A Pee Fetish Story: How It Started


“It’s a little bit funny, this feeling inside.” The opening line of Elton John’s famous 1970 single “Your Song” is instantly recognizable; you immediately know what song is playing even if you don’t know Elton John all that well. While the line describes the “butterflies in the stomach” sensation Elton feels about his love for someone, what many might not know is it applies to other sensations as well… including how a fetish begins or develops. A fetish has a strange habit of sneaking up on you, which you don’t typically notice the first time around, but do notice when it pops up again sometime later. This is my story of how my pee fetish began and then disappeared, only to return and sustain itself long afterward.

I’m a hardworking 3D designer who primarily designs backyards and other outdoor spaces. I also enjoy racing cars in my spare time. Those close to me only see these two sides of me without the slightest inclination of what I secretly fantasize about. I’m a straight guy who loves women of all shapes and sizes. I’ve had a couple of girlfriends and enjoyed sexual relationships with them but for me, sex is only part of my desires. My greatest desire is to see naked or bottomless women peeing, either in the toilet, in the shower, outside in the grass or just wherever they happen to be, like on the carpet.

Female urination has been my hugest turn on since my late teens. I’m also a bit of a diaper lover so a woman peeing in a diaper is also a turn on for me, but that’s another story for another time. Anyway, the other day, I decided Batumi Escort to take a long hard look as to how my fetish developed. I sometimes wondered how women pee without a penis and I would learn that later in life — which was probably for the better — and eventually forgot all about it. But little did I know I would learn I had a pee fetish under the most spontaneous and arousing of circumstances. After graduating from high school, I attended college in the next state over. I thought of moving into a dormitory on campus, but I found a better place to live that would save me a ton on rent. I found two small, two-bedroom houses about 50 feet apart from each other on a secluded cul-da-sec only a 10-minute drive from campus and picked on to stay in.

The landlord said I could pay him for staying all four years of school after I graduated and I got to move into the first house immediately after getting the keys. A woman in her mid-twenties moved into the other house about a week after I started my freshman year in college. After she moved in, things got erotic, to say the least. I heard from the landlord that she was a single accountant and didn’t have much of a social life anyone knew of. One night though, I learned why she didn’t socialize so much: she was a secret nudist.

I saw her arrive home from work one day and as soon as she got inside, she stripped naked, throwing her clothes and shoes aside like used tissues. She didn’t close any of the blinds or curtains in her house after that. She just sauntered around in the buff, Georgia Escort comfortable in her skin. I sat by my window that night and watched her, thinking this was a one-off thing; I sure was wrong! I’d watch her get home, strip and walk around completely naked day after day. Not to mention unless it was raining or snowing, I’d watch her also go outside naked — except for flip flops — to get her mail, do yard work or garden or just sit on her back deck and enjoy the weather with a drink or a book.

I was aroused by my nudie neighbor daily; 18-22 is the age range when a straight guy is hard by the sight of a naked woman after all. But if I thought I had seen everything she would do without catching me, I was sure surprised one fall day about a month after she moved in next door. I was watching her outside in her yard, tending to her garden. She kept crouching down to check everything a few times and then walked back to a couple of short rose bushes next to her deck. There, she squatted down and peed on the base of bushes. Just like that, I got a boner bigger than the one I got the first time I read a Playboy magazine.

I discretely jerked off until I came on my curtain; that streak was about the size of my TV remote. The next time I watched her outside, I crossed my finger hoping that she had to pee again. Sure enough, she squatted and relieved herself again, this time in the grass. After that, I knew I loved watching a woman pee but then began to wonder if this was a healthy interest. I mean, getting aroused by watching people pee had Tbilisi Escort to be frowned upon. After my neighbor went inside for the night, I opened a porn website and just searched “pee.” To my surprise, over 11,000 videos showing women peeing popped up. I watched a few and saw numerous people commenting that they were into this.

With that assurance, I felt much better. I continued to watch my neighbor naked inside and outside, hoping she had to pee every time she was outside. She didn’t go every time, but I always caught her every time she did. I even caught her peeing standing up like a man a few times; the sight of her with her legs spread wide apart and her hand spreading her vulva lips aside to spray her stream across the grass every time became fixed in my mind. With that, my pee fetish was here to stay. I began amassing a huge collection of pee porn videos that grew to fill about half of a 4TB external hard drive. I also began to follow my nudie neighbor’s example and began peeing outside; sometimes naked, sometimes dressed and by just whipping my dick out.

A naughtier side of my fetish is if I’m naked in the house — like fresh out of the shower or right before I go in — I just pee where ever I happen to be; the kitchen, the living room carpet, my bedroom anywhere goes for me. I’ve lately even taken up wearing diapers to work or around the house so I can pee without worrying about cleaning up if I’m lazy. My pee fetish is not something I share with just anyone though, how am I supposed to? Most will think less of me and dismiss me as a disgusting individual. But those who I have told are okay with it, even though they don’t share the same feelings. Nonetheless, I still love that I have a pee fetish and I enjoy the freedom to pee where ever I like.

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