Will You Love Me ‘Til I Die? Ch. 20


Meditation this evening was circulating the light. Not the easiest one to begin with for newcomers but still enjoyable even if you didn’t succeed in actually doing it. We were back in balance now, four men and eight women. This way each man got two women. It made meditations and sleeping arrangements much more manageable.

We began by getting with our partners. Giorgio got Mitra and Suvarna because they could both actually do this meditation and they had been doing this longer than any of the women. I was with Janelle and Alysse. Jean was with Angelika and Vitesha. That left Daniella and Genevieve with David.

Mitra told us, “This meditation is done with a man and woman facing each other sitting down. The woman sits on the man’s lap with his cock inside her. The woman wraps her legs around the man and the man crosses his legs if he can, if he can’t just raise your knees a little. The man may have to lean back to allow the woman to get in place. The other woman can get behind him to help raise him up so he’s sitting.”

“Obviously the man needs to have an erection and the woman should be lubricated enough to receive him. You can use some of the massage oil to accomplish both of those tasks. I’ll walk around to assist and let Suvarna begin with Giorgio.”

When we had all managed to get into position Mitra said, “OK we can begin. The two active participants need to stare into each other’s eyes. Keep your chests close but not touching and sit up straight. The women should not try to fuck the men but you can move very slowly and use your internal muscles to help keep the man erect. Don’t try to have an orgasm.

“Try to convey as much love as possible to your partner. You can kiss but don’t close your eyes. Keep looking at each other. Watch for your arousal building up and try to move it up in your body. Allow whatever you feel in your genitals to have a pathway upwards to your heart. We are trying to transform sexual energy into love.”

“The women who are not active can sit behind the male partner and help him in any way they can. Talk to him if you want to. Let him know that you love him. Kiss his neck or rub his lower stomach. Play with him.”

“If you feel like you are falling pull your partner close to you and let your chests touch. If the energy has risen sufficiently it will begin to circulate. If you have never experienced this before it will be intense and you may be overwhelmed. Don’t worry, let it happen.”

I began with Janelle as my partner and we knew each other well enough by now to trust each other completely so I hoped we’d be able to do this. I could do it easily with Mitra and often with Suvarna but I don’t think Janelle had ever experienced it but I knew by now she was close to being able to. She and Alysse had me lie on my back so they could both start rubbing my cock with massage oil. It didn’t take them very long to get me hard. I sat up in lotus position and Janelle mounted me. She slid all the way down me until I was buried in her warm, tight vagina.

She was smiling that happy loving smile of hers. Looking into her eyes was a pleasure. Everything I saw was so genuine. I could feel her vagina making rippling motions around my cock. She was barely moving her pelvis so this must have been her internal muscles doing it. I felt Alysse behind me as her legs slid around my hips and her pussy touched my butt. She started kissing my neck. Her arms went around me with her hands on my stomach.

Alysse started whispering in my ear. “Don’t look at her like she’s your teenage sex toy. Look at her like you love her. Look at her like you look at Mitra.” What an incredibly insightful thing to say. She was right of course, I was letting my preconceived image of her block my vision. I needed to look at her as she was tonight in this moment. I cleared my mind and quit looking at her even though I never took my eyes off her. I changed from looking to seeing. My eyes softened and I began to see the beautiful being that she was. Her eyes changed too. The playfulness disappeared and more love than I had ever seen in her before came shining through.

I knew she loved me. We had told each other countless times but she had been concealing just how much she loved me. I had been reluctant to give her all my love because of the age difference. I didn’t want her to be hurt when she had to return to France to go back to school. I had already moved there in my perception and it prevented me from being totally with her. We both stopped holding it back and let it flow. We finally allowed our love to meet without any restriction. “Forgive me Janelle, I should have known.”

“Oh Prem, I love you so much. I know you now. I told you we would always be connected.” Her eyes filled with tears and overflowed down her cheeks. I pulled her to me and hugged her against my chest and kissed her like I had never kissed her before. I could actually taste her complete surrender. Immediately the light flowed into cinsel bilgiler my chest and began to circulate. Our minds stopped and for the next thirty minutes we were one. There was no thought, no right, no wrong, no resistance, no separation. There was only Tathata, Suchness, the essence of the Buddha. The only thing I was aware of was breathing and the incredible things her magical vagina did to my cock.

Alysse softly brought us back. “Prem, it’s time now.” I heard her voice from far away and opened my eyes. “I’ve been with both of you the whole time. I’ve never felt anything so wonderful before.”

I pulled gently back from Janelle. Her body was so soft. She was completely relaxed without a trace of tension. She opened her eyes and straightened her back. She uncrossed her legs and moved them so her feet were on the ground then stood up, freeing my stiff cock from her pussy. Her smile now was radiant and serene. She looked at Alysse and said, “Your turn.”

Alysse wasted no time straddling me and squatting down until her pussy was just touching my cock. She moved the head to her opening and impaled herself on me. Her legs wrapped around me and crossed behind me. The look in her eyes told me she was ready. We sat motionless staring into each other’s eyes until I felt the falling sensation. “Take me there Prem. I’ll go anywhere with you.”

The light didn’t rush into me this time. When her breasts touched my chest I felt it as a warm glow that slowly brightened until it had enough energy to move down and begin to circulate. I saw in her eyes what a pure and gentle soul she was. She didn’t need to surrender; she was totally receptive and clear. The light took on her character, warm and soft and delicate; exquisitely feminine. This time not only thought stopped but feelings too. I bowed my head to rest it on her shoulder as I held her snugly in my arms. I breathed in deeply and her unique fragrance pervaded my senses. The next thing I remember was Janelle bringing us back.

This was the first time I had done this with two different people so close together. It was a little difficult to reintegrate back into a single consciousness. Both of these women had surprised me by how far they had come in meditating. Even more surprising was the depth of their love for me. A veritable child and an emotionally crippled widow were now radiating love on a level few reach in a lifetime. After we did Suvarna’s visualization I took both their hands and without needing to say a word it was understood that we would sleep together and continue to share ourselves in love.

A bedroom was not large enough for us. We needed to sleep beneath the stars. We grabbed some sheets and pillows then went out by the pool and decided to sleep on the big air mattress. But we had more to do before we slept and promises that must be kept. Our lovemaking was a continuation of the meditation, a sensory overload of intimacy, tenderness, love and devotion. Our bodies performed a ballet of sexual acts in which all of us knew what the others needed and wanted. We touched and kissed, joined and separated, licked and sucked for over two hours and never spoke a word. It was a love poem rendered in flesh.

I had never felt such a closeness to anybody before. Even to say that we were close is not correct. We were one. We did not distinguish one from another. Nothing was done from our minds, every movement was directed from love and feeling. There was no goal, no purpose except to share our joy. Our senses were heightened and every touch, taste and smell was magnified and spread throughout our bodies. Orgasms came and went scarcely noticed since we stayed in an orgasmic state the entire time. I can’t even remember when we stopped. We seemed to just slow down until sleep finally overcame us.

When I awoke I felt spectacular. I had slept better than I ever had in my life. As soon as I opened my eyes I saw Janelle’s angelic face inches from my own, sleeping peacefully. Her arm was lying over me; her warm body snuggled next to mine. Alysse was on my other side doing the same thing. It felt like I had awakened in heaven. The sun must have just risen since there was light but you couldn’t see the sun in the sky yet.

I rolled over on my side to face Janelle and put my arm over her. She pressed close to me without waking up. I kissed her and still asleep, she kissed me back and her arm moved on my back. Her hand moved down between us and found my cock. It was already hard as her fingers wrapped around it and she moaned softly into my mouth. Her eyes opened and she pulled her head back. “What a nice way to be woken up. I see you’re ready to pick up where we left off.”

“After what happened last night I’m ready to stay here for the rest of the day. It’s going to take me a while before I’m ready to stop making love to you.” I slid my hand down to her ass and caressed it. She moved down until her head was in cinsellik bilgileri front of my cock. Her mouth slid over the head as her hand began to stroke my shaft. I let her suck me and jerk my rigid cock for several minutes as I wallowed in the pleasure she was giving me. My hips began to move involuntarily to push more of my cock into her warm wet mouth with each stroke of her young skilled hand.

I felt a kiss on my neck and Alysse whispered in my ear, “Good morning my love. I see you’re being well taken care of already. Would you like me to put something in your mouth while Janelle works her magic on your cock?”

“I can’t think of anything I’d like better for breakfast than your sweet pussy Alysse.”

I rolled slowly onto my back so Janelle could move with me without disturbing what she was doing. With her mouth still on my cock she crawled between my legs and lay on her stomach. Alysse straddled my head facing my feet and spread her legs until her bald twat made contact with my mouth. “Lick me Prem. Use that wonderful tongue and lick my slit from my clit to my ass while I watch Janelle play with your cock.”

Janelle began to do the same thing to my rigid cock. Licking the underside from the base to the tip while her hand kept it pointing straight up. When her mouth reached the tip she licked and kissed the head and drooled saliva onto it. She was deliberately making a show of this for Alysse who was obviously enjoying it because she began to undulate her hips so her slit slid along my tongue as I licked it. When her vagina was directly over my mouth she paused so I could insert my tongue into her and suck her juice. Then she would slide back until her clit was on my lips so I could suck on it for a while. I moved my hands to her ass so I could squeeze and caress it and pull her cheeks apart.

I walked a fine line between focusing on licking her and feeling the fabulous sensations of what Janelle was doing to me. We kept this up for at least ten minutes until Janelle said, “Alysse I’m sure your pussy is wet enough by now. Move down here and lay Prem’s cock on his stomach so you can slide your juicy slit all along it. While you’re doing that, I’m going to suck his balls.”

I gave her ass a last squeeze as she slowly scooted down my body to place her pussy on top of my cock. I felt the warm wetness of her slit along the length of my shaft. Her hands replaced mine on her ass cheeks and pulled them apart so I could see her crotch on top of my cock. She started slowly sliding her slit from the tip down to the bottom.

The next thing I felt was Janelle’s fingers cradling my balls followed by her wet tongue licking first one then the other. After a few minutes of both of them pleasuring my genitals Alysse said, “Excusez-moi mon amour. I seem to have gotten your hard cock all wet and shiny. Perhaps I should wipe it for you mon cheri.”

She slid back until the tip was barely touching her lips and reached down with her hand to encircle my shaft. “Ummmhhhhh, it’s wetter than I thought, I may need to wipe it quite a bit.” Her hand began to stroke me. It was obvious that she wanted to jerk me off while Janelle sucked on my balls. She inched forward and directed the tip to her clit, pulling back her hood with the fingers of her other hand. “Prem your cock is leaking. You don’t mind if I wipe the tip on my clit do you?” My cock flexed in her hand and got even harder. “I’ll take that as a yes mon amour. I didn’t think you would object if I try to put my little pink nub in your pee hole.” My cock flexed again.

She was smearing my precum all over her clit as her hand continued to slide half way down my shaft and back again. Her breathing changed to a faster, deeper cadence and she began to whimper. She stopped stroking me and just continued to rub my cock on her clit. Her hips were moving slightly as she pushed her pussy toward me. “Oh Prem, you’ve shown me how to play. I never did this before not even with Michelle. You’ve taught me how to enjoy my body and how to have fun with yours. I feel happy and alive and in love. Oh God Prem, I love you so much. Janelle suck his balls ma cheri; make him cum. I want to feel his hot cream spray all over my clit so I can cum with him.”

Janelle knew she had a direct connection to my orgasm center and her masterful sense of timing could trigger it at exactly the right second to comply with Alysse’s request. She sucked both my balls into her mouth and used her tongue to drive them crazy. Alysse still had her hand around my shaft and felt me swell in preparation to cum. “Ohhhh Yessss mon amour. Now my sweet love, give me your hot cream. Let Janelle coax out every drop all over my clit.” Janelle’s finger penetrated my asshole and went straight to my prostate to urge the swollen gland to get started. The first glob of hot semen began flowing through my shaft. Alysse felt it rushing up the length of my cock. “OHHHHH GODDD cinsel bilgi YESSSS Prem cum for me my love. Cover my pussy in your cream.” She continued to hold the tip of my cock against her clit as each successive discharge spurted against it and splattered all over her crotch. Her legs began to tremble and her head tilted back as she wailed, “OHHHH Mon Dieu, Mon Dieu!”

Watching her cum as my cock continued erupting on her was an exhilarating sight. Her back was straight and her hair hung down almost to her ass because of her head being laid back as she howled like a she-wolf to express the intensity of her orgasm. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman consumed by sexual bliss. Watching her only intensified my own powerful orgasm and increased the effects of what Janelle was doing to make me expend every drop of cum in my body. Goddamn, what a way to start the day!

The orgasm didn’t end until Janelle was satisfied that she had extracted every last bit of cum from me. Her mouth released my balls and she withdrew her finger from my ass. Alysse was still having aftershocks and I felt her jerk as they hit her. She put her hands back on either side of me and laid back with her feet planted beside my hips and her wide open crotch exposed to Janelle’s view. “Prem, you’ve outdone yourself this morning. I’ve never seen that much cum in one place before. Her pussy’s covered in it. I guess I’m going to have to get busy and clean her up.”

I couldn’t see too well from my vantage point but I heard Janelle begin to make slurping sounds as she commenced licking my cum off Alysse’s crotch. She paused to smack her lips and tell us how delicious it was. By the time she had finished, Alysse was almost ready to have another orgasm. I suspect Janelle licked some places twice.

We got up and headed for the bathroom where I finally got to take a leak, and then we got in the tub to continue our morning play session. I suppose you could eventually get tired of being bathed and pampered by two beautiful women but I knew I was a long way away from that. No matter how many times I did this or whom I did it with I loved every minute of it. It just seems to inspire tenderness and intimacy. All my senses were heightened as I touched, kissed, licked and smelled the bodies of my lovers. I was like a baby again being washed in the sink by my mother. Instead of a rubber ducky I had four breasts to fondle and suck on.

We stayed in the bath for almost an hour until we decided we were hungry. We got out, put on robes and headed for the kitchen. We found most of the others there and got something to eat. Suvarna told me, “Prem today’s Thursday which gives us three more days to be here. Giorgio has made us aware that Venice is only about two hours away from here and suggested that it would be worthwhile to try and include it in our trip even though I don’t own any property near there.”

“I find that hard to believe Suvarna. How could your father have made such an egregious oversight?”

“I’m going to ignore that remark. What do you think about leaving here this afternoon and going to Venice? We can spend Thursday, Friday and Saturday night there and leave for Florence on Sunday. As pretty as this place is, we have seen it and Venice is a must see place if you’re this close.”

“My darling Suvarna if you want to see Venice then you will see it. Your happiness is my only priority.”

“By the way, Giorgio and Daniella have decided they want to join us for the remainder of the trip. They will drive their car back to Milan today and take the train to Venice and meet us at the hotel. Giorgio knows the manager at the Aman Canal Grande Hotel and will call to book the two best suites they have.”

“That sounds like fun to me. Let’s do it. What time will we need to leave?”

“Let’s plan on three o’clock. That will give us time to get there while it’s still light and then we can bathe and dress for dinner. It’s almost ten now so we can spend some more time playing in the pool and spa today.”

I was lying on the big air mattress in the pool when Genevieve came swimming up to me. “Want some company Prem?”

“I’ll always want your company Genevieve. Come on up.”

“Can you rub some sunscreen on me please?”

I had a bottle on the mattress and grabbed it to pour some on her back. I rubbed it in and continued down to her pretty ass. “I haven’t had a chance to be with you much lately, what’s been going on with you?”

“Something very exciting has happened Prem. I was talking to Daniella and of course she mentioned how much I look like Audrey Hepburn and then asked if I had ever thought about being a model. I told her about what I had been doing and how I had gotten involved with the group in Paris and how that had led to going to Lyon for the party. Then I told her how you and Suvarna had rescued me and allowed me to come on your trip.”

“Prem she told me that what happened to me happens to a lot of models and said if I really wanted to continue being a model I could come stay with her and Giorgio and she would introduce me to a very reputable modeling agent and get me started in haute couture in Milan. She said I shouldn’t have any problem getting work there.”

“That’s fabulous Genevieve. Is that what you want to do?”

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