A Jealous Mom


Hi this was supposed to be my Halloween submission but I got distracted.

Ethan felt Vanessa’s hand slowly move from his shoulder down to his waist, pulling him into a relaxed hug as the trunk opened. They watched, emotionless, as the older man dumped a couple of duffel bags. Mark looked back at the two and said, “I will see you.”

Ethan tried not to smile at his dad’s leaving words. He was so sure that his father would have been gone before he and his mom had woken up. He guessed that his dad wanted to make a public display, the three of them on the driveway, in front of the neighbors.

As his father drove away, Ethan felt his mom hugging him tighter. She looked so concerned for him. It would have been a heartwarming moment, but Ethan had his mind somewhere else. He hoped that his sweatpants wouldn’t give away his hard-on. With Vanessa’s tits pressing against his arm, it dawned to Ethan that he might have needed his father. Not for any paternal support, but to be a buffer to his sexy ass mother.

He glanced at Vanessa; she was watching her soon to be ex-husband disappear. She was dressed in painted-on yoga pants and a tight blue tee, her long black hair tied back in a ponytail, and she wore makeup. Ethan guessed his mom had dressed up for his father, showing him that she will be fine without him.

“Come on,” Vanessa said as the black BMW turned a corner down the block.

She led Ethan back into the house. As he followed, his eyes inevitably drifted to his mom’s perk ass. Watching those cheeks move, he realized how different his life is going to be now.

“Are you going to be okay?” Vanessa yelled from outside her son’s bedroom.

Months later and Ethan’s life did change but not the way he thought it would. Finding out that your husband of twenty years has been lying about his late-night meetings, hiding money and sending out feelers to every reputable divorce attorney in the state. It doesn’t make you dress sexy for your son.

At first, Vanessa stayed quiet and focused all her attention on Ethan. But when she received the divorce papers, she broke down, alternating from crying non-stop to cursing Mark’s name. Vanessa retreated into herself, spending her nights wearing sweatpants and having white wine evenings alone.

Ethan was taken back by how any resemblance of confidence had disappeared from his mom. He did what he could, telling her that she’s still hot, and any man would cut off a limb to get with her, but in more appropriate words. He didn’t care that she wasn’t becoming that fantasy mom he had read about in those incest stories online. Ethan just wanted her to be normal and happy.

Thankfully in the last couple of weeks, Vanessa slowly recovered. She was exercising, wearing clothes that fit, and spending her free time out of the house’ instead of watching Friends repeats on Netflix with a bottle of Riesling. She even started dating.

“Yeah, Mom!” Ethan answered as he powered down his PS4.

Leaving his room, he could hear Vanessa in the master bedroom rushing around, her heels clicking against the hardwood floor. She had a date with some lawyer called Elliot. It was their third one and Ethan wondered if his mother would bring him home tonight. He had to assume that she must be desperate for sex by now.

He knew he was. Ethan opened the fridge and pulled out a leftover pizza. Vanessa told him that she would likely be out for the whole night, which got him thinking. He also pulled out a chilled six-pack of Heineken. Vanessa was okay with Ethan drinking moderately and only beer, telling him that he was mature enough.

“Ethan, remember to pace yourself.” She said.

“Yeah. I will, Mom,” Ethan replied, closing the door and was about to ask when she was leaving, but got distracted.

“How do I look?” Vanessa asked with a big grin.

Objectively, Vanessa looked gorgeous. She stood around 5″ 3 with a firm, curvy body and big round ass. She wore a black strapless dress, which tightly stuck to her frame. The lack of a neckline revealed Vanessa’s phenomenal chest. Her big, round breasts looked even larger as they pressed against the dress material. She had tanned her naturally ivory skin into a tawny tone. Her dark hair had been stylishly curled, letting it rest down to her breasts. Her brown eyes widened, surrounded by smoky eyeshadow.

“You look good, Mom,” Ethan smiled, checking his phone for a message and then cracked open a beer, walking away.

Vanessa immediately frowned. Where was the drooling, the inability to speak and the rock-hard erection? She had always known how her son looked at her, filled with oedipal lust. Ethan had once walked in on her while she was trying out lingerie. He looked like he had cummed his pants. How I wish I could have that, Vanessa thought.

“Okay,” Vanessa said, annoyed. “So, any plans? Are you going to be by yourself tonight? Or Reggie and Carl going to take advantage of the empty house and my drinks cabinet?”

“Huh?” Ethan replied, focusing more on his phone than on her. “Yeah, karaman seks hikayeleri I’m going to be alone.”

“Okay, just,” Vanessa was then interrupted by the doorbell. She glanced at the clock, seeing that it was just past 9, so she assumed it was Elliot at the door. “That’s him.” She grabbed her clutch and turned back to face her son. “Whatever you plan to do tonight, don’t make a mess.” She leaned forward and wanted to kiss him on the cheek but ended up kissing her son on the lips.

“Don’t worry, Mom,” He said, again sounding very casual.

Now Vanessa was getting concerned. Had he stopped finding her sexy, she asked herself. Walking to the door, Vanessa tried another move and ‘accidentally’ dropped her shawl. Hoping that her son’s eyes were following her every movement, Vanessa bent down to pick up the piece of fabric, thrusting her firm ass up in the air.

“Bye.” Vanessa said, straightening back up. She looked over her shoulder and saw that Ethan was on his phone, missing her little display. Frustrated, she opened the door and saw a smartly dressed lawyer waiting for her.

“Have fun.” Ethan said. He turned around and started dialing. “Hey, Eliza. I got the house free.”

An hour later, the doorbell rang and Ethan quickly rushed to open it. In front of him stood a busty brunette in her early thirties. Eliza looked incredible tonight. She wore a tight white tank-top under her leather jacket, with equally tight jeans hugging her full hips. She gave him a dirty smirk and raised a bottle of bourbon she had been hiding behind her back.

Ethan quickly let her in and slammed the door shut. He was going to do it tonight; he was finally going to fulfill his deep-seated fantasy of fucking an older woman. While Eliza wasn’t a MILF, she is sexy as hell.

Vanessa pulled herself out of the cab and circled to the driver’s window. He looked reasonable, she thought. Maybe she should just fuck him since he had been checking her out throughout the whole ride. She thanked him and walked to the front door but struggled. Vanessa needed to be fucked.

Looking at the house, the only thing in there for her was a glass dildo. Vanessa groaned; she craved a real cock. It had been months since she last had sex. It was supposed to be tonight when she fully recovered. Vanessa had hope that Elliot would have gone slack-jawed by her efforts, take her back to his loft and fuck her relentlessly. Hell, if he dragged her to the steakhouse restroom, she would have spread her legs akimbo in the stall for him.

40 minutes ago, Vanessa thought that was the plan. After the restaurant, they were on his couch and sucking the life out of each other. Elliot had slipped his hand under her dress, roughly thumbing her ever-wetting thong. Vanessa pulled down her dress, revealing her full tits. Seeing Elliot’s face light up, she waited with bated breath for him to bite down on the erect brown nub, sending her to an orgasmic high.

But then Elliot’s iPhone blared out a very obnoxious ringtone and his attention was lost. A client was having a breakdown over some business deal or whatever; he demanded they meet now. Before Elliot said a word, Vanessa knew that any act of reluctance would be a sideshow for her benefit only. He apologized over and over, promising to make amends and that next time it will be just them. He called her an Uber and said sorry again.

Resigning to fucking herself asleep, Vanessa entered her home. As she slipped out of her shoes, she could hear the living room stereo was on. Ethan wouldn’t listen to music by himself at midnight, she thought as she crept to the door.

Slowly opening it, Vanessa found the room empty. Too frustrated to care any further, she slid across the hardwood floor and turned off the stereo. But something caught her eye in the dim light, a small bottle of bourbon. Vanessa was annoyed at herself, expecting more from her son and a stocked drinks cabinet. But she then saw the lacy bra and heard creaking coming from upstairs.

“Oh, fuck.” Vanessa groaned.

A flurry of different thoughts flooded her brain. Should she go upstairs and say busted? Should she let Ethan have some fun, especially since she didn’t get any tonight? Or should she stop it since she didn’t get to have sex. Were they practicing safe sex, and if, not should she intervene? Or she could grab a bottle of schnapps and fuck herself with her glass boyfriend.

That last suggestion shocked her, but Vanessa could feel the heat from her pussy slowly overwhelm her. She was just curious; Vanessa repeatedly told herself while climbing the stairs. As she got closer to her son’s bedroom, she could hear moans and a choking sound.

“Fuck…” A woman’s voice grunted. “It’s been a while since I deep-throated a guy.”

Vanessa’s mouth dropped and she ran quietly as she could to witness the action. She didn’t know if it was luck or something else, but Ethan had left his door open and his lamp on, giving Vanessa a completely unobstructed view.

“Oh god,” she moaned, her hand drifting south to the hem of the dress. This was sick. No mother should be doing this. But seeing her son half-naked on his bed with a thick and pulsating cock in his hand, she couldn’t help herself.

Vanessa saw a mess of brown hair hovering above the potent head. Taking her as the bra’s owner, she watched the girl kiss and tongue her son’s tool. Ethan moaned and groaned, his eyes shut tight and his hand down the mystery girl’s tank-top roughly groping her tits. Vanessa couldn’t hold back anymore, shoving her hand down her soaked thong.

Everything was awesome, Ethan thought. He was getting the most fantastic blowjob he would ever receive, and he was about to fulfill his biggest fantasy, fucking an older woman. He watched Eliza open her lips and take in him into her mouth. Inch by inch of his cock disappeared past her glossy lips and down her throat. Eliza opened her eyelids, her hazel eyes locked onto Ethan and hummed.

Vanessa had fingers deep down her cunt. Her son, who was slowly becoming less of a son and more of a veiny, throbbing pounding pole she can impale herself onto. He was now being mouth fucked by this girl who Vanessa still didn’t know. The only girls that she could remember were a blonde and a redhead. Vanessa knew she should be angry at him for not being open. Still, with her fingers frantically fucking her wet pussy, she’d yell at him tomorrow.

Ethan held his breath. His hand now on the back of her head and his hips were thrusting his dick up and down. He was going to spasm all over Eliza at any second. Shit, he thought; if he cums now, would he be able to keep it up and fuck her later? Eliza was running her teeth on the undercarriage of his shaft, then probing the seizing bulging head of his cock. Yeah, he was going to cum now. But then there was a dull thud, and Ethan’s attention turned to outside of his bedroom.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” Vanessa whispered. Her orgasm had subsided. Now, she wanted to a drink and scream into her pillow for diddling over her son. But as her body shook and trembled, her elbow banged against the wall. Panic-stricken and breathing heavily, Vanessa asked herself over and over if they had heard her. What should she do, how would she explain herself if they caught her? She carried on listening, praying that her son was too distracted by unidentifiable girl.

There’s a pause. They fucking know! Vanessa screamed to herself.

Without really thinking, Vanessa shot into her bedroom and switched the lights on. Taking a deep breath and again praying to a hopefully merciful god, “Ethan, I home.” She spoke in an attempted mix of drunkenness and tiredness. “Why’s the stereo on?” She yelled as she straightened herself up in front of a mirror.

“Awe fuck!” Ethan replied, pulling a disappointed Eliza off his cock, who fell to the floor. He slipped on his sweatpants and a different t-shirt; his previous one was downstairs somewhere. Ethan glanced at Eliza, putting her considerable assets back into her tank top; she didn’t look happy. He would have to make it up to her later.

“Ethan?” Vanessa stopped at the bedroom door. “Oh, hello.” She said nervously.

“Hi Mom, this is Eliza.” Ethan blurted out.

He jumped off the bed and helped Eliza up. Vanessa’s eyes widened and she let out a small moan. She was old, not that old but a good ten years on her son. She kept her composure, wanting Eliza to leave so she can interrogate him. Vanessa could see why Ethan would be attracted to her, a slender figure with two large round orbs that stuck out. She then realized that this was the girl that must have taken her son’s focus away from her.

“Hi,” Eliza smiled. She looked at Vanessa, keenly examining her face and dress. “I better be going, right?” She looked over her shoulder to Ethan, who just shrugged. “Bye.” She spat out, pissed.

Eliza eased past Vanessa and disappeared downstairs. They both avoided eye contact, staring aimlessly around the bedroom. Then the door slammed and forced themselves to get out of this awkward hole they had dug themselves in.

“Sorry. I thought you’d be out longer and you know…” Ethan tried to explain. He noticed something off about his mom, her hair was a little messy and her mascara was running a little. Also, her cheeks looked flushed. “What happened with Elliot?”

“Ah,” Vanessa giggled, completely forgetting about him. She guessed that her voicemail would be filled by now with apologetic messages. “Lawyers, money always comes before everything else.”

They stood silently, both awkwardly looking away.

“It’s late. I’m going to bed.”

“Yeah,” Ethan nodded.

Vanessa smiled back and then quickly ran to hide in her room. A shower later, Vanessa laid in her bed and tried to rationalize what she had done. It was so wrong, she thought, but then again, she was probably just caught up in the moment. What Vanessa struggled to explain to herself was the jealously she felt towards Eliza. Having her son lust over her, warmed her heart and that whore took it from her. Groaning, Vanessa reached to the nightstand and pulled out her favorite toy. She needed some stress relief, but she could only think about Ethan again.

Vanessa stood by the stove and let out a long yawn, distracting her from the eggs. Last night’s action was still affecting her. It took a while for her to fall asleep; her son’s magnificent cock was stuck permanently in her head. Vanessa couldn’t comprehend her own actions, playing with herself while her son was being sucked off by an older woman.

That brunette. ‘Is Eliza the reason why Ethan looks so disinterested at me?’ Vanessa thought, ‘That bitch.’

She heard footsteps coming down the stairs and tried to think about something else. Ethan soon poked his head and said morning to his mother. He looked embarrassed and stayed quiet as he filled his plate with scrambled eggs. Vanessa soon joined him at the kitchen table. They ate in silence; the only sounds being chewing and the flatware hitting the porcelain dishes.

Vanessa looked up from her plate and stared at her son. She had to say something, anything about last night. It’s what a normal mother would do. She took a large sip of juice and asked, “So, Eliza?”

Ethan quickly covered his mouth with a napkin, hiding his smile. He was waiting for Vanessa to bring her up. “Yeah, I’m sorry about that.”

“No…no… no,” Vanessa replied, “It’s okay. You’re have become a man.”

“We met at a bar, me and the guys snuck in.” Ethan replied. “We started talking. And we’ve been seeing each other for a while.”

“Oh.” Her maternal side wanted to talk about underage drinking, but the voyeur in her wanted to know more. “And Eliza? She’s a lot… older? She’s okay making out with a 20-year-old?”

“Yeah, I guess.” “And you like it that she’s older?”

“Yeah.” Ethan said, now looking away in embarrassment. “I know it’s weird, but I think I have a thing for older women.”

‘What about me, you bastard!’ Vanessa thought, trying not to glare at her son.

Ignoring her internal thoughts, she reached over and grasped her son’s hand. Looking deep into his eyes, Vanessa smiled. “It’s okay. Actually, there is nothing wrong with it. I heard it’s quite common with men your age to have this attraction with older women. You’re not hurting anyone.”

“Thanks, Mom.” Ethan replied, leaning in and giving her a quick kiss on the cheek. “Do you need any help cleaning up?”

“No, baby. You can go and relax.” Vanessa said, smiling.

Ethan gave her another hug and quickly left, leaving Vanessa to think about what he had said. Her son had just admitted that he likes older women. But Vanessa saw it as Ethan saying that he like older women apart from her. During the dark periods of her marriage to Mark, where he would neglect her, and she would question her own beauty. A quick burst into Ethan’s room while wearing skin-tight yoga pants was all Vanessa needed to rebuild her self-esteem. She loved seeing her son looking at her, slack-jawed and motionless. It made her day.

‘Maybe I should dress sexier.’ Vanessa told herself.

“Morning,” Ethan said, walking into the kitchen, eager to see what his mother was wearing today.

Vanessa was crouched behind the oven but immediately popped her head up. She smiled, stood up and sped around the kitchen island to give her son a long hug. Ethan wasn’t disappointed. She was wearing a sexy dress that showed an obscene amount of cleavage. It was just what Ethan expected from her.

For the last couple of days, things had been getting weird with him and Vanessa. Ethan had noticed that his mom had been showing off more of her body. He would see her prowl around the house in tight cut-offs and a low-cut top or find her on the sofa, wearing just a tank top and shorts as pajamas. Ethan assumed it was his mom reasserting her sexiness after the divorce. But then yesterday happened, that assumption shattered.

They were having dinner together. Vanessa was wearing the same type of transparent yoga pants but in cream. She had no bra on; her tank-top’s tight white fabric cupped her tits while her hard nipples poked out. He was texting Eliza, trying to get her to talk to him, when Vanessa bent forward and all he saw were tits. His mom’s perfect, creamy tits. She asked him if he wanted a breast. It took Ethan a couple of seconds to realize that she was talking about the roast chicken.

Later that night, Ethan did something he hadn’t done in months, playing with himself while picturing his mom. After his dick erupted and he coated his chest with thick cum, Ethan began thinking about Vanessa, focusing more on her actions than her perfect body. Something had changed with her; he had never seen her be this overtly sexual around him. And it was just him. Ethan had seen her talk to delivery men or pizza boys; she was normal with them.

They sat down and quickly ate breakfast, talking about nothing in particular. Ethan made sure to keep his focus either on his plate or directly at his mother’s eyes. He was terrified that if he caught a glimpse of her cleavage, he’d spend the rest of the meal talking to it. Vanessa tried to hide her smile, loving the effect she was having on her son.

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