A Mom , Son Affair: Blossoming LUV


Summary: Mother and son explore their newly awakened incestuous love for one another.

Note 1: Thanks to Tex Beethoven, goamz86, Robert, Dave, and Wayne for editing.

This is part two of a potential ongoing series.

In part one, Accidental Orgy, a mother and son, while on a two week cruise together, find themselves on a small tropical island, where on a secluded beach they become part of a four couple orgy… eventually the mother and son reveal the romantic feelings they’ve long secretly had for each other. Encouraged by the other couples, their long-held boundaries of propriety dissolve into overwhelming passion. As one thing leads to another, the son fucks his Mom’s ass in what begins a journey of incestuous romantic exploration between the single mother and her handsome son.

This chapter continues moments later as they leave the secluded island to return to the main island and begin to figure out how to deal with the consequences of having had sex not only with each other, but also with other partners in each other’s presence. Oddly, although Mason fucked his Mom’s ass and Lily sucked off her son… her pussy wasn’t touched… at least not by him.

That is about to change…

A Mom & Son Affair: Date Night

Neither Mason nor Lily said a word the entire water taxi ride back to the main island… son and mom replaying in their heads what had just transpired and pondering what would happen next.

Their ocean cruise wasn’t even half over and thus the reality of their actions back on the secluded beach would have to be dealt with, and soon. The reality that mother and son were sharing a cabin on the cruise ship… until now with propriety, forced them into some immediate decisions.

Lily still couldn’t believe all the things she’d just done. After almost two decades of celibacy, she’d really gone all in. She’d not only fucked complete strangers and eaten pussy in front of her son… he himself had fucked her ass. She could defend her act of incestuous sodomy as he encouraged her to, that on his own accord while she was preoccupied with strange cock in her mouth and pussy, he had taken it upon himself to consummate the act… but that defense fell apart a bit because once she’d realized it was her own blood relative buried balls deep in her ass, she hadn’t stopped him. However, she could theoretically defend that decision with the justification that she didn’t want to ‘out’ him as committing incest in front of the strangers… but this defense too fell apart pretty quickly because she had eagerly and knowingly taken his hard cock and begged him to ream her asshole. An attorney for the prosecution could argue quite convincingly that it would be very difficult to coerce an innocent party into begging eagerly for incestuous sodomy.

A counterclaim was possible: The defense could argue that the ass fuck was completely out of her control and once activity had been initiated, the defendant had suffered a temporary lapse of sanity and loss of coherent thought because of the thrill of her first real fucking in over 18 years. Such unexpected excesses of long-denied pleasure had of course completely overwhelmed all thoughts of her moral code and motherly responsibilities.

But that defense, which was farfetched at best, would be shot to pieces by the prosecution when they presented the obvious rebuttal that even after all participants in the orgy in question had become aware Lily and Mason were mother and son, a full half hour later… more than enough time for even a sexually deprived woman to recover from the alleged spate of insanity… she had still willingly and even eagerly sucked her son’s cock in front of witnesses. (The question of whether these were impartial witnesses would admittedly need to be finessed in some fashion.)

She could, as a desperation plea, point out that her son and his big hard cock hadn’t actually entered her pussy, a fact which was pertinent because of the well-known Clinton precedent establishing that oral and anal weren’t ‘real sex’ and she might get off that way (pun intended).

But in truth she was guilty as sin.

As Lily pondered the reality that she’d willingly and eagerly sucked Mason’s cock and proceeded to take part with him in a wild orgy, she leaned back into her son knowing she would definitely be found guilty… especially because shockingly, she felt absolutely no remorse for her incestuous activities… rather, riding in this water taxi leaning back against her son’s chest and enfolded in his loving arms, she felt the safest and most relaxed she could remember ever being.

Lily knew that by society’s standards she should feel guilt… and remorse… because what she’d done was morally wrong… yet she didn’t feel either of these as she closed her eyes and savoured her son’s protective embrace… instead she felt that perhaps he was the man she’d been waiting for all these kayseri seks hikayeleri years. It just made sense. She loved him more than any other person in the world… and sex was just one more way to express that love.

Mason, meanwhile, was riddled with guilt tempered by exhilaration at the reality he’d had anal and oral sex with his beautiful mother.

The guilt was based on the reality he’d taken her ass without her knowledge. Would she have willingly agreed to be ass fucked by her son? He assumed not. This guilt was also tempered by the reality that she didn’t stop him until they’d both climaxed, and then later willingly gave him oral sex.

As he held her between his arms on the chilly water-taxi ride back he couldn’t help but wonder what would come next.

He couldn’t undo what he had done, nor did he think he would even want to if he could… yet it was extremely likely going forward there would be some acute awkwardness between them when his current exhilaration finally dissolved either back on the ship or once they’d returned home. The reality was this wild fantasy world would be forced to face the real world sooner or later.

But as Mason felt his mother lean into him and shiver, he held her close to him with infinite tenderness. Consequences were for another time. For now he was going to live in the moment… to savour the afterglow of the most wonderful and exciting afternoon of his life.

“Did you enjoy the secluded beach?” the water-taxi driver asked.

“Yeah, although there were other people there,” Lily answered.

“I saw that,” the driver nodded. “I’m sorry, very few know of the spot.”

“It’s okay, we had a lot of fun,” Lily said, deciding she was going to keep this fantasy world alive a bit longer, as she leaned back, turned her head and asked, “Isn’t that right, honey?”

Mason was surprised by the question, but relieved. His many unanswered questions weren’t answered, but his mom wasn’t regretting the decision… at least not yet. He answered, wanting his mother to know exactly how he felt, “It was without a doubt the greatest afternoon of my life.”

“Mine too,” Lily smiled, thrilled to hear those words from her son. She leaned back and kissed him… tenderly and sweetly.

“Ah, love,” the driver smiled, enjoying his job and the many happy couples he saw day after day.

The kiss was broken a minute later when the boat bounced a bit on the water. Lily looked into her son’s eyes and said, “I love you, Mason.”

Mason choose his response carefully as he tried to separate the reality of their birth relationship from his need for something unorthodox… a relationship outside the traditional boundaries of a mother and son. “I love you too, Lily.”

Lily gave him a look, hearing him call her by her given name was odd… yet, she caught on to the reason pretty quickly. He didn’t want the taxi driver to know they were mother and son.

Lily turned back around, leaned back into him, grabbed his arms and pulled them as tight as she could around herself, nestling like a cocoon within the safety of her son’s embrace.

Mason held her tight for dear life, the afterglow still glowing like the embers of a million campfires.

Five minutes later, they reached the main island and could see the cruise ship moored to a long pier stretching into the bay. They wouldn’t be leaving the island until the next morning and thus could spend the evening experiencing the night life of the many tourist traps.

Lily decided as the boat came to a stop that for the upcoming evening she wouldn’t be his mother and he wouldn’t be her son… they would be a man and a woman going on a date. She also decided to see if she could find some sexy hosiery… she hadn’t brought any for such a trip to the warm climes of the Caribbean. But tonight she was going to go on her first date ever, high school dates not really counting, and she was going to get dolled up for her sexy date like Julia Roberts in ‘Pretty Woman’.

Mason watched his mom stand up, her body separating from his and sighed internally; ‘Thus ends the wild afternoon’. Yet, as soon as they stepped onto the beach and began walking, she extended her hand to him and he of course took it, happy for this incestuous fairy tale to continue.

As they walked towards the ship, Lily turned to him and finally spoke, “Tonight my love, we’re going out on the town.”

“We are?” Mason asked.

“I can’t do another dinner on the ship or another musical,” Lily lied, although she could have easily done both. The food was amazing and the musicals each night were surprisingly top notch.

“I thought you loved those shows,” Mason said, obtusely failing to catch onto his mother’s plan.

“Actually I do,” the mother admitted, giving just the slightest hint of her true intentions for the evening, “but tonight I want a night with just me and my man.”

“Oh, okay,” Mason nodded, “that sounds really nice,” a glimmer of hope growing that this afternoon wasn’t going to be brushed under the rug and never again talked about.

Lily opened her purse, found some money and handed it to Mason, as she said, “I expect you to look good tonight.”

“I always look good,” Mason joked, even as he tried to contain his excitement.

“I want you to be a twelve out of ten,” the mother joked back.

“Oh, well that may take some work,” Mason nodded.

Lily added, “And I’m going to go and find myself a sexy little number for the evening.”

Mason said it before he even thought about it, “I hope you mean a dress and not a man. And I hope you’ll be wearing nylons with it.”

“Of course I mean a dress! You’re my man, silly,” Lily giggled. “And about the nylons… is that an order?” she asked slyly, moving directly in front of him.

Mason was surprised by the question, yet sensing his mother wanted to be guided into continuing this wild day, he nodded, “Yes my dear, I do believe it is.” Is that how Clark Gable would have said that?

“Yes, sir,” the mother nodded, turned on by the idea of dressing up for her handsome man-son.

“And the nylons should be sheer sandal foot, I don’t want any of that reinforced toe kind,” Mason continued, cruising on a sexual adrenaline rush.

“Of course,” Lily smiled, before adding, “and I’ll try to find a pair of open-toed heels, since I didn’t bring any.”

“Awesome,” Mason gushed, suddenly sounding more like the eighteen-year-old he was than the confident, worldly man he was attempting to portray.

Lily leaned forward and gave her son a gentle kiss.

Mason returned the kiss gratefully.

Breaking the kiss, Lily smiled, “See you back at the ship in an hour.”

“Okay,” Mason agreed, his dick ready to break through the thin fabric of his swim shorts.

Lily glanced down and noticed the erection poking out of her son’s trunks. She didn’t say anything, just accepting it as a compliment as she smiled and walked away.

Mason watched his mother’s shapely ass swaying away before he adjusted himself and headed out to shop for himself.

Almost three hours later, both Mason and Lily were hungry… for food… actual food… although both of their sexual appetites had been whetted by the afternoon’s orgy… both of them realized they hadn’t eaten any real food (except for what had seemed like gallons of cum) for hours.

Lily put the final touches on her lipstick. As she looked in the mirror she had to admit she looked amazing. She had spent over an hour choosing the right dress that showcased her breasts, legs and ass. She had also wavered between colours before finally narrowing them down to three: a sexy tight black dress, a fun patterned sundress in blue which was very appropriate for the humid island, and a very revealing red dress that was so short the lace tops of the stockings and the clasps that were holding them up could easily be seen when she sat down. She had added the garter belt and stockings to her purchases as an extra surprise for Mason, feeling that this combo was even sexier than the thigh highs she had also bought. She shook her head at the idea she was dressing like a MILF to seduce her son and then, recalling his big cock, shook her head again. Damn, she needed that fuck stick stuck in her cunt!

Mason wore a white silk t-shirt that showcased his well-built frame, along with a black blazer and matching trousers. Unfortunately, he didn’t have enough money for, nor could he find, a nice pair of matching dress shoes. Thus, the ensemble was completed with a pair of sandals… on the bright side he had brought two pairs along and the second pair was black and matched in colour if not style. He had also found a pair of silk SAXX boxers that were both super soft and sexy, with the hope that his mother would find an opportunity to see him in them.

Lily slipped on the five inch red open toed heels (completely impractical and likely a one-time usage) she’d purchased to go along with the eye-catching red dress she’d ended up choosing. She figured if she was going to have one night of wild inappropriate relations with her eighteen year old she may as well go over the top. Thus the mocha stockings were a perfect match for the red dress… and the black lace bra and matching thong made her look utterly fuckable once the dress came off, as she hoped it would, with her son paying close attention, once they’d returned to their cabin.

Mason’s cock was already semi-hard in anticipation of whatever clothing his mother had selected. She’d walked in an hour late from shopping and announced pleasantly, “I got the perfect outfit for my big boy,” which, of course, he took to mean his big dick.

“Ready?” Lily called out from the bathroom, feeling oddly insecure about her son seeing her dressed as hot as she’d ever dressed in her entire life. What if he wasn’t impressed? He had high school girls dressed as whores flaunting their ripe young assets at him all the time. Suddenly, she was nervous. Shit, she had fucked strangers in front of her son… worse… she had been ass fucked by her son in front of strangers… even worse than that, she’d been triple teamed by two strangers and her son… fuck! ‘What am I doing? I’m twice the age of the young skanks he can have just by snapping his fingers!’

“Yes, Lily,” Mason called out, determined not to slip up again and let other strangers know they were mother and son. From their appearances no one would assume that they were, as he looked older than the eighteen years of age he was and his mom, while in her mid-thirties, looked to still be in her twenties.

Lily sighed, recalling having these same insecurities when she’d been in high school. She’d known then as she knew now she was pretty, and had a great body… yet her past, which had included her boyfriend uncaringly walking out on her when she’d been a teenager pregnant with Mason, had led her to having an irrational bout of insecurity every now and then. But tonight was not the night for second guessing. She was going to cast aside all these doubts and fears and for tonight at least, live totally in the moment. She’d dressed up for him. All day he’d been the most attentive lover she could possibly wish for. She was going to live tonight as Mason’s date. She was going to try and rediscover her lost youth for the second time in one day. So after one more deep breath, and one more look in the mirror, she turned around and walked out of the tiny cabin’s bathroom.

“Wow!” Was all Mason could muster as his semi-erect dick became a fully erect missile in a heartbeat. She looked… what would be the right word… stunning. A mixture of pure beauty and elegance which had Mason feeling a panoply of different emotions from lust to love to everything in between.

“I hope that’s a good ‘wow’,” Lily smiled buoyantly, her confidence instantly built, seeing the impact she was having on her son… and seeing the bulge that was silhouetted perfectly in his trousers.

“Definitely,” Mason replied, checking his mother out in a way sons usually didn’t check out their mothers. Great smile! Amazing tits! He couldn’t see her ass from here, but her mocha-clad and very shapely legs stretched all the way down to her gorgeous mocha-clad feet. His Mom wasn’t just a MILF, she was a Babe! After a pause, he remembered to close his mouth.

“You look really handsome too,” Lily complimented, realizing again how her son had turned into a very fine young man.

“I clean up pretty nice,” Mason joked.

“Yes you do,” Lily smiled as she checked out her son. People wouldn’t guess they were mother and son, but anyone glancing below his waist would know instantly that he liked her!

“So where do two attractive people go in this town?” Mason asked, flattered by his mother’s admiring smile and tone.

“I got us a reservation at the nicest restaurant in the French Quarter,” Lily answered, taking her son’s hand in hers.

“Awesome,” Mason said, suddenly sounding like the eighteen year old young man that he was.

The restaurant was three blocks from the pier and they chatted about how pretty the island was, and pointed out a couple of shops they should visit if they were still open after dinner.

“I’m starving,” Lily added, as they turned the corner into the street of the restaurant.

“I haven’t eaten all day,” Mason added, then realized that wasn’t completely true, recalling all the pussy he’d munched on.

Guessing his unspoken thought, Lily looked at him slyly and smirked, “I disagree.”

“I guess you’re right; but you ate more than I did,” Mason countered, remembering seeing his mom with cock after cock filling her mouth… including his.

“I wasn’t counting liquid beverages,” Lily shrugged, somehow enjoying the naughty innuendo she was sharing with her son… a secret no one else would infer.

Mason laughed, his cock hard instantly, he couldn’t resist, “I’m hoping I’ll get to eat some more.”

Lily stopped in front of the restaurant, and turned directly to him, her resolute eyes capturing his gaze.

Mason was worried. Had he gone too far? His mother’s look was unreadable… a skill all women seemed to have… to confuse and keep their men off balance.

Lily smiled seductively and spoke, “My darling, you can have dessert anytime you want.”

Music to his ears! “Be careful what you offer,” Mason countered, his cock again swelling in his pants while a huge surge of relief simultaneously coursed through him. “I’m a growing boy.”

“That you are,” Lily agreed, as she slyly reached for his cock and gave it a squeeze before she added, “On second thought, it ‘looks’ like you’re all grown up.”

‘Fuck, he has a great cock,’ Lily thought to herself as she paused in place for a moment, her son’s hard dick in her hand.

Before her son could respond she broke the moment with, “But I need to replenish my body with a real meal instead of a bunch of appetizers, especially if I’m going to burn as many calories tonight as I plan to.”

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