A Day in September


                                                               A Day in September     I was 40 and my marriage of twenty two years was officially over.  I say officially over because, as marriages go, mine had actually been over for the last two years, but it had happened so gradually that Bryan nor I  had  noticed.   All of my personal things were packed and ready to go. Since the house and what it contained obviously meant more to Bryan than I did, it was all his.  Our three children were all settled into lives of their own and were happy that I was finally getting out of a bad situation.  I had spoken with close family and friends to let them know I was leaving, not only my marriage, but the state.  It was important to put some real distance between myself and Bryan so that he knew this was  the end.   On Monday, four days before I was to leave town, I received a call from my best friend Sam.  He asked if he could take me to lunch on Wednesday to say goodbye.  I said yes, that would be nice, and we made plans for him to pick me up around 11:30 on Wednesday morning.   Sam and I became best friends shortly after I had married Bryan.  It was a particularly hot and sticky summer and I was expecting my first child.  Sam and Bryan had been close for at least 15 years, and he  was visiting from out of town for a couple of weeks.  For some unknown reason Bryan decided he needed a punching bag one morning and I happened to be it.  Bryan asked me to get him a cup of coffee and evidently, I moved too slow.  I felt Bryan’s large hand hard across my face.  Sam jumped up and between us.  He pulled Bryan out of the room and I could hear him telling Bryan how lucky he was to have someone who loved him as much as I did and that if he ever saw him touch me like that again he would show him what it felt like to be punched on.  From that moment on, Sam was my hero.  We became as close as any friends could be.   Wednesday morning I was ready and waiting as Sam pulled into the driveway.  I walked out and as I was getting into the car Sam told me how pretty I looked. He was always so sweet that way.  I smiled and thanked him.  We fell into comfortable conversation on the way to the restaurant.  Our lunch was a long, pleasant one.  We laughed and talked as only old friends can.  After lunch, as he was taking me home, instead of turning onto my street, he turned toward istanbul travesti the town park.  He pulled under a shade tree and put the car in park.  “Why did you bring me here,” I asked.  “I have something to tell you,” he replied.   To say the least, I was shocked at what came next.  He turned toward me on the front seat of the car and said, “Sarah, I have feelings for you and was hoping that I could kiss you before you go.”  “What do you mean you have feelings for me?”  Sam looked away and said, “I guess I’ve had a crush on you for years.”  I just sat there for what seemed an eternity trying to form a reply.  Since we had always been honest with each other all these years, I finally decided to tell him how I felt.  I said, “I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel the same way.  It’s just that our friendship means the world to me and I’m afraid if we cross the line, even for a kiss, that it might never be the same.”  He was quiet for a few minutes then said, “I never want to do anything to hurt you, so if you think it’s not right, I accept that.”  Without another word he started the car and took me home.  As I was getting out of the car, Sam said what he had said to me thousands of times over the years, but today it was said in an entirely different tone…”I love you, Sarah,” he said as I closed the car door.  I just stood there and watched him back out and drive away.   All evening I thought of nothing but what Sam had said and the feelings within me that his words were making me face.  I had known for several years that I loved him far deeper than a friend.  Sam was a good man, the kind you could always count on to do the right thing, lend a helping hand.  I never dreamed he would have any feelings for me beyond friendship.  Adding to that, we were both married, altho both unhappily.   I was ending mine, but I knew he had no intentions of leaving his.  He felt he owed  it to his wife to stay.  Still, now knowing how he felt, all I could do was imagine how it would feel to kiss him…just a kiss…just once before I leave in the morning.  I told myself that we needed to talk about what was said that afternoon to make sure our friendship was still ok.  So, knowing he was working that night on the three to eleven shift, I called him at work.   When he came to the phone, before I could lose my nerve, I said, “I think istanbul travestileri we need to talk.  Is it alright if I come by your house in the morning before I leave town?”  He replied, “Yes, I’ll be waiting.”   I added,  “And if you still want that kiss I think it will be ok.”   I hung up the phone before he could answer. Thursday morning dawned surprisingly bright and warm for the middle of September.  After showering, I took special care with my makeup and hair.  In the middle of it all, I looked in the mirror and wondered what I was doing.  This was Sam I was going to see…the person who had seen me at my very best & very worst.  He had helped me celebrate so many wonderful times in my life and held me when I cried myself into fits of hiccups over the bad times.  Something inside me knew that when I saw him today, it would be unlike any other time   in our lives.  I added a few drops of Chantilly (which I knew he loved) behind my ears and between my breasts and was on my way.   As I pulled into Sam’s driveway about fifteen minutes later, my stomach was full of butterflies.  I took a deep breath and started to the door.  I reached up to ring the bell when the door opened and there he stood.  I could see he was freshly showered and wearing jeans and a blue shirt the same color of his eyes.  He stepped back to let me in and I could smell the scent of him mixed with his cologne.  Suddenly, the butterflies in my stomach multiplied.   We sat down in the living room, both of us feeling awkward and shy.  After about a half hour of small talk, I told Sam I should go.  I had a long trip ahead of me.  As we walked toward the door, we turned to hug goodbye.  My arms went around his neck and his closed tightly around my waist. All I could do was breathe him in and hold on.  I felt Sam leaving small, soft kisses along my jawline.  As he moved forward, I leaned back just enough to look at him.  I can’t describe what I saw on his face.  His hands moved up to hold my face and he said, “My God, you are so beautiful,” and he leaned in to kiss me.  His kiss was soft and gentle..his lips warm.  He pulled back and looked at me, saying, “I have dreamed of this for so long,” and  I realized his whole body was trembling.  All I could do was look at him.  He was holding me and looking at me as if I were a rare china doll.  He travesti leaned in to kiss me again and I felt a small moan escape my lips.  I felt his tongue touch my lips and they opened to him.  His tongue was probing, searching desperately for contact.  I reached out to him and as our tongues touched everything disappeared but the two of us.  We couldn’t get close enough, our tongues alternately sparring like swords then dancing softly with one another.  All the while we were pulling, ripping each other’s clothes off.  We were both being driven by the same need to see, touch, taste.  I felt my sweater lifted from me and soon after that my bra followed.  I looked up and our eyes locked.  Sam was smiling at me as he held my large, firm breasts in his hands.  “I’ve wanted to see you and touch you like this from the first day I saw you.  I need to taste you,” he said as he leaned to run his tongue over a nipple,  his eyes never leaving mine.   I moaned, ” Ohhhhhhhh yes, sooo good.” Sam licked and sucked and tasted every inch of my breasts as I moaned and begged for more.  When I couldn’t stand not being able to touch and taste him in turn I grabbed his arm and pulled him into the hallway and pushed him against the wall.   At some point I had managed to remove his shirt and now I reached for his belt.  As I began kissing him and nipping his neck and chest with my teeth, I slowly unfastened his belt and waistband of  his jeans.  He reached down to unzip them, but I pushed his hand away.  Instead of sliding his zipper down I started rubbing him through the fabric, all the while kissing and licking my way down his chest and belly.  He was hot and hard and straining to get out.  With my mouth at the waist of his jeans I looked up at him and blew my warm breath into his jeans.  I felt him shiver.  I laid my cheek against his belly and slid my face back up to his chest.  My tongue reached out and licked his left nipple as I reached up and twisted the right one between my fingers.  His breath was coming harder and he was moaning now.  Sam kept reaching his hands into my long brown hair trying to pull me up to kiss me.  I kept pushing him away.  I ran my tongue straight down his belly while pushing his jeans down to his ankles.  My tongue didn’t stop there but continued down around the base of his hard throbbing cock and over his balls.  I leaned back to look at him…God, his cock was beautiful…long, thick, and when I touched him, it felt like velvet covered steel.    Kneeling there with my lips so close to his cock I knew he could feel my breath, I wrapped my hand around him and slowly started stroking him.  I looked up at him and told him.

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