I’d find her too old and unattractive for anything other than a one-off encounter. I reassured her as best I could before John and I left together, leaving Diane to pack up in her own time. She would subsequently tell me that she felt bereft when we left and wondered how on earth she could get a message to me without John knowing that she wanted me for herself.

Nothing really happened for a few weeks, John kept sending me inane silly emails but persuaded me to join the messaging service KIK so we could set up another meet more easily. I reluctantly agreed, fearing he would bombard me with mindless comments but it turned out to be a very good decision.

Within a week or so of signing up to KIK I received a message from Diane, in which she introduced herself, telling me she was deeply frustrated sexually and that I’d shown her respect and paid attention to her needs. She made it plain that she was available if I was interested and was at the point where she wanted nothing further to do with John as he didn’t satisfy her. She was remarkably candid and told me her name, suggesting that I Google her to understand her public persona and why she needed to trust me and rely on my discretion without question.

I was overjoyed and had to read her message several times to grasp its significance and the realisation that my dreams had been answered. I couldn’t even bring myself to Google her for several days, for fear I was stalking her. Eventually I did look and discovered she was a local councillor and a past mayor of her hometown. That aroused me even more, knowing just how respectable she was in public and compared to how very naughty she had shown herself to be in private. That whole public/private contrast is a big turn-on for me, and an extension of the often mis-understood adage “a lady in the street and a whore in the bedroom”.

I replied to Diane with heartfelt enthusiasm and we began to message each other frequently, our language becoming steadily more passionate and dirty, sharing our desires and fantasies. Thus began a relationship that has become deep, very special and extremely sexual. We quickly realised we shared a common bond of being highly sexed and a desire to have a mutually respectful and loving sexual relationship together. We first met on Trump’s Inauguration Day and still refer to it as our own very private inauguration.

To be continued …

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